Chapter 581 – 582: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 581: When Dreams Come Ture

Kris Chen was clearly pissed off, he was not a saint anyway.

“Mom, it’s all fine now. See? I’m here safe and sound!” Said Buhui, smiling.

But Xuefei just kept nodding while tears ran down her cheeks, so did Yujie, knowing what Buhui had gone through.

“What have I done…I nearly killed my grandson!” Murmured Tiangang. No wonder Buhui was so indifferent to him, such generosity, giving away the Divine Pill to save lives, was something even Tiangang would doubt whether he him would have. “Mom, I come with dad here just to take you with us, and leave here for good.” Said Buhui as he walked near, helped Xuefei up and wiped away her tears. Xuefei turned to Kris, who was charming and handsome as he always had been, as if he had never aged, instead it looked like he was growing younger. But Xuefei herself had lost her charm and beauty through years of sorrow and misery, she found herself not worthy of being back together with Kris.

“I…Maybe I should just stay.” Uttered Xuefei,”It doesn’t matter where I am, I’m fine as long as you’re fine.”

“You fool!” Shouted Kris,”Is Being in such a stupid marriage with this retarded wanker is acceptable to you? Does any of these people here look like that they can protect you? You know what Buhui is like, he is only going to be concerned of you everyday as long as you’re still here!”

Xuefei was speechless, and lost control of her tears again.

“As for you all, stay here if you want to!” Kris got a message from his avatar that there were Gengu No.1 Sect’s a apprentices there, he soon forwarded the information to his own apprentice who soon made for where Kris was.

“Get your asses out of there, you Yuan’s bastard!”

The spiritual power of Kris told him that it was Wang’s people looking for revenge.

“Piss off.” Murmured Kris, nearly at the same moment there came a lightning from the sky that immediately shocked them into pile of ashes, leaving them even no time to scream.

The fear was planted into everyone’s heart, since the Wang’s was the most influential family in the town nearby, and now they just got killed so easily. It was clear that there was someone in the Yuan’s family that was beyond everyone’s imagination of power, soon they all fled away.

“He got even more powerful!” Murmured Tiangang as his remorse peaked, since Kris, who had become strong enough to control the lightning, could’ve been his son in law.

“On your command, sovereign lord!” A young man suddenly showed up, greeting Kris with one kneel down on the ground.

“You’re Lin Wang?”

“Yes, sir!”

“Good job! Seems like you’ve fulfilled your primal spirit and on the way to the accumulated spirit.” Said Kris as he nodded.

“I still have a long way to go, I’m the only one who’s still in primal spirit, the other have all reached accumulated spirit.” Said Lin as he forced out a smile.

Kris thought about it for a while, then flicked his fingers from which came a flickering light:”Here’s something about the nine Taoist Strength, take your time to fathom it.”

“Thank you, sovereign lord!” Exclaimed Lin out of joy.

“Come on up, we don’t like kneeling down in our Gengu No.1 Sect!”

“Yes, sir!” Said Lin as he rose to his feet.

“Take care of Yuan’s people, we’ve had some stories. But if any of them dare not obey us, kill him.” Said Kris, then he looked to Tiangang,”And all you Yuan’s people need to bear this in mind: behave yourself and stick to kindness if you still treasure your life!”

Tiangang was already shocked, he was nearly unconscious after Kris mentioned the Gengu No.1 Sect.

“Kris is the sovereign lord of Gengu No.1 Sect?” Murmured Tu Yan, knowing that it was the most powerful and influential sect in the North Luzhou, every member of it was also unreasonably powerful.

Soon, Kris left with Buhui, Xuefei and Yujie. Tiangang and Tu looked to each other and both found shock in their eyes. It was lucky of them that Kris promised them a chance to live on even though Kris didn’t take them with him.

Up there in the sky, Yujie clang onto Xuefei tightly for she had never, say, flown before, and she had no idea that this is how Kris would take them back home. To an extent, Yujie had become Kris’ wife after the years they spent in the dream, he would definitely take her back home instead of leaving her wandering around. The destiny may didn’t bind them that tightly, but the connection had been made.

With Bubhui in her arms, Xuefei was still speechless.

“Buhui will change his surname to Chen, and I will make it up to you. I owe you quite much.”

As unpleasant as the days were, those days were already gone now that Buhui had grown up. It was true that she had spent her maximum effort on Buhui’s upbringing, which Kris was grateful.

“You owe me nothing,” Xuefei,”I was too shortsighted, the fault was all on my own.”

After spending a year on the run and four years leaving in a small town, she had lost nearly all of her pride and ego.

“Thank you, for everything.” Said Xuefei, thinking back on how Kris saved Buhui and Yuan’s family.

“Let’s go home.” Said Kris as he took Xuefei’s hand. Her pale face immediately blushed.

Did he say home?

Yuejie was also excited hearing Kris’ words. Given that Xuefei was not mentally stable, Kris took them back to the sword realm to heal. Neither Xuefei or Yujie had been in it before, and they both seemed shocked.

“Mom, and aunt Yujie, this is dad’s sword realm, a space he created by the magic weapon.” Said Buhui Chen, he had spent half a year there with Kris and got used to it already.

A villa emerged from underground as Kris waved his hand, he was the all-mighty god in this sword realm.

“Come on, let’s take a look.” Said Kris as he took Buhui’s hand and placed his hand around Xuefei’s waist, they all walked to the villa with Yujie in tow. The villas was surprisingly beautiful, both the external and internal.

“See the light here? And the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom.” Kris started to, say, show off, and there was even a TV in the living room, all of which were product of the Nahai sect. There were thousands of channels on the ocean sending signals to the North Luzhou. Kris had changed the world in his own way.

“This is your room, Yujie, and this one’s for Buhui. I and your mom will be in that one.” Said Kris as he pointed to the biggest one at the end, and Xuefei blushed again.

“Yes, daddy!” Exclaimed Buhui, his room was full of fancy toys and computers. The villa may not look that large, but Kris had managed to make every room bigger than it looked like from the outside. The one he and Xuefei would live in was at least a hundred square-meters wide, where there were other smaller rooms like a study, a lab and even a Closing Door. Other than that, Kris had also left some magical pills in Yuejie’s room for her to heal.

“I’ll take a break now, sir, thank you!” Said Yujie, who had also grown after those years of sorrow.

Kris nodded and got inside his room with Xuefei, but at the begging the vibe was quite embarrassed. Silence rolled on for a while and Xuefei could even hear her own heartbeat. Eventually she asked:”Why didn’t you come for us until now?”

“I didn’t know that there was still my offspring out there when I was trying to break through the actualized spirit. I felt the connection by an accident, then I followed it and found Buhui. I did a math and the found out what really happened. Four years ago, I came here in his sword realm and…”

Xuefei stayed silent all the time and got to know what really happened. If it weren’t for the accident, they may never see each other again for the rest of their life. But Kris didn’t lay bare, he didn’t tell Xuefei that Buhui used to be the Kekkai Immoral.

“You could’ve just left with Buhui, why did you come back for me?”

“You’re his mother!” Said Kris as he wiped away Xuefei’s tear,”What is gone stays gone, I’ll will protect you, whatever happens.”

He eventually cuddled Xuefei in his arms, after all the time he did it in his dreams. Xuefei had loss quite much weight, too much that she even seemed to be malnourished. Kris didn’t do anything that night but helping Xuefei recover with the help of the pills. Three days later, the smiled and joy restored on Xuefei’s face as her body fully rehabilitated, so did Yujie, who seemed to had become a naught little girl once again.

Buhui was also delighted, he had been expecting to see such a reunion for a long time. That night, Kris took Xuefei’s clothes off and held her in his arms. Everything seemed strangely familiar to them, as if they had done it more than a hundred times.

Yujie was quite jealous and Xuefei knew it. Later that night Kris came knocking on Yujie’s door right when she was about to sleep, and Yujie seemed to be surprised:”Sir? What…what are you doing here?”

“Am I not welcome, Miss Yujie?”

As if thunderstruck, Yujie was overwhelmingly shocked with joy. It was special to Yujie that Kris called her like that, for Kris would whispered her name every time they made love in their dreams. Kris shut the door and put Yujie on the bed when she was still in shock. It was their first sex in the reality though they’ve done so many times in the dreams, Kris went all out since Yujie was not pregnant.




Holding Kris tightly to herself, eventually Yujie’s dream came to reality.

Chapter 582: The Sea Monsters

After staying in the realm for three months, both Yujie and Xuefei reached the middles period of the pill formation stage. Buhui even made it to the first class of pill formation, all of them became at least capable of protecting themselves in the devil’s land.

As soon as they all recovered, Kris took them all with him to the Nahai Sect, everyone in the sect was amazed by his return. The Thousand Island Port had become the most prosperous port on the ocean and the size of Tianlang Island had also doubled from people’s work of reclaiming land from the sea.

Lord of Vipers had fulfilled the accumulated spirit and Lord of Sparks also reached the later period of it with the help of the blessings. They both got to the port with all the other people of their sect in tow, waiting for the arrival of Kris. There was another person standing behind them: Mosha, the very first member of the Nahai Sect. He was so talented that he had already reached the middle period of accumulated spirit.

“Welcome back, Kris!” “Welcome, your Excellency!”

“Welcome, Prime Elder!”

Yujie and Xuefei were both surprised, but Buhui was proud, knowing his father was a hero second-to-none.

“You don’t really have to do this, my friend.” Said Kris.

“Of course we need!” Said the Lord of Vipers,”You’re the only one in our Nahai Sect that reached actualized spirit, you deserve this!” The Lord of Sparks nodded along and smiled. He knew that Kris was talented, but still he was surprised at how fast Kris had grown. It seemed like it wouldn’t be hard for him to reach the final stage within twenty years, by when the Nahai Sect would become the forth Great Saint Sect.

“Rise, please.” Said Kris as he gently lifted up his hand, soon everyone felt themselves being helped up to their feet by an invisible power. Their eyes were blazing with excitement, amazed at Kris’ power.

“You seem fine, Mosha!” Said Kris as he patted on Mosha’s shoulder, and Mosha was delighted that Kris finally approved of his strength and power.

“And they must be your wives, sir?”


“Greetings, Mrs Chen!” Exclaimed Mosha as he got down on one of his knees again.

“Don’t be like this, Mosha!” Said Xuefei, knowing that Mosha had reached accumulated spirit while she was just in pill formation.

“My honor!” Said Mosha.

“I was in a hurry and didn’t really bring gifts. My husband gave this one to me, maybe it’s better to let you have it!” Said Xuefei as she handed Mosha a spirit weapon forged by Kris, and there was top-tier Taoist Strength crafted in it.

“Thank you!” Said Mosha, reveled at the gift since the power of the weapon equaled to that of a practitioner who have fulfilled the accumulated spirit.

“Here’s a set of armor forged by him, too!” Said Yujie, giving Mosha the Tianlang armor, another spirit weapon.

Whoever received such gifts would be overwhelmed by joy, Mosha thanked Yujie and Xuefei with highest regard, kneels on the ground on the time.

“Come on up and don’t just kneel down so easily like that!” Said Kris.

“You’re like my father sir, and I kneel down to nothing but you!” Said Mosha, leaving Kris and both the lords impressed.

“Sir, this is Buhui, right?” Said Mosha as he looked to Buhui, a cute cuddly little boy.

“Buhui, this is Mosha, your predecessor.” Said Kris.

“Greetings, Mosha!” Said Buhui as he bowed to Mosha and made everyone burst into laughter.

“Greetings, Buhui!” Said Mosha as he also took a bow,”Here’s my gift to you, hope you’ll like it!”

Mosha handed Buhui a silver slingshot and a bag and said:”This is also a spirit weapon, and it’s ammo has Taoist Strength that can kill a practitioner of accumulated spirit. It’s quite powerful, as long as you’re strong enough to use it.”

“Manners, Buhui.” Said Kris, he perceived the power of that slingshot at the very first moment Mosha took it out.

“Thank you, Mosha!” Said Buhui, then he took a bullet out of the pocket and gave the slingshot a try.


They bullet travelled into the sea at the speed of light and caused an explosion that left giant waves running around on the ocean.

“This is awesome!” Shouted Buhui out of joy.

Then both the lords gave Yujie, Xuefei and Buhui gifts as well, all of which are top-tier treasure. They particularly gave Buhui some of the best ones, like the silver armor made of the skin of the Lord of Viper’s exuviate, a small rattle-drum that could attack the souls, and doll of toad that was extremely lethal.

The news that Kris had reached actualized spirit went across the whole world within just a few days, from that day on no one dared mess with the Nahai Sect even if they lose the protectioin of Wuji Sword Sect.

The Lord of Lingyuan came the next day Kris arrived at the Nahai Sect, amazed at the rapid development of Kris’ power. It took Kris only three years to fulfill the actualized spirit, but Lord of Lingyuan himself had spent three thousand years and still haven’t fulfilled it.

“I knew you are extraordinary, Kris, but didn’t know you are that extraordinary!” Said the Lord of Lingyuan.

“People are all different, isn’t it?” Said Kris, then introduced his family to the Lord of Lingyuan.

“You playboy, Kris, you even have a son now!” Said the Lord. Later he gave Kris and his families gifts, too. Though they had never met without trying to, say, blackmail each other, they were close friends. He didn’t feel subordinate to Kris, not did Kris feel superior to him.

“Let’s go and visit the other guys!” Laughed Kris, and the Lord knew that Kris was just planning to get more gifts.

Kris visited the Penglai and the Moke after the Lord of Lingyuan left and were also met with warm welcome in both sects. Then he visited all the other sects, as if he was collecting debts, then came back with a mega-load of gifts. Later he went to visit Xuetang, the owner of the Seven-Treasures House and the Wanbao Pavilion, who was quite delighted to see him back.

It was the enthusiasm of a businessman that Kris came for, and Xuetang did served him everything he wanted, gifts and all. It was not surprising, since Kris helped Xuetang to be the where he was now.

“See you next time, Mr Chen!” Said Xuetang as Kris left.

Kris had become the wealthiest and the most powerful man of the Devil land, even wealthier than the grand masters of the three Great Saint Sects. He had also helped with the development of everything in the whole world, everyone would have to show gratitude to him.

He was the top of everything: the billion-buck-level Bank of Practitioners, the Great Saint Sects and all the other sects, and the newly-founded Gengu No.1 Sect that had become the most powerful sect of the whole Devil Land. Xuefei didn’t know what power actually means until she met Kris and fell in love with him, so did Yujie.

Buhui was also inspired, he never stopped telling himself to try to become a man like Kris, or even better than that.

Kris’ last top of his visit was the Gengu No.1 Sect, naturally. No one knew Kris’ real name but his families, and he had no plan of revealing it, either.

“Greetings, Sovereign Lord!” Exclaimed all the members of the sect, the elders, the lords, the apprentices and the chiefs and Sea Monsters.

Kris met them, the sea monsters when he was trying to establish the fifth shipping lane. The monsters called their lead er the Monster God. It was ferocious and vicious, people on the island had made a few attempts to negotiate with it but all failed. It was also why Kris came that day.

To the other people, it seemed like a trouble derived from reclaiming the land from the ocean, but Cunshan, the leader of the new sect, knew what it was all about. With the help of simplified Nine-Step Iron Figure and the Divine Spiritual Power, all his apprentice’s spiritual power had become at least eight times stronger.

Song Ye, and Wanqing Ye were also nervous and excited to see Kris, since they had only heard about him. Especially Wanqing, but her enthusiasm receded as she saw Yujie and Xuefei by Kris’ side.

“Sovereign Lord, can you help me with my practice since you’ve reached actualized spirit?” Said Xing Ye excitedly, wishing that Kris could help him become as powerful as his bother.

“Manners, Xing!” Uttered Song.

“It’s okay,” Said Kris,”Chen is like my brother, his families are my families, not to mention that you’re also part of out Gengu No.1 Sect. It’s one of our ground rules that no one is allowed to pull seniority or ranks here.”

“How generous you are, Sovereign Lord!” Exclaimed Song. Of all the sects in the Devil Land, the Gengu No.1 is the only one that had no hierarchy system, which made the secy looked more of a family. Song was glad they his family chose to stay.

“I’ll meet you later, and then I’ll tell you something about it.” Said Kris to Xing.

“My appreciation, Sovereign Lord!”

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