“I didn’t expect you to save her.” In the forest, the woman held by Chuck Cannon said with a slight surprise.

After all, Chuck Cannon ran away just now.

Chuck Cannon was expressionless.

He didn’t want to save her, but how could he say that the blue-eyed beauty was brought in by himself, and if she was forced, she would definitely die miserably. Chuck Cannon didn’t want her to be like this.

What Chuck Cannon said before, he has to do it and let her see it!

So Chuck Cannon just took a stone and went in, and the three men were on their minds. Where would anyone want to be attacked?

Three times, each a single time was hit, and all three people were stunned.

Maybe one was killed directly.

Indeed, it was a sharp stone.

Chuck Cannon stunned them and came out. Then he looked for her, but the blue-eyed beauty was shrouded in despair, so she ran very fast and she ran away from there.

“What’s your relationship with her?” The woman was so curious.

“I am here because of her.”

“Then why did you save her?” The woman was astonished.

“Because… I said something to her, I will do it.” Chuck Cannon narrowed his eyes, like a lion.

“What did you say?”

Chuck Cannon hugged her and ran, ran to the river, and put the woman in a big wooden hollowed-out boat, but Chuck Cannon hurt her head accidentally.

The woman was surprised.

Chuck Cannon rowed as nothing happened.

The woman closed her eyes.

Chuck Cannon stroked quickly down the water, he could definitely encounter some civilized villages.

At that time, the crisis will be lifted.

Chuck Cannon rowed hard, the boat went down the river and left there quickly.

“Bang, bang, beep, beep, beep!!!”

The bullets were shooting frantically, the scene wailed, and everyone was killed!!

This is a mercenary army. In a helicopter, the blue-eyed beauty is staring at everything indifferently. This place almost took away her most precious thing!!

“Wow, wow…”

Chuck Cannon killed one of the three people in the room just now, and the other two were pointed at by guns, kneeling down and begging for mercy, with blood all over their heads.

“Kill them!” said the blue-eyed beauty indifferently, these two people, she hates!


The mercenary pulls the trigger!

“Dang, dang!!”

The bullet shot the two men to death, and the scene was as quiet as death.

“Miss Emily, that person was not found!” a mercenary man said with his head down.

“Not found?” The blue-eyed beauty was angry!

Chuck Cannon wasn’t found? Did he escape?

“It must be like this with Chuck Cannon. When you were captured, he seized the opportunity and escaped. This person was actually saved by you accidentally.”

“Really?” The blue-eyed beauty was cold.

These few days, for her, it is something she will never forget, and the person she encountered is Chuck Cannon!!

However, she actually gave him a chance to escape!!

The blue-eyed beauty was extremely angry!

“It must be so!”

“Well, find him for me and catch him alive.” The blue-eyed beauty decided to return all her despair to Chuck Cannon!!

“Yes!” Some mercenaries started looking.

“Hold on,” the blue-eyed beauty ordered.

“Miss, what else do you need?” Several mercenaries bowed their heads. This beauty is the daughter of the head of the Luofu family!

That Chuck Cannon dare to provoke?

What a fate!

“Find someone for me.”

“You say, whom to find?”

“I don’t know. When I was surrounded by three people, a person suddenly rushed in and knocked out three people. When I opened my eyes, this person ran away. I didn’t see him.” she spoke in a gentle tone.

If it weren’t for this person, she would have been insulted long ago, or even dead.

This person, she wanted to find, and then thank him.

Because of this person, she was able to survive!

All the mercenaries looked at each other. How to find him?

“Go!” the blue-eyed beauty ordered!

“Yes!” The mercenary left.

The blue-eyed beauty got on the helicopter and left in the same way. Behind a big tree, a pair of beautiful eyes appeared, and she was surprised.

“Chuck appeared here and then escaped? Where did he escape?”

Logan chased here without a break. She just heard the shooting, so she came over.

But unexpectedly, really there was news about Chuck Cannon.

Logan continued to search because these mercenaries were also looking for Chuck Cannon!

In the darkness, Logan’s figure was silent.


Chuck planned the boat and finally arrived in a small town with modern buildings. Chuck Cannon is relieved, now he needs to find a mobile phone and then call his mother.

People near the shore had weird eyes. After all, Chuck Cannon was in the primeval forest these days and was tortured like a beggar.

Chuck Cannon continued to hug the woman.

She injured her leg and was inconvenient to move.

“Do you understand the language here?” Chuck Cannon asked.

He doesn’t understand.

“I don’t understand, we are here, just stay for a day, my people will come over.” The woman said.

“Do you have any dollars with you?”

Chuck Cannon wants to eat, he can’t do anything without money.

“No.” The woman shook her head, her cell phone, everything was taken away.

Nothing is left.

Chuck Cannon can only look at her speechlessly, holding her to find a place to rest, but Chuck Cannon has been holding her like this, it is inevitable that he has some thoughts.

“Don’t molest me, I’m dangerous,” the woman said seriously.

“Beauty, I can’t help it. You see, I have been detained for more than ten days, and I have escaped in the forest for five or six days. I haven’t seen other women, and I can’t help it.” Chuck Cannon was speechless, this woman was beautiful as his wife Yvette.

The woman closed her eyes, “I’m dangerous.”

“Okay, okay,” Chuck Cannon looked at her, to be honest, she was so pretty.

She was much more beautiful than that Ouyang Fei and other Chinese girls.

But, the difference in the temperament was like between the sky capsule!

“Then where do we rest? Don’t you mean that one-third of the world belongs to your family?”

“I’m not talking about this, this is someone else’s,” the woman shook her head.

Chuck Cannon thought since this woman’s guard will come anyway, just find a place to eat and wait.

“Can this work?”

“Well, I’m hungry too. Find a place to eat and my people will find me.”

Since that was the case, Chuck Cannon was not polite and went in as soon as he found a place, but people’s restaurants saw that Chuck Cannon was in a ragged state, so they hadn’t let him in.

Chuck Cannon was gone. He was tired and hungry, so he could only carry the woman to someone else’s house to steal clothes and put on them. Otherwise, wherever he went, others would think he was a beggar.

Chuck Cannon stole the clothes, changed them by himself, and he also stole them for women. It would be inconvenient for women to change them. Chuck Cannon put her down where there was no one, then turned around and walked a short distance to wait.

The woman was stunned, “It’s still a bit interesting. There is a sense of desire and human affection, but if you can control it, you may not do anything afterwards.”

The woman began to change clothes.

Ding Ding Ding!

Suddenly, her body rang, and she took out a shining thing from the heel of her shoe, and put it in her ear.

“Miss, we are here, we have about three minutes to reach your place, wait a moment.” This flashy thing is a communication device with the latest technology.

So, she can be found anytime, anywhere, but she doesn’t want to.

“No,” the woman looked at Chuck Cannon.

“No? Miss, what do you mean?”

This voice is shocking, why not use it?

“Do you know why I came out this time?” the woman said lightly.

“I know, the patriarch let you get married, saying that you are not young then also you are not willing, so…” The voice was cautious.

“It’s good you know.” The woman faintly.

“Then you have found someone whom you want to get married to?”

“No, but I met someone who is okay,”

“Can I ask what’s his name?”

“Chuck Cannon.”

There were 30 seconds of silence in this, and the voice came out, “Chuck Cannon is Karen Lee’s son, this Karen Lee has been in the limelight recently, and her family is not qualified for you, Miss Heidi!”

“It doesn’t matter if he is not qualified. When I came out and meet so many people, he is the only one who can barely do,” the woman calmly looked at Chuck Cannon who was waiting in the distance.

Chuck Cannon hugged her all the way, how to say, she can feel that this man is not bad, at least, not that annoying.

“Then what do you mean??”

“I fell in love with him…” The woman’s beautiful eyes narrowed and ordered as if she was in love with a toy.

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