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“What? Do you like him? “

“Yes, I like him a little bit,” the woman said.

“Then he will be extremely excited. Miss, you are attracted to him. From now on…”

“Secrecy first.” The woman’s beautiful eyes were light.

“Of course, I always only listen to you, Miss,”

“Okay, let’s not say, till I let you appear, I will try him again,” the woman said.

“Yes, but… the patriarch’s meaning is very obvious. If you can’t get married, don’t do the last step with that Chuck Cannon. You know what I mean. Sorry, I may talk too much. Don’t mind. “

“I know, I won’t be casual,” of course, the woman would not give Chuck Cannon.

How long have you known each other? She is not that open. The more she belongs to such a superfamily, the more strict rules and traditions are.

A woman can only have one man, and that is the future husband! This is a tradition!

“Good, but miss, do you want me to do something?”

“No need to,”


The woman stuffed this thing into her shoes again and changed her clothes.

“Sure,” the woman walked out.

Chuck Cannon was stunned. He may be a little instinctive, so when he steals clothes, he always steals that kind of transparent clothes. Now she looks so beautiful.

“What are you looking at?” The woman looked beautifully.

“It’s nothing, you are as beautiful as my wife,” Chuck Cannon smiled.

The woman didn’t say this, “You are teasing me,”

“I don’t have her here, my wife Yvette…” Chuck Cannon explained, he was just verbal, but Chuck Cannon didn’t think about anything else.

“Needless to say,” the woman shook her head.

Chuck Cannon didn’t say much. He took the woman into the restaurant to have dinner. Now he can go in. However, Chuck Cannon asked someone to borrow a mobile phone, but others didn’t lend it.

After dinner, Chuck Cannon waited, waiting for the woman’s people to come, but waited till night, they didn’t come.

“Didn’t you say that they will come over?”

“Something might be wrong,”

“What secret family you belong to?”

Chuck Cannon is speechless, is this woman real or not?

“All right, the ones who can eat overlord’s meal are running away,” Chuck Cannon picked up the woman and ran.

The people in the restaurant chased them out with knives. Chuck Cannon was full and had a lot of energy. It was no problem to run with a person. Of course, he would not be caught up by such a person who could not fight.

Soon he found a place to hide.

The woman smiled slightly, “This is the first time I have eaten garlic meal,”

“It’s the first time for me to find a place to sleep.” Chuck Cannon felt sleepy, he didn’t sleep well for a few days. Today, he can find a corner to sleep.

“Okay, no problem,” the woman agreed.

Chuck Cannon found ruin and carried the woman in. The gentleman Chuck Cannon put her next to him, and then went to bed by himself. After this time, Chuck Cannon missed Yvette Jordan especially.

Special thought.

Naturally, there were no other thoughts. If Chuck Cannon was just rich, he would definitely have done something. There was no one else.

But now, Chuck Cannon just wants to sleep.

“Don’t touch me?” the woman said.

Chuck Cannon opened his eyes, “Are you playing with me? Still playing with me?”

This woman, didn’t she say she was particularly dangerous? People from the hidden family, Chuck Cannon thinks, it’s better not to provoke her for the time being, or he might get his mother implicated.

“I didn’t fool you, you are a man, I am a woman, everyone is an adult.” The woman said lightly.

Chuck Cannon looked at her again, feeling weird, how did she feel so confident about everything she said?

“Forget it, I have a wife,” Chuck Cannon closed his eyes.

“You are not married.”

“But I have a girl who grew up together since I was a child. I like her. When I will be old enough, I will marry her.” Chuck Cannon vowed.

Yvette Jordan has been following him for so long, Chuck Cannon has long determined that he must marry Yvette Jordan, and to have the most luxurious wedding, let everyone know that Yvette Jordan is Chuck Cannon’s wife.

“Not married,” the woman said without expression.

“I will get married, stop thinking about it, go to sleep.” Chuck Cannon closed his eyes.

Talking nonsense again, Chuck Cannon is going to be thinking wildly.

When the woman looked at Chuck Cannon, her beautiful eyes were narrowed, she was lustful, and she could still control it. This man was a bit interesting.

This is the end of her story. Just now, it was just a test. If Chuck Cannon sees her, she will be expressionless, because her person will appear immediately. It also means that Chuck Cannon is like other married men.

The woman saw that Chuck Cannon was asleep, she barely got up by herself, but Chuck Cannon might have been stunned by sleep, tossing over and over again, touched her.

For a moment, the woman’s expression suddenly appeared on her face was colorful, surprised, angry, cold, and a little shy.

As long as she would scream, the man who touched him would die within ten seconds!

“Pretending to sleep, or on purpose?” The woman hummed softly.

“Wife, wife…” Chuck Cannon drooled.

The woman was shocked and smiled slightly, “Fortunately for you.”

She took Chuck Cannon’s hand and moved aside. Take out the thing again.

“Hey, miss, I am coming to pick you up now?”

The woman looked at Chuck Cannon who was asleep, and she thought about it for a few seconds, “Let you find out for me who is Chuck Cannon’s wife.”

“Wait a minute.”

Thirty seconds later, “Yvette Jordan, this woman grew up with him. She was a teacher before, but now she is a killer in the killer organization, code name Blood Leopard.”

“Killer? Interesting, why she became a killer?” The woman was astonished.

“Because Karen Lee is her father-killer and enemy, she mostly wants to improve herself by being a killer,”

“This is interesting. This is actually the case. Then it’s impossible for the two of them. How does this Yvette Jordan look like?”

“This one……”


“Pretty, very beautiful,”

“Oh, compare with me?”

“No, how can this woman be qualified to compare with you?”

“I mean looks,”

“This… she says cheap feelings everywhere. She has good facial features, and the others are completely incomparable to you.”

“So, what he said is true?” The woman looked at Chuck Cannon who was asleep again.

Chuck Cannon said that she was as beautiful as his wife, and now it seems that Chuck Cannon has not lied.

It’s almost like herself.

“Uh, almost, do I need to solve this Yvette Jordan? After all, she is not qualified to compete with you, so how can she be qualified to compete with you for a man?”


“Yes, solve her, I found out, she should be in Amazon too,”

“Oh, did she come to find him?”

“Yes, so as long as you agree, she can die without knowing it in an hour. Chuck Cannon will not find any clues. You can rest assured.”

“Whenever you do things, I always rest assured, but forget it this time, let her go, women need to be compared, he will know that I am much better than this Yvette Jordan,” the woman said calmly.

“Yes, then should I will pick you up now?”

“This, I’m hurt, help me deal with it first, I have to try him, later you come to pick me up.”

“Are you injured? Well, wait a minute!”

In less than a minute, someone came over, ten men in black, all of whom were well-trained.

They quickly handled the wound for the woman, the woman waved her hand, and everyone left. In this process, there was no sound and Chuck Cannon slept without any abnormality.

The woman, sitting next to Chuck Cannon, sleeping with her eyes closed was pretty honest.


Yvette Jordan sneezed. She was very tired, but how could she sneeze suddenly? She looked around strangely, she didn’t have a cold.

But, just now, Yvette Jordan had a feeling of being stared at by a beast, as if someone would suddenly appear and kill her.

Yvette Jordan scanned vigilantly and found no abnormalities.

“Don’t think too much, let’s find Chuck Cannon quickly”, she thought. She was already distraught, she picked a wild fruit to eat, and continued looking without rest.

The woman woke up in the morning. She was angry, shy, and cold again for an instant seeing how Chuck Cannon sleep? He pressed her hand.

She is patient, is this man pretending or sleeping? The woman doubts!

Chuck Cannon woke up and saw that he was leaning on her. He was embarrassed, “Sorry, is it all right?”

Women hold back her anger, okay? Do you know what you did just now, she just needs to scream and you will die.

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