Chapter 583 – 584: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 583: What On Earth Is This?

At last, Kris Chen decided to let Xuefei and the others stay in the Gengu No.1 Sect, the place where he cherished the most. Moreover, the Beiming Sea was the territory of the Sea Monsters, it’ll be a perfect place for Buhui’s trial.

After he finished tutoring Xing Ye, Kris got a message from the Middle Thunder Land that the Demon Kris had managed to develop the Devouring of Five Elements(Metal, wood, water, fire and earth). The five elements are all connected, those who fully understand the mechanism in the connections would be able to crate a new world, even a universe.

The next day, Kris visited the Sea Monsters with his apprentices. Some call those monsters dragons but they actually looked like more of snakes than dragon. They took the shape of snakes but there were no scales on them, and their bodies were all covered by mucus. The clan Kris visited had occupied the fifth shipping lane, it was also one of the most powerful clans of the Sea Monsters.

“This is the Dragon Peak, Sovereign Lord!” Said on of Kris’ apprentices. The peak was about ten thousand meters high and it’s covered by cooked tress and plants, among which were where the Sea Monsters hid. Dragon Peak? No, Kris tended to call it Snakes Peak. Kris scanned the peak with Divine Spiritual Power and found quite many Monster Emperors living on the peak, but what caught Kris’ attention were two gigantic snakes winding around two pillars on the top of the peak. Two snakes, one black, one white, both of which were born with horns and four claw and had their bodies covered with scales. The breath of the black one was smoke, and that of the white one was fog.

“Such power of Yin and Yang!”

“Stay away from here, I may not be able to protect all of you in the fight with these two Monster Gods.” Said Kris.

“We’re not afraid, Sovereign Lord!”

“You don’t need to protects us, we’ll fight, too!” If there’s anything in the world that would make Kris’ apprentices in the Gengu No.1 Sect scared, it would only be Kris and those who possesses stronger power in their own sect.

“Very well, I’ll try to nagotiate with them first. It if fails, slaughter them all!” Said Kris.

“Yes, sir!”

All of them were excited since they finally had the chance of witnessing the fight of Kris.

“Such bravery our Lord has! He’s not afraid of that two big-ass snakes at all!”

“Come on, we people of Gengu No.1 Sect is invincible in the fight with those from the other factions who are in the same stage as us, no one can’t defeat us but, waif for it, us!”

They were all elites selected by Kris, there were just ten of them but everyone of them had reached the early stage of accumulated spirit.

Kris took a leap and landed on the top of the mountain, but quickly he was met with a falling enormous stone plate that was made in the shape of the Eight Diagram. Kris gently punched forward and the plate just exploded like a firework.

“Who are you, bald but stupid trespasser?” Uttered the black snake.

“The Sovereign Lord of Gengu No.1 Sect, I’m here to seek for collaboration!”

“Collaboration with human race? Don’t bother!” Laughed the white snake, it sounded like it was a female.

“Changes has been happening all over the ocean, we’re here in an era of revolution, and those who chooses not to step forward will eventually be eliminated by history!” Said Kris calmly. The alarm had been sounded in the two snakes mind since Kris seemed to be unreasonably powerful.

“Again, don’t bother! I don’t care who you are, this place had been the residence of my people for centuries, and you will never take it away from us!” Said the black snake as two golden lasers burst out of its eyes, making their way to Kris.

“So you made your choice.” Sneered Kris,”Excellent.”

With another punch of supreme power, the two lasers were immediately shattered into the void, while Kris didn’t even budge.

“Let the killing begin, boys!” Shouted Kris. In no time his apprentices all turned in to giants that were nearly as tall as the Dragon Peak, sending tsunami around the ocean. Everyone started attacking the peak, slamming with peak with their tremendous hands.

“Come to daddy, you ugly snakes!”

Theses apprentices of Kris were all second-to-none fighters that had successfully created four shipping lanes for Kris. They were met with another clan of Sea Monsters when they tried to establish the forth lane, but eventually that clan went extinct: they ate all of the monsters.

“Don’t you think that actualized spirit of yours is enough for you to mess around with us!” Said the two snakes as they opened their mouth and let out their breath of devastation. The fog and the smoke entwined and spread across the peak and the ocean. These two snakes, the one of a kind Monster Gods in the Beiming Sea, were from the same egg and born with inherent power of Yin and Yang, which made them capable of fighting with those who had reached the later period of actualized spirit.

“I still need two guardian pets for my sect and you two are quite good for that,” Laughed Kris,”Take this!”

Gathering up the power of 54,000 Dongtian, Kris launched a punch that sent the sky cracking like a mirror.

“Better be quick, or the ocean would be damaged to far too be repaired.” Kris thought to himself.

Soon the punch crashed on the snakes’ smoke and fog, the power of the punch went trough the smoke and landed on the black snake, shattering countless bones and organs. The top of the peak was also cracked and rolled down the peak, killing countless snakes on its way down to the ocean.

“Brother!” Exclaimed the white snake, but Kris, whose patience had worn thin, didn’t give it the chance of fighting back.

“This is the end!”

The final punch was launched. Trembling under the power of 129,600 Dongtian, the water of ocean started flowing into the cracks on the sky.


Before the attack reached the white snake, the black snake leaped out of the ocean and took the hit. But the power was so strong that it went straight through the black snake and landed on the white snake as well, nearly killed them both.

Kris didn’t even wielded his power of sword and Taoist Strength. He had reached the fulfilled period of actualized spirit but he hid it from the snakes, otherwise they would’ve just surrendered. He waved his back and took all his power back, then the cracks in the sky were gone and the water flew back into the ocean.

With another wave of hand, the two snakes were captured into his sleeves. It was a trick developed by Kris himself: Heaven and Earth in the Sleeve. Then he took the pillars of the dragon peak into his sleeves as well.

He leaped aside and stood there, watching the fight between his apprentices and the Monster Emperors. One of them took smashed a snake’s head open with a giant axe without leaving it a chance of sending its spiritual intelligence away, meanwhile another apprentice of Kris drew the sword out and summoned a lightning down in to the ocean and instantly killed another giant snake.

“Nice one! Quite talented of him to use the Golden Light Earth Escaping like this!” Said Kris, commenting his apprentices’ performance, which lifted the apprentices’ mood even more excited.

“Try to keep some alive, boys, they can be the guardians of our Sect!”

“Yes sir!”

Kris did it on purpose, since it was harder to capture than to kill.

“You guys distract them, I’ll do the capturing!”

Said one apprentice as he return to normal size and launched a ray a light that immediately sealed the moves of a snake.

“That’s a simplified Locking Art, less powerful but effective, and can be performed without Taoist Strength. Good one!”

All his apprentice killed over thirty snakes, then captured the rest of them. They finished the fight half an hour later and return to Kris with all the snakes they captured:”Job’s done, Sovereign Lord!”

“Good job, you all!” Said Kris,”Let’s continue, there are still some insects in the sixth shipping lane we need to take care of, let’s finish them off then go home.”

“Yes, sir!”

On the third day, Kris released the two snakes and the three nine-head insect when he returned to the Sect with his apprentice. The two snakes were medium Monster Gods while the nice-head insect was a elementary Monster God, but it also caused Kris some trouble since each of its head were born with aptitude.

Kris captured their soul source and refined them, soon they all became the guardian monsters of the Gengu No.1 Sect, the rest of the snakes and insects all became pets of Kris’ apprentices. The other clans of the Sea Monsters all surrendered since the two most powerful clans had been defeated, and Kris also promised that he would treat them well.

Meanwhile, what interested Kris the most was that he heard some noise from the Kun Peng’s egg. It had been decades since the day he found the egg, which had consumed countless spiritual stones and the fruit of Taoist Practice of Heavenly Monsters. Kris’ mind was connected to the egg, so he was excited to know that the egg was about to hatch.

He immediately entered the sword realm where the egg was stored. There came the sound of knocking from the egg as it started shaking. Soon a crack appeared and expanded, from which came a sharp beak. A few minutes later Kris could hear whatever was inside making a noise.

“Quack, quack.”

Wait, that sounded like a duck.

Suddenly the egg shell shattered and Kris finally caught side of what was inside the egg: a big-ass ugly duckling.

“A duckling?” Exclaimed Kris. It was not quite right to call that thing a duckling since it has a beak of hawk and a tail of fish, and wings of a swan.

What on earth is this?

Chapter 584: Kris Chen Left

Was this not a pure-blooded Kun Peng(a giant fish-like bird))?

“From now on, your name will be Joker!”

Kris said weakly.

The newly emerged Kun Peng shook its body, pecked out and swallowed all the eggshells, and an amazing smell emanated from its body. Monster God!

Kris’s eyes lit up. This little thing was born as a primary Monster God. This background was really terrifying.

Moreover, the promotion of this kind of wild beasts was just so easy like playing a game, they were eating, drinking and sleeping constantly, and their strength increased naturally as they grew up.

Having absorbed the Heavenly Monster, the Fruit of Taoist Practice, and the hundred billions of spiritual stones, it was reasonable for the little thing to have such strength.

But subsequent growth may be difficult. “Father!”

The little thing bobbed its big head and looked at Kris with a pair of eagle eyes, full of dependence.


It called Kris father because Kris used blood to make sacrifices every day. It’s not wrong to call him this way, for the little thing really had the blood of Kris in his body.

Hearing this cute voice, Kris suddenly felt that Kun Peng looked a little smarter.

It’s ugly but cute!

“Well, you will be called Kun Chen from now on!”

Kris stroked its head, “Can you change your body?”


The little thing said, “I can turn into a hundred and eight different kinds of beasts!”

Then the little thing became a flaming firebird.

“Is this the rosefinch(a kind of bird)?”

Kris was startled that the fire wrapped around its body was no worse than the Heaven and Earth Spiritual Fire.

Immediately afterwards, the little thing changed again into a jackal-like creature with a human face, wings on its back, walking like a snake, and made a sound like a baby crying loudly!

“It’s a transformed snake!”

“It is said that the moment it makes a sound, it will cause a huge flood!”

After speaking, the water gushing from the ground not far away turned into a monstrous wave.

“Change back quickly, change back quickly!”

Kris hurriedly exclaimed!

The little thing nodded its head, resumed its prototype, and the giant wave disappeared in an instant.

Wiping the sweat from his forehead, Kris said: “Don’t do that if not necessary, you know?”

“Got it, Father!”

The little thing’s head kept rubbing against Kris’s chest.

“It should be the result of devouring the Fruit of Taoist Practice of Heavenly Monster.”

Kris thought to himself, “Poor Guantu, after all these years, he has barely been able to refine the blood of Kun Peng, and Kun Peng has just been able to perform its transformation.

However , Kun Chen was born as a primary Monster God with 108 transformations, and it’s equal to 108 different kinds of beasts.

“How far can you fly with a wave of your wings right now?”

Kris asked.

“About… 18 million miles…”

Kun Chen never flew, but he was able to accurately tell the distance.

“Shit, it’s no fun!”

Kris moved ten million miles in one step, and this little thing was a little faster than him.

“Then you become a human body, and I will take you out.”

Kun Chen nodded and transformed into a three or four year old toddler, who, upon closer inspection, was a smaller version of Kris!

“Well, it’s probably because of my blood again!”

Kris laughed bitterly and took the little thing out of the Sword Realm!

Kris introduced Kun Chen to Xuefei Yuan and Yujie who showed confused expression.

“This is Kun Chen, whose original body is a Kun Peng. I picked him up during a trip, so he’s sort of my child.”

Kris waved and Buhui Yuan came over, “From now on, he’ll be your little brother!”

Buhui was delighted, “Mom, I have a brother!”

Xuefei didn’t say anything and nodded, “Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of him in the future.”

Kris thought about the fact that the little guy was a Monster God, but he didn’t say anything, just repeatedly told Kun Chen to suppress his strength.

The two little guys were of the same age, both young and clever, in addition to Kun Chen’s high strength, they soon became acquainted with each other.

In Gengu No.1 Sect, Kris had nothing to worry about. He returned to the Sword Realm again with a flashback. This time he wanted to deduce all the Dongtian to middle grade.

This Closing Door lasted for three years. When all Dongtian Worlds were promoted to middle grade, Kris once again saw the opening of the universe and the evolution of the world.

The Thunder split its whole body, leaving behind the fetal membranes. Kris plunged into the fetal membranes.

He saw a world of emptiness.

Thunder, wind, water, fire and numerous Taoist Strength rules were woven together.

It was then that a cloud of mysterious energy was created and began to evolve the five elements of yin and yang and the eight trigrams.

The earth began to take shape, the sky began to grow taller and the Taoist Strength rules began to operate, gradually peeling away.

High mountains rise from the earth, rainwater collected in the lowlands, the first lake was formed, and the great rivers and seas were gradually formed.

The mysterious energy spread through the air and the world began to expand larger and larger.

Small worlds, middle worlds and finally the great worlds.

So the first life appeared in the world!

Seeing this, Kris’s mind was blown out of the realm once again.

Is this the process of world evolution?

A trace of vicissitudes flashed in Kris’s eyes. The outside world had only been around for a moment, but Kris had been inside for hundreds of millions of years.

He could clearly feel that his Divine Spiritual Power and primal spirit had once again skyrocketed and were now on a par with Mana, and that every thought of Divine Spiritual Power carried a hint of the divine nature of creation.

Fulfilled period of the actualized spirit?

Kris realized that he didn’t need to ask his avatar to perform any Divine Spiritual techniques to enhance his primal spirit.

There was no better exercise for the Divine Spiritual Power than to observe a world being created.

Others viewed the stars, the gods and the demons, Kris saw the world!

It’s not comparable.

“So after the world is formed, there will be mysterious energy, right?”

Kris stood up. His power was invincible within the actualized spirit.

Then he’s going to practice the Nine-Step Iron Figure Skill. Now he is no more than the eighth-step. After minor achievement, his physical strength would increase. After major achievement, he will be comparable to the actualized spirit in later period and after that is an actualized spirit in fulfilled period.

Stepping into the ninth turn is a half-step!

A lot of exercises and magic powers are needed to deduce the follow-up exercises, Kris thought.

Out of the Sword Realm, Kris felt the pressure from the Devil Land.

He felt the world, which had been solid, had become fragile, as if he could crush it with the slightest effort!

So he’s reaching the limits of what Devil Land could handle?

No wonder the Gourd Ancestor hid in their own space, no wonder the opportunity after the actualized spirit lied outside the cosmos and the stars. It’s not that they didn’t want to stay in Devil Land, it’s just that the world can’t handle their power.

Yang Spirit was in fulfilled period, magic powers was in fulfilled period, just short of flesh!

He could use the Demon-Beheading Sword to its full potential, but unfortunately the once top-notch Spirit Weapon was still in the process of being restored.

Weapons would be useless if you were not careful.

For example, Sea King’s Halberd offered virtually no protection against Divine Spiritual Power.

Kris took the Sea King’s Halberd out and re-sacrificed it with the Back-to heaven Spiritual Fire, re-infusing it with the power of the three rules.

The halberd was considered a primary Spirit Weapon, mainly because the halberd itself was not made of good materials, but it was still good to use.

And the Red Blood Sword had already showed signs of reawakening.

But Kris found that even if it woke up, it could do little to help himself.

The master raised his stage too fast, and his Spirit Weapon awakened to find itself no longer worked.

Kris found it funny when he thought about it – it’s not a joke, it’s something that really happened.

However, Kris ruthlessly sacrificed the gourd given by Gourd Ancestor. The precious gourd was so powerful that instantly became the top of the Spirit Weapon when nine rules were punched in.

As for Kris’s comprehension of the rules, at this moment, his Taoist Strength was only one third of the way to a fulfilled period, and at this rate, it would probably take several decades before it was completely fulfilled.

“First go to Dongsheng Divine Land, where there is a vast and resourceful land, there should be many good things. Gengu No.1 Sect should have a place there!”

Kris had made up his mind that there were hundreds of treasures in the Dongsheng Divine Land that Kris could use to open up the Dongtian, based on the information shared by his avatars.

For example, the Boundary Stone, Peaceful Soil, Lifeless Gang Wind, Chaotic Fire, Three Lights Water…

These were the treasures that must be used to open up the small worlds!

Demon Kris was working hard, Yuanyang was working hard, Beiyang was working hard, the five clones were working hard, and even Xiaogu(deadly poisonous bug)was sent out to collect treasures!

But that’s not enough. Kris’s next Closing Door was to open up Dongtian from the middle level to the top level, and then practice the Nine-Step Iron Figure Skill to the ninth turn.

He also needed a great deal of creation magic powers to help him deduce his powers after the ninth turn.

There were only two years left in the ten-year agreement, which was only twenty years in the Sword Realm. In addition, it would be better if he could understand the rules of time.

Kris prepared to change time running speeds starting with the Kekkai Immortal in the Sword Realm.

The Sword Realm could change the velocity of time and space, maybe he could too!

After making a plan, all the clones and forces of Kris began to spread towards Dongsheng Divine Land.

Kris accompanied Xuefei and others in North Luzhou for more than half a month.

“Are you going to leave?”

After sleeping, Xuefei said sweatingly lying in the arms of Kris.

“Well, I’m going to Dongsheng Divine Land, there is not much time left for me!”

Kris hugged her, “Actually, I am not from Devil Land. I am from the outside world. In my hometown, I have my wife and children, and I must take them over! “

Xuefei trembled without speaking.

“Sorry, I just told you this now!”

“I should have thought of it.”

Xuefei said: “I will wait for you at home.”

Kris hugged her for a long time without words.

In the end, he still took actions to express his love.

But before leaving, Kris used Divine Spiritual Power to change a clone, who could do everything as Kris.

“Buhui, daddy is gone, you must be filial to your mother and take care of your


Kris touched his head and said.

“Daddy, don’t worry.”

The little guy said with a serious look: “And you left a clone.”

“All right!”

Kris smiled and knocked Kun Chen on the head, “Take care of your mother and brother, understand?”

“I know, father!”

The little thing’s eyes kept rolling.

Yujie also stood aside with tears. She had been with Kris for so long but still wasn’t pregnant.

Kris also comforted her that the higher the cultivation level of the practitioner, the more difficult it was to get pregnant.

Kris’s life level was much higher than Yujie’s. Unless Yujie tried hard to cultivate to the same life level as his, she may be able to get pregnant.


Kris waved his hand and disappeared.

Stepping out from the sea to the land, Kris once again passed Shiwan Mountain, looked at the collapsed Monster Jail Mountain, and at last smoothed the mountain with a palm.

He also saw the place where he first fought with the Silver Wolf King, which had become a forbidden area, and countless Sword Energy was derived there.


Kris pointed his finger, and a glimmer of Creation Spirit Light fell down.

From then on, this place will not dissipate for thousands of years, and will become stronger and stronger over time, and even evolve into a Sword Domain.

If someone could comprehend that trace of Creation Spirit Light, then the actualized spirit was a piece of cake for him!

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