Chapter 585 – 586: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 585: Feng Chen, I’m Back

At the same time, Chen Ye brought Nan Chen and Zi Chen to the land of the Dongsheng Divine Land.

Chen Ye had succeeded in becoming an actualized spirit, and his strength was superb. His power was now hundreds of times greater than that of a practitioner in the same Stage. He had cultivated the Nine Golden Body Technique, and his physical body was so powerful that he can reborn with a drop of blood.

Nan Chen was now at the later period of the Accumulated Spirit. He was born with golden pupils, and he received the Demon Bone, so his strength was much stronger than practitioners at the same stage. He can even kill an actualized spirit existence at a half stage.

He was also the most promising leader to lead the True God family to rise. Zi Chen was in the Middle period of the accumulated spirit, but she was also feared by her opponents for her supernatural skills. As one of the ten top families, the Chen family had only practitioners in the Holy Realm and dozens of practitioners of actualized spirit in their family.

The strongest practitioner of the Wang family ranked at the bottom was only at the initial stage of Holy Realm. It would almost be pushed out of the ranking of the Ten True God Families, and once that happened, those families would divide Wang Family.

“Feng Chen, I’m back. I’ve come to seek revenge!” Looking at the prosperous Holy City, Nan Chen’s fists clenched tightly. After so many years, he had finally returned.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have shouted so loudly!” Nan took a deep breath and said.

Chen smiled and led the two into the city. The Dongsheng Divine Land is full of talents. The status of the accumulated spirit is inferior to that of a dog. There are practitioners in the primal spirit realm everywhere. Even practitioners in the actualized spirit realm are common here.

It is said that there are ten dragon arteries in the Dongsheng Divine Land, so this is the center of the world. The spiritual spirit here is almost ten times more than that of other lands. Even a pig is more likely to become immortal here.

“I heard that this year’s Family Ranking Competition is about to begin!”

“Maybe this time Wang family will be pushed out of the True God family ranking.”

“This time the Chen family’s Feng Chen will represent the family in the battle.”

“He was born with golden pupils and possesses a Demon Bone, so he is absolutely invincible. He will definitely become a Holy Realm super-existence.”

“Let’s go bet on the bank. The match will start in two days. If we go late, we won’t be able to place a bet.”

Hearing several people’s conversation, Chen became interested, “Is this family ranking competition only open to members of representative families?”

Nan shook his head, “As long as one is less than 100 years old and his cultivation is below actualized spirit, he can participate!”

“There are many cultivators who use the family ranking competition to create their own families. If they are favored by the top-ranked families, these families will marry their own daughters to them, and from then on they have a bright future.”

Chen nodded his head. Then Nan would be able to compete and defeat Feng Chen in the ring openly and honestly.

“Let’s go sign up for it” Chen said.

Chen and the two of them went to the registration desk. There were a lot of people in line here. They were all accumulated spirit.

“What is your name? Do you represent your family or yourself?” The person in charge of registration asked a man.

After the man told him his name, he said, “Go take a bone age test and pay the registration fee of 100,000 spiritual stones.”

The man took out 100,000 spiritual stones and walked up to the stone pillar that tested his bone age.

“Your bone age is beyond the competition standard, so you are not eligible!”

“What? Didn’t you say people could enroll if they were no more than 100 years old? I just turned 100. Why don’t you let me participate?”

“It’s the rules. You want to make trouble here?”

The man said with a cold face. “Give me back the spiritual stone!”

“Here’s the test fee. You’ve wasted so much of my time. I haven’t come after you, and you dare to ask me for the spiritual stone?”

“I say it again. Give me back the spiritual stone!” He was ready to snatch back his spiritual stone.

The man in charge of registration stared at him, and a horrible breath was released from his eyes. Before the man could even resist him, he instantly turned into blood, which shocked everyone.

“This is what happens when you cause a disturbance!” The person in charge of registration grunted, and then sat in his chairs again, “Next!”

At this time there were many people in the group who turned around and left. They should be people whose bones were a hundred years old.

“Master, the person in charge of registration is a member of the Shentu family, one of the top ten families. People from the Shentu family will have the super power after they reach the Pill formation stage. They have wonderful pupil powers. What he just used is the common pupil power of the Shentu family.”

“He killed an early stage Accumulated Spirit with a single glance, and that’s still ordinary?” Chen exclaimed.

Chen was also slightly amazed. Gulao in the ring smiled and said, “Chen, this is the Dongsheng Divine Land, where even the strongest of the actualized spirits can’t do whatever they want!”

“Gulao, I know why you want me to come to Dongsheng Divine Land!” said Chen.

“Dongsheng Divine Land is the birthplace of all supernatural power. It is here that you can truly grow. And the Practitioners here are several times more powerful than the Practitioners in other land at the same stage.” Gulao continued. “But you are an exception. The people of Gengu No.1 Sect are also exceptions. Even if they are in Dongsheng Divine Land, they are still super powerful.”

Kris Chen would have laughed if he had known what Gulao had said, and the techniques that Kris had deduced from the millions of Daoist magical powers were certainly powerful. His new melting method was absolutely pioneering and greatly enhanced Practitioners’ ability to cultivate. He also created the Nine Golden Body Technique.

But while Chen was working on the Divine Spiritual Power in the cells, he had even started working on preparing to open up formations in the cells.

Kris’s cultivation was macroscopic, while Chen’s was microscopic.

Once he succeeded, the billions of cells in his body would become a source of power, so the power he could exert would be very powerful. But Chen wasn’t sure if he could succeed in this. He planned to talk to Kris after this matter was finished to see if it is feasible.

In fact, what Chen didn’t know was that Demon Kris had been specializing in this cultivation method for a long time. He was concentrated on strengthening his body, so his body was destined to be used to the extreme. The Demon Body was incredibly tough and was the best test stone. The Cellular Cultivation Method was also something he had been working on for years.

It took him several years to successfully transform his entire arm. The power that erupted at that instant was beyond the actualized spirit.

However, the real difficulty for Demon Kris was to control the power, because there were too many cells, and even if he had installed valves to control them, it would be not easy to control the power in the cells.

Demon Kris had also created a training path that was as good as Kris’.

“What’s your name?” The person in charge of registration asked Nan Chen.

“Nan Ye!” Nan Chen answered. He concealed his real name.

“How old are you?”


“What’s your cultivation stage?”

“Accumulated spirit in Middle period.” Nan said.

Hearing this, the man looked up at him with some shock in his eyes.

“You go measure your bone age!” The person in charge of registration said.

Nan walked over, and the stone pillar indeed showed the word ‘twelve’.

“A twelve-year-old boy has reached the middle period of accumulated spirit? Remarkable, this kid is also a superb genius!” Someone exclaimed.

“Which one do you represent?” The person in charge of registration asked. “The Ye family south of the city?”

“No!” Nan shook his head, “I’ll represent myself, not any family!”

“Not a member of the family.” The man frowned.

After recording the information in the log book, the man tossed pass card to Nan, “Be in town in two days. Don’t be late!”

“I wonder which family such a promising genius will join.” A man said.

“That’s only if he can survive and he has a chance to join these families.”

“He’s just a twelve year old boy. I guess he only has reached the stage, but he doesn’t have power.”

Hearing them mock, someone retorted, “Feng Chen of the Chen family is also twelve years old. But he killed an actualized spirit in an early stage.”

“The youngest son of the Song family is also thirteen years old. So far, he has defeated a thousand accumulated spirits. You dare to challenge him?”

His words left the crowd speechless. Some people are indeed born geniuses.

In the courtyard of the Chen family, a young man about twelve years old, dressed in expensive clothes, stood there with his hands crossed. He was none other than Feng Chen.

The golden light appeared in his eyes, and a trace of solar energy was sucked into his pupils.

“Young Master, Family Head wants to see you!” An old servant knelt on the ground, trembling all over as if he was very afraid.

“Zhong, you are an elder of the family, why do you kneel to me? Am I that scary?” Feng’s voice was devoid of any emotion.

“You’re imposing. When I see you, I involuntarily want to kneel down and worship you.” Zhong said in a flattering tone

Zhong was terrified. The fusion of Feng’s Eye and the Demon Bone was already at its most critical. He sometimes couldn’t control his pupil power, so dozens of family servants had already died because of his pupil’s power.

Chapter 586: The Battle Was About to Begin

“Zhong, you were kind to me when I was young. I won’t hurt you.” Feng Chen laughed and strode away from him.

As soon as he left, Zhong sank to the floor where he had been standing, his back drenched in cold sweat.

“Father!” Feng bowed respectfully when he saw his father.

“Feng, how is the fusion of your Demon Bone going?” The one who spoke was a dignified middle-aged man. He was Daosheng Chen, Feng’s father, the Family Head of Chen Family.

“Everything is going well, and I’m almost ready to fully fuse it,” Feng Chen said confidently. “I’ll be able to fully fuse it in two days.”

Daosheng Chen nodded with extreme satisfaction, “With the Demon Bone as a foundation, you will no longer have to worry about losing you golden pupils. It can also raise their power.”

“After this family ranking competition, I’m going to cultivate towards the stage of actualized spirit.” Feng said.

He was now in the Fulfilled period of the accumulated spirit, and not even in the later period of the accumulated spirit. He had to cross an initial stage of the actualized spirit before he can move on to the actualized spirit stage. It was not impossible to cross the Stage all at once, but this would weaken the practitioner’s foundation and might hinder his subsequent cultivation. “Aren’t you being a bit hasty in doing so?” Daosheng frowned.

“Don’t worry. I have a plan.” Feng said confidently.

Upon hearing this, Daosheng didn’t say anything more. He nodded. “When you reach the stage of actualized spirit, you will officially take over as the head of the family!”

“Yes, Father!” Feng nodded, turned around and left.

After he left, a man appeared.

“Family Head,” The man said.

“You haven’t found them yet?” Daosheng asked.

“We searched all over Dongsheng Divine Land but we haven’t found them!”

“What about the other land?”

“We’re on it!”

“Even if you turn Devil Land upside down, you’re going to find him and kill him!”

“Yes, Family Head.” The man trembled a bit, and then disappeared.


Two days passed quickly. Chen, Nan and Zi went to the city.

There was a spatial formation set up here. It didn’t look very big from the outside, but it was very spacious inside. There were hundreds of arenas here. Both sides were full of people.

Almost all of the powerful families in Dongsheng Divine Land sent their people here. They could basically be divided into family factions, clan factions, and anonymous factions. The anonymous factions were some cultivators without any faction.

Nan was in the sixth thousandth place. The three of them hid their strength and changed their clothes for fear of being recognized.

Nan sneered at the outdated broadcasting system in the ring. Except for a few people who had projectors, most of them were still using the backward Voice Transmission Stone.

“These young members of the Top Ten families are now in the ring!” Someone called out.

“I’ve heard that Duo Wang of the Wang family majors in flesh cultivation and is exceedingly strong.”

“What’s really powerful is his Barbarian bloodline, which can increase his strength tenfold!” One person echoed.

“It is said that Zheng Wei of the Wei family has mastered six divine aptitudes!”

“Mingzhu is so beautiful. Her Peach Divine Technique is also very powerful. If one is hit by her divine technique, one will turn into a stone statue!”

“Feng family’s Yao Feng is the most beautiful. I like her arrogant look.”

“You fool. Aren’t you afraid of being sealed by her?”

“You’re the stupid one.”


The audience in the stands was talking. The sons and daughters of the Top Ten families were gathered together. They despised each other and competed with each other.

“Mingzhu, if we are rivals later, I will not hurt you.”

The one who spoke was the Wei family’s Zheng Wei. He looked at Mingzhu with fondness in his eyes.

Mingzhu was wearing a peach blossom dress, and her beautiful eyes were blinking. She was only thirteen years old, and she was very attractive.

On the other hand, Yao Feng looked unimpressed. She wore a black-and-white long coat. She was like an orchid with a cool temperament.

Duo Wang’s barbarian bloodline was very dominant. He was a control freak. “Such a woman is worthy of my pursuit.” He looked at Yao Feng and said to himself.

Qiu Zhong of Zhong family was holding a white paper fan in his hand. He and Jim Dongfang of the Dongfang family were reciting poetry. They were both rivals and friends.

“When you duel me later, be merciful to me!” Tuhong Shen bowed to the crowd, looked at them with a smiling face, and said. This was his famous saying. When he asked his opponent to be merciful to him, he would usually kill the opponent.

With his hands behind his back, Feng Chen looked at the crowd with an arrogant look. He simply despised the strength of these people.

“My Chen family will definitely become the number one family.” said Feng. His tone was light, but his words made the crowd look somber

“Feng, don’t boast!” Mingzhu blinked and said.

Twelve-year-old Feng was the youngest of these people. The oldest was Ren Guan of the Guan family, fifteen years old.

“You’ll know in a moment if I’m bragging or not,”Feng said coldly.

A huge gong struck, and the match officially began.

Nan Chen was too far back in the order, so he had to wait a long time before he could go to the duel. Now he had to watch the battles.

The first to duel on stage was Duo Wang. The Wang family had fallen into decline, so he had to win this battle to win honor for his family. Only then would his family not be pushed out of the top ten families.

The man who fought against Duo was a man from the later period of the Accumulated Spirit. He was a typical body refining practitioner, all muscle.

“I am so lucky to meet a practitioner of one of the ten families in the first duel.” said the man.

“I’m really unlucky to run into such a weak guy like you!” Duo Wang said scornfully.

Then he punched out, knocking him right down to the ground.

“You’re just too weak!” Duo said with disdain, then strode down to the ring.

“He is the member of the Ten Top Families? He is as strong as a disciple of the Gengu No.1 Sect,” Zi looked at Duo, and said to Chen.

“If he were to duel with the disciples of the Gengu No.1 Sect, he might not be able to beat them.” Chen muttered.

If someone else heard what Chen said, they would definitely refute him. The heirs of the ten great families were all invincible super existences in the land. They were the future of this Dongsheng Divine Land.

After Duo entered the ring, the Wei family’s Zheng Wei also entered the ring. He also blasted his opponent out of the ring with one punch. However, he directly smashed the man to pieces.

Zheng looked at Mingzhu and smiled, “I didn’t control my force well. I overexerted myself!”

Mingzhu of the Diantai family laughed and then entered the ring.

She drew a heart pattern with her right hand, blew gently, and the person turned into a stone statue on the spot. This seemed easy, but it was actually a very profound divine technique.

It was said that the ancestors of the Diantai family were born with the ability to turn a stone into gold. The power involved was so terrifying that it had completely changed the properties of matter and involved the Force of Rules.

The crowd of onlookers applauded as Mingzhu’s opponent crumbled to the ground and turned into rubble. Mingzhu smiled gently.

Then Tuhong Shen took the stage. His battle was even more simple and brutal. He directly glared at his opponent and took his opponent’s soul.

Yao Feng did not like to kill, so she directly sealed her opponent.

In the other ring, Qiu Zhong held a white paper fan and bowed to his opponent. “Hello, sir. It is a pleasure to duel with you here.”

“We’re here to duel. Stop talking so much nonsense.” The man said.

“Sir, I greet you, and you should greet me, or you’re being rude.”

“Damn it, you’re annoying!”

Hearing this, Qiu Zhong’s face changed dramatically. He no longer wasted time with him. Then he waved his paper fan, and suddenly the infinite power of heaven and earth condensed into an invisible sword and slashed at the man.

The man didn’t react, and instantly fell down on the ring. His soul was scattered, and it was impossible for him to reincarnate.

The crowd was shocked. The seemingly gentle Qiu Zhong killed people brutally.

Chen watched Qiu Zhong’s duel with the man curiously, he asked Gulao, “What kind of attack is this?”

“This is the sage method. This kid is not simple!” Gulao said.

“He can kill anyone he wants?”

“This is impossible. If the opponent were stronger than him, his sage method would not only fail to kill the opponent, but he would also be harmed by his own technique.”

Upon hearing that, Chen nodded, “It seems that there is no absolute divine power in this world.”

“That’s right. Whether it’s a divine ability or a technique, it’s not as good as one’s body power.” Gulao said. Chen very much agreed with his words.

Qiu Zhong stepped down from the stage and became that gentle and humble look again. After Jim Dongfang congratulated him on his victory, he also walked up to the stage. He held a Chinese Bamboo Flute in his hand and looked at his opponent, “I’ll play a piece of music for you. I hope you will like it. “

His opponent didn’t say anything, but just performed his most powerful attack.

Jim Dongfang smiled. When he blew the first note, his opponent’s attack was instantly blocked. In the next second, his opponent was instantly cut into pieces by countless attacks.

The audiences in the stands were astonished.

“These members of Ten Top Families are really powerful. They have innately powerful bloodlines.”

“Yean. The rule blood flows through their veins. They can exert great power over the ordinary technique!”

“Jim, Congratulations. I’m still not as strong as you. You kill your opponent so beautifully!” Qiu Zhong flattered.

Jim Dongfang waved his hand, “You can easily wipe out your opponent by using technique. I’m not as good as you.”

Other people laughed bitterly as they watched them flattering each other. They could not help but think that these two were really hypocrites.

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