Chuck Cannon thinks that his mom should not be as simple as it is on the surface, because his mom said that there are brightness and darkness.

This is not representative. The money that my mother clearly said was what the woman said. What kind of property can her family earn in one year?

What about secretly?

“Mom, are you hiding a lot of money?!” Chuck Cannon lowered his voice, for fear of someone nearby.

“Yes, the money is hidden, but no matter how much it is, it will be yours from now on.” Karen Lee smiled slightly.

Chuck Cannon breathed a sigh of relief. It seems that his mother is not as simple as the woman said.

“The hidden family, I came into contact with them when I was a killer, and learned something from them, and the family wealth is not exposed,” Karen Lee said.

Yes, Karen Lee is not as simple as it seems on the surface.

“So, mom, do you have a lot of possessions that their secret family doesn’t know?” Chuck Cannon was a little excited, after all, the tone of that woman really made Chuck Cannon feel uncomfortable.

It also made Chuck Cannon feel a sense of oppression. That feeling was very bad, and Chuck Cannon didn’t want to feel it anymore.

“Of course, there is,”

Karen Lee smiled, “Anyway, let me tell you, don’t be afraid of anyone. If you have anything, I will help you solve it.”

Chuck Cannon feels relieved, what his mother said was so simple, that she might not have as much money as a hidden family. Chuck Cannon must know that after all, his mother has only developed for more than 20 years.

The secret family of others has passed on for dozens of generations. The accumulation of that kind of wealth is really terrifying.

Karen Lee can’t compare, it’s too normal.

Not as rich as the hidden family, but not less.

“Then mom, what are you doing here?” Chuck Cannon was curious.

“The girl you said asked me to come.”

“She? What did she ask my mother to come over for?” Chuck Cannon was confused. What’s the point of asking her to come over?

“I’m going to ask her about this.” Karen Lee’s eyes flickered.

“Then I will go with my mother,” Chuck Cannon wanted to see what the woman wanted to do.

“No, you and Logan will be waiting for me here,” Karen Lee looked at Logan intentionally.

At such a moment, Logan lowered her head, her pretty face turned a little bit shy and red.

Karen Lee didn’t mean anything, but this look made Logan think of the embarrassing thing just now.

“Okay.” Mom can definitely handle this kind of thing.

Chuck Cannon took a look at that kind of woman.

“Betty Bernard, let’s go.” Karen Lee said, of course, Betty Bernard followed out.

“Aunt Logan, what’s the matter with you?” Chuck Cannon found something wrong with Logan.

“It’s okay, Chuck, you continue to sleep well,” Logan hesitated a little.

Chuck Cannon just learned that Yvette Jordan also came out to find him. Of course, he wanted to call Yvette Jordan and let her come here.

“Aunt Logan, please call Yvette,”

“Okay.” Logan took out her mobile phone…

“Miss, Karen Lee is here,” the man said respectfully.

The woman opened her eyes and looked outside calmly.

“What is she like?” The woman became a little interested.

“Miss Heidi, she brought someone, and she looked very capable.” The man said.

“Capable?” The woman shook her head, moving gently.


Someone knocked on the door.

“She’s here,”

“Let her in,” the woman leaned back on the sofa lazily.

“Miss Heidi, she is not qualified to see your true face, Miss,” the man shook his head and reminded respectfully.

“She is not qualified, but forget it, I also want to see what she is like face to face,”

“Yes.” The man walked to the door and opened the door.

Two people stood at the door, Karen Lee and Betty Bernard.

“Check!” the man said coldly.

“How to check?” Karen Lee was plain. She saw inside, in the spacious and luxurious presidential suite, a beautiful girl with a bit of laziness.

The beautiful eyes of the woman illuminate Karen Lee, who is standing at the door, with a hint of surprise

A person in his forties is actually not better than his mother in terms of maintenance…

How has she maintained?

“Search.” The man was cold.

Betty Bernard furrowed her brows, others had to touch her body with their hands, not to mention a man, even a woman, she couldn’t let touch Karen Lee’s body casually.

Still, searching?

Karen Lee glanced at him, “What are you afraid of? You are the one who called me. You are very angry. You are also a master of fighting, afraid of me? Am I not in your eyes?”

“You still have a bit of self-knowledge.” The corners of the man’s lips curled up, which was a taunt with arrogance.

Betty Bernard is very angry!

But Karen Lee has no other expressions!

“Let her in,” the woman said.

“Yes, come in,” the man said.

Karen Lee stepped in, but when Betty Bernard followed, the man reached out and stopped her, “You are not qualified to approach my lady!!”

Yes, is a small follower also eligible to meet a hidden family, the future heir?

This is simply an insult to his lady!

Karen Lee stopped, “What qualifications do you have?”

“Karen Lee, it seems that you are not self-aware, in our Hudson, any maid, is richer than you, understand? Let alone me?” The man mocked.

“What about you? A housekeeper and bodyguard, great? Isn’t it called by people?” Karen Lee retorted.

“You!” The man’s eyes shot a cold light!

Out of the hidden family, no one has dared to speak to him like this!

She is really looking for death!

If the woman were not there, he would have killed Karen Lee himself.

Karen Lee pulled Betty in.

“Just come in and give me a disarm, Karen Lee, what do you want to do?” The woman was still lazy.

In her opinion, no one can make her fluctuate.

“What you don’t want to do, you let me come here, and now I am here, but you still don’t let my people come in. Is this your secret family’s hospitality?” Karen Lee said.

“No, no, no, you said something wrong,”

The woman stretched out a finger and shook it lazily, “Guest, you were not invited but I called you here. There is a big difference between speaking and being obedient. You are not qualified to be my guest.”

The men laughed at this hidden family, among their thousands of families, apart from the other two families, who else in this world can be a woman’s guest?


Not to mention you little Karen Lee.

Betty Bernard was very angry, Karen Lee was insulted.

But what scene has Karen Lee never seen? Her expression did not change, “So?”

“So, if I let you come over, you have to come over! Your son asked me to tell you,” the woman said.

“My son is innocent, he would not do this.” Of course, Karen Lee knew what this woman was going to do.

“Innocent, he is not innocent, so you don’t say that, as long as it is a normal man, there is no innocence! Your son missed someone he would regret for the rest of his life, I am reminding him now.” The woman was lazy.

The voice is extremely weak.

The man ridiculed that this Chuck Cannon didn’t know good or bad, and was taken by his own lady. This was something that he saved the galaxy in his previous life, and his ancestors had accumulated virtues for the eighteenth generations.

But doesn’t this Chuck Cannon actually cherish it? Not grateful?

“So, do you really like my son? Wanna be my son’s wife?” Karen Lee smiled a little.

“No, no, no, you said wrong again.”

The woman shook a finger lazily, “No one is qualified to marry me, including your son. He… I’m attracted to him, and I will give you a sum of money. He will not be able to be named Cannon in the future, he must be named Wan… “

“Entering the family? You let my son enter the family?” Karen Lee was shocked, even Betty Bernard was a little shocked.

Does she know that the child she actually gave birth to has the surname of the man? Why do you even have to give your wife’s last name to your husband?

What logic is this?

“No, you are wrong again. He is not a patriarch. I bought him with the money.” The woman shook her finger. Yes, she entered Hudson, so everything belongs to Hudson!

Karen Lee’s face became serious, “You…”

“Sit, because you are his mother, you can sit down in front of me, but don’t cross your legs, I hate someone doing this in front of me.” The woman pointed out a place in the corner.

In her opinion, Karen Lee has only this qualification to sit in the corner. As for the sofa beside her, Karen Lee is not qualified to sit!!

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