Chapter 587 – 588: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 587: Yao Ning

Soon it was Ren Guan’s turn. He stood on the stage without saying a word, and he seemed to be extremely dull.

As if all the voices were muted when they reached his side.

The one who confronted Ren Guan was a Practitioner who was a accumulated spirit in Fulfilled period, and his first move was Taoist Strength, showing his killing intention completely.

However, when he attacked Ren Guan, all his attacks disappeared instantly. “Wow. This is the unique divine body of the Guan family. It can transform all the attacking power into its own power. It’s terrifying!”

“How is it possible?”

The Practitioner was shocked. This was his killing move. Even the actualized spirit might not be able to defeat it so easily.

Ren Guan did not speak, stretched out his hand, and a strong suction enveloped the Practitioner, “Enigmatic Divine Body, die!”

The vital essence of the Practitioner continuously flowed out of the seven apertures in his head, and soon he became a mummified corpse! The mummified corpse fell to the ground, and the wind turned it into powder and it soon disappeared…


Everyone took a deep breath!

“Is this the Guan Family’s Enigmatic Divine Body?”

“It is said that the divine body in the Fulfilled period can even swallow the sun!”

Chenfeng frowned, Ren Guan left a lot of pressure on him, he was probably a vigorous opponent.

He was aware that dogs that bite never bark.

Que Song, the little monster king of the Song family had not entered on the stage so far, and Chenfeng sneered at him. Que Song was just a half-demon with mixed blood, and he was not his opponent at all.

Taking advantage of the wind, Chenfeng flew onto the stage, and his opponent was only an accumulated spirit in the Middle period. Chenfeng didn’t even have the interest to make a move to such a weak opponent.

“If you don’t want to die, just go away, are you clear?”

Chenfeng stood there and said softly, his voice falling into the ears of his opponent was like a huge thunder.

“Yes, yes, yes, I will get out of here, I will get out of here at once…”

Chenfeng was a practitioner who could kill the actualized spirits, but he was only an accumulated spirit in the middle period, so how could he fight against Chenfeng?

Which one of the disciples of the top ten families could be easy to get along with?


Everyone was in an uproar again.

“As expected of Little King of Chen family, he scared away his opponent with just one word!”

“Sure enough, he has the nature of a king, he will become a Holy Realm in the future.”

“It’s amazing, the Chen family will probably be the winner this time.”

People were talking loudly, and even players on the backstage were meditating, “Don’t fight against people from the top ten families, let me get a good ranking, so that I can come the fore .”

“Don’t run into the Little King of Chen family…”

Hearing what they said, Chennan clenched his fists tightly, “Chenfeng, I will kill you!”

Chenfeng jumped off the stage, and the first shows of the top ten families were all successful, except for the little monster king of the Song family.

Que Song’s expression was sullen, he twitched his mouth disdainfully and said: “A group of ridiculous people, raising their heads high and posing a high posture, which is really ridiculous.”

He was the son from the Monster King of the Song family and his concubine, a human maidservant. He was thrown into the beast yard of the Song family when he was born. Everyone thought he would die, but was surprised to find that he was born with aptitude for controlling beasts.

But after the Monster King of the Song family knew about this, it was already three years after Que Song was thrown into the beast yard.

Que Song, who grew up in the beast yard, knew very well that he must keep a low profile at all times, hide himself, and give the enemy a fatal blow at critical times.

He never did things that showed off.

For example…Three months ago, he swallowed an actualized spirit. Except for the Monster King of the Song family and a few people, no others knew about it.

What Chenfeng and others did was like those animals who tried hard to show their muscles to the same kind during mating in order to win the joy of the opposite sex, it was really stupid.

Collaborating with each other and being enemies of each other, and their main purpose was to prevent the sects from encroaching the families.

They were the True God family, and the glory of their ancestors shined on them. Even the sects were disdained by them in the past.

But as time went by, the advantages of the sects gradually manifested, and the development of the families was weak. If they did not unite, it was likely to be disdained by the sects.

“These aristocratic families are just the grasshoppers after autumn, and they won’t be active for long.”

“Their ancestors have disappeared in the long river of time, and they still hold on to the glory of the past. This is the way to self-destruction.”

“Ha ha, you are right, but the True God soldiers left by these families are equivalent to the True God, so you still can’t look down upon them!”

“That’s true, this time we must defeat a family and damage them severely!”

The high-level Divine Spiritual Powers of the major sects exchanged constantly. In fact, this was still a struggle among Taoist forces. As the sects grew, they needed more resources to support their disciples for practice.

The desire of mankind was infinite, and the territory was limited. If you wanted to grow, you must sacrifice a certain part.

“The Holy Realm ancestor of Wang family will return to the ruins soon, and the Family Head of Wang family can’t exert the semi-holy power into the true power of the True God soldiers. The Wang Family’s perishment is unstoppable!”

At the same time, Tianba Wang, the Family Head of the Wang family, was sitting in front of the tea table on the base of Wang family, sipping tea.

The power of Holy Realm was too strong, even the space was distorted.

If someone was here, he would be surprised, because this was not a half-holy realm at all, but a true Holy Realm.

Twenty years ago, Tianba successfully passed the holy trial in the Infinite Universe. These years, he relied on the True God soldiers to suppress his real stage.

Would the Wang Family be eliminated from the top ten families?

He didn’t worry at all, the only thing he worried about was their Holy Realm ancestor who stood for millions of years.

The ancestor did not find a way to break through, and he was really going to return to the ruins. His body had already begun to disappear, so he had to divide part of the power of the True God soldiers to suppress it.

The returning to the ruins of the Holy Realm would feed back to the world and evolve into middle world, and the middle world would be a world that belonged to Wang family alone.

Why could the aristocratic family resist the sects, because they had their own worlds behind them.

Not only that, the True God soldiers could suppress everything, and they dare not act rashly.

“It’s okay if you don’t come. Once you come, I will definitely cut off your arms and legs.”

The corners of Tianba’s mouth upturned slightly.

At the same time, it was finally Chennan’s turn. Nan Ye, who was in his incarnation, was very low-key, and he always won the competition by a narrow margin.

With the young masters of the ten major families performed before, this kind of competition really could not arouse the interest of others.

“No. six thousand, Nan Ye win.”

“Thank you!”

Chennan bowed and jumped off the stage, but no one cheered.

“Oh, my brother won!”

Chenzi couldn’t help but cheer.

Chen Ye just nodded so that they would not be paid too much attention.

He always felt that this competition was very depressing, as if there was an undercurrent surging.

“Be careful!”

Mr. Gu transmitted his words: “Once Chennan fights against Chenfeng, his true identity is likely to be revealed. At that time, maybe Chen family will aim at him desperately.”

“I get it!”

Chen Ye replied, “If they really dare to bully the weak ones, I am not a useless man.”

With all his strengths together, he dared to fight against even the Holy Realm.

Now Chen Ye’s strength had surpassed the peak of Mr. Gu’s strength, he had nothing to say, “Be careful yourself.”

The competition was still going on, and half of the players were sifted out on the first day. Chen Ye fought a total of two competitions, both of which were narrow victories.

After resting for one night, the next day, Chen Ye, Chennan and Chenzi entered the competition terrain again.

It didn’t take long for Chen Ye’s turn, he was out of luck, and he was fighting against a strong half-step actualized spirit.

The fight was a bit tricky. Everyone thought Chen Ye was going to lose. It was beyond everyone’s expectation that after a hundred moves, Chen Ye narrowly won.

“It’s another narrow victory. Isn’t he too lucky?”

“Don’t say he is lucky, if you have the ability, you can also play on the stage. That’s a half-step actualized spirit. He can crush you to death with a finger!”

The man was shamed to say nothing. He was only in the early stage of accumulated spirit, and the one who fight with Chen Ye could crush him to death with just one finger.

“Thank you!”

Chen Ye bowed and then stepped down from the stage!

“You are pretty good, Anonymous Sect?”

A sixteen-year-old boy with red lips and white teeth looked at Chen Ye brightly, “I have been observing you for a long time, every time you win by a narrow margin, are you hiding your strength?”

Chen Ye frowned, he didn’t like the feeling of being stared at, “No!”

After finishing his words, he turned and left.

“Ah, another enigma!”

The boy rolled his eyes, “I think you have a good talent. Are you interested in joining my sect? I can guarantee you will be satisfied!”

“You are blocking my way!”

Chen Ye raised his eyelids. Could this person be a dork as master uncle said?

He himself could win the actualized spirit, need he join the sect?

Who could teach him? Half-holy or Holy Realm?

“My name is Yao Ning, this is my Voice Transmission Stone, if you think it over, you can contact me!”

He took out the Voice Transmission Stone and said.

“I don’t want this low-end product!”

After finishing his words, Chen Ye pushed Yao Ning away, but with this push he frowned, “Why so soft?”

Turning his head, he found that Yao Ning’s cheeks were flushed, and his eyes were full of anger.

“Asshole, where do you put your hand?”

“We’re both men, what’s wrong with it?”

Chen Ye also grabbed it while talking, “You want to recruit me, should you be courteous to me?”


Yao Ning drew the long sword from his waist, “Asshole, I will slash you.”


A piece of Sword Energy was cut out, Chennan frowned, trying to avoid, but found many people standing behind him, if he avoided, these innocent people would become his scapegoats.

“Are you crazy?”

Chennan snorted coldly, grasped the Sword Energy coming from Yao Ning, and crushed it with his bare hands, “Don’t bother me again, if you really want to fight, come on stage!”

“Asshole, you better pray not to run into me, otherwise I…will cut you into pieces!”

Yao Ning gritted his teeth angrily.

“Ah, sissy!”

Chennan snorted coldly, turned and left!

“Okay, okay, you dare to scold me, you are seeking death, I must kill you!”

If it weren’t for his turn to take the stage soon, Yao Ning would definitely not let Chennan go!

“No. ten thousand vs. eight thousand!”

Eight thousand was Yao Ning’s ranking.

He got onto the stage, and the man on the opposite side laughed, “What a beautiful catamite, if you want to consider being my flute boy, I can consider letting you go!”

Yao Ning was raged, “You’re unscrupulous, I will smash you!”

The man on the opposite side said such unbearable words in front of everyone, which made Yao Ning furious.

The most important thing was that the audience laughed after hearing his words.

“He has red lips and white teeth. After a while, he might be selected by the lady of a certain big family, and he might even be raised as a catamite in captivity!”

“Hahaha… Those ladies are good at playing tricks, I’m afraid he can’t bear even for just a few days!”

Chapter 588: The Competition

Yao Ning had ever heard such filthy words, so his demeanor became colder and aggressive; while, Nan Chen in the audience looked at him, feeling only that this man was easily angered and must not be a broad-minded person.

“Smash The Skyline!”

Yao gripped his sword and swung, and the powerful Qi firmly locking the man in place.

“Nonuple Spiritual Energy, Protection Shield!” Yao’s opponent was a complete Practitioner at the Fulfilled Period of Accumulated Spirit and the Fulfilled period of the Nonuple Taoist Strength and had developed the shield of the Taoist Strength, which could compare to the Spirit Weapon and very powerful.

Just when the man was cock-a-hoop, the Sword Light broke through his protection, cutting off his head; the Primal Spirit, the Divine Spiritual Power, and a bit of spiritual intelligence, all of which perished under the sword.

“Victory number eight thousand!” the referee announced, which made everyone dumbfounded.

“What? That’s impossible!” one onlooker said.

“This kid killed his opponent with a sword. Who is he?” Another onlooker said to others. “That’s not worse than Number 16,000, is it?”

Number 16,000, not the children of a big family, but the crown prince of an indestructible Dynasty, a divine dynasty; besides, he kept practicing the Ever Immortal Techniques, and with extraordinary fighting power, he was not at all weaker than the children of those big clans.

“So is number 20,000, a young talent from a family not inferior to the Ten Great Families, who has fought seven battles in a row without a single defeat, and all his opponents got knocked out with a single move!”

“The competition this year is much more exciting than ever, and where do all these evils come from?”


Yao put away his sword and looked at Nan with a piercing gaze, as if to say, “Son of a bitch, just watch your throat and wait to die!“

Nan crossed his arms with an empty look.

Yao was also a good match for him, but no so good; his worst enemies were Feng Chen and the Chen family.

To Nan’s disregard, Yao felt that he was insulted, then he said, “What a defiant brat, I will teach you a lesson!”

Prince Jian Zhao of the Indestructible Dynasty, exuded royal temperament, and he came for neither being a son-in-law of a family nor developing his house, but for allies.

The development of the Indestructible Dynasty could not be going on without the support of the ten big clans.

As the saying goes, “He who wins the major families wins the world,” and the Indestructible Dynasty was willing to share the world with the big clans!

It was because of this quote that the Indestructible Dynasty had developed to its current state within ten thousand years. Even if it couldn’t bring in the ten families, it would still be great to bring in the top families of the Holy City. At the very least…, the throne would be his.

Jian’s second youngest brother, the sixth youngest brother, and the tenth youngest brother were all strong contenders for the throne, and all of which would come for this competition, so he absolutely could not be careless.

After defeating his opponent, Jian jumped down from the ring, then a few eunuchs came over with hot towels and elixirs, “Your grace, come and have a rest. Let me wipe your sweat and give you a massage.

“No!” Jian said.

Jian frowned and looked to the side at Yao Feng, his real target, apart from getting the big clans his allies.

If he could make it to the top ten, he would not hesitate to propose to Yao, and if he could marry Yao, the throne would be his.

Less than a thousand contenders left, and those were the cream of the crop; basically, they were practitioners at the Later period of the Accumulated Spirit, and among them, there were hundreds of half-step Actualized Spirits, all of which were the pride of their clan families.

With such achievements at the age of a few dozen, they would definitely succeed in becoming an Actualized Spirit, and till then, they would be the top few in the world.

Now there were only ten fights in all.

The opponent of Chen Ye was 80 years old and a disciple of the Ancestral Sect, with double cultivation of soul and magic, and superb battle prowess.

“Master, my brother is on stage!” Zi Chen said excitedly.

Chen said, “I am afraid your brother has got a tricky opponent!”

Nan was only a practitioner at the Later period of the Accumulated Spirit and still had two stages to go before the Actualized Spirit; while his opponent was a practitioner of the half-stepped Actualized Spirit and able to take control of the rules, so it wasn’t easy to beat the Practitioner of Accumulated Spirit. It was not easy for Nan to win.

But to Chen, it was just a little tricky.

“Please!” Nan said with an arch of his hand.

“Please!” The man was also quite a gentleman, mainly because he smelt danger from Nan.

“What the heck! He is only in the middle period of the Accumulated Spirit, and I’m a half-step of Actualized Spirit, so why should I be afraid of him?”Ming Su laughed at himself.

Yao from the other ring looked at Nan coldly, not expecting Nan to be so lucky as to stagger away from him; the one who fought against him was the second oldest prince of the Indestructible Dynasty, Zhao Yi!

“Don’t you dare look around when you’re fighting me! Come and die!”

Yi Zhao used his Indestructible Divine Dragon Technique to make an impact, but when it compared to his big brother’s Universal Indestructible Technique, it was still a step behind.

But he never gave up, and he wanted to fight to prove that he was not weaker than his big brother.

“If you were a real dragon, I’d fear you a little, but you are a mere fake dragon. You are not worthy to speak in front of me?”

Yao snorted, “Let’s see how I slay the fake dragon today.”

“Rampant!” Yi hated it; he hated it when people said that he didn’t have the temperament of the True Dragon, and Yao was provoking him.

Then, two of them clashed with each other, and in the blink of an eye, they had more than a dozen moves against each other.

Yi’s strength wasn’t as weak as Yao thought it was.

As soon as they fought, the ring was dazzling with Sword Light and magical arts.

The disciples of the Ten Great Families maintained their arrogant posture, and in their eyes, only each other was a rival, and the others were no one.

Mingzhu Tantai’s eyes were sad as she faced the opponent with a half-step Actualized Spirit, so she said, “Hey, I wanted to retain a little strength, but since you’re so unsympathetic, then I have to turn you into stones!”.

She wanted to kill her opponent, but her expressions were so delicate that making people want to do good to her and even made people feel so guilty that making they suicide.

“What a powerful charm, and a very frightening illusion art, capable of evoking guilt in the heart.”

The Practitioner of the half-step Actualized Spirit bit his tongue and said, “Little Princess Tantai, it’s better not to do such tricks. if you want to fight, we fight!”

“Well, you sure aren’t a gentleman!” Mingzhu said.

After that, the peach petals drift across the sky, emitting their fragrance, and by the time they hit the ground, the Practitioner got controlled by endless Illusion Art.

The real power of the Peach Blossom Body was not petrification, but illusionism!

“Die!” Mingzhu uttered, and with that, the Practitioner took out his magic weapons and smashed them towards his head.


The Brain splattered, the Primal Spirit cracked, Divine Spiritual Power withered, and only a little spiritual intelligence escaped.

Everyone was astonished.

As she leaped to the ground, Mingzhu also let out a breath of relief, and the pressure on her to perform this move was not weak. There would be a vicious battle later, and she had to preserve her strength.

Yao was still arrogant and self-confident, and his opponent’s strength wasn’t weak, but Yao softly said, “The first layer of the seal, unseal!”.

With that, a dense blackness escaped from her body, her eyes turned scarlet, and her forehead even protruded two sharp horns.

“This is… Sealing Demon!”

The Feng Family settled in the Demon Abyss, which was home to many demons. When each Feng Family member was in Pill Formation, they had to go down into the Abyss to imprison a demon and seal it inside their bodies as a symbiotic body.

The contrast between a fairy with an innocent look before and a devil next in one second was staggering.

“Do you think I’ll rip you apart, or tear you apart?”


Yao turned into a black shadow and rushed towards her opponent, and her sharp fingers almost piercing through space. Without the slightest resistance, the man was directly torn apart by the nails, blood soaring over her body, and she did not feel sick but looked like she was enjoying that.

The person was swallowed directly into the stomach with suck, and although it was the devil who ate that man, it was no different from Yao did that.

The audience shuddered all over as they watched the scene. It was hard to imagine that such a fairy-look girl would swallow a human being.

“Master, she’s so scary!” Zi said.

“Is this what is known as the True God family? Why is it like the devil?” Zi asked.

Chen also frowned, because whether the Guan Family’s Abyssless Divine Body or Yao’s Sealing Demon Divine Body, they were both extremely evil by nature.

“How dare you to distract while fighting against me!”

Ming was furious, and he had fought thousands of moves against Nan without gaining any advantage; what’s more, he was even being suppressed by him, while Nan still had the time to observe the battles in other rings; so, what was this if not contempt?

“Spirit-Soul Tao, it is much more than the Tao!”

The wind was howling from nowhere, and it looked like an invisible blade hanging in the sky!

Nan saw his opponent operate the secret move and finally perked up, “Is it finally time for a showdown?”

The inheritance of the Ancient Demon God coupled with Chen’s techniques made him a Practitioner of complete Taoist Strength. Whether it was magic power or soul power or even physical body, Nan had the best in the world.

Nan did not speak and lightly gave a punch.


The ring shuddered as fists and daggers collided.



Cracks appeared in the blade, and it began to disintegrate.

Finally, it could not withstand Nan’s power and crumble!

“Poof!” Ming spewed out blood; his Spirit dispirited, his Primal Spirit was in turmoil, and he no longer had the strength to fight back.

Nan pretended to be panting and said, “This friend has divine power and is world-class, and I was lucky!”

“Victory number six thousand!”

“Are you… Are you laughing at me?” Ming was annoyed, and he thought, “Fuck the divine power, when I fought against you, you always saw somewhere else and didn’t take this battle seriously”

“Of course, I am not. It was luck.” Nan waved his hand and jumped down the ring, which made the crowd on stage speechless.

“That’s what he said last time!” One onlooker said.

“And that’s what he said the time before last time!” Another onlooker said.

Now, everyone present realized that Nan was terrifyingly strong and was merely hiding his strength.

He was a strange one!

Ming was so furious that he spurted out a mouthful of blood and directly passed out.

“Ming!” A silver-haired man flew into the ring and carried Ming away with a fierce glare at Nan before he left. Nan didn’t care, and it was all ignored!

“Interesting. Fascinating. This kid seems to be quite strong, and I wonder how his flesh and blood tastes.”

Que Song wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth; it was the blood of a Practitioner with the half-stepped of Actualized Spirit, who had was chewed by Que and spitted out for a terrible taste. However, he smelt the sweet flavor of food on Nan’s body.

“It’s even sweeter than that on Feng Chen. What great anticipation!” Que’s mouth was watering, and his eyes flashed with a murderous aura.

This round was over, and the ten families’ disciples had won without any suspense.

Among the princes of the Indestructible Dynasty, only Crown Prince Jian won, with the other competitors losing their throne.

At the same time, there was contender No. 20,000, Tang Ting, who always won within ten moves of his opponents and was very strong.

Naturally, Yao also made it to the next round, and He stared at Nan and thought to himself, “Gods bless. I have to fight against him!”

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