Betty Bernard was very angry. Really, Karen Lee had never encountered such a thing before, she was so angry!!

Let Karen Lee sit in the corner?

“What’s the matter? Won’t you sit? I just let you sit because of Chuck Cannon’s face. Of course, if you don’t sit on a chair, you can sit on the ground as much as you like. Just don’t get close to me for ten meters. Sit, but when you sit, remember to put paper towels, because I hate others to soil my floor.” The woman said lazily.

“To make a long story short, my son doesn’t like you, so you don’t have to give my son a face, and I don’t have to sit, because I will leave after I finish talking.” Karen Lee shook his head.

“No, no, you were wrong again,”

The woman was extremely lazy, “It’s useless to like or dislike it in front of me. I like it. Then I don’t care if you like it or not, no one can run away.

“You…well, I’m really…” Karen Lee was speechless, really speechless.

She has lived for more than forty years and has never met such a person.

“Don’t talk to my lady in this tone.” The man stared at Karen Lee, his voice was like ice cubes, with majesty!

“Don’t talk to me in this tone, either.” Karen Lee frowned.

“Miss, do you want me to slap her?” the man asked because the woman is here.

If the woman is not there, then he must have slapped out the instant Karen Lee spoke.

“Forget it, give her a chance!!”

The woman shook her finger lazily, “Karen Lee, it seems that you don’t know my Hudson family well.”

“You don’t know me well too.” Karen Lee narrowed her eyes!

“Really? Hahaha, as long as I am willing, no one can hide in front of me, don’t you believe it? It seems that you really don’t believe it!” The woman had such a smile.

Karen Lee looked at the woman.

The woman raised her hand and the beautiful eyes wandered around Karen Lee. He suddenly smiled, “Since you don’t believe it, then I will prove to you that you are well maintained and your facial features are good. There are definitely a lot of men who like you, and there are more temptations. Then you must be difficult to control, check, tell me how many people she cheated on…”

The man nodded, looked at Karen Lee a few times, and made a mocking call.

Betty Bernard is annoyed, is this woman perverted?

However, Karen Lee’s eyes are calm! The body is not afraid of shadows!

A minute later, the man received the call, frowned, walked over to the woman and said, “No.”

With the slightest bit of astonishment and surprise, the woman looked at Karen Lee again, “Don’t you?”

“Can you find any women in the world?” Karen Lee asked.

“Yes, it’s okay, as long as I want, but you, there is a little surprise to me, but there is no? You look a bit like me, and I won’t leave after I get married.” The woman said lazily.

“Then you should check if your mother has cheated. It should be simple for you,” Karen Lee said calmly.



The man suddenly arrived in front of Karen Lee, his eyes were like poisonous snakes!

He would kill Karen Lee with a single order!

Regardless of being close at hand, Karen Lee’s eyes did not twitch, and even her eyelashes did not move, calming down!

Taishan collapsed without being surprised!!

The woman’s lazy expression solidified, and slowly, apathy appeared on her face, “Karen Lee, do you know what you are talking about?”

“I know, you said it yourself,” Karen Lee shrugged.

Betty Bernard’s heart is so funny, she can find out, so can you check your mother?

“Miss, do you want me to solve her right away?” the man asked.

“Karen Lee, you are a little emboldened, I don’t know where your confidence came from?” The woman stood up from the sofa, looking indifferently as if a female emperor was walking around.

“You can check, I have finished what I have said, and my son doesn’t like you, so don’t force him. Also, your butler bodyguard’s temper is so stinky, you should take care of it!” Karen Lee shook her head.


The man’s fist suddenly slammed out like a violent wind, and was to hit Karen Lee’s face!!

The horrible breath rushed to make people suffocating, Betty Bernard was shocked!

But Karen Lee didn’t have any expression at all, and suddenly the fist stopped just a few millimetres away from her face.

The man frowned, so calm!

You know, the strength of one’s punch can kill a person, not to mention the fact that in the case of one’s own anger, what kind of master is now on the face, he will die under three moves!!

Women’s beautiful eyes fluctuate.

Karen Lee looked at the man, “Your master didn’t speak, dare you?”

The man twitches!

Yes, the woman did not speak, he did not dare to hit, because this punch was about to kill someone!!

“Betty Bernard, let’s go.” Karen Lee said.

Betty Bernard went out with Karen Lee with lingering fears.

The man scolded, “Hold on! My lady hasn’t let you go yet.”

“You are a good obedient dog, your master will like you.” Karen Lee had already walked out.

The man is extremely angry!


This woman actually said he was a dog?

It really made him uncontrollable!!

“Miss, she…” The man wanted to kill Karen Lee very much. Is this an insult?

The woman sat down and lay down, “It’s kind of interesting. I haven’t met this kind of person for a long time. For the sake of being a woman, I actually admire her a little bit. It seems that she has been able to do it in just 20 years. , It’s not too bad… Nu San, you are a fairly good fighter in my family, what is her strength? Do you feel it?”

“This? She is very calm, but in terms of her strength, the punch just now was enough for me to kill her!” The man was confident.

That punch, at such a close distance, Karen Lee absolutely couldn’t hide it!!

The woman nodded lazily, “Well,”

“Miss, what should I do now?” the man asked.

“I’m asking you, did you check it out just now? She hasn’t cheated on it?” The woman mentioned the question again.

“No,” the man shook his head.

“Then this is not bad, since she is so confident, so simple, she must have something secretly, check her out, I want to know what she has done in the past twenty years!”

“Yes… but what about Chuck Cannon?” The man nodded. This is too simple. Take a moment to check it out.

“He? I said it, let him know what he missed, then…” the woman said lazily.

The man nodded respectfully…

“Huh, President Lee, that woman is really weird.” Betty Bernard complained.

I haven’t seen such a woman before, it’s so weird, I actually checked that kind of thing just now.

“Well, the man next to her just now, if you meet him, don’t fight him alone.” Karen Lee said.

“Well, I also feel that the man is very powerful. The speed and explosiveness of the moment just now is very strong and very strong!” Betty Bernard had such a lingering fear.

If it was her just now, she would definitely not face like Karen Lee so calmly, she would definitely retreat or even resist!

“Yes, this man, it’s not easy,” Karen Lee’s eyes flickered!

“Then, President Lee, can you solve him?” Betty Bernard told the truth. After so many years, she hasn’t seen Karen Lee exert all his strength.

Because Karen Lee hasn’t met anyone who can give her full strength.

“I won’t know until I fight. I won’t underestimate the enemy, not at all! Being able to be the bodyguard of such an important person in the hidden family will definitely not be bad. In the hidden family, there are really Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon!” Karen Lee shook her head.

“Well, but I think, Master Lee, your strength, if the man just now fights you close, you can kill him with two moves.” Betty Bernard said her thoughts.

Karen Lee smiled slightly, “Maybe, he just made a very explosive shot, but there is a loophole, just shot, you can really kill him in one move.”

Betty Bernard was surprised, did Karen Lee admit it?

“Master Lee, what is your strength?” Betty Bernard couldn’t figure it out.

Karen Lee smiled, “I can achieve it with hard work. I usually carry a hundred kilograms in my hands, and a chain on my leg, which is also 100 kilograms… Next month I will lift 10 kilograms, and then next year, I will lift another ten kilograms…”

Betty Bernard was stunned. She knew this, but she didn’t know that Karen Lee could continue to add it. What kind of concept is this?

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