Betty was shocked. Karen Lee refreshed her cognition time and time again. It can be said that Betty believes that at this time, Karen Lee’s physical fitness is almost at the limit of a person.

“But, this hidden family, will they start dealing with…” Betty worried about this.

The matter with the Ouke family has not yet been resolved. This hidden family is not comparable to the four major families.

“It’s okay, no one can force my son. I will help him solve my son’s affairs,” Karen Lee said.

“Then I will take the young master back, what about the Luofu family?”, Betty said

Chuck was so miserable this time, this must be doubled back!!

“I asked Chuck what he meant, he shouldn’t know about it yet, let’s go back first.”

“Well, by the way, what about the person who monitors the young master? Should he keep monitoring the young master?” Betty worried.

This is a big problem, right? Isn’t this what Chuck’s whereabouts have been known to the woman?

“Just leave, don’t move this Hudson person, for now, wait for me to solve the Ouke family’s affairs, and…” Karen Lee was silent suddenly.

“What about Young Master’s dad Joseph Cannon?” Betty asked.

She could feel that Karen Lee was still very disappointed, and it was even a little bit unspeakable disappointment!

Yes, when Karen Lee followed the tracker on the bullet last time, she knew something.

In addition, Joseph Cannon hasn’t contacted him on the phone recently. After all, Karen Lee rushed to Lee’s house at night, but it spread in the United States, and he could not have known it.

“Well, I must figure out this matter. Why does he… have that idea? Chuck is his biological son. Why does he do that.” Karen Lee felt a little uncomfortable.

She just can’t figure it out, why?

If she did something wrong, tell her!

“Master Lee, don’t think too much, Master is still waiting,” Betty said.

She felt Karen Lee’s sadness.

After all, the man who has been loyal for so long is actually unhappy.

What the hell is this for?

“En,” Karen Lee shook her head, sorting out her emotions.

She took her cell phone and called Black Rose.

The Black Rose who was still in the jungle, her phone started vibrating, she took it out to see that it was Karen Lee’s.

She answered.

“My son has been found by Logan.”

“Huh.” Black Rose breathed a sigh of relief. After so many days, Chuck was found. She has been searching for a long time, and basically, she didn’t have a good rest. Today, she can have a good rest.

“I’ll send you the address. Come here and have dinner together,” Karen Lee continued.

“I’d better rest for a while, I saw a big tree, I will go up to sleep for a while.”

“Well, thank you,”

“Yes, its… just fine.” Black Rose hung up, and she climbed up a big tree and lay down on a bifurcated place.

So comfortable.

She felt tired. She closed her eyes and suddenly thought of something. She licked her tongue, “Suddenly, it seemed to eat mung bean cake…”

“Aunt Logan,”

Chuck continued to sleep, but he leaned on Logan’s legs and couldn’t fall asleep again.

Maybe he just heard those things his mother said, he was thinking about other things.

“What’s the matter?” Logan smiled softly as she sorted Chuck’s hair with her hands.

“I can not fall asleep,”

“Want to talk?”

“Yes, Aunt Logan, can I ask you a question?” Chuck looked at her.

“Yes, you ask.”

Chuck actually wanted to ask why Logan didn’t wear jeans. After all, Chuck wanted to see what Logan’s back looked like, but it was definitely not appropriate to ask.

“What’s the matter? Why don’t you ask?” Logan looked at Chuck without talking for a long time, and she smiled slightly.

“I, forget it, I won’t ask, I will continue to sleep well,” Chuck shook his head, Logan tried so hard to find herself, and he still wants to ask that kind of question, how could that work?

Logan would definitely feel particularly embarrassed.

So how do you continue to chat?

“Why? You can ask, ask me anything, I will tell you,” Logan took it seriously.

What can Chuck ask herself? It must be some of my own things, such as how to have the present, for example, what I usually do, and for example other…

Yes, Logan is very innocent in this respect. She has never thought about it. Chuck might ask herself why she doesn’t wear jeans in ordinary times.

She may be stunned, very stunned…

“Uh, I won’t ask, I’m asleep,” Chuck shook his head and went on sleeping beautifully.

He is still holding Logan, so he can have a sweet dream.

Gradually, Logan saw Chuck asleep, and she felt relieved. She was thinking, what question Chuck wanted to ask just now? ?

Her curiosity aroused how he wanted to talk and stopped.

“The same dream again, what are you dreaming about? … Have you ever dreamed of me? Have you?”

Logan lowered her voice and asked, Chuck fell asleep, where can he hear it?

“I will sleep for a while.”

Logan secretly clicked on Chuck’s cheek. She closed her beautiful eyes and was about to sleep on the sofa, but…

“Aunt Logan, you…”

A shocked voice came in.

Yes, this person is Yvette, and the expressions on her face were shocked, especially her eyes, with immense astonishment!

She just received a call from Logan and knew that Chuck was safe, and she cried with joy in the forest.

Without any delay, she rushed over without stopping, she had too much missed words to say, too much…

She just wants to stay with Chuck now.

However, when Yvette arrived at the door when she was about to knock on the door with nervous anticipation, she found that the door was not closed, she acted subconsciously and pushed the door in…

Then she saw the scene just now, Logan kissed Chuck…

She was shocked.

Yes, Logan didn’t close the door again in a daze and was seen.

Facing Yvette’s shocked expression, Logan’s beautiful face all of a sudden turned red, her eyes dodged, and she hurriedly put down Chuck’s head and covered him with something.

Silent! The room is quiet enough, the needle drop can be heard!

One second, two seconds, three seconds…

“Yvette, I…” Logan never felt that she would be as embarrassed as she is now!!

She was seen by Karen Lee just now, she just felt shy, after all, at the very least, Karen Lee matched Chuck and herself.

Then she kissed Chuck and she was seen by Chuck’s mother. She was only shy.

But when Chuck’s wife Yvette saw it, she felt distraught and collapsed in an instant.

Embarrassment, pain, loss, and even guilt towards Yvette, all of a sudden made Logan panic and confused.

She didn’t know what to do, she didn’t know at all, she would rather Yvette come over and slap herself directly, she would not resist, only guilt.

It’s impossible for me and Chuck. Why do I kiss him?

“Yvette, I…” Logan felt the change in Yvette’s eyes.

Shock, to a hint of anger, and finally to loss, and pain.

“Aunt Logan, let’s come out and talk,” Yvette walked out.

Logan couldn’t move her legs anymore, if Yvette slapped herself a few times, she would feel better!

But Yvette did not do this.

Logan looked at Chuck who was asleep, and she walked out with her legs like lead.

The two looked at each other. Logan lost confidence for the first time. She felt very guilty, very special…

She couldn’t imagine the embarrassment just now.

“Aunt Logan, when did this start?” Yvette took a breath and calmed down.

“I… the time when you disappeared,” Logan said, inseparable from Chuck at that time, especially when she took care of Chuck who was depressed because of Yvette’s disappearance.

Every night, Chuck fell asleep on Logan’s legs.

Yvette understood that it was really at that time, because only then, Chuck and Logan stayed together, and they have been in love for a long time. No wonder, Logan would come so far.

She should have felt it a long time ago, but Yvette didn’t think about it, how she wanted it, Logan actually…

“You fell in love with him since that time… do you fell in love with him?”

“En, I’m sorry, I…I will never do it again, absolutely not.” Logan bowed her head to apologize.

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