Chapter 589 – 590: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 589: He is A Girl!?

After several rounds of contests, the competition became more fierce since the rest players were all ones endowed with excellent talents in immortal practice. As one of them, Nan Chen kept a low-profile attitude and concealed his true fighting ability during the contests on purpose.

As expected, this enraged Yao Ning, the one who bore a grudge with him. Perhaps whatever Nan did would make him feel disgusted. Though both them got admitted as the top 50 best fighters, they never met each other in the arena. Other players stayed neutral towards Nan’s low-profile attitude since they knew Nan would be a hard nut to crack for sure.

During next round where the top 25 best fighters would be selected, Yao encountered Nan as his opponent. He stared at Nan and cried, “Kneel down and cut down the hand of yours that touched me just now, then perhaps I can spare you this time.”

“Then go ahead, you talk too much!” replied Nan.

On hearing this, Yao’s eyes were full of anger and he raised his sword and cried, ”You should die!” At the point when the sword was drew, a stormy energy pressure was released in the air and chilled Nan immediately. The sword was named Human Taoist Ending Sword, whose energy blocked Nan and pouring down upon his body. Nan looked pretty calm and pulled his arms and gave out a thunder-like shout. In an instant, the blocking energy was cleared away and the fatal sword fell upon his body directly. To the surprise of Yao, his powerful stroke did ever hurt the skin of his enemy. He could never know that Nan’s physical strength had reached a fulfilled period. “Impossible, I can’t believe it!” he cried.

“There is nothing impossible in this great land, a shortsighted guy you are!” replied Nan, ”I wonder why did you always stand against me? I don’t think I have ever bear a grudge with you.”

“How dare you to say so?” screamed Yao in a sharp tone, whose face turned red like a rose. He pulled out the hair bundle on his head, and in a instant, the long and beautiful hair fell down on his shoulders.

No way! Yao was a pretty girl!? Stunned as Nan was, he still kept a calm tone and said, ”My apology, I didn’t know you are a beautiful girl.”

There were rules in some traditional families that the boy who touches girl’s secret place should marry her one day to protect her reputation, otherwise, he should be damned to death. Obviously, Yao was from a traditional family and she would take revenge by any means against Nan. “Die or cut down your hand, make your decision now!” she roared. “You ask too much! I don’t think I have to make a choice between them, it was all your fault to get in my way on purpose. And if you want to fight, I will fight with you. Perhaps you can defeat me in the arena, then you can kill me at your will.”

As a spoiled girl in her family, she had never met any boy who dared to be against her will. “Good, you are damned to death, see my Heaven Doom Sword.” Said Yao. The sword in her hands was totally re-shaped by a much stronger energy, which surprised Kris for the natural rules power therein. Kris knew the sword in her hands must be a piece of Rule Spirit Weapon, and the owner could enjoy the strength of the master in actualized spirit period temporarily. Could his little disciple kept safe under the attack from such a fatal weapon.

“Hold on, brother!” cried Nan’s sister. Nan gave out a sneer and took out a halberd. The energy from the weapon was so strong that the arena was shook for its presence. Obviously, Yao’s weapon was not a match to the halberd.

“That must be a piece of Holy Weapon.” Someone screamed.

Perhaps they would never know the weapon in his hand was a piece of the True God weapon, which was much stronger than so-called Holy Weapon. Though Nan couldn’t make best of it, he could still easily defeat Yao with the halberd. Yao gritted his teeth and charged ahead without hesitation. A strong-minded girl like her would fight to death for her justice. The two powerful weapon encountered and sent out a destructive energy wave.

Cracks were seen in the air and the protective energy cover of the arena was tore apart within a blink. Yao’s stroke didn’t work at all when it met the halberd. She guessed she might die in the battle. However, the deadly energy stopped when it approached her. A bunch of her hair fell down and Nan took hold of it and said, ”Let’s forget the unhappy moment between us since then, the bunch of is the symbol for us. You can leave now!”

Yao’s look was ambiguous yet her tone was still cold: “I won’t be grateful for that, and I should tell you that I will come back one day for revenge one day.” After that, she turned around and left the arena without hesitation.

As one of the audiences under the arena, Kris had enjoyed the whole fight of his disciple. Besides Nan and his sister, he had also found Chen Ye’s presence. To avoid being bothered by his junior fellow apprentice, he would concealed himself and see how the game went. It was said that Nan was the member of the True God Family in Dongsheng Divine Land and he came back home for revenge this time. As Kris expected, Nan would meet his brother Feng Chen in the game. To ensure Feng’s safety, the Chen family would definitely involve in. At that time, Nan could not hide his true identity from his family members.

The referee announced: “Winner is the young boy!” The crowded burst out a cheer, however, they were not clapping for Nan’s fighting ability, but for the invaluable weapon he owned. And stares of greed and skeptic were cast towards Nan. How could a young fighter in accumulated spirit period own a piece of Holy Weapon? He must be a boy born with a silver spoon in his mouth!

“Interesting, an interesting guy he is!” Whispered Mingzhu Tantai with a mysterious smile. She wanted eagerly to enjoy a good fight with Nan in her next round. However, a fellow came to him and gave her a disappointing message.

“You mean Que Song is the next opponent for him? ” asked Mingzhu.



After this round, the top 20 best fighters were selected. In the next one, the top 10 would be picked out.

Now in the arena was the first-round players : Duo Wang and Xian Feng, the former was the member of one of the True God families and the latter was from a hermit family. Both them owned strong physical strength and skilful fighting techniques.

“See my divine body- Five Element Heaven Incarnation.” Cried Xian.

Duo gave him a sneer and said, “You are not a match of me!” Duo’s incarnation was an ancient monster king, the energy in which was invincible. Within a stroke, Xian was defeated.

Chapter 590: Basic Practice of Wild Divine Body

Duo Wang’s breath was long and deep; each breath made the space tremble as if the wilderness came to modern times through the long river of time.

He grinned and punched.

“Come on, I also want to know whether my five element divine body or the wild divine body was more powerful!” Xian’s eyes flashed a glimmer of light, “reversing five elements, go to hit him!”

His fist flashed these five elements of light and hit the opponent with a reverse posture. The two fists collided. Duo’s face changed slightly, and he laughed grimly in the next second, “OK, that’s a little bit interesting!” The power of reversing the five elements was very strong. If an ordinary “actual spirit replaced this fist”, it would have been annihilated by the power of the five elements. However, Duo only felt that his fist was a little painful.

The wild divine body gave him not only strength but also a powerful physical body.

“Bang bang! Bang bang! Bang bang!”

His heartbeat was like the evening drum and morning bell. Each time, it represented the blood circulation of the wild God, and the powerful force of the wild God broke out.

“Wildness Oppressing Gods!” Duo roared, punched a fist with a million Taoist power, and instantly let space tremble.

“Let’s go!”

At this time, several rays of light flew from the high platforms on both sides. It was the people from the top ten aristocratic families and Taoist schools who made a move.

The original tremor of the space was instantly stabilized.

“Small five element magic.”

Xian majored in magic. He was a little weak in his physical body, and when he met Duo, he attacked him with his shortcomings!

Xian five fingers opened, and a big net of five elements firmly covered Duo.

This was the acquired stage of the five elements’ Qi, shed from the innate power stage of the essence of the five elements. It was the first-class Heaven and Earth Qi.

Like the Heaven and Earth Spiritual Fire and the Strange Fire, there are many mysterious spiritual Qi in this world.

For example, each little part of the five elements of the acquired stage weighs millions of kilograms.

Surrounded by the supernatural powers, Duo was crushed.

The terrible power made him feel uncomfortable, and the Qi of the five elements reversed each other, eliminating his body and strength all the time.

This was very powerful imprisonment magic.

“Wild God Fist.”

With a blow, although the five-element boundary expanded, it was not as broken as Duo expected at first.

It must be broken by attacking one point. If he were consumed for a long time, he would surely lose.

“In that case, I can only use the real power.”

“Wild God Heaven Scripture!”

The breath of terror came from Duo’s body. Just his breath made the space of five elements tremble. This was the inheritance scripture of the Wang family.

Duo’s hand suddenly had a startling axe. When people carefully feel the breath above, this was also a holy weapon!

“Mountain Opening!”


With the axe cut out, the space of the five elements was broken in an instant. Duo rushed out with the power. Looking at Xian, Duo raised his hand, “Sea Opening.”

This axe seemed to be entangled with Taoist strength, but it was actually mixed with the savage rules of wild gods.

Even the surrounding air was rotten, and it even had a trace of time corrosion force!

The five elements of the innate power stage condensed in front of his body. Once the five elements of Qi were fully developed, nothing would be left untouched!

Even if it’s used for defence, it’s very powerful.

The axe blade was hard to move on the five-element Qi.

“Great ancestors, the glory of light once again enveloped the descendants, and your blood had been reflected in me!”

Duo said the mysterious ancient divine text, and his body’s blood was like boiling hot magma, flowing powerfully.

His body grew bigger, the skin turned red gradually, and a breath of arrogance was released.

The breath of antiquity even made the space desolate.

It was not Duo who was powerful, but his blood which was inherited to the wild God.

“It seems that his wild divine body had been practice at the basic level!” said the family head of the Dantai family.

“Yes, it’s true that the advanced level of wild divine body can even decay time! What a terrible force!”

Nearby, a middle-aged man smiled. He was the family head of the Dongfang family. The two families are closed. The outside world doesn’t know that. At a very early time, Mingzhu Dantai and Yu Dongfang were settled to be married when they were babies.

It was just that this matter had not been publicized. Mingzhu and Yu know about this very well.

“Mingzhu’s peach blossom devine body was also very good.”

“Ha ha, Yu’s jade divine body was also very strong!”

The ancestor of the Dantai family was the God of peach flower fairy, while the ancestor of the Dongfang family was the God of jade fairy. Peach blossom grew on the jade of the innate power stage. They helped each other and practised together.

The two families are actually closed relatives!

In order to ensure the purity of the blood of the two families, they have been married for a long time.

“Watch the show!”

They looked at each other with a smile.

While speaking, Duo had completed the transformation, and his strength had increased by more than ten times.

“Break it for me!”

With one blow, the five elements of the innate power stage are smashed.

Xian’s mind was shaking. It’s really hard to find the five elements of the innate power stage. If he reached the advanced stage, let alone Duo, it’s useless to stand and let him attack!

Xian opened his mouth and inhaled the Qi of the five elements of the innate power stage into his abdomen. The five elements complement each other and complement each other to gain strength.

“Do you really think that the five element divine body only had this kind of magic?”

“A vacuum world!”

The world is extended from Yin and Yang and five elements. Xian bent her fingers a little. All the aura on the challenge arena was emptied, and the five pillars of light were inserted in the arena.

This was a magic weapon refined from the five elements. It can be changed into any magic weapon. It was a very powerful holy weapon.

“Holy weapon to holy weapon, it seems that Xian had been angry!”

“Are these people really accumulated spirit? It’s too strong. I’m afraid even the actualized spirit doesn’t have as many means as they do. “

“In the age of great strife, there will surely be one person repressing the whole era in their generation.”

That moment of vacuum let Duo into imbalance. Five beams of light gush out the fierce spirit fire this was the five-element spirit fire that ranked the 100th!

The spirit fire was blocked by the breath of the giant axe holy weapon. Although the holy weapons are powerful, their owners were too weak to utilize even one per cent of the power of the holy soldiers.

When it’s used for defence, it will cost a lot.

“Big five element magic power!”

Xian didn’t give Duo a chance to rest. He directly used the big five elements of magic power, coupled with the five elements of spirit fire, and its power increased dozens of times. Not to mention the half step of actualized spirit, even when the actualized spirit enters the array, he will be hurt severely if he does not die.

The disciples of these clans are wealthy. The power of holy weapons was not comparable to spirit weapon.

Therefore, a large part of the achievements of the top ten disciples of the family is not that real.

Even a pig with a holy weapon can become powerful, not to mention disciples with divine bodies.

Finishing all this, Xian stood on one side and was satisfied, ” do you admit defeat?”

“Fuck you!”

In the five-element array, Duo was really in a mess. He was careless and ran into the trap of Xian, which was the reason why he was in prison.

But it’s naive to think that he’ll just give up.

“Great ancestors, please let your light shine on your descendants again.”

Before the advance of the divine body, it was difficult for him to control the divine blood in his body. He could only stimulate the power of divine blood by chanting divine words.

“Wild, Wild, Wild!”

There seemed to be a dull voice telling something in his ear.

At that moment, the savage power poured into his body, and the infinite power filled every inch of his flesh and blood and every cell.

“That’s the power. It’s the power of the ancestors.”

Duo grinned, holding a giant axe, he slashed toward the fierce spirit fire array.

“One axe, two axe, three axe…”

At the time of the fourth axe, the big array suddenly cracked a hole. It was not that Ruyi holy weapon was not strong enough, but Xian didn’t expect that Duo could really break the double array.

However, Duo was miserable enough. His whole body was emitting white smoke and a smell of being burnt.

His hair was all burned. He stood naked in the stands, and many of the women practitioners closed their eyes shyly.

Duo not only did not feel ashamed but felt that he had a lot of power. He also looked at Mingzhu with pride.

Mingzhu felt offended by this.

But Duo showed off for a while, and then he put on his clothes again.

The charred flesh and blood cracked, turned into dirt and fell to the ground, and his hair and eyebrows were growing at a rate visible to the eye.

“I was so careless that I was trapped by you.”

Duo grinned, “next, are you ready to be killed by me?”

With that, a sudden force was sent under his feet, and the speed was more than 30 times the speed of sound. The whole person was like a missile, even faster than a missile.

In his hand, the giant axe holy weapon with unstoppable posture hit toward Xian.

“Wild God Shock!”

“Big five elements, reverse the five elements, suppress him for me!”

Xian looked dignified, and the boundless light blooms from his hands as if to suppress everything.

However, Duo, who had been blessed by divine power, was irresistible!


The powerful forces collide, and the arena under the foot was directly ground into powder.

“I won’t lose!”

Xian was biting her teeth!

“I am the eternal God. Go to death!”

Duo roared, and the huge axe cut through the light of God and hit Xian. If it wasn’t for that moment, Ruyi holy weapon blocked the fatal blow for Xian; he would have killed absolutely.

Looking at Xian flying out of the challenge arena, the Wang Family cheered, “the little master won, the little master won!”

The crowd on the stands cheered together. The later the match was, the better it was. The way to fight was dazzling, which was not comparable to other rubbish.

An old man came out of the top stand and took Xian away. He sighed, “too careless, too careless…”

Xian looked decadent. If when Duo had been trapped just now, he didn’t say anything. and instead, he kept fighting, Duo would surely be defeated.

Nan Chen nodded at the backstage. “It’s not bad. It’s very powerful. However, in the words of my teacher’s brother, this boy was too young. He fights and shouts moves. Is he afraid that others don’t know he’s going to attack others!”

“What’s more, the Xian clearly had the advantage but kept comparing. As expected, the villain died of many words, and the master’s summary was really incisive!”

Nan thought in his mind.

Kris Chen on the grandstand also thought so. They are really the teacher and student, and they all have the same idea.

Not far away, Kris nodded. It’s not bad. The top ten families really have something. If he has a chance, he must go to take the script Pavilion of the ten families!

He thought as he stuffed popcorn into his mouth.

“Garbage, real garbage, how is it so hard to solve a five element body!”

Feng Chen disdained Xian. If it was him, he would kill Xian within ten moves.

It took so long.

“Wang family’s boy was also lucky, if Xian holds the opportunity and keeps attacking, the Wang family will definitely fall out of the top ten families this year.”

Many people of the clan sighed.

Xian was more ashamed, kneeling on the ground, “please punish me!”

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