Logan lowered her sigh. She had no confidence at all because she couldn’t help herself because Yvette, Chuck Cannon’s wife, caught her right.

She has a feeling of doing something wrong.

Yvette was quiet and silent, she did not deny it, so the moment she saw Logan kiss Chuck Cannon, she was very angry, very angry!

Because in Yvette’s heart, Logan has always been an elder, but she actually did such a thing.

But the moment she was angry, Yvette recovered calm. She didn’t know what to do, she was very entangled, and she also felt a little embarrassed.

“Auntie Logan, don’t say that,” Yvette shook her head.

In Yvette’s eyes, Logan has always been a gentle and considerate woman.

She can understand what she can’t help but do.

“I…” Logan bit her lip, Yvette’s forgiveness made her feel more guilty.

She had already decided in her heart that she would never do that again. Even if she couldn’t help herself, she absolutely must control herself.

“Aunt Logan, I want to ask you a question.” Yvette urged her to ask.

“You say,”

“Have you and Chuck Cannon done that…” Yvette couldn’t say it anymore.

“No, no.” Logan didn’t understand what Yvette meant. She was asking if she had been with Chuck Cannon.

Of course, not. First of all, Logan doesn’t pay attention to this aspect. What she wants is the spiritual aspect, which she cares more about.

“Yvette, you, believe me, really not, Chuck doesn’t like me, doesn’t like me, how can I do anything with him?” Logan said, shaking her head.

The tone was anxious, she feared that Yvette would not believe it.

“Well, Aunt Logan, I believe you.” Yvette is serious, she is also a woman, and of course, she can feel that Logan’s words are true or false.

She could clearly feel what kind of person Logan was.

“Yvette, do you really believe me?” Logan bit her lip.

“Well, I believe, Aunt Logan, you feel very principled and will not do such a thing. Even just now, it was only after he fell asleep…” Yvette stopped talking.

“Thank you, I will never do it again, absolutely not.” Logan felt very sad when she said this.

In fact, she was always in control in her heart, she would bury everything in her heart, but she couldn’t help it just now, she couldn’t control it.

From now on, she would never be able to do that anymore, even to keep a distance from Chuck Cannon and not be able to stay in the same room.

“Auntie Logan, I don’t know how to say this and I know how it feels that but there is nothing I can do about it, as I haven’t seen it.” Yvette can only handle this.

“Thank you, starting from today, I will keep a distance from him,” Logan said disappointedly.

“In fact, there is no need…” Yvette didn’t even know what the end result of Chuck Cannon and herself was.

Killing her own father by enemy Karen Lee, always caught between the two, how to deal with this matter?

Yvette attacked that she couldn’t see Chuck Cannon’s future, she couldn’t see at all.

So what can she do?

Now with Chuck Cannon, the first is that she can’t refuse Chuck Cannon.

The second thing is that she likes him too. The current situation can only be seen in the day.

“It is necessary, there is,” Logan was serious.

Yvette suddenly felt incomprehensible, she couldn’t figure out what she was thinking.

“What is necessary? Aunt Logan… Yvette, wife,”

The confused Chuck Cannon woke up and didn’t see Logan anymore. He came out by surprise and saw Yvette who hadn’t seen him for a long time. At that moment, Chuck Cannon was excited like a child.

He rushed over and hugged Yvette.

Yvette was also moved by this enthusiasm, tears blurred, “Husband…”

The two embraced.

Logan next to her was particularly lonely with moist eyes. She didn’t want Chuck Cannon to see her like this, she lowered her head.

She can’t do this with him for a lifetime.

After the surprise, Yvette woke up, and there was Logan next to her.

She can’t look like this in front of Logan.

“Husband, don’t do this,” Yvette struggled.

Chuck Cannon also wakes up, by the way, Logan is still with him.

“Aunt Logan,”

“Well, I’ll go to the side, you and Yvette have a good talk.” Logan raised her head and smiled, burying the bitterness in her heart.

She has always been like this, and she is unwilling to express her emotions.

Indeed, Chuck Cannon has a lot to say to Yvette, “Hmm.”

Chuck Cannon pulled Yvette into the room, Yvette was a little complicated and followed Chuck Cannon into the room.

It’s empty outside.

Logan walked outside by herself, watching the busy traffic outside, she suddenly felt like crying.

But no more.

How can she cry? What if Chuck Cannon sees her like this?

How does she explain it herself?

She controlled herself sadly. At this moment, there was a voice behind her, “Logan, what’s wrong with you?”

Karen Lee and Betty Bernard are back.

“It’s okay, it’s okay…” Logan shook her head, completely suppressing the emotions in her heart.

Karen Lee looked up at the hotel and understood, “Yvette is back?”

“Well, she is back.”

“Then what did she see?”

“Well, she saw it.”

“Then, did Yvette got angry?”

“No, she didn’t get angry at all, she didn’t see the same.”

“Then you…” Karen Lee understood Logan’s character, too.

Logan is sad in her heart, otherwise, how could she be like this?

“I’m fine.” Logan has suppressed her emotions.

“Hey, you guys, I can’t say anything,”

Karen Lee was helpless, she can’t talk about this kind of affection, as someone who comes by.

“En,” Logan was silent when facing Karen Lee for the first time, but after only a few seconds of silence, she hurriedly asked, “Sister Karen…”

“I think you call me auntie, I like it more,” Karen Lee stretched out her hand to tidy up the hair on her forehead for Logan.


“Don’t be,”

“Well, what did that woman say?”

Logan was worried about this. The Hidden Family was really not kidding. If the Hidden Family took action, the situation would be absolutely critical.

“She said she wanted Chuck to be a parent, with her last name,”

“What? No, absolutely not.” Logan shook her head immediately.

How is this possible?

Let Chuck Cannon join the family, Does she want Chuck Cannon to change his surname to Hudson?

“I also said no, but her person, you didn’t call it, really… It’s hard to say a word, now I can only cover the water and soil with soldiers.” This is Karen Lee’s method.

After returning to the U.S., she will immediately settle the matter with the Ouke family, and then resist the hidden family with all her strength!!

“En,” Logan breathed a sigh of relief. Entering the family to be her husband. What’s the difference between this and selling Chuck Cannon?

This is absolutely not allowed.

“Betty Bernard, you go up and call Chuck and Yvette down, and then go back to the United States together,” Karen Lee said.

Betty Bernard went up.

Seeing Logan’s emotions still a bit lost, Karen Lee said “Uh”, she was embarrassed about this question, “After I go back, I will drink with you.”

“En.” Logan felt that she was going to drink some wine, so she would feel better in her heart.


In the room.

Chuck Cannon was really happy.

Yvette lay beside Chuck Cannon, “Husband, do you still have a headache?”

“It doesn’t hurt, but it’s a little uncomfortable,” Chuck Cannon still felt a little bit. This can only be said after arriving in the United States.

“Then check it carefully, husband, can you answer me a question?”

“Of course, you ask.”

“In your mind, what does Logan look like?” Yvette asked this question.

This problem?

Yes, Chuck Cannon himself was a little confused, first of all, when he saw Logan, that kind of surprise.

Then there is an idea, and then what? Because of Logan’s meticulous care during that time, Chuck Cannon felt that he was sorry for Logan.

So he respected, and now respects Logan.

“I respect her.” Chuck Cannon said.

“Respect?” Yvette was stunned. Logan was so perfect but Chuck Cannon didn’t like it? She doesn’t even know what to think?


Yvette was quiet, “Husband.”

Chuck Cannon put his arms around her, “Why are you mentioning this suddenly?”

“It’s nothing, husband, do you miss me?” Yvette blushed, Chuck Cannon understood, of course, but just thinking, what happened to Logan just now? What did Yvette say to Logan?

“Wife, what did you tell Aunt Logan just now?” Chuck Cannon asked.

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