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Chapter 59 – 60: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 59: Xinyou’s Thinking and Scheming

“Xinyou, you are here finally. I’ve been waiting for you. I thought you were not coming.” Looking at Xinyou’s figure appearing at the door, Venus Mu raised a bright smile and said happily.

Xinyou looked at Ye’s villa as luxurious as a palace behind Venus. She was dying of jealousy inside and blaming God for unfairness.

However, she was clam on the outside, and a fake smile appeared on her lips. “I caught up with the rush hour and there’s a lot of traffic on the road. Sorry I kept you waiting.”

“It’s all right. You’re my best friend. I don’t mind it at all.”

Ha-ha! If you hadn’t married Kerry Ye, I wouldn’t have gone so far to visit you!

Xinyou Qiao thought scornfully. In her heart, Venus’s role was to set off her like leaf to flowers!

“You’re so beautiful today.” Venus can’t help sighing.

Xinyou was wearing a red tight lace dress today, which made her more attractive. Venus noticed that the fabric of the dress was light and thin, giving it a texture of perspective.

Hearing Venus’s praise, Xinyou was more proud, but still calm on the surface, pretending not to care, “No, it’s just average.”

Venus pulled Xinyou to the sofa and instructed Mrs Qin to serve some snacks. She noticed that Xinyou looked around as if she was looking for something. She asked curiously, “Xinyou, what are you looking for?”

Xinyou was stunned, and then casually asked, “Veve, is Young Master at home?”

“What can I do for you?” Without waiting for Venus to answer, a cold and indifferent voice suddenly rang out behind him. They turned and saw Kerry’s handsome face.

Kerry walked down the stairs gracefully and slowly came to the two women. He looked at Xinyou with a plain look. His eyes then turn to Venus and asked, “Who is she?”

Xinyou suddenly looked embarrassed. She had seen him in the lounge at their wedding. She just didn’t expect that she wasn’t taken seriously by Kerry.

Venus immediately replied, “Her name is Xinyou Qiao, and she is my best friend.”

“Master Ye, I can always see you in the newspapers on weekdays. I feel very honored to be a guest at your home today.” Xinyou stood up and hold out her right hand to him, and said softly.

Kerry ignored her action directly. A trace of irony flashed through his deep blue eyes. Looking at her seductive look, Kerry couldn’t help but despise her. Another bitch who liked to seduce men everywhere!

The reason using “another” was that it referred to Venus as the original one.

Venus saw that because of Kerry’s neglect, Xinyou’s face was full of embarrassment, looking at Venus with a touch of hurt. Venus was immediately burning with anger and glared at him, “Kerry Ye, why are you being so impolite? Xinyou was my guest. Where are your manners?”

Hearing her judgement of him, Kerry’s face was more gloomy. The air in his blue icy eyes was so cold, “Venus, you seem to forget who you are and dare to yell at me? And since it’s your guest, what does it have to do with me? “

“You!” Venus was trembling with anger. Just about to refute, she was stopped by Xinyou. There were tears in her eyes. Her face was full of tolerance. She said gently, “Veve, don’t be angry with Kerry. I don’t mind.”

Under her friend’s look of compromise, Venus was angrier and said severely, “Kerry Ye, you are really an arrogant bastard!”

Chapter 60: Testing from Hao Nangong

Kerry Ye came forward and clamped her wrist, so hard that he would crush her wrist. His voice was equally indifferent, “Venus, it is clear to me now that you are a stupid and ignorant fool! I wonder what’s in your head? Every day you thinks you are smart. I admire you that you should live safely until now. How could Tianye Mu have such a stupid sister as you? “

He found out that this woman was not only obstinate, but also stupid!

Didn’t she notice that when she tried to protect her so-called “best friend” by arguing with him, her “best friend” was looking at her as she was watching an amusing play.

Hearing Kerry’s insults, Venus’s lungs were going to explode out of anger. She stared at him fearlessly and shouted, “Kerry Ye, it’s OK you insulted me. But my brother? You are too much!”

Kerry glanced to Xinyou Qiao unintentionally. Seeing that she was drinking coffee leisurely, the schadenfreude on her face flashed by. Perhaps she noticed his gaze, her face suddenly turned into a look of panic.

It was faster to change faces than to open a book for this woman. Kerry felt that with Xinyou’s was good enough to be an actress. He believed that she can easily become the best actress in the Oscar.

Xinyou had the intention of watching a good play. The more intense the dispute between them, the happier she was. It was better for Venus to completely enrage Kerry and be kicked out of the house by Kerry!

Suddenly feeling Kerry looking at her, the fierce seemed to be able to penetrate her mind, it made Xinyou’s heart tremble. Her face immediately changed into the look of panic. Holding Venus’s hand, gently persuaded her, “Veve, don’t get angry, don’t fight with Kerry for me, I’m not worth it.”

“Don’t say that. You are my best friend.”

Venus took her hand and said firmly.

Kerry sneered scornfully. He really wanted to go up and crack her skull to see what was inside. However, soon he calmed down. It was her blindness that she didn’t know people clearly. What was that to do with him!

He just wanted to wait and see the look of her pain and regret after knowing the true face of Xinyou.

“Kerry, Venus, you are all here!”

Just then, a voice came behind him, which immediately attracted everyone’s attention. Everybody turned around and looked. It was Hao Nangong.

However, Kerry heard Hao calling Venus with a little intimacy, his brows couldn’t help frowning and his cold eyes twinkled with faintly-dark light. A touch of intuition rose in his heart, he felt that Hao’s eyes at Venus were mixed with an inexplicable emotion, which made his mind filled with a myriad of thoughts and ideas.

“Why are you free to visit me today?” Hiding the real thoughts, Kerry’s perfect diamond lips are gently raised, and asked easily.

“I’m bored today. I just want to see you. You don’t welcome me? I’m so sad!”

Looking at the charming smile on his face, Kerry said with a plain look, “Hypocrisy.”

Hao’s pair of charming womanizing eyes then looked to Venus’s direction. Noticing Xinyou next to her, he couldn’t help asking, “Veve, who is this beauty beside you?”

“Her name is Xinyou Qiao. She is my best friend.” Venus introduced graciously. She glanced at Kerry unintentionally, as if to say: look at Hao Nangong, what a polite gentleman.

Damn stupid woman! How dare she compared him with others!

Kerry’s cold blue eyes bright frighteningly stared at her, as if to say: wait for me, see how I torture you tonight!

Venus understood his evil warning. Thinking back to his crazy demands, her body suddenly trembled. She was defeated in this battle first. She couldn’t stop cursing Kerry insider: piece of shit, beast of cruelty! If I could not escape from you, at least I could hide myself.

This woman next to Venus was also called Xinyou Qiao! Was she the author of the design draft?

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