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Chapter 59 – 60: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 59: Barr Martin took Doris Lee into his car

Lily Jones couldn’t help worrying when she saw this group of people. Could Colin Ward and the big guy handle them?

Colin Ward stared at the scar on Scar’s face, then smiled meaningfully.

After Kevin Reed saw him coming, he ran approaching him like a dog, “Brother Scar, you’re here.”

Scar grunted coldly as he took off his glasses, “200,000, no less than that.”

“You can rest assured, Brother.” Kevin Reed smiled.

After that, Kevin Reed said arrogantly to Colin Ward, “Colin, Scar is the boss of northern district of Tianbei. He will end you, that’s for sure. However, if you’re afraid, you can kneel before us and give up. Maybe, Scar will forgive you.”

Colin Ward said nothing.

“Is that him?” Scar asked.

“Yes, Brother. This scumbag looks down on you.” Kevin Reed nodded, “You should give this man a lesson. Do you know how arrogant he is?”

“When this is all over, I will you to drink.”

Kevin Reed’s word worked wonder. He was carried away by the moment, “Why don’t you turn around, boy? Are you waiting for me to invite you?” Scar asked disdainfully.

Scar and Kevin Reed was facing Colin Ward’s back. Scar didn’t see Colin Ward’s face yet.

“Long time no see.” Colin Ward turned around and smiled.

Scar wanted to say, “Long time no see my ass!”, however when his mouth was half opened, he stopped. He was dumbfounded.

“You’re scared, aren’t you, Colin? This is Scar. Who do you think you are?” Kevin Reed sneered.

Colin Ward ignored him as he kept looking on Scar’s face.

Scar managed to put on a smile. He nodded and bowed at one, “Hello, Boss. Long time no see. Right, long time no see…”

Kevin Reed was dumbfounded.

Everybody else froze.

Colin Ward said faintly, “I heard that you’re going to beat me.”

“Well, it’s a misunderstanding. It’s a misunderstanding…” Scar hurriedly said.

“Hm.” Colin Ward replied. Now, he looked at Kevin Reed.

Scar noticed it. He immediately straightened up and slap him in the face.

“Damn it! How dare you pit me around?”

“Brother…” Kevin Reed buried his puzzled face.

Scar didn’t give him a chance to speak, “Beat him for me!”

“Brother… Ah!” Kevin Reed was beaten by a group of people before he could say anything. All he could do was screaming.

Kevin Reed didn’t expect that an ordinary employee would have such savage background. Scar even recognized him, no, Scar didn’t only recognize him, Scar was respectful and polite to him.

“Brother… I’ll give you more money… 100,000 more…” Kevin Reed tried to endure the beating.

Scar scoffed. 100,000 was nothing compared to boss. This boss could easily give him 500,000 Yuan or even more than 1000,000 million dollars. He would be a fool to choose the former offer.

“Boss, are you satisfied?” Scar asked.

“It’s enough.” Colin Ward nodded.

“Good.” Scar waved his hand and left with his men.

After they left, Colin Ward talked to the taekwondo men, “Why aren’t you leaving yet?”

They hurriedly carried Wolf away and left the place in fear.

Who knew that a seemingly weak person was actually so strong?

His imposing manner and background power were not a joke.

He had Gerd Ward, the wicked strong footman, and Scar, the boss of Northern District in Tianbei. If he had both of them, who would dare to offend him?

Everyone was gone leaving only him, Lily Jones, and Kevin Reed who was busy screaming.

Colin Ward walked to Lily Jones and untied her, “Are you okay?”

She gawked at Colin Ward and shook her head.

Colin Ward apologized, “I’m sorry. It’s all my fault, otherwise, you wouldn’t be caught—”

Lily Jones shook her head again.

“If you’re okay, we better go down.” said Colin Ward.

When they were off the rooftop, Lily Jones realized that the tall man behind Colin Ward had disappeared, “what about the man who followed you just now?”

“Oh, don’t worry about him.” Colin Ward replied.

Lily Jones didn’t ask much since she trusted Colin Ward with all her heart.

Because Colin Ward had something to do, they walked in separate ways.

He walked out of the building, looked back, and sighed.

His younger self would be proud and happy to work here, to marry Doris Lee, so that no one would look down on him again.

But, at that time, even if he applied for a job, he knew no one in the company. Would he get in?

What about now?

Xinxi Group was facing a financial crisis and he was about to acquire the group. to him, Xinxi Group couldn’t even be compared to a piece of cake, it was only a topping cream.

He shook his head and got into his BMW.

This time, Doris Lee’s cousin, Glen Lee, called.

Colin Ward frowned in disbelief. Gleen Lee and Doris Lee shared a good relationship, but they were not very close. Apart from meeting each other in a family gathering, there was almost no contact at all. Why did he call him out of blue?

“Hello, Colin?”

“Hello. What’s the matter?”

“Is Doris sick?”

“No. what happened?” Colin Ward was even more puzzled.

“Doris hasn’t come to work for two days. I thought that she was sick. Something happened in the company recently and she didn’t come to work. Everyone is worried. Many people started gossiping. Can you ask her what happened?” Glen Lee asked worriedly.

“Doris didn’t come to work for two days in a row?” Colin Ward’s heart got heavy.

“Yes. Do you know what happened to her?” Glen Lee asked.

Colin Ward felt a little guilty, “I’ll ask her.”

He hung up the phone.

During these past two days, he had been busy with Xinxi Group. He had been ignoring Doris Lee.

Now that he thought about it, he seemed to have underestimated the impact of the incident of Doris Lee.

The day he spent the night at Flora Lewis’ house, Doris Lee misunderstood him. He thought that he had explained it and that Doris Lee would understand him, but now, it seemed that Doris Lee hadn’t seen his explanation at all.

Or, Doris Lee didn’t believe him at all.

Colin Ward rubbed his temple. He could only blame himself. If he was firm, this matter wouldn’t be so complicated.


Outside the bustling bar, Doris Lee stood beside a car with her cheeks red and lips slightly parted. It made her look particularly attractive.

Barr Martin was just passing by. He happened to see Doris Lee on the roadside. His eyes lit up as he stopped the car.


She was so drunk that she ignored Barr Martin.

When Barr Martin saw Doris Lee, he felt thirsty that he wasted no time putting his arm around Doris Lee, “Doris, you’re drunk. Let me send you home.”

Doris Lee didn’t answer nor resist.

Barr Martin took Doris Lee into his car and drove to a villa cluster in Lanbo Port area.

Chapter 60: Negotiate

Colin Ward hurried back to the villa, but Doris Lee wasn’t there. He was anxious, so he called her.

“Sorry. The phone you dialed has been turned off.”

He frowned. Her phone was off during the past two days. He thought that Doris Lee was still angry, but it had been two days. Was something wrong?

His heart ached. He finally decided to call Flora Lewis, “Hi, where are you? Did Doris contact you?”

‘No.” she replied casually.

“She’s gone. Do you know where she usually goes?”

“She doesn’t have much place to go…” she said as she tried to recall.

“Where are you? I’ll pick you up and find Doris.”

Flora Lewis gave him her address. Colin Ward hung up the phone and drove out.

Unfortunately, when Colin Ward left the villa, he happened to pass by Barr Martin’s car. Colin Ward didn’t notice, but Barr Martin smirked.

After he arrived at Flora Lewis’s place, she was standing still. She felt a little uncomfortable and afraid to see Colin Ward.

“Get in the car.” Colin Ward didn’t say much. Now, the most important thing was to find Doris Lee.

After Flora Lewis got in the car, they went to places Doris Lee usually visited, but they couldn’t find her.

His face darkened.

“Besides you, is there any other classmate she’s close with?” Colin Ward asked.

“Min Xu. I’ll call her right away.”

“Don’t. Just tell me the address.” He said faintly, “If you call her and Doris happen to be there, she can easily say that Doris is not there.”

Flora Lewis nodded.

After they arrived at Min Xu’s residence, Doris Lee was not there either. Min Xu’s mother told them that she and her husband were on a honeymoon. They were not home at all.

So, Doris Lee was never here.

Colin Ward took a bar of cigar and smoked it deep, “Think again. What did you miss?” he said to himself.


In a villa in Lanbo Port.

Doris Lee had a long sleep and woke up.


This wasn’t her home.

Where was this?

She sat up and found the interior of the place looked like a man’s room. Her face turned pale. She lowered her head and found that her clothes were still well-worn. She didn’t feel any discomfort which was a relief.

At this moment, the door opened and someone came in.

“Barr Martin?” Doris Lee was shocked.

He smiled gently, “Oh, you’re awake. Come and drink this hangover soup.”

Barr Martin put a bowl of soup beside the table.

Doris Lee didn’t move, “Is this your home?”

He nodded, “Well, you’re drunk on the roadside and I plan to take you home, but I can’t go to your house, so I take you here.”

“Thank you…” she was embarrassed.

“What for? We’re classmates, Doris. Come on, drink your soup. You will have a bad hangover after drinking so much alcohol.” Barr Martin’s concerned words somehow convinced Doris Lee to relax.

But, this made her sad at the same time.

She accepted Colin Ward and thought that they were going to live a happy life, but what about him now? What did he do? Her best friend, Flora Lewis and her husband, Colin Ward, why did they do this to her?

Compared to Colin Ward, she felt more comfortable with Barr Martin around. She gradually had a better impression on him.

Instead of talking, Barr Martin sat on the sofa watching her drink the soup and smiled in secret.

When he entered the door just now, he saw her expression and knew what she was thinking.

As the heir of the Martin Group, he was no fool. Now, Doris Lee was obviously sad and drunk. If he seized this opportunity to do something bad, Doris Lee would never open up to him for the rest of her life.

With his status, he could get any kind of woman he wanted.

But, he didn’t want to.

Doris Lee was a gorgeous woman with a soft and pure bearing that those women couldn’t compete. Or, mainly, because Doris Lee was his first love.

Men had a secret corner in their hearts reserved for their first love. It was not easy to let go of them.

Therefore, rather than getting her body, he wanted her heart and Doris Lee herself!

She got out of bed after drinking the soup, “Thank you. I need to go back.”

Although she had a good impression on him, she wouldn’t forget who she was. She had a husband and even if he cheated on her, she wouldn’t let herself become a mess.

Barr Martin didn’t insist her to stay, “Well, don’t get so wasted again next time. It’s not every time you will be so lucky to accidentally meet me.”

“Hm.” She replied. She went out of the villa and headed home.

Her house was also in the villa cluster of Lanbo Port area. It was not far away. After walking for a few minutes, she arrived home.

When she walked approaching the yard, she saw a familiar BMW parked there.

Then, Colin Ward and Flora Lewis got off the car at the same time.

Doris lee, with her eyes wide open and heart aching, took a step back and stared at them in the yard.

At this moment, Doris Lee hesitated. Was this home still her home?

Colin Ward was about to say something to Flora Lewis when he got a call from Nina White.

“Chairman, we have an appointment with the chairman of Xinxi Group.”

Colin Ward didn’t react much. In his eyes, Xinxi Group and Lishi Company had nothing to do with him. He needed to find Doris Lee now.

“The chairman of Xinxi Group asked to negotiate with people from Lishi Company under our witness.”

“Understood. You arrange it.’ he said faintly.

After hanging up the phone, Nina White immediately called Webb Lee.

A few days ago, because of this incident, Mr. Lee was hospitalized. He was not getting any better. It was all because Xinxi Group wanted to overpower Lishi Company at all cost.

Lishi was not a big company, but he had managed it for decades. He wouldn’t be willing if the company was destroyed. That was the reason why he had this requirement. He hoped to negotiate with Xinxi Group to see what exactly they wanted.

Before, he sent someone to Xinxi Group, hoping that there would be a deal between them two. But, what happened instead? Xinxi Group [shut them out and the person he sent didn’t even enter the gate.

The chairman had only one decision from the beginning. They wanted to bring Mr. Lee down.

Mr. Lee panicked. Xinxi Group and Lishi Company were not much different. He knew he had to do something because silence meant suicide. Finally, he talked to Marquis Group.

When Nina White called him, he sat up straight from the hospital bed. He was refreshed as if he was not sick at all.

“Come on. Get ready and let the meeting begin!”

Webb Lee reached out to help Mr. Lee who was so eager to get out of bed, but he didn’t understand what Mr. Lee was talking about.

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