“I didn’t say anything.” Yvette certainly wouldn’t say what he saw just now.

Because Chuck Cannon said it himself, he only respects Logan.

He didn’t have any thoughts in that regard, so what did he say to embarrass Chuck Cannon and Logan?

“En.” Chuck Cannon didn’t think there would be anything.

Logan and Yvette have a good relationship, what can he say?

But Chuck Cannon was thinking, the moment she saw Logan just now, there was a trace of sadness in Logan’s beautiful eyes that could not be covered. What was this for?

Chuck Cannon felt that he had misunderstood it. Logan should have nothing to be sad, right?

A successful career. The personality is good and she is beautiful.

Chuck Cannon didn’t think much, “My wife, it’s been a long time…”

“Little villain, thinking about it again, wait a while.” Yvette smiled slightly, yes, it’s been a long time.


The sound of knocking on the door.

“Master, President Lee is back, let you go down. Now we will go back to the US,” Betty Bernard’s voice was outside.

“Okay, I’ll come out right away,” Chuck Cannon said.

“My wife, let’s go back first then talk about it,” Chuck Cannon stood up.

“Okay, listen to you. When you go back, you can do whatever you want, and I will listen to you.” Yvette was a little gentle.

Really, she was terrified this time. Especially anxious and worried.

Just now lying on Chuck Cannon’s heart, listening to Chuck Cannon’s heartbeat, she realized that Chuck Cannon was still alive.

Chuck Cannon smiled slightly, “Will you listen to me?”

“Yes. But you know, I can’t accept anything right now,” Yvette said.

Really together, Yvette still cannot cross this hurdle. She likes Chuck Cannon, except for this, she meets all Chuck Cannon’s requirements.

She don’t know when it started or it has always been like this.

“En, let’s go back.” Chuck Cannon and Yvette went out.

“Where is Aunt Logan?” Chuck Cannon asked Betty Bernard when he got outside.

“Waiting here,”

“Then you saw that person this time, what did she say?” Chuck Cannon is more concerned about this.

Of course, Betty Bernard said everything, and also said her own opinion of the woman. When Yvette, who didn’t know anything, heard this, especially when she heard that the woman wanted Chuck Cannon to become a part of her parent family, she was so angry. How dare she?

“She actually wants my husband to be part of her parent family?” Yvette’s eyes chilled.

“Well, that’s what she said.” Betty Bernard was also angry.

Chuck Cannon has an amazing mother like Karen Lee, how could he enter another family?

“Husband, what happened to you and her?” Yvette was a little jealous. She didn’t eat Logan’s, but this woman’s jealousy must be eaten.

She couldn’t bear such an insult to grab Chuck Cannon!

“Nothing, I just saved her and brought her out.” Chuck Cannon was also speechless.

He didn’t understand, why does this woman think of herself?

Chuck Cannon feels that this woman is too powerful and considers herself a fancy toy?

Yes, she is a toy in her eyes? !

“Nothing happened in the middle? I don’t believe it, just recruit!” Yvette became serious as if she was a teacher at that time.

Betty Bernard was also curious, yes, two people get along for a few days, something should happen?

“Really? She hurt her foot. I held her for a few days.”

“How many days did you hold her? Husband, how could you do this?!” Yvette was jealous.

It shouldn’t be!

Betty Bernard smiled, but suddenly felt, what is she laughing at?

Chuck Cannon hug her?


Chuck Cannon admitted that he was wrong. This time, he was really a mother bitch. He really shouldn’t save that woman. He would have just come out on his own. What about that nosy?

When she arrived, the woman was not touched at all, but instead called her mother over, Chuck Cannon was angry.

Chuck Cannon really regretted saving her.

At that time, what did he do with that nosy?

“Ignore me, don’t want you to touch me today, I won’t listen to you, no, absolutely not,” Yvette shook her head.

Chuck Cannon must be punished.

Otherwise, how many women would he hook up with?

Logan has fallen, and so is Zelda Maine. The more Yvette thinks about it, the more she feels…so sour.

“Wife,” Chuck Cannon knew that he was wrong, and took her beautiful hand to apologize.

This sound made Yvette feel soft, but she remained serious.

She wants to break free. But even if she tried hard, it wouldn’t work, she stopped struggling, just let him heal, anyway, she won’t be obedient tonight. Also, she would sleep in separate beds…

But… she hasn’t slept well for a long time, so she feels safe when sleeping with Chuck Cannon. What should she do?

She won’t listen, absolutely she won’t listen!!

Three people came down.

The car is ready which will go directly to the airport.

Chuck Cannon thought to take a good rest after returning. They all sat in, Karen Lee drove.

Logan looked out the window, Chuck Cannon called her, Logan replied yes.

Chuck Cannon feels strange, what happened to Logan today?

He didn’t ask too much, she should be too tired, she has been looking for him for so long.

When they arrived at the airport, Chuck Cannon boarded a private jet. The private jet took off to the United States.

On the plane, Chuck Cannon apologized to Yvette.

Yvette shook her head, “I’m not angry, but I won’t listen to you today,”

Chuck Cannon was helpless.

Yvette saw Chuck Cannon’s head down, she couldn’t bear to say, “Husband, come here, but you can’t touch me.”

Chuck Cannon smiled, and came over, leaning on Yvette.

Yvette was gone, “My husband, I will give you something.”


“Look, when I was in the Amazon forest. I saw it by the river when I was drinking water.” Yvette took out a transparent stone which was big as the size of an eyeball from her body, and it was a little red.

“This is a diamond?” Chuck Cannon was surprised.

“Well, it should be a blood diamond, so heavy, it should be valuable. Here you are, don’t mess around in the future, be obedient, you know?” Yvette said.

She still feels like a teacher, and she wants to give a gift to comfort Chuck Cannon.

She thought it was funny, but it was interesting.

“Wife, you hold this kind of diamond,” What does Chuck Cannon want diamonds for?

“Here, you have to be obedient in the future, don’t just be with a woman. You have to do anything to not be with another woman, don’t you? Otherwise, I will be angry, especially angry, and the consequence of me being angry will be not listening to you from that time.” Yvette said.

Of course, Chuck Cannon knows that he can’t do, also, he was sorry for Yvette, but he did it before, with Zelda Maine, Queenie, and Kristen.

He doesn’t know how they are.

This should be Chuck Cannon’s own secret.

“En, I see,” Chuck Cannon nodded and put away the diamond. If he is short of money, he can sell it. After all, this diamond is huge. Chuck Cannon has never seen such a large diamond. It should be very valuable, so he can hold it.

“Would you really see?” Yvette smiled slightly.


“You, I don’t believe you. But you have to listen to me as much as possible, do you know?” Yvette knew Chuck Cannon’s identity, how could there be no other woman around him?

She knew that she wanted to ask Chuck Cannon by herself, but the things that couldn’t be avoided would depend on Chuck Cannon’s awareness. She didn’t want to interfere with Chuck Cannon too much, which would be bad.

“I see, wife, will you listen to me tonight?” Chuck Cannon was concerned about this.

“No, this is the punishment for my anger this time. Tonight sleep honestly and don’t think about anything. I won’t listen to whatever you say.” Yvette became serious.

Chuck Cannon was gone, okay, but, resting on Yvette for a while, this is still okay.

“Who are you looking for?”

There was an indifferent man in front of Bryant. This was the bodyguard of Karen Lee’s villa. He had already noticed that Bryant, the girl, had been watching here these days and hesitated.

Who is this looking for?

“I…” Bryant really didn’t know how she came.

She couldn’t contact Chuck Cannon for so long, so she could only follow Chuck Cannon’s place and ask, what if Chuck Cannon really lived here?

“Who are you looking for?”

“I’m looking for Chuck Cannon,” Bryant said nervously, she asked about this place, this is the place of a woman named Karen Lee.

This is the place where only the super-rich can live, and this piece belongs to Karen Lee. In other words, no one else can live in this place.

So why does Chuck Cannon say that he lives here?

“Are you looking for our young master?” the man asked in surprise.

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