Chapter 591 – 592: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 591: All Sorts of Magics

“Well, it’s life!”

The old man waved his hand, “you can lose for a while, but not for a lifetime. Do you understand?”

Hearing this, Xian Feng nodded his head as if he understood something!

At the same time, in the challenge arena, the battle continued. The little master of the Wei family was very powerful. The six great aptitudes made the opponent want to die. Within a hundred moves, he beat the person of that sect to death. “Rubbish!”

Zheng Wei turned his lips in disdain and walked down the arena.

Then there was Tuhong Shen. In addition to releasing all kinds of powerful lights, the strange pupil of Tuhong can also construct various high-level illusions so that one can be hit by the trick unconsciously.

The final result was that Tuhong won. However, it was extremely difficult to detain the other party’s soul.

The man knew that he was not Tuhong’s opponent, so he stepped down. It was worth mentioning that he was from an anonymous sect, and he did not join the clan and was not a member of the aristocratic family. Since he could rank in the top 20, people from all major families surrounded him, “young master, family head wants to see you!”

“Go fuck your family head. Is your family head as beautiful as my lady?”

“My Liu Family has three beautiful ladies. If you want to, you can marry them together!”

The man stopped and walked away with the Liu family with a smile!

All the people in the stands beat their chests and feet. The Liu family was also the first-class family in the holy city. This boy’s entry into the Liu family made him a flying star. The most important thing was that the Liu family got the capital and gave him three daughters.

It could be said that he had married the beauty and reach the top of his life!

Kris laughed; this was a little similar to the ancient event of finding husbands after the national exam.

The wild sect seems to be carefree, but in fact, only themselves know the pain.

If there was no talent and adventure, he might be trapped in a stage all his life. He can accumulate spirit at the age of several decades and still get into the top 20. No matter it was talent or adventure, he was first-class.

It’s no wonder that these families have invested so much.

Whether the person can be sanctified or not, they will be benefited as long as he achieves actualized spirit.

The real mainstay of the family was those of actualized spirit.

The rival of Dantai Mingzhu was also from a sect and was also a woman.

This person also goes along with seductive magic. A seductive body was born. Although it was not as good as the peach blossom divine body, it’s also at the same level as the five-element divine body.

The most important thing was that she was born with an inner cauldron.

People can smell the disordered breath of this girl.

“People all say that the little princess of the Dantai family was extremely gorgeous. I don’t believe in this. I want to compare with Mingzhu sister too see who was more beautiful!”

Mei’er Rou made the onlookers stunning with every twinkle and smile and wishing to rush to the arena now.

“Who was your sister?”

Mingzhu’s face was cold, ” how does you such dirty and cheap girl also deserve to compare with me?”

She was the apple in the Dantai family’s eye. The opponent was just a cheap woman whom thousands of people ride. How dare the opponent compare with her?

Hearing this, Mei’s face floated a trace of anger but soon disappeared. She smiled, “Sister has a bad temper. I do not compare with you. You were the most beautiful one, alright?”

She said this as if to say, well, I give you the most beautiful title!

“A bad way to make me angry, but you really piss me off!”

Mingzhu had her pride. The next second, the peach blossom body was launched, and the peach blossom pieces fell on the challenge arena.

She gently blew out a breath of pink, and then the pink swept the arena.

This was the pollen on the body of Mingzhu.

“Oh, my sister, how can you be so easily angered. I’ll let my sister teach you how to be a girl!”

A small feather fan appeared in the hand of Mei’er, “sister, do you know how many men I have seduced with this fan?”

“It’s a hundred thousand. There were 100000 souls in it. Let them play with you.”

Said that, in the eyes of Mei’er, a fierce killing intent flashed through.

A vast number of wronged souls were surging out with a gentle fan, and the arena space was almost full.

“Wow, beauty… What a beautiful beauty, I can’t help it!”

“Beauty, come to brother quickly!”

These men died under Meier’s skirt and were trained to be the lechery ghost in the Ghost Road, and everyone retained half of the strength before he was alive.

Although the most powerful was the accumulated spirit’s fulfilled period, the ants often kill the elephant. These lusters can consume Mingzhu’s energy no matter how weak they were.

She seemed frivolous, but in fact, she had designed it carefully.

The peach blossom body of Mingzhu has put too much pressure on her. At the same time, she was also very jealous. Why was the other party a princess, but she can only become what a thousand people…

Looking at the whistling lechery ghost, Mingzhu gave a cold smile, “you were so naive!”

The voice fell, the pink breath surging, and those lechery ghosts were instantly covered with pink powder.


The powder instantly took root in the body of the lechery ghosts and then sprouted to grow leaves. One after another, the peach blossoms grew on their bodies, and in a very short period, fruit after fruit!

As soon as Mingzhu waved her hand, these fruits were in her pocket.

“It’s a bit like blossom in a moment!”

Kris touched his chin and said.

Meier’s face sank, and her efforts of more than ten years were easily taken away by Mingzhu.

“Now, do you know the gap between us?”

Mingzhu stood in the sky like a celestial being.

“Sister, it’s very powerful. I don’t know if you can bear this move!”

Mei’er began to dance, her clothes fall off, the pink breath covering the key parts of her body, and a wave of obscenity emanated from her body.


Millions of onlookers at the scene swallowed.

“My God, it’s beautiful!”

“If I could have sex with her, I would die!”

“Little Zi, close your eyes. It’s not for children!”

Even if Kris didn’t say, Zi Chen also closed eyes shyly, but her finger seam still opens, and Kris didn’t say anything about this.

A practitioner may encounter anything, not to mention taking off clothes. Some of them were abnormal and even fought with naked bodies. Can you fight with your eyes closed?

He also looked at it with great interest. Of course, he was only interested in Taoism. His heart was like iron, and women were like pink skeletons in his eyes. He didn’t care at all.

What’s the meaning of this kind of semi-exposed.

But that breath was very interesting, it seems to have a strong emotional atmosphere, but the opponent was a peach blossom monster. Would she be afraid of these?

Sure enough, Mingzhu only felt ridiculous, and how was this kind of trick also showed off in front of her?

“I said that if you have a sexual disaster today, there must be a disaster!”

Mingzhu said mysterious words in her mouth, and her breath became holy. There was a mysterious force coming to Meier’s body.

What Kris saw was that it was the power of rules.

“These divine bodies were so good that they drive the rules with the body of accumulated spirit.”

Although Mei’er has been exposed to the rules, she has not yet understood them.

In the moment of the rule coming, she felt that she had changed.

The inner desire was magnified infinitely, and the whole body was hot and dry.

“Not good!”

Mei’er was so shocked that she quickly pulled back her magic power, put on her clothes, and rushed down the arena without saying a word, “the more people come, the better…”

She ran back to the sect, and the fool knew what she went in to do!

The crowd was again smacking their tongue, “ah, I really want to go in and have a look.”

“Didn’t say she just now, the more people, the better? Why don’t we go to the queue together?”

There were a few active people who ran over, and no one drove them away!

This immediately aroused many people’s interest. In a short time, there were long queues in front of the sect’s residence.

Competitors jump off the arena without any reason. The winner was naturally Mingzhu, and it had no suspense.

Comparing beauty with Mingzhu, wasn’t it Mei’er finding her death?

After the Mingzhu came off the court, Yao Feng came on the stage.

This woman’s opponent was a member of the aristocratic family. What the other side was good at was also sealing.

“Miss Feng, if I can win you, can I ask for a marriage?”

“No, you don’t have a chance to win!”

Yao opened her mouth, and her voice was very evil. The devil in her body had been awakened, “be swallowed by me!”

Feng Family’s ancestors were not gods, but demons!

Pure demons!

Her ancestors cultivated the demon of the devil abyss.

Other people can only feed one demon, and Yao has three!

Behind her, there were three demon images. Each one embodies the accomplishments of the fulfilled period of God. With the cultivation of Yao, it was not as simple as one plus one equals two.

“You will be ashamed of what you said!”

Li Zhou snorted coldly, “let me experience today how powerful the lady of Feng Family is!”

“The Eight Trigrams of Innate Power Stage”

He threw eight copper coins from his hand and arranged them according to the eight trigrams. The next second, the challenge arena became complicated.

“It’s a bit interesting.”

Kris was interested, very good. His family should also be the array master. When he has time, he must go to their script pavilion to have a look.

“You are teaching the master how to do the drill!”

Yao gave a cold smile. Her whole body was full of an evil spirit. The most powerful thing of the Feng Family was sealing. What was sealing?

To put it bluntly, it’s an array!

Is it not humiliating to set up a battle in front of her?

The eight trigrams’ innate power stage array was skillful, but Yao can easily find the weak point.

One step out, Yao appeared outside the array.

Her eyes seemed to contain infinite mystery, a blink of an eye with thousands of thoughts, calculating the weak spot.

The Feng Family can turn the way of the array into a family inheritance, and the attainments of the Feng Family have reached the level of God.

Kris rubbed his hands, “I must go to this Feng Family. Maybe it can help me to break the key of weapon branding array.”

If the key was broken, the Gengu No.1 sect’s strength could definitely be raised to a higher level.

Yao didn’t know that a man had already set eyes on her family.

“This man seems to be delicious. Give it to me.”

“Give it to me, give it to me… You all ate it before, I just ate one. It’s not fair, it’s not fair!”

“Whoever has a big fist will eat more!”

Before the victory, the three demons behind Yao quarreled.

“Shut up. I will swallow all three of you!”

Yao snorted coldly, and the three devil heads did not dare to speak.

They’re good at eating people, but she eats devil!

“Sky Sealing!”

Yao pointed out, and the challenge arena was blocked instantly, which was not comparable to Fengxian’s ridiculous vacuum world.

It’s a complete blockade!

“Space Sealing!”

Second, even the space was confined!

This understatement makes Kris happier. To make the space sealing array, he also especially practiced golden light earth escaping.


The third pointed out, and infinite spirit power rolling away!

Li was shocked. He was constantly calculating Yao’s obstacles, casting magic weapons and arrays to protect his body. He felt great pressure.

Chapter 592: Generating All Divine Bodies

He could only take it passively. He couldn’t figure out such a subtle formation!

The Zhou family was also a top family, so was the gap so big compared to the top ten families?

“Seal Demon!”

The fourth point pointed out that Li Zhou could no longer stand it. “We surrender in this round, Miss Feng, please stop it!”

Just then, a voice sounded, it was Master Zhou.

Yao Feng looked at him and the three demons behind him rushed past, directly dividing Li


“No!” Zhenshan Zhou was furious and immediately struck out a divine light, with the full force of the actualized spirit in Middle period, which was enough to break through the ring’s protection.

“Break the rules, you will die!”

A large face with no features suddenly appeared in the sky, the voice was like thunder, and a beam of light descended from the sky, piercing straight through the Mud Pill Palace.

A strong person in the middle period of the actualized spirit died without even screaming.

“The Zhou family has broken the rules and is not allowed to participate in the family ranking competition for 1,000 years!”

After speaking, the face disappeared.

Everyone was chilling in silence, Master Zhou was dead and so was the young master of the

Zhou family! They could expect that it would not be long before the Zhou family was wiped out in a mass attack by major families.

The three demons returned contentedly to Yao Feng’s body, and then the next battle began, a young man of the Zhong’s took the stage.

Qiu Zhong was a practitioner of the Saint Power, and of the ten families, only the Zhong family was a well-established human practitioner.

He was not cultivating Spiritual Energy, but the mysterious Literary Energy between heaven and earth. According to legend, the Literary Energy could still be alive, and the highest level of it could also evolve into the Merit Energy and Enlightenment Energy.

Coupled with the Saint Power, his combat effectiveness was very powerful.

“This young warrior, I think you have an extraordinary temperament, with the spirit of destiny and the posture of a talented men, why don’t you come to be my disciple and I will teach you the classics of the world?”

Jian Zhao looked at Qiu Zhong with a shaded look on his face. He was the crown prince of the Immortal Dynasty, how could he learn from a young boy?

What a joke!

“Why are you silent? I’ll take your silence as a tacit agreement! Don’t worry, with my support, you’ll make it to the top!”

Qiu Zhong said and took out an incense case from his storage ring, with an incense burner on it, and there were even three incense sticks on it!

“Come on, now you can worship me as a teacher!”


Seeing this scene, Kris Chen couldn’t help but laugh, “This guy is so funny!”

And Qiu Zhong looked very serious, as if he was not joking. He was so well equipped that he must have done this a lot, right?

Others had also been laughing.

Jian Zhao was furious, “How dare you insult me like that, I’ll kill you!”

Jian Zhao held the Prince Sword and protected the body with dragon energy, and the energy of killing was clambering.

Qiu Zhong shook his head, “Hey, it’s another tyrant. It seems that having you as an emperor is not a blessing to the people. But as the sage said, “A teacher is lazy if he cannot teach you properly, so I must teach you well!”

After speaking, Qiu Zhong even took out a book and began to recite, “The Tao is in the doing of others, but the loss is in the doing of oneself. Those who do for others are more important than those who do for themselves. …. A servant has benevolence for his ruler, a son has benevolence for his father, a brother has benevolence for his brother…”.

Listening to him, Jian Zhao inexplicably felt ashamed and guilty and felt the urge to change his ways!

“No, what’s wrong with my knees, why can’t I help but bend them down!”

“He does make sense, am I really going to be a tyrant when I ascend the throne?”

At this moment, Qiu Zhong, in Jian Zhao’s eyes, was clad in divine light, as if he were a holy man who was pointing the way, and a voice in his heart was telling him, “Kneel down and worship him, and you will find the right direction in life, as if life will become clearer.”

“No… I cannot kneel down, I am the prince, the future emperor, how can I kneel down to him!”

Jian Zhao looked fierce.


Qiu Zhong frowned, he hadn’t expected Jian Zhao to be so determined, it seemed the sage book was useless, he had to change it for something else!

A pen appeared in his hand, which was a golden brush with a subtle flow of light, and gently shook a little in the empty space, “Wake up!


The world in Jian Zhao’s eyes had completely changed. He saw the Immortal Dynasty and the villagers who were suffering from military disasters.

Military disasters were like locust plagues, which destroyed everything.

“Look, this is the rule of your Immortal Dynasty. The world will be divided for a long time then become peaceful, and will be peaceful for a long time then be divided. You must understand that a monarch is like a boat, people are water, and water can carry and overturn a boat. “

“The will of the people is the will of the state, do you understand!”

Qiu Zhong looked down on Jian Zhao and saw the contrition and fear in his eyes!


The Prince Sword fell from the ring and Jian Zhao seemed to be unaware of it.


Jian Zhao knelt on one knee, “After hearing from you, Sir, I know the real way to be the king, please accept me as a disciple!”

Qiu Zhong collected the brush and attached his back with both hands, “Go back first, and we’ll talk about it after this game is over!”

“Thank you sir, I voluntarily give up!”

After finishing speaking, he directly jumped off the ring!


Everyone was in an uproar!

“That’s amazing, he just used a few words to convince someone!”

“What kind of magic power is this? It’s even more terrifying than the heretical sect!”

Kris praised him in his heart. For he was virtually showing off, who was simply the strongest


The sage book was useless, and he took a strong push of the saint soldier to convince him in the end!

When she got out of the ring, Yu Dongfang came over and said, “Listening to you is better than studying for ten years!


The two hypocritical people once again touted each other.

But it didn’t take long for Yu Dongfang to take the stage.

The Jade Divine Body of Yu Dongfang was very strong. When the divine body was displayed, the turquoise glow almost stained the entire sky.

Kris felt that the divine body was very ominous and once it enveloped him, he felt like someone had betrayed him, which was a terrible feeling!

Yu Dongfang’s opponent was a monk with thick eyebrows and fierce eyes, but strangely enough, there was an underlying sense of compassion about him.

“Angry King Divine Body?”

Was this the person from White Horse Temple?

“Where the hell did all these divine bodies come from?”

The contrast between turquoise and golden light was striking.

One side was green and the other side was shining with Buddha’s light, as if the Buddha was groaning quietly, which made listeners feel calm.

When talking about brainwashing, if Buddhism ranked second, no one dared to ranked first!

“Can you fight? Or not?”

Someone offstage couldn’t take it anymore and yelled at the ring!

“Amitabha, patron, you go first!”

Huiming said.

“No, no, no, you’re from outside the square, you go first!”

Yu Dongfang said.

“No no, or you first…”

“You first!”

“You first!”


They were excused dozens of times, “Fuck you, I’ve said you first just you first, don’t you understand what a monk say?”

Huiming was furious, and a buddha light sprang up from his body, which, on closer inspection, was actually the divine fire unique to the Angry King Divine Body!

“The Buddha is angry too!”

Huiming leaped up into the sky, became an actualized spirit, a golden, angry king, and his huge palm came down from the sky, as if to smash Yu Dongfang into a pulp.


Yu Dongfang, in the form of an Avatar… Wrongly said, of a Jade Man rushed up against the Buddha’s palm, “Jade Divine Fist!”


One punch and one palm produced a huge impact that made the ring tremble.

Without using Taoist Strength, they just used the purest physical strength!

“Buddha Lotus Fire!”

Huiming opened his mouth and spewed out a red-hot flame.

“Do you think I can’t do that?”

Yu Dongfang snorted, “Blue Holy Water!”

This was the holy water unique to the Dongfang family, which could extinguish all fires.

But when it came to the Buddha Lotus Fire, they can’t quench or burn each other either.

“Jade Divine Light!”

Yu Dongfang flicked his finger and a devastating flash of light burst out.

“Open the eye!”

Huiming’s forehead suddenly split open and a vertical eye opened.

A golden light stroke out and touched the Jade Divine Light.


The sound of a violent explosion blew both men into the ring.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The two men were fighting in the ring, using their magic powers to the best of their ability. Those with weaker practice could not even follow their paths.

One characteristic of the Angry King Divine Body was that the angrier he was, the more powerful it was in combat.

And then the same with the Jade Divine Body!

“Fuck you!”

“You don’t strong enough to hit me at all, you’ll have to go to the nunnery next door to us like


“You bald ass!”

“What? How dare you call me a bald ass?”

Huiming hated it when people said that about him, “You green turtle!”

“You bald ass!”

“You green turtle!”

The two of them fought hard in the ring, and they scolded heartily.

The audience on stage all looked dumbfounded, these two were just fighting, why were they shouting at each other?

The Master Dongfang was a little embarrassed that he had to rely on this method to increase his combat power before his divine body became a reality.

After that, this problem would be gone!

The Young Master and Old Master of the Dantai Family obviously both knew it too, so they kept drinking tea to cover up.

“Oh shit, you’re a dirty bastard, dare to attack the Buddha there!”

“Bald ass, you’re just as shameless!”

Yu Dongfang was staring at Huiming with eyes wide open in anger, not quite the humble gentleman he was before.

“After being beaten by you for so long, it’s time me for to fight back!”

Yu Dongfang’s right fist instantly swelled several times, “Here you go!”

In addition to being resistant to punching, the Jade Divine Body was able to take all the damages that had been inflicted, gather them all up and then bounce back.

Currently Yu Dongfang could take up to thirty times the damage!


A punch was thrown and Huiming blocked it with both hands, but the damage was too strong, and as brutal as the fight he was, the counterattack he faced was also very brutal.

And the damage was multiplied!


Huiming’s face changed, he heard the sound of a broken arm.


He fell from the ring like a falling meteor.


A huge pit exploded in the ground and Huiming was lying in it spitting out blood!

After winning the fight, Yu Dongfang clapped his hands, straightened his clothes, held a paper fan, and drifted off stage.

“You are so powerful, I might not as well as you…”

Looking at these two, Kris just wanted to say: “Good friends, forever!”

But then he cheered up, because the next one was a battle between Nan Chen and Que Song!

He was quite interested in Nan Chen’s fighting ability.

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