The blue-eyed beauty is thinking about it these days, what did the person who saved her that day look like?

Isn’t he tall, handsome or not?

Why didn’t he show up?

Is he selfless?

She can’t do this for sure, but the only thing she can be sure of is that the person who saved her is definitely a U.S. native!

This is something she can definitely be sure of!

Because he can hit three people with a rock. One of them was smashed to death. This must be the power that only Americans have!

No one else!!

“Emily, you didn’t see that person at all?” The charming young woman also smiled slightly.

If he can save her daughter, then he will certainly not be stingy.

She still knows some monetary rewards, as long as the person dares to ask for it, he can speak it out. Then she will give it!!

“No, no,” the blue-eyed beauty was disappointed.

Why didn’t the person who saved her move at all?

Why didn’t he come out to see her at that time!

“Don’t worry, they will find it,” the young woman comforted. She felt that her daughter was a little abnormal in anxiousness.

This is, saved by the hero. and so? Fawn bumped into it?

It might be!

“Mom, I think he must be American.” said the blue-eyed beauty.

“Well, I also think so, because only Americans can do that. So, you have to find that person, and then??” The charming young woman smiled slightly, with a lot of amorous feelings.

Of course, she understood her daughter’s mind.

“Mom,” the blue-eyed beauty was a little shy.


She was rescued when she was most desperate and in danger.

It’s as if this mysterious person gave her a new life. What is this?

This is pulling herself out of despair! Like an angel!

It’s nice that the blue-eyed beauty likes this feeling of being saved.

She wants to find this man now, just to be with him.

American women pursue love directly and decisively.

It’s not easy to feel a heartbeat!

“Okay, I know what you are thinking, and I won’t object. Whatever you like is what you like.” The charming young woman touched her daughter’s head, showing her doting.

There is definitely no problem in character for this person who can save others.

Since her daughter is moved and likes it, she will definitely not object.

After all, her daughter is so old. It seems that she hasn’t had a boyfriend yet.

At this age, it should be.

“Thank you,” the blue-eyed beauty was happy.

If you are with your saviour, you will definitely be happy.

Full of worship!!

“By the way, how is the person who arrested you?” the charming young woman asked.

This person, she must have seen him die with her own eyes. She actually took her daughter to such a dangerous place and almost killed her daughter. If she wasn’t being rescued, then her daughter must have died.

This person, she has to cut it all!!

“Ran, that guy, I want him to die!” The blue-eyed beauty was annoyed.

If it weren’t for him, she wouldn’t be in so danger!

So desperate!

“Don’t worry. By the way, this person is called Chuck Cannon, right?” the charming young woman asked.

“Yes, disgusting Chinese!” The blue-eyed beauty was disgusted.

She still remembers how many times she was slapped by Chuck Cannon when she was in Amazon.

She regrets it now!

What does she regret?

She regret that Chuck Cannon should not be given a chance. She should find a place to bury him and kill him directly after knocking him out at that time!!

In this way, she wouldn’t had experienced that kind of despair!

“Emily, don’t worry.” The beauty of the charming young woman is cold? !

“Mom, I heard over there, that Karen Lee’s son was arrested. Did you arrest him?” The blue-eyed beauty asked boredly.

She was really upset!

She wanted to see the one who saved herself so much.

“Of course, not. What should I be doing with her son?” The charming young woman shook her head, no fun.

“Who arrested him? The Ouke family? I heard that Karen Lee asked someone to kill a member of the Ouke family, so the Ouke family members arrested Karen Lee’s son for revenge? This is self-inflicted!” The blue-eyed beauty laughed.

In the eyes of the four major families, others are not worth mentioning. What’s more, Karen Lee who was driven out by the Lee family?

But, she was also surprised, because the blue-eyed beauty knew that Karen Lee actually attacked the Lee family, and she succeeded like shit luck.

“Well, her son, I don’t know what the situation is. He may have been secretly killed by someone from the Ouke family, and that’s not necessarily true,” Alice analyzed.

During this time, Karen Lee was quiet and peaceful. She should be mourning for her son!

“If he dies, die.” For the blue-eyed beauty, it doesn’t matter.

“Well, is my daughter going out to relax?” The charming young woman smiled slightly.

“Forget it, I’m not thinking about it, I think I like the one who saved me,” the blue-eyed beauty was in glum.

“What if this person is ugly?”

“Then also, I like him,” the blue-eyed beauty vowed, full of determination.

“Well, I won’t interfere with you kindly, go out and relax, there just happens to be an event.” The charming young woman said.

“Okay,” the blue-eyed beauty reluctantly stood up.

“Change a suit.” The charming young woman asked someone to bring her clothes.

The blue-eyed beauty looked at her mother and felt that her mother’s figure was very well maintained. She was fascinated by the charm of the woman.

What a queen!

But, her mother is divorced. The window has been empty.

“What are you looking at?” the charming young woman asked.

“Mom, I’m telling you, that bastard Chuck Cannon actually said that…” The blue-eyed beauty stopped talking, and she couldn’t go on.

Chuck Cannon said he wanted her mother.

She heard it all, let alone telling her mother.

“What did he say?” The charming young woman smiled slightly, charmingly.

My daughter, what are you talking about?

“Nothing, Mom. Let’s go out, I’m bored too.” said the blue-eyed beauty.

She has changed her clothes.

When the mother and daughter went out, bodyguards were all nearby to ensure their safety.

Arrived at a reception site. Feasting, full of the atmosphere of noble people!

Young Alice brought her daughter to this reception.

How should she put it, they belong to the four major families of the Luofu family, and they are also attracting attention at this kind of reception, but ordinary people dare not approach it because they are not qualified to approach it!

“Emily,” a man came over, full of grace.

This person, the blue-eyed beauty knows him, this is his classmate, who has chased him. Be regarded as a second-rate family in the United States.

He’s kind of handsome.

“Something?” The blue-eyed beauty was indifferent.

“Emily, how come you haven’t appeared for so long, where have you been?” the man asked concerned.

It seems that he hasn’t seen her during this time, she is even more beautiful.

“What’s up with you? Stop talking to me. I already have someone I like,” the blue-eyed beauty indifferently refused.

The one who saved himself is the object of her heart, and she must be with him. Other men must get away!

“The person you like? Who is it?” The man was astonished. Who would attract Emily?

“He is a hero!” The beautiful eyes of the blue-eyed beauty are full of desire for love.

Mysterious man, did he do this on purpose?

When she really wants to see him, will he take the initiative to appear in front of her?

It must be so, he is preparing to surprise me.

“Hero?” The man was still astonished. In the four major families, what kind of person can be regarded as a hero?

“Yes, so you stay away from me.” The blue-eyed beauty went to her mother.

The man was surprised, who is Emily’s hero?

“Mom, what’s the matter with you?” The blue-eyed beauty suddenly saw her mother, and the charming young lady’s face became cold.

This was a call, then?

What’s the situation?

“There was a fire in a base,” the young woman Alice’s face turned gloomy, and she was surprised. She just received a call saying that one of the bases of her family was on fire. The reason is unknown.

You know, as a base, how strict is the security aspect, and it actually caught fire?

This is impossible in normal times.

“It catches fire? It’s their operation error, right.” The blue-eyed beauty immediately analyzed it. This base, there will definitely be this problem, and it is inevitable, normal!

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