Chapter 593 – 594: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 593: To Kill Que Song

As a monster king, Que Song had a fierce reputation, and he had a hobby of devouring the strong, and so far, according to some estimates, he had devoured thousands of strong people.

It was said that the ancestor of the Song family was Taotie, an ancient monster god, but its authenticity remained to be investigated.

Nan Chen walked up to the ring step by step, Que Song looked at him and his eyes burst with glitter, “What a fresh body, it must taste good!”

“Master, my brother is on stage!” Zi Chen squeezed her fist and silently cheered up Nan Chen.

Chen Ye didn’t worry about it, he knew his disciple’s strength very well, and if they were at the same stage, the outcome would be 50-50.

“Hey, what a pity…”

Mingzhu Dantai shook her head, she had wanted to bring Chen Ye in, but now that he was up against Que Song, she was afraid that the odds were stacked against him.

There was only one outcome for anyone who fought Que Song, and that was to be devoured by him. “It’s a tough one, and it’s not that easy for Que Song to beat him!”

The creepy feeling in Zheng Wei’s heart became even stronger.

The demons in Yao Feng’s body was stirring, “The smell on him is so scary!”

“I feel the suppression!”

“Ahhh, I thought I was the only one who felt the suppression…”

The three demons were speaking inside Yao Feng’s body.

“Shut up!”

Yao Feng used Divine Spiritual Power.

The three demons were instantly quiet.

But she was also a little curious as to who this person was.

Tuhong Shen looked at Nan Chen with a pair of magic eyes, and there was a strange light flashing in his eyes. After a while, Tuhong Shen frowned, “It’s so strange, I can’t see through it, this person is not simple!”

Ren Guan sat in the corner, without saying a word, to maximize his stuffiness.

But in Chen’s residence, Feng Chen found that strange feeling became stronger and stronger.

“Who is he? Why do I feel similar to him?”

After thinking about it for a long time, he couldn’t find a clue, so he summoned his servant, “If that man can win later, put him with me!”

“Yes, Young Master!”

On stage, Que Song and Nan Chen were staring at each other.

Before fighting, the two sides were matching each other’s momentum.

It looked calm, but in fact the undercurrent was surging.

The place where the two men were standing suddenly caved in.

“Click, click, click!”

Cracks like spider webs spread all around.

The people around them were dumbfounded.

Do they crush the ring with momentum alone?

This was extremely hard lapis lazuli, which even a spirit weapon might not be able to split.

In the initial clash, Que Song did not have the upper hand, while Nan Chen looked relaxed and unruffled.

“You’re really strong!”

Que Song grinned and the teeth in his mouth became sharp, “But the stronger you are, the happier I am! Killing the strong is the fun!”


Nan Chen didn’t understand: are these people mentally disabled? Why do they like to say something cruel before a fight?

Didn’t he know that this would embarrass him once he was defeated?

Que Song was stunned, then his eyes went cold, he had killed so many people and no one had ever dared to call him noisy, not even the people from the ten families.

“Very well, I will bite every bone in your body right in front of your face!”

“I heard that your ancestors were Taotie!”

Nan Chen laughed, “But you’re doing things that only dogs seem to do, would your ancestors be so angry that they would crawl out of their graves and beat you if they know you bite people every day?”

“I’ll kill you!”

Que Song was furious, and the demonic energy that escaped from his body was not only capable of charming the mind, but also of contaminating power and primal spirit.

Nan Chen didn’t say anything, “Dog punch!”

The Tao power of the Sixth-Step Iron Figure Skill had long exceeded one million Tao, and with the magic power’s blessing, it was even more than ten million Tao, no less powerful than that of the Purple Fire Sect’s masters, and even more so.

There were no fancy tricks to the fight, just fists.

He hadn’t used the Supreme Demon Bone yet, otherwise he would have knocked Que Song out of the sky with one punch!

Although it could be done, it was not necessary. It just needed to beat him at a critical time.


The two opponents poured out a tremendous amount of force against each other, as if a spark had hit the earth, causing a shock that shook the ring to powder.

Their strength could be seen right from the start.

This man’s power was no less than that of Que Song at all.

He was the Taotie Divine Body, and Taotie was an ancient monster god whose strongest attribute, apart from its devouring, was its physical body.

And the more he swallowed, the more powerful he was in battle, and as long as his body was strong enough, he could theoretically become infinitely stronger.

Nan Chen took one step back, while Que Song took four steps back.

What’s the gap, that’s the gap!

His right hand trembled slightly and he couldn’t believe he’d lost a power clash!

That’s not possible!

Seeing Nan Chen’s smiling eyes, Que Song became annoyed.

Who’s he, he the monster king of the Song Clan! How could he lose to a little-known pawn?

“Come again!”

Que Song performed the skill of diversion and appeared instantly behind Nan Chen.

“Good chance!”

When he saw that Nan Chen was not responding, he opened his mouth and tried to bite his head off.

“No, that boy is going to lose!”

“Tsk, tsk, he’s going to get the head eaten by the monster king!”

The audience exclaimed.

But to Que Song’s surprise, he didn’t bite anything.

“It’s an imaginary shadow!”

When did he leave?

Que Song’s eyes swept the ring but there was no sign of Nan Chen.

“Dumbass, up there!”

“Enhanced Dog Punch!”

Twice the physical strength was added and hit Que Song directly on the body.


There was a tremor and the ring completely crumbled, and Que Song disappeared.

“Devouring Sky!”

Que Song evolved into a Taotie Divine Body, with a goat’s body and a human face, eyes in the armpits, and tiger teeth and human hands.

Nan Chen was shocked, “I thought you are an ordinary dog, but you are a mutated mangy dog!”

The crowd all laughed.

Kris Chen nodded, “Well, this kid is quite humorous!”

Que Song was silent, his eyes were scarlet and murderous, and everyone knew he was furious.

A powerful suction force held Nan Chen firmly in its grip.

Nan Chen was contemptuous of his enemies on techniques, but he took strategy seriously.

This man was terrifying, and if Nan Chen fell into his mouth, Nan Chen would be in danger too!

“Enhanced Dog Punch!”

With tens of millions of Taoist Power, he didn’t believe Que Song would dare swallow it!

What he didn’t expect was that Que Song would actually dare to swallow it.

Swallowing a single attack, Que Song’s was fine, and his momentum was even stronger.

Nan Chen’s face became pale, and he hurriedly ran away in Golden Light Earth Escaping!

“Wanna run?”

“Frozen Bead!”

Que Song threw a blue bead directly into the air and the surrounding space was instantly frozen.

Nan Chen’s figure also froze in the air.

“This is a semi-saint soldier, a Frozen Bead!”

“With this treasure, he can freeze people and swallow them with his big mouth!”

“It’s too unfair, isn’t it?”

“Master, will my brother be alright?”

Zi Chen said with some concern.

Chen Ye shook his head, “Don’t worry!”

“Just be my food.”

Que Song would have wanted to crush his limbs, but the man’s flesh was so strong that the Frozen Bead held him for a moment and then showed signs of struggling away.

Once freed, it’s bound to be another tough fight.

As he thought about it, he exerted himself and sucked in all the rubble from the ring.

Nan Chen could no longer resist and was swallowed by him!

A light flashed, and Que Song recovered to human body.

He patted his belly, “Boy, even if the actualized spirit enters my belly…”

Before he finished speaking, a divine light broke his stomach.

Like a golden thread, it cut Que Song in two right down the middle!

This sudden scene made everyone shock.

“What’s going on?”

“Who released this attack?”

All of them stretched their necks and the ten top families were also looking very dignified.

In particular, the Master Head of the Song family, Tianya Song, stood up.


Que Song’s body split in half and fell to the sides, a vortex appeared from where he had fallen and a figure emerged from it.

This person was holding a Fangtian Painted Halberd with an indifferent expression. It was not someone else but Nan Chen!

“What a trash!”

Afterwards, Nan Chen put away his magic weapon and stepped out of the ring.

Millions of people were silent at this moment.

Then someone said, “He killed the monster king of Song family!”

This was followed by a wave of screaming.

Everyone got up from their seats and stretched their necks to look.

Que Song fell to the ground in two halves, with internal organs flowing all over the floor. He was with no vitality at all.

“He’s dead, the monster king of the Song family is really dead!”

Everyone in the arena went crazy at this moment.

Mingzhu Dantai took a deep breath. He was Que Song, and even she was only 40 percent sure she could defeat him.

What she meant was a defeat, not a kill!

So, was this person stronger than her?

“I have told you this man is strong!”

“It’s horrible, don’t let me go up against him later, I’m scared to death!”

“Me too, I’m scared…”

The three demons in her body kept on clamoring, but Yao Feng did not reprimand them.

She stared straight at him with a pair of beautiful eyes, and nobody knew what she was thinking.

Zheng Wei also had a chill down his back and his eyelids jumped wildly.

This person was really not an ordinary one.

Que Song swallowed him down and he’s still coming out, it’s so numbing!

Ren Guan laughed, “This man is a good opponent.”

Qiu Zhong and Yu Dongfang looked at each other. In the period the ten families dominated the first hundred thousand years, although the battle was fierce, the most hated one was only a fight on the verge of death, but like this time directly killed, there was no one else.

And that man was the heir to the Song family.

This was troublesome!

At that moment, a terrifying air spread from one side, “You killed me son, you deserve to die!”

The sound was like thunder rolling in, a terrifying aura overwhelmed the arena, and in that instant, everyone felt the sky was falling!

The voice was not directed at them, but at Nan Chen, who was offstage.

Chen Ye’s face turned pale, his eyes welled up with anger, and he said, “He who kills, always be killed.”

He didn’t hesitate to condemn him with a powerful gesture. Over the years he had many adventures, and his Divine Spiritual Power was so powerful that comparable to an actualized spirit in the fulfilled period.

What was once the weakest point had become the strongest.

Of course, his magic power was stronger!

When the forces collided, the crowd felt the firmament overwhelm them and even the sky changed!

As the fight was about to start, a voice rang out again, “Master Song, you’ve gone too far. In the ring, life and death are both up to destiny!”

“Right, if you break the rules, we’ll all have to join forces.”

“The rules lasting for hundreds of thousands of years cannot be broken, and whoever breaks them, we will attack him in groups!”

One after another voice sounded, some people persuaded him patiently, while others directly threaten him.

Tianya Song was irritated, “Well, well, it’s a hell bad luck for our Song family today!”

After that, he waved his hand and left with the corpse of Que Song.

In this battle, the Song family became the first lagging family among the top ten families. People had thought it would the Wang family, but it turned to be the prosperous Song family.

This situation became strange.

And all this was because of the calm young man in the audience!

Chapter 594: Fighting Between Brothers

Feng Chen squinted at Nan Chen, who then turned around and the two seemed to be looking at each other through space and time.

“I must have seen those eyes somewhere, I must have seen them!”

Withdrawing his gaze, Feng Chen regained his consciousness. As long as he defeated him in the ring for a while, wouldn’t it be clear?

“Yao Feng, if this man survives the battle later, will you marry him?” Feng Yuan, the family head of the Feng family, said without hiding anything. He regarded it as an honour to have Nan Chen as his son-in-law.

Nan Chen would never refuse.

This kind of potential man had an absolutely extraordinary future, and the Feng and Song families had always been at odds with each other anyway, so they were not afraid of offending them.

“Father, I will!”

Yao Feng said calmly. She had always understood her own situation that children of large families were born to strengthen the family, that’s their mission. And Nan Chen was really a strong man. It would not be wrong to make him his son-in-law.

And it’s as if there’s something so strange about this man that even the devil was afraid!

“Well, you go ahead and get ready!”

Yuan Feng nodded. He settled his daughter’s marriage in a few words, as if he were talking about a trivial matter.

In fact, Master Dantai had the same idea. But their family had no choice, as they and the Dongfang family had been married for generations, and this was to ensure the bloodline of each other’s families.

However, if the direct line didn’t work, the collateral line was also a good choice.

The Master Dongfang and he looked at each other and understood each other’s meaning.

As Nan Chen stepped down from the stage, a member of the Lv family, who claimed to be a top family, came over, “Hey, little hero, our clan leader has an invitation!”

Nan Chen raised her eyelids, “No time!”

The man was a little embarrassed, not expecting Nan Chen to refuse outright, but thought of the man’s fighting strength, he smiled, “Our clan leader has a daughter who is as beautiful as a celestial being, not only that, she has an exceptional talent for cultivation, she is a first-class wonder woman, you can…”

“Not interested!”

Nan Chen said coldly.


A couple of guys came over when he was about to get angry , “What are you doing, get out!”

At first glance at the clothing the men were wearing, the Lv member simply gave up and left in disgrace.

“Nan Ye, right?”

The visitor looked at Nan Chen with a smile, “I am from the Dongfang family, one of the top ten families. Our family head is very interested in you and would like to invite you to have tea!”

As the saying goes, you won’t hit a smiling face. Nan Chen arched his hands, “Give my regards to the Master Dongfang and tell him that Nan Ye is recovering his mana and preparing for the battle ahead!”

“Mr.Ye, it’s just a cup of tea, it won’t take long!”

“No, thanks.”

Nan Chen shook his head and finally just closed his eyes.

The man didn’t feel angry, “So, then please come to our Dongfang family as a guest after the competition!”

Then he just left with the other people.

Several other families came later, including the Feng family, but Nan Chen sent them away one by one.

“Humph, this boy is so arrogant, let’s see when he’ll lose!”

Master Wei snorted, his affection for Nan Chen had gone.

“This boy is young and energetic. After killing Song Que, he thinks he is invincible in the world. Look, there will be a good show in a while!”


Soon, the top ten came into being.

In addition to the Song family being eliminated from the top ten families, the remaining nine families had long been determined. But an Anonymous Sect mixed into them——Nan Chen.

However, Nan Chen was not a complete Anonymous Sect. After all, in the encounter just now,

He obviously had master, and his strength was not weaker than that of Tianya Song.

This was one of the reasons why the top ten families did not act rashly.

No one knew if the other party would have someone come for help, what if he was a Holy Realm?

If provoke the Holy Realm for no reason, even the top ten families would suffer.

Then the list of matches came out.

Duo Wang versus Mingzhu Dantai.

Qiu Zhong versus Zheng Wei.

Ren Guan versus Tuhong Shen.

Yao Feng versus Yu Dongfang.

And the last one was Nan Ye versus Feng Chen.

“Please be careful, teacher!”

Jian Zhao stood beside Qiu Zhong with a gentle expression.

Using his free time, Qiu Zhong once again taught Jian Zhao the principles of life, which completely brainwashed him.


Qiu Zhong entered the ring with a white paper fan in hand, and so did Zheng Wei!

The two didn’t have much interaction, but they did know each other.

“Hello, sir.”


The two sides arched their hands, and there was no great enmity between the two families, “Let’s simply have a little sparring, OK?”

They’re in the top ten anyway, so they just needed to secure their previous ranking, they didn’t need to fight to the death.

And only a fool would show his card in front of so many people.

The reason why it was called a card was because the person who saw it was dead.

Even the most powerful magic power could be restrained.

The magic powers of the ancient gods were powerful, but they had been broken in modern times .


They fought for thousands of moves and ended in a draw!

The audience were bored.

Then Ren Guan fought Tuhong Shen. The two families had a grudge against each other, and the fight was so intense that their brain plasma were on the verge of coming out.

With Ren Guan’s Enigmatic Divine Body firing on all cylinders, Tuhong Shen was eventually weakened and knocked right off the stage.

But it was also a tough win for Ren Guan, who had a badly damaged divine body.

Duo Wang battled against the young lady of the Dantai family. He also took pity on her and even showed his love loudly on stage, to the point where Yu Dongfang’s forehead veins popped out..

Who the hell could stand it when another man showed love to his fiancée?

But there was nothing he could do about it, because they would abstain from the subsequent battles for the simple reason that they were pragmatic families and there was no need for them to fight for first place.

The reward was of no use to them at all.

The sects wanted to take control of the families, and of course the families were removing the sects’ power.

This was the struggle between Taoism and power.

The only variable was the Song family, as there was a break in the young generation.

If there was no replacement, it was likely to be eliminated, as well as giving the following families a chance.

This meant that even if Nan Chen abstained from fighting, he had the right to start a family and became one of the ten new families, with a period of protection of thousands of years.

If anyone dared to offend the new family, the rest of the nine families would join hands to put an end to it!

Whether it’s the Anonymous Sect or the real Sect, if it fell into the camp of the families, they would be definitely assimilated!

This meant adding new blood to the families.

“You idiot, do you want to marry me? What a daydream!”

Mingzhu gave a snort, and walked off the ring angrily.

Then this battle ended in such a farce.

There was quite a feeling of anticlimactic.

Duo Wang scratched his head. He felt a little ashamed of winning this game!

“Little princess, wait for me, let me explain…”

The crowd on stage burst into laughter.

The battle between Yao Feng and Yu Dongfang ended in a draw.

The Feng family was a centrist and a peacemaker among the top ten families, and they didn’t want to offend anyone. If it came to a fight, Yao Feng was 60 percent no match for Yu Dongfang.

After all, the absorption and rebound damage of the Jade Divine Body was so perverse that even the seal could be rebounded and absorbed.

Of course the magic of the devil’s head was still very damaging to the divine body, so to be precise it should be a 50-50 split between the two.

The game seemed to be entering boredom time and a number of people had even started to leave the stage.

The last match was between Nan Chen and Feng Chen.

Standing in the ring, they looked at each other with surprisingly similar eyes!

“Who are you?”

Feng Chen spoke softly.

“Beat me, or be killed by me!”

Nan Chen said something, and Feng Chen understood, “We know each other, don’t we? We’re even… familiar!”

Feng Chen’s eyes exploded with light, “I know, you’re Nan Chen!”

Nan Chen smiled and changed his expression!

“So it’s you, you are alive!”

The corner of Feng Chen’s mouth showed a hint of sarcasm, “So you’ve come specifically to seek revenge on me?”

“Not revenge, just come here to get back what’s mine!”

Nan Chen says quietly.

The two men were talking on stage and the crowd in the ring was slightly surprised.

“The two of them are so resemble! They’re like brothers!”

“You are right, they are really quite similar. But Feng Chen has a cooler look, while the Nan Ye has a softer, gentler look to his face!”

“It’s him, and he’s coming right in front of us!”

Daosheng Chen narrowed his eyes, “Round them up!”

“Yes, Master!”

The man in black appeared out of nowhere and then disappeared.

“It seems that you have had many adventures over the years, and you are very strong in battle, so it is true that I must get rid of the roots. If you grow up in the future, my Chen family will be in great trouble!”

“Worthy of being the owner of the Supreme Demon Bone, even without it, you are still very strong!”

“But unfortunately, you won’t be allowed to escape this time, even if you have the sect behind you…”

The thing Daosheng Chen regretted most was that he was too soft-hearted and did not kill Nan Chen on the spot, and let the two sisters escape with their slave.

Even the spirit fire was extinguished, and he knew that Nan Chen was not dead, it must have been covered up by some special means.

“Apprentice, the day of revenge is coming!”

Chen Ye spotted someone locking him down, but he was fearless.

“Zi Chen, once there is a fight, run away first!”

Zi Chen was stunned and then nodded, knowing that she was not helping by staying, and that only if she left would her brother and master be able to fight without distractions.

“Your Demon Bone works really well and is now completely integrated with me, providing a constant source of energy for my Golden Heaven Eyes. I really appreciate you!”

Feng Chen laughed and said, “Isn’t it good to hide in a corner? Do you have to jump to your death? What do you want me to do with you? My good little brother!”

Little brother?

Everyone was suddenly in an uproar.

This person was the younger brother of the Little King of Chen family, how could it be possible?

At this moment, everyone was stunned by Nan Chen’s true identity.

“I recall that Feng Chen did have a younger brother, Nan Chen, but he was his second uncle’s son, and it is said that he went off the rails during his training a few years ago and died!”

Yu Dongfang said.

“It is said that this son is extremely talented, even more so than Feng Chen, so how could he go off the rails?”

“Now it seems that there was a hidden agenda back then and now this son should be back to revenge!”

The Little King of Chen family had Golden Heaven Eyes and the Demon Bone, it could be said that his road to the Holy Realm had been completely paved and he would be a saint within 500 years.

The Chen family was already strong enough, and if Feng Chen went to the Holy Realm, he would definitely be able to control an era.

According to the legend, the Demon Bone was the root bone of God!

“I’m now suddenly looking forward to beating you because I especially want to see your face full of disbelief!”

Nan Chen laughed, “My dear brother, do you think my uncle will be sad if I kill you?”

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