“Mom, they will put out the fire, it’s just one base, don’t we have a few bases?” The blue-eyed beauty didn’t care.

There had been a fire before too, just put out the fire, even if all are burned out, it doesn’t matter!

Anyway, comparing to what she has in her family is, what is there to worry about one or two bases?

“The key is that it’s all burned. It exploded.” The charming young woman shook her head. This is a bit serious, a serious mistake!

This is not allowed at the base.

“That’s okay, we don’t lack one or two bases in our house, just ask someone to repair it back,” the blue-eyed beauty commented.

“Well, it’s all right, go on.” The charming young woman smiled again.

Her daughter has grown up and can deal with things without surprise. This is great!

It is also good for her to inherit the family in the future.

Because this is what the family wants, not to panic in tough situations!

Then they can handle things!

“Well, mom, let’s go to the bar. By the way, the man over there seems to be looking at you.” said the blue-eyed beauty, an old American boy.

“Don’t think about it, I’m not thinking about it.” The charming young woman shook her head. She managed the Luofu family. She should be careful in this regard.

“Well, I know, let’s drink, I am also depressed!” The blue-eyed beauty wanted to get drunk, so when she woke up, the mercenaries might have any results?

The mother and daughter went to drink.

But at this time, the young woman’s mobile phone rang again, her beautiful brow furrowed, she took out a look and answered.

“What’s the matter?” The charming young woman said indifferently!

She is the patriarch of the family, she must be indifferent and majestic to speak to her opponent!

“It’s not good, it’s not good.” Inside the phone, there was a trembling voice of fear.

“What’s wrong?”

“Three, Base Three…”

“What happened to Base Three?” The face of the charming young woman sank suddenly.

“If it catches fire, all the munitions will be burned, and ten newly developed helicopters will also be…” The voice dare not go on.

Just now, there was a fire on the bald side, followed by an explosion. They had no time to put out the fire, and the fire spread at an alarming rate.

With the explosion, the most valuable weapons research results of this base were all in nought.

“You want to die, don’t you?” The charming young woman became gloomy.

This value is huge, but billions of dollars. What is more important was the research results which was actually burned.

“I, I, forgive me. I have been watching very closely, but suddenly there was a fire, and I was too late.” The people in the mobile phone were almost crying.

“Check, if it is not clear, I want your whole family to die!!” The charming young woman hung up the phone.

“Mom, what’s the matter with you?” The blue-eyed beauty was astonished. Why did her mother look so ugly at this time?

What is this?

“The No. 3 base caught fire. A helicopter worth 150 million dollars was burned, and all the others were burned.”

“What!!!” The blue-eyed beauty was astonished. Why did it catch fire again? What happened?

Is there any relationship between the two fires? The difference is so short.

“Someone may want to rectify our Luofu family!!” The charming young woman had to think about this.

If only one base is on fire, then it is the manager of this base. He was negligent and left without authorization.

However, the two bases caught fire and everything was burned. Then the seriousness is great!

In the world, where is there such a coincidence?

“Mom, isn’t it possible? Who dares to deal with our Luofu family?” The blue-eyed beauty immediately shook her head in denial.

Her own family is one of the four largest families, comparable in the world. Just a few, how could anyone dare to do this?

Are you afraid that if you do this, the whole family will die?

“There may also be some desperate things,” the charming young woman analyzed.

This is still possible. Among the four major families, they would not do such things blatantly. After all, if they did it, wouldn’t they harm themselves too?

At this level, the overall situation is very important, so sometimes this happens. The other four families can be directly excluded.

“What should I do?” The blue-eyed beauty was angry.

This loss was nothing to their family.

But, this was an open challenge to the majesty of the Luofu family!!

This is intolerable.

The majesty of a family is particularly important. If it is said that some people dare to do this, then they must be severely punished, or others will think their family is easy to bully.

“I let other bases be fully monitored!” said the young charming woman. In fact, it is the same in normal times, but how should she say.

She is also a little strange, the guards of the base are too tight, it can be said that it is really difficult for a fly to fly in!

Even if I flew in, they knew it.

But in this case, how did someone get in?

This is a particularly big problem!

However, as soon as the young lady Alice took out her cell phone, she rang by herself and called. Shown above is Base Six.

The blue-eyed beauty was surprised.

The beauty of the charming young woman was all cold, she answered.


“No, it’s not good, Base 6 was attacked and caught fire…” The voice on the phone was filled with fear!

“What?!!!” The young woman was so angry that she dropped her phone.

The three bases in her home actually caught fire in such a short time? This is?

“Sorry, I……”

“Check. If you can’t find out, you are all going to die!” The young woman was so angry that she didn’t have any thoughts to stay here.

She hung up the phone.

“Daughter, we won’t attend today’s reception, we will go back.” The young lady knew that this matter was a bit serious.

Maybe I have met a madman who is not afraid of death.


The blue-eyed beauty must know the severity. In this case, obviously, the problem is big.

It must be dealt with immediately!

The mother and daughter left quickly.

The other people in the reception were left looking at each other!!

“What happened? What happened to the Luofu family?”

“I don’t know, maybe something is going on,”

“I saw that the mother and daughter were very angry just now, maybe something happened.”

“What can happen, they belong to the four big families…”

“Shhh, I just received a call, her home base 3 caught fire…”

“What? Artificial, or something else?”

“How do I know this? But judging from their maternal anger, more than one base should be on fire!”

“Is there someone going to deal with the Luofu family?”

“Who dares to do this?”

“Anyway. There is a good show!”

These people said what they think and others said what they think, but they all think that there will be a good show.

After all!

This kind of thing. It’s not often seen!

“It’s all waste!”

After arriving home, the young charming lady was extremely angry. It was only 20 minutes on the way, and she actually received another call saying that there was a fire on the 11th base.

This is serious!!

How could it catch fire in such a tight base?

How did the others get in?

“Mom, what is going on? How do I feel that this is done by the other three families.” The blue-eyed beauty was angry.

This is completely trampling on the majesty of her Luofu family!

This is a shame!

“The other three families?” Alice’s beautiful eyes were cold.

“It’s impossible for the Lee family. They were sneak attacked by Karen Lee. They were too busy to take care of themselves, and still have the courage to provoke me? As for the Ouke family, they also fought with Karen Lee in secret, and there was no time to provoke me. As for…” The young woman stopped.

Because at this time, her sister is back, a young woman in jeans.

“Sister, Emily, what the hell is going on? I just received a call that four bases caught fire. What happened?” The young woman in jeans was extremely angry!

“There is no news from the four bases,” the young woman said, this is the most serious problem.

The losses of these four bases have exceeded 30 billion U.S. dollars!

Those research results are worth tens of billions!

“Asshole!! Dare to provoke our Luofu family! Wait and die!” The young woman in jeans was upset!

“Sure!” The charming young woman still wanted to talk.

Ding Ding Ding!

The phone rang again, and the young lady’s eyes were twitching. She looked at it, and there was a call from Base 18…

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