Chapter 595 – 596: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 595: The Power of The Holy Realm

“You just don’t know when to back down, do you?” Uttered Feng Chen.

“Because I’ll kill you eventually, then Daosheng!” Sneered Nan.

“Bastard!” With a roar, the energy burst out of Feng sent the stage cracking. The bone and the eye combined together and created a stronger power. But Nan just remained standing still, knowing that those who makes the most noise are usually of less threat, since people like Kris never bragged about how tough they are.

“Sword of Paradise!” Shouted Feng as rays in the shape of blades dashed out of Feng’s eyes,”You can’t run away from this!” “Well, why would I?” Sneered Nan as he punched toward Feng, giving out all the pains and sorrow he had endured all those years. And the shield around the stage was torn apart as the explosion boomed when the attacks of Nan and Feng met.

“Run!!!” The crowd immediately panicked and started running away, there were even sound of thunder echoing around the stage. A golden lightning struck down and left a enormous crevice in the city.

“Get down on your knees while you still can! You stand no chance against me!” Uttered Feng, eyes sill blazing with golden light. Given the power of the bone, his physical power is nearly innocent among those who are in the same stage.

“So this is the power of this little king of Chen’s family…” Murmured Duo Wang, shocked by Feng, for he could’ve been killed.

“Sir, the family head needs you back right now!” Shouted one of the Wang’s domestic servants. Duo immediately bailed out of the stage since he had lost the will of fighting completely. Ren Guang was there staring at Feng, wondering when would be his chance to be in the fight. “Get of here, Xiaozi, more of them are coming!” Said Chen Ye as he noticed the practitioners going at Nan, then he immediately dashed to assist Nan.

“Watch out, god father!” Shout Xiaozi as she leaped upward to help Nan. But she was stopped halfway and was soon brought down back on the ground. When she was about to scream, she recognized that it was Kris that brought her back down.

“Sir! You’re back!”

“Since you guys are naughty being caught up in the fight without telling me.” Smiled Kris.

“Could you please help them out there?” Said Xiaozi as she pointed to Nan and Chen, though she wasn’t worried at all since Kris’ presence granted everyone a vibe of security.

“Why not? I’m always here for you all.” Laughed Kris, then he handed Xiaozi a bucket of popcorn,”Now, have some before I come back.”

“Thank you, sir!” Smiled Xiaozi happily.

The practitioners gathered around Chen had all reached later period of actualized spirit. Chen summoned his gourd which was his favorite though he had got quite many other magic weapons as the practitioners drew near. Sometimes he would use his brick upgraded with navigating system as well.

”Surrender and leave here with us!” Said one of those practitioners dressed in black.

“No, thanks!” Sneered Chen as he punched toward the practitioner with the seventh-stage power of Nine-Step Iron Figure Skill, which is nearly was powerful as the spirit weapons. And the practitioner that provoked was immediately knocked out of consciousnesses.

“Wow, mam, that’s some damage!” Exclaimed Chen, surprised at his own power. Sensing that the place around him, the whole city had been upgraded to higher resistance of destruction, Chen decided to give his new skills a try:”Perfect chance to see how much can control gravity!”

Patting his right arm with his left hand, an array of empowered gravity was etched on his bone. He launched his punch to another practitioner who was immediately killed, shattered into pieces of flesh.

“Cool!” That’s how Chen described it when he can just killed a practitioner of later period of actualized spirit with nothing more than a punch. It was proven again at that moment that pure physical power had always been the most destructive thing.

“Nice one, kiddo! He just created his own array that made his attack ten times more powerful!” Cheered Kris, he perceived it quickly since he was the one that began enhancing power by refining it.

Meanwhile, Daosheng couldn’t afford any more losses, each actualized-spirit level of his family is a treasure to him. Now that Chen had become nearly invincible, he had to stand up now.

“Stop it!” Daosheng’s roar set the whole world trembling. Had been confining his power to semi-god level, since it would be of damage to the Devil Land. The slightest stray of energy leaked from the Holy Realm would be enough to shatter a world, that’s the power of the Holy Realm.

“I don’t care who you are, you’ll die if you dare interfere my family business!” Shouted Daosheng as he punched at Chen, sealing Chen in his power of rules.

“Is that all?” Said Chen indifferently as he doubled the power of his array, which caused an earthquake donw there in the city. But he made a mistake, since Daosheng had released the power of Holy Realm, which was not even on the same level of Chen’s power.

For examples, the power of rules are far more powerful than primal spiprit, but things change when it comes to accumulated spirit since it has primary Taoist Strength. Kris had mastered ninety-nine Taoist Strength which had generated half of the complete power of rules. His magical and Divine Spiritual power had all reached fulfilled period of actualized spirit, also his physical strength was on its way to the middle period of actualized spirit. Kris had become more powerful than a semi-god, given his Dongtian power.

“This is…” Daosheng’s attack tore the bones and muscles of Chen’s right arm apart and sent the pain deeper into his body,”the Holy Realm!”

But it was still withing Chen’s tolerance, what was destroyed on his body soon recovered.

“Such resilience…” Said Daosheng as he frowned, surprised that Chen’ who’s just reached actualized spirit, survived his semi-god-level attack,”You’re that little bastard’s master?”

“Don’t call him like that, you selfish bone-thief!” Shouted Chen,”Take this!”

With a vicious roar, Chen started fueling up his power by burning away his magic, it was actually a forbidden technique, but his magic reserve in his body is constantly hundreds of times more than ordinary people.

“You never learn.” Sneered Daosheng as he snapped his finger, then a burst of ray of light went straight through Chen’s body and left a hold. Chen tried to fight back but his punch hit nothing.

“Don’t bother, you can’t even hit me.” Uttered Daosheng, calm and confident. The gap of power between them was cross-dimensional, the ray of light had left hundreds of hole from which blood kept oozing out on Chen’s body and restricted Chen’s resilience. Chen had never felt regret until that moment, it was truly so arrogant of him. He could’ve waited for two more years by when his would fulfilled his actualized spirit or even become a semi-god.

“Well, Xiaozi had escaped, anyway.” Murmured Chen as he took a glance at Nan who’s fighting with Feng. He made up his mind that he would try to kill Feng first then get back to Daosheng.

“Wait, what are you thinking about, Chen!?” Shouted Gulao, he had spent quite a long time with Chen so he perceived Chen’s decision.

“I promised that I’ll help you rebuild your body, Gulao. Sorry, I may not live up to my word this time.” Said Chen,”But I’ve gather almost all the ingredients you need, I’ll get my apprentices to look for the rest of them.”

“Just run away with Nan while you still can!”

“Too late now, the Holy Realm had locked this whole place down.”

“Die!” Shouted Daosheng as he punched with pure power of Holy Realm toward Chen.

“Get away from those cracks!”Everyone else started running away from the fight, for the cracks caused by Daosheng’s attack in the air had become a black-hole-like abyss that kept on devouring everything around them. The heads of the other families were also surprised that Daosheng had never revealed his true power until this moment.

That makes three man possessing the power of Holy Realm in Chen’s family: Daosheng, the Chen’s ancestor and the soldier of True God, that would make them nearly invincible in the Devil Land.

But as the attack drew near, everyone heard a thunder-like voice:”I don’t think you’ve asked for my permission to attack my men!”

Chapter 596: Is That It? Holy Realm’s Power?

With a quick explosion, a punch knocked away Daosheng Chen’s attack.

“Who’s there!” Shouted Daosheng, then he saw a man young man walking near with a little girl in tow. It was Kris.

“Sir!” Exclaimed Chen Ye out of Joy.

“So, why didn’t you tell me about this?” Said Kris out of concern. “I just don’t think I should bother you for…”

“Never mind, take care of her!” Said Kris as he pointed to the little girl,”We don’t look for trouble, but we don’t run away from troubles that look for us, either. If someone messes people of Gengu No.1 Sect, he messes with me!”

“Yes, sir!” Nodded Chen, then he took the little girl aside and stayed away from the fight, though still surprised that Kris would come for him. Gratitude filled up his heart as he thought to himself:”He cares about me…thanks, sir”

Gulao who’s still inside the ring also let out of sigh of relief as he said to Chen:”Think twice before you make any decisions next time, Chen!”

“Will do!” Meanwhile, Daosheng felt a tinge of fear in his heart. Kris’ words sent him worried since Kris mentioned Gengu No.1 Sect, which meant that Kris was probably capable of using the power of Holy Realm. Soon he gathered himself up and said to Kris:”This is my family business, you’d better stay away from this, it’s for you own good.”

“Cut the crap out and let’s fight!” Said Kris, knowing that Daosheng was afraid otherwise he would’ve punch to his face already. Kris had been thirsty of a fight after the days he spent in the Closing Door. He had become so powerful that he could easily killed those who have reached actualized spirit with a snap of finger, so he got quite excited to see that he just found himself a perfect chance: an enemy who had reached the Holy Realm

The confidence and calmness of Kris made Daosheng, it was a dilemma to him: it would be shame on him if he escapes, but he also had no idea whether he could win if he chooses to fight. Chen may also interrupt the fight between Feng and Nan, and he would be a big trouble though he’s not as powerful as Daosheng. Soon Daosheng sent messages to three semi-god level elder members of his family, asking them to hold Chen off.

“Let’s go up there for the fight!” Exclaimed Daosheng and soon disappeared. The power of Holy Realm could disrupt the balance of the Devil Land, the whole world may collapse and the damage can’t be fixed without millions of years of repairing. Soon Kris stomped down on the ground and launched himself upward, seconds later he reached the outer space, and Daosheng was already there.

“Help me out here, Wuxian!” Shouted Daosheng, and there appeared another man by his side immediately. It was Wuxiang Wei, Daosheng’s close friend, Feng’s father-in-law. He was there standing by lest Kris gets the better of Daosheng in the fight.

“Shame on you to ask for help!” Sneered Kris,”Now that you started this, I’ll get some help too.”

Suddenly a giant dashed through the fetal membrane of heaven and earth and stopped by Kris side. It was Demon Kris.

“Wait, since when did you grow this tall?” Asked Kris.

“Uh,” Sighed Demon Kris,”I still couldn’t control the power well.”

“Fine, stand by and wait for my signal.”

Demon Kris nodded, giving out an intimidating vibe of endless power.

“Now, take this!” Shouted Kris as he gathered up the power of 30,000 Dongtian, since of all the power Kris is capable of wielding , the power of Dongtian is the only one that could be of damage to Daosheng.

“Samsara’s Fist!” Daosheng immediately punched back as he sensed the Dongtian power in Kris’ attack, creating a samsara that surrounded Kris and consumed his attack.

“How about this!” Shouted Kris’s as he punched again. Most powers are useless in this fight against Daosheng, and also Kris didn’t even bothering using them since he had reached the power of Holy Realm. But still, he mix the Taoist Strength into this punch, and some power of Taoist Strength constructed a micro-cosmos where there was power of every elements, sword intent and doubled Dongtiang power.

The outer space started trembling under the power of Kris attack, which could’ve shattered Devil Land. But it also told that the power of Holy Realm is not able to break through the boundary of the outer space.

Meanwhile, Daosheng was confused. The micro-cosmos there in Kris’ attack showed rules which can’t be created via the power of Holy Realm. But it was still a destructive attack that sent shivers down Daosheng’s spine. Soon the micro-cosmos collided with Daosheng’s world of samsara, killing all the creatures in it.

The creatures in Daosheng’s world of samsara were all teleported from other places. The Holy Realm was claimed to be possessing the power of creation, it can’t create life, which was impossible even for the True Gods. Daosheng’s families are offspring of the True Gods, but they are incapable of creating life. Only those that had achieved stronger power then the True God has the ability of doing so.

The collision killed millions of creature in the world Daosheng created, but he was not worried. The samsara would bring life back again in the form of resentful spirit, and it would grow stronger each time the spirit returns. Kris perceived the abnormality as the samsara began to erode his body. It was not a complete samsara, but it was also powerful.

“Go!” Shouted Kris as he set his world exploded. The shockwave immediately blew half of the world of samsara away, Kris seize the chance and leaped away from the power of samsara.”So this is the power of Holy Realm? Impressive!”

Kris couldn’t help wondering what the maximum power of the Holy Realm would be like, it may probably be able to create a complete and functional world. He also found that his power of Dongtian was less powerful, unless it can be improved to the highest level.

“His attack is simple but devastating, he could literally damage me.” Uttered Daosheng, soon he turned to Wuxian and shouted:”Give me a hand, Wuxian!”

Wuxian was still in shock of the fight he just witnessed. He and his families were born with twelve strings of Taoist Strength, which would be enhanced into rules after reaching actualized spirit. As powerful as it sounds, Wuxian had only succeeded obtaining one rule ten thousand years ago, and the rest of the power remained unawakened. And it would only grow more difficult later on, probably it would take him millions of years to wake up the rest of his power and enhanced them into rules.

He immediately reached his hand out at Daosheng’s call, pointing his index finger at Josh and launched a spark of light inside of which were condensed power of rules. But Demon Kris caught the spark before it reached Kris, he punched toward the spark and caused a enormous explosion. Seconds later, Wuxian was surprised to find Demon Kris remaining intact after the explosion.

“Don’t be so hasty, boy, I’ll be your enemy!” Sneered Demon Kris as he lifted the restriction he concealed himself in and let out his full power. Soon he grew into a millions of kilometers tall giant and slapped Wuxian with his full power, knocking Wuxian also millions of kilometers away.

Wuxian managed to gather himself up again after shattering countless stars, he coughed out some blood and uttered with disbelief:”Pure physical strength? That’s impossible!”

It had become nearly impossible for practitioners to make any achievements through pure physical strength since the power of Taoist Strength and the power of other various forms had been proved of being more efficient and stronger that just physical strength. There are stories that there used to be practitioners focusing only on enhancing their physical strength back in the age of chaos, but times had changed, most practitioners had chosen to embrace the natural power of the world.

“Surprising huh? I know it looks impossible, but look at me now!” Shouted Demon Kris as he stretched out his omnipotent right arm that had grown so powerful that it caused cracks in the outer space. Demon Kris had become a semi-god after absorbing the power of the real demon, and it had been enhanced least a thousand time stronger. Wuxian didn’t even dare imagine what that kind of power would be like.

But Daosheng crashed his world of samsara and knocked Demon Kris away, leaving Wuxina a chance of escaping. But Demon Kris didn’t stop, he turned around to Daosheng and landed his punch on Daosheng’s world of samsara and nearly destroyed it completely.

“And here’s mine!” Kris also came with another punch in the Dongtiang power, the Taoist Strength, the sword intent and the power of rules were all mixed up in it.

“Wuxian, run!”

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