She saw that the person on this screen was wearing black clothes with her hair tied up. She was particularly capable, and that was Karen Lee!! Such a moment of anger, the charming young woman was indescribable! She always thought it was a hidden family, because only the hidden family could do this, and under her tight base guard, she could intersperse freely! Is this something the average person can do?

Unexpectedly, it was not made by a hidden family, but by a bereaved dog! To be honest, after the young lady Alice confirmed that her family had been attacked yesterday, she immediately denied Karen Lee! Why?

First, Karen Lee is not strong enough! Second, Karen Lee was kicked out by the Lee family! Third, Karen Lee, regardless of family friendship, unexpectedly attacked his Lee family, this is worse than a pig! Fourth, Karen Lee is looking for her son and has no time to provoke herself. Dare to provoke herself?

But it happened to be done by such a person whom she denied! The anger of the charming young woman at this time is no less than that of a volcano!! “Mom, this is…” The blue-eyed beauty felt a little familiar seeing the stop-motion photo of the surveillance screen.

Because she rarely sees Karen Lee!

“It’s actually her! Is this Karen Lee looking for death?”

“How she dares to mess with our Luofu family?”

The young woman in jeans was frightened and angry! She also didn’t expect that Karen Lee actually did it, why not someone from the hidden family?

“What? Is she Karen Lee?”

The blue-eyed beauty was surprised.

What happened?

Why did Karen Lee deal with his Luofu family! Is she looking for death?

Impatient to live?

For a moment, the blue-eyed beauty couldn’t understand it! A bereaved dog, so bold! “Sister, why did she attack us? Does she still want to be like the last time she attacked the Lee family? Didn’t someone said that she was looking for her son?”

The young woman in jeans was too cold.

“Maybe! Karen Lee, I didn’t bother you, but you actually provoked me!”

Charming young woman’s beautiful eyes are cold!! From yesterday to today, the ten bases were actually destroyed by Karen Lee, and Karen Lee slapped her in the face of the Luofu family! How does this count?

“Hmph, no matter what she means, she dares to treat our Luofu family like this, and let our Luofu family lose face overnight. This matter must be repaid ten times by her! Sister, let me clean up her company. Let also make her company to catch fire!!”

The young woman in jeans was extremely angry.

This matter, fire! The majesty of the Luofu family was actually destroyed by a bereaved dog! This made them so angry! “Okay, you arrange for someone to do it now. Remember to be more beautiful. My Luofu family will not do things as secretly as hers. I will burn them upright. I want people in the U.S. to know the fate of offending my Luofu family. What is my Luofu family everyone should know?”

The charming young woman narrowed her beautiful eyes, full of coldness! This anger must be washed away with blood! “Okay, sister, I will do it beautifully!”

The young woman in jeans sneered, she walked outside! But at this time, suddenly the phone rang.

It’s a charming young woman.

The young woman in jeans who came to the door stopped, she was annoyed, “Could it be that another base was destroyed?”

The charming young woman stared at her mobile phone with her home number on it.

The blue-eyed beauty was surprised, “Mom, take it!”

Young Alice answered, “Say!!!”

“Karen Lee said he wants to see you!”

This is the voice of the captain of his family guard.


The charming young lady became extremely hot all at once.

This is a self-investment?

Even if she doesn’t find a place to hide, she still dares to come?

Alice, the young woman sneered, “How many of them? Has she brought a lot of people? “

Is there need to repeat the old tricks, just like attacking the Lee family, attacking Loufu family?

It’s a pity that she is a big arms dealer, and the investment in the family guards every year is beyond estimate.

Want to attack?

Is it possible?

The blue-eyed beauty and the young woman in jeans looked at each other. For three seconds, they were astonished, and then they were cold, they took the initiative to come to them at the door! This is looking for death! “Just a few people! Just a car!”

The captain of the family guard was also taken aback. He still didn’t know that the base was destroyed by Karen Lee.

So it’s surprising! Why did Karen Lee come here suddenly?

After all, at the very least, the Luofu family and Karen Lee have nothing to do with each other. Why do they drive over to visit?

“A car?”

The charming young woman who still sneered was taken aback.

She thought it was a lot of cars, plus planes and the like. Actually not, what is the situation?

Came to apologize?

The sneer on the face of the charming young woman appeared again.

“Do you want to let them in?”

The captain of the family guard asked carefully.

He heard the sneer of the charming young woman, what’s the situation?

“Let them come, why not, let them come? Let them in! “


The phone hung up.

“Karen Lee brought a few people here.”

The charming young woman smiled slightly, like a spring breeze.

“Just a few people? Haha, I know, she must know, we know she did it, so she came over and knelt down to apologize!! “

The young woman in jeans laughed.

So much simple.

Karen Lee has been sent to the door, so why go out for?

The young woman Alice sneered, “I guess yes, she only has one car after all!”

“But, isn’t Karen Lee very good in fighting? “

The blue-eyed beauty thought of this question.

“Daughter, it’s useless to be good at fighting. In this world, there is no one who can resist bullets. No matter how good she is, there is no use for her in our house!”

The young lady ridiculed that the people in her own home were heavily guarded! Guns are everywhere, so what if she comes in?

“Yes,” the blue-eyed beauty breathed a sigh of relief.

How safe is her home? She grew up here since she was a child, doesn’t she know?

It’s useless for Karen Lee to come in.

“Fortunately, this is Karen Lee, if it is a hidden family, then…” The young woman in jeans has a little lingering fear.

The Hidden Family is really not comparable to their Luofu family, the difference is big! If it is really a hidden family, then all they can do is to open one eye and close one eye.

Will they be still fighting against a powerful hidden family?

That’s too dangerous.

“Yes, the hidden family shouldn’t do this to us.”

After knowing the truth, the charming young woman breathed a sigh of relief.

Now Karen Lee has taken the initiative to come out, this is still very good! Now, she wants to vent all her anger from last night.

This Karen Lee ruined her base like a mad dog. This grudge must be reported! “Karen Lee brought people in.”

The phone rang again.

Charming young women, young jeans women, and blue-eyed beauties all stared outside.

Karen Lee came in first.

She had an indifferent look.

The charming young woman’s beautiful eyes shot cold.

“Karen Lee, give me an explanation? Why you destroyed my base?”

“Say! You are actually doing this, I tell you, you are looking for death!”

The young woman in jeans scolds! The blue-eyed beauty saw Karen Lee, she was a little surprised, what was wrong?

She rarely sees Karen Lee, but why does she feel that she is a little like a person today?

Did she read it wrong?

Well, it should be wrong.

“Reason? Are you asking me the reason? “

Karen Lee’s eyes narrowed.

Under this tight guard, she was still so indifferent.

“Yes, I’ll give you a chance to explain why! Otherwise, I will let your whole family die!”

The charming young woman spoke.

She was very angry when she saw Karen Lee. This person was the one who embarrassed her Luofu family last night! At this time, she felt that her face was hot.

Because Karen Lee slapped her face last night, this hatred must be reported today!!
“My reason is simple, because of your daughter!!!”
Karen Lee stared at the blue-eyed beauty.

At this moment, murder came out.

“My daughter? What are you talking about?”

The charming young woman scolded!

“Yes, because of Emily? Karen Lee, what reason are you looking for? Kneel down!!”

The young woman in jeans sneered.

“Karen Lee, make it clear?”

The charming young woman stared at Karen Lee coldly! The blue-eyed beauty was astonished, and then angry, because of her?

Why did she do these things because of her?

“Your daughter arrested and tortured my son. You say, shouldn’t I destroy your base? ” Karen Lee said.

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