Chapter 597 – 598: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 597: The Chen’s Ancestor

Kris Chen’s punch shattered every planets in its way, the whole outer space was trembling under its tremendous power.

Daosheng and Wuxian couldn’t help wondering where the hell did Kris and Demon Kris come from. They knew clearly about how many sects are there in the Dongsheng Divine Land that possessed people capable of using the power of Holy Realm, but they had never heard about Kris’ Gengu No.1 Sect, which meant that it was from some other places.

They tried to escape, but Kris’ attack was faster. Half of Wuxiang’s body was caught in the attack which nearly knocked away all his Yang spirit. Wuxian’s power came purely from Yang spirit, the Holy Realm is actually about merging the Yang spirit into one’s body so that one could reach the Other Realm. The advantage of people like Wuxian is that they don’t need any practice to trigger their power, they just need to wake it up.

But it doesn’t mean that they are physically invincible. The toughest power of tje Bone and the Eye of Chen’s family is their spirit but not power. Meanwhile, Daosheng was caught in Kris’s attack completely. The punch of Kris seemed slow but it had actually reached a speed faster than the sound while being navigated accurately at Daosheng, which all came from the merit of Acupuncture Points Dongtian power. The world constructed by Dongtian is different from that of Holy Realm which wields the power of rules. Rules create two-dimension world while Dongtian creates three-dimension world that is rather weaker than two-dimension one, but still the combined power of 129,600 Dongtian world be destructive as well.


Daosheng created a holy shield as the attack came near. It prevented him from severe injuries but the power still shattered the shield and knocked him back down on the ground.

“Stay here and deal with this guy, I’ll take a look down there.” Kris made for the ground as he sent this message to Demon Kris.

Down there, Chen Ye was caught in the battle with three semi-gods of Chen’s family. He could barely hold himself together since the fight with Daosheng had quite exhausted him. Suddenly a meteorite-looking thing came down from the sky and dropped on the ground in no time, causing an explosion that nearly blew away half of the Holy City. “Sir!” Shouted the semi-gods as they recognized that it was Daosheng, surprised at what caused it.

“Get the heel out of my sight!” Shouted Kris as he came back from outer space. He launched a punch down at the semi-gods and immediately destroyed their bodies. Thought their spirit still remained, the damaged had been caused.

“Mr Chen!” Shouted Chen out of joy, delighted that Kris’ power was even stronger than the Holy Realm. Kris nodded, and soon gathered himself up, ready for the fight against the soldier of True Gods of the ten major families.

“World of chaos!” With a snap of fingers, Kris created a world filled with rules and Taoist Strength and trapped Daosheng inside, then he immediately took a rule out of the red gourd given by the Gourd Ancestor, a man who have reached middle period of the Holy Realm.

It wound not kill Daosheng, but was enough to confine him. Then he headed back to the outer space. His attack may not be able to kill Wuxian, but that of Demon Kris may. By then time Kris got back to Demon Kris side, Wuxian was barely catching his breath, his weapon was also broken.

“Sorry, Mr Chen, this is all my family’s fault, please stop the fight!”

“Why the hell didn’t you just admit it in the first place?” Sneered Demon Kris, looking down upon those who are way too cocky to know when to back down, and those who had reached Holy Realm were no more than a bunch of slightly-high-rank practitioners to Demon Kris. But he was also tired of the fight, knowing that Wuxian may have to summon his soldiers of True Gods, so he said:”Well, give me ten billion Taoist Strength stones and I’ll let you go.”

“That’s impossible!” Wuxian shook his head, for that amount of stones would suffice his family for hundreds of years.

“I’m not famous for being patient,” Said Demon Kris,”You have your soldiers of True Gods, I have mine as well. Go on fighting if you don’t want to pay me the stones, then I’ll slaughter everyone one of the people of your sect!”

Wuxian was scared, he didn’t know that Demon Kris had found out nearly everything of him. He could survive with the help of Holy Realm, but his apprentices would not.

“Leave him be, man. Now do me a favor and kill this bastard!” Said Kris to Demon Kris as he pointed to the world of chaos where Daosheng was still trapped in. It terrified Wuxian even further, for he knew that there is a ancestor of Chen’s family who had reached later period of the Holy Realm.

“Big Bang!” Shouted Demon Kris as he punched toward Daosheng. The world of chaos exploded immediately and his punch went straight down toward Daosheng. His holy weapon, the samsara pearl, managed to kept his spirit intact as his body was shattered into dusts. But that was the end, once the pearl is gone, Daosheng would stand zero chance against his enemy.

“My weapon…I need help, Ancestor!”

Suddenly there appeared a black hole of void in the air, form which came a old man while the black hold kept on devouring the energy around. It was the Ancestor of Chen’s family that had reached the later period of Holy Realm.

Kris was quite irritated, since there seemed to be no end to this fight.

“Holy…I can get help, too, you vile bastards!” Shouted Kris, then Yuan Kris breached through the Fetal membrane of heaven and earth and landed near Kris’ side. Unlike Demon Kris, Yuan Kris focused on practicing Magical and Spiritual power since it was unnecessary for him to enhance his physical body.

He was like a scientist, studying the basic essence of the world and use it to build weapons and augment his attack. A basic fire ball from him had become more powerful than spiritual fire. He had also enhanced his Yang spirit, and his capability of deduction is a hundred time stronger than that of Kris. It confused Kris every time he laid eyes on Yuan Kris, for his power was no less stronger than Holy Realm while he didn’t actually have the power of Holy Realm.

As for Wuxian, his remorse peaked as he saw the presence of Yuan Kris. So that was the power of the Gengu No.1 Sect: three practitioners that have the power of Holy Realm. He thought about calling for help from the ancestor of his family, but quitted quickly since it wouldn’t be of much help.

“My apology, sir. This is my family’s fault” Uttered the Ancestor, and it surprised everyone.

“What are…” Uttered Daosheng.

“Shut up!” Shouted the Ancestor,”I know what you’ve done!”

As pissed as Daosheng was, he could only stay silent.

“Well, so how do you want to settle this down?”

“The fight between the young men should not be interrupted by us, the elders. Why don’t we just let them continue?”

“Sounds fair, but that Daosheng had wounded my man!”

“Here’s our compensation.” Said the Ancestor as he threw a storing ring to Kris, who was surprised by what were inside the ring but soon remained calm. Ancestor’s decision was unacceptable to Daosheng: it would be Nan’s destiny if Feng kills him, but what if things go the other way round? It would mean that Nan was more talented, and since the Ancestor used to have Feng took away Nan’s demon bone…

“And you!” Shouted Demon Kris as he pointed at Wuxian,”Give us the stones asap, or I’ll get them by myself!”

Wuxian was helpless, for he saw no hope of winning the fight at all after everything that happened. Moreover, Kris still got help. The three Great Saints of North Luzhou and the Wuji Sword Sect were all in close connection to Kris, so was the Gourd Ancestor. Not to mention the spectrum of five elements of which the combine power would be as powerful as that of the Holy realm.

And the Ancestor wasn’t even actually there, it was just one of his spectrum. Kris sensed it, which would be a surprise to the Ancestor for he was in the middle of nowhere of the outer space, and it would take him at least a month to go back.

Chapter 598: Magic Power of Time

Even Wuxian Wei felt pain in his flesh for one hundred billion Stones of Taoist Strength.

But it just happened, like the big fish would eat the small ones. He must give all these stones.

After receiving Wuxian’s compensation, Kris Chen nodded with satisfaction and returned with Demon Kris.

At the same time, Nan Chen and Feng Chen had already fought each other for tens of thousands of times. Taoist strength was flying in all directions, with countless magical powers. Consequently, numerous buildings had been destroyed.

But no one dared to stop them!

The more Feng Chen fought with Nan Chen, the more frightened and more powerless he felt.

Although Feng Chen owned Mr. Bone and Golden Eyes, he could not understand why he couldn’t win Nan Chen.

It was impossible! Nan Chen looked at Feng Chen indifferently, “Even if you have Mr. Bone, you are still good-for-nothing.”

As he spoke, Nan Chen’s breath soared, and Mr. bone continued to provide him with strength, which made him soon beyond the actualized spirit.

“I said, I will take back what belongs to me myself!”

As soon as he said so, Nan Chen punched out with huge power, instantly crush Feng Chen’s right arm.


Feng Chen coughed up blood and his whole body fell down like a meteor falling from the sky.

A hand cut all the way through his back!


The shrill voice resounded through the whole field.

Nan Chen suddenly pulled the jade-like Mr. Bone out of Feng Chen with his bare hands.

Without Mr. bone, Feng Chen’s breath plummeted.

Feng Chen still wanted to fight back. Nan Chen stepped on his chest. With a little movement, the huge force instantly crushed Feng Chen’s sternum, and the pain shattered the accumulated mana.

“Pain? I had suffered ten times more pain than you!”

Nan Chen looked at him with no joy and no sorrow, raising Mr. Bone in his hand, “Do you want it? Kneel down and beg me, and I may give it to you! “

He now had the Supreme Mr. bone, stronger than Mr. bone!

Feng Chen did not speak, with a pair of golden eyes staring at Nan Chen, “return my Mr. bone!”

“No, it’s mime!”

Nan Chen put away Mr. bone and said, “when you dug out my Mr. Bone, I swore to kill you, but now I’ve changed my mind!”

As he loosened his feet, Nan Chen said: “I think that sometimes I do not have to kill for revenge!”

“Do you want to dig my Golden Eyes out?”

“Ha-ha, how could you think I want that kind of junk eyes?”

Some inherit of the Demo Sect were not good, but some were still very strong. Among them, there were ways to exercise pupils.

If a practitioners could practice it to the highest Stage, they could even break all vanity!

The Golden Eyes of the Chen Family was just inherited from their ancestors, which now became abnormal pupils weakened many times!

“Feng Chen, I don’t want to kill you. I want you to live under my fear all lifelong. With me, you are always nothing!”

Nan Chen’s voice was very light. However as it was falling into the ears of Feng Chen, it sounded like the most terrible curse, which was firmly imprinted on his heart.

If he couldn’t break the curse, he could only be a loser in front of Nan Chen all his life!

Nan Chen had now realized one of his goals to win Feng Chen.

Of course, the real killer was his uncle!


Zi Chen flied over and hugged Nan Chen, and also looked at Feng Chen, who was totally in a mess with his Taoist heart unsteady, “That’s what you deserve!”

“Thank you very much!”

Nan Chen kneeled in front of Chen Ye, respectfully kowtowing toward him three times.

“Get up!”

Chen Ye helped Nan Chen up, “This time you have to thank your master uncle. Without your master uncle dealing with all pressures, we will be in trouble.”

“Where is him?”

Nan Chen also understood that without Kris, he would surely die.

As they were talking about Kris, he just came. Chen Ye opened his mouth slightly, “your master uncle is coming!”

“Thank you very much, master uncle!” Nan Chen worship down to the ground!

“Have you achieved the fulfilled period?”

“Not yet, but nearly!” Nan Chen answered.

“It doesn’t matter. It’s not too late to come back and get even with you when you reach the Holy Realm.” Said Kris.

Nan Chen nodded with a smile.

“This is the compensation for the Chen family’s injury to you.” Kris threw the storage ring to Chen Ye.

Chen Ye was stunned, with his divine spiritual power checking the storage ring, and got shocked, “elder martial brother, this… These… are too many, I can’t take…”

“Well, you are now also an actualized spirit. Even if you don’t need it, your two disciples would need it.”

Kris laughed, and at moment Chen’s ancestors came down from the sky. “Daoist Friend, can I have a word with Nan Chen?”

Kris didn’t speak and looked at Nan Chen. Nan Chen raised his eyelids and said, “no, I’ll go back to Chen’s family in a few years, and then I’ll have to get even with what had happened.”

Chen’s ancestors narrowed his eyes slightly and his face looked as usual. When he reached his stage, he had already become emotionless.

“Well, if there is one day, you will be the new Family Head of the Chen family!” After saying so, he brought Feng Chen who was almost died to leave.

Even the most powerful ten families got shocked, especially the Pearl Jade in Tantai, who thought Nan Chen was just from an Anonymous Sect and even wanted to recruit him. However, he didn’t expect that he was so marvelous to win Feng Chen.

And their sect was so powerful!

Even the Chen family had to bow down, and the family head was almost killed!

At this moment, many people raised a consensus that the world would change.

Such a powerful sect appeared.

At this time, people were confused about what kind of sect that Gengu No.1 sect is.

Even if the disciples in the sect were so powerful, so as the elders?

They even wondered whether they should negotiate with them, and some people had even already sent voice message back to look through the classics of sects to see if this sect was the hermit sect long time ago.

“Come on, let’s go back!”

Kris looked at Demon Kris and Yuan Kris. As they integrated into one, they disappeared into a streamer.

The saint level was the peak in the Devil Land. At present, Kris’s means were still too limited. It seemed that he should take the route of searching and plundering.

“Half a month later, welcome to the mountain opening ceremony of Gengu No.1 Sect!” Kris said, leaving with a group of people!

Chen Ye thought that Kris would take them to the place where the sect located. However, Kris took them to a wild place where birds did even not poop.

Here was super large grassland with flat terrain, which was very suitable for the location of the sect!

As one finger pointed out, the earth trembled and countless drums emerged from the ground.

In the twinkling, it became a mountain of hundreds of meters, and it was still climbing.

“This is building mountain!”

Chen was shocked Ye, “elder martial brother, can’t you open the mountain gate here now?”

“True.” Kris nodded!

A few minutes later, hundreds of mountains rose, and the highest main peaks were over ten thousand feet.

There were no trees in the mountain peak, so Kris grabbed a handful of seeds of magic wood and scattered them on the mountain.

“Call for rain!”


A million miles of Aura rolled here, forming dark clouds in the sky.


A few drops of rain fell and soon became a curtain of rain.

“This is rain of aura!

Kris’s ability to raise mountains and call the rain from nothing made Zi Chen quite shocked and admire!

Master uncle was too powerful! And she could not tell how many times Kris be more powerful than her at all.

As the seeds fell on the mountain, they quickly took root and sprout; as a result this place became vigorous.

However, there was too much rain. Kris thought about it and put out a fist, and then a deep pit hundreds of miles in size appeared to the side. A steady stream of spiritual rain fell into the lake and the groundwater gushed. It was believed that it would soon become a huge lake.

Kris took thousands of lower grade spirit stone veins and drove them into the mountain peak, because there were already excellent ore veins under it.

This was also the aptitude of Yuan Kris. Although Kris didn’t have it, the information was shared, and he wouldn’t really find a barren place to live in.

“It seemingly needs something else!”

As soon as Kris patted his head, he remembered it. So he used his Divine Spiritual Power to restrain thousands of monster beasts, and then enlightened him!

Men, women, the old and the young, all appeared in a sudden.

After finishing all this, the cloud and the rain were gone, and a rainbow hanging in the main peak half of the hillside, with immortal air floating!

As Kris’s another finger pointed out, the great array of protecting the sect was completed, where the 45 Taoist strengths had wrapped up the sect, and a chaotic world was formed!

Not to mention the actualized spirit, even if the half Saint broke in, he must die!

Once people in the high stage, they would have a different perspective on things.

Seeing all things Kris did last night, Chen Ye understood that it seemed that the Gengu No.1 Sect was going to copy the development route in other lands.

Nan Chen and Zi Chen also agreed that. In this way, they would have branches all over the Devil Land, which meant they were really the No.1.

“Let’s go in and decorate the gate well.” Kris laughed and took thousands of demons into the mountain!

Chen Ye also took Nan Chen and Zi Chen go inside.

Mr. Gu in the ring was also envious. Even the top families like Dongsheng Devine Land couldn’t compare with such a powerful sect.

To be honest, he wanted to join Gengu No.1 Sect and became an elder of alchemy room.

As for the rest of the staff, Kris transferred directly from other lands. Three days later, the huge sect became crowded.

However, everything went in order with the help of another two Kris and Chen Ye.

News of the opening of Gengu No.1 Sect also spread almost in the speed of light.

Kris thought that maybe he should refine more avatars? Like the avatars of yin and Yang?

This time, Demon Kris brought two kinds of high-level mysterious Qi to Kris, Shang Qingxuan Qi and Yu Qingxuan Qi, which were frankly, yin and Yang.

In combination with various myths of the earth, Kris asked Yuan Kris to deduce the skill of transforming the three divines together.

After refining Shangqing incarnation and Yuqing incarnation, Kris was very satisfied. He had 80% strength of Kris himself, and they could also integrate into the original one at the critical time!

Now, the only needed was Ling Qingxuan Qi, but it was not easy to get because it had a more advanced name! The air of chaos!

“Forget it. Let me take time to look for it.”

“Now, you are Qing Kris, and you are Yu Kris! Hope you can take care of the sect. You should better arrange the plan as soon as possible. In a year’s time, I’m going to go to the Deep Universe to find my way home!”

“You can trust us!”

They knew that Kris’s obsession with going home or it had already become a driving force for his practice.

Kris nodded and stepped into the sword world.

As soon as he entered the sword world, Kris got a piece of good news.

After unremitting analysis of the incarnation of deduction and the incarnation of cause and effect, they had learned thousands of magic powers related to time reversal, and finally created three kinds of magic powers.

“They are Time Accelerating, Time and Space Forbidding and Time and Space Imprisoning!”

This involved the present and the future. The retrogression of time and space was too difficult to bear for incarnations.

“Three powers should be enough!”

Double the time? Time and space was still for 30 seconds, and imprisoning 100 meters of time and space!

Sounds like weak powers, but time was the strongest road without any other options.

Maybe space could be compared to time, but it was only comparison not transcendence.

“The amount of information is a little big, so you should be prepared for it!” the incarnation said.

“Never mind, come on!” Kris took a breath, and he was ready.

“Start to share Information!”

At that moment, Kris was almost stunned by the huge amount of information.

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