The charming young woman finds it ridiculous, even if Chuck Cannon is Karen Lee’s son, what about it? The gap between families, can you still be more important than my daughter?

“Leave my sister, how much do you want, I’ll give it to you!”

The young woman in jeans scolds! The relationship between the two is the best, and they manage the Luofu family together. She saw that her sister was caught, and she was extremely angry!

“I’m not here for the money.” Karen Lee shook her head, staring at the blue-eyed beauty.

“Then what do you want, if you dare to hurt my sister, I will kill you and your family!”

The young woman in jeans threatens.

She can definitely do this!! Didn’t Emily arrest your son?

You ruined ten bases, but you didn’t say enough?

Who do you think Karen Lee is?

What is it?

“I don’t like other people threatening me, and I don’t like it, and even threatening my family, your sister, I think it’s better to let her rest for a while!”

Suddenly, Karen Lee had cold eyes and kicked the young woman in jeans!


The young woman in jeans flew out like trash, crashed, fell on the sofa in embarrassment, and the sofa actually collapsed.

The young woman in jeans snorted and fainted.

The blue-eyed beauty was shocked, and the charming young woman was suddenly annoyed, “You dare to hit my sister?”

“It’s her who let me beat her!” Karen Lee said.

She knew this young woman in jeans, she wanted to fight a long time ago.

This kick, even if there is a doctor, she can’t get up for half a year. Must lie in a hospital bed for at least half a year!

“Karen Lee, do you know what you are doing?” The charming young woman was angry.

Her sister is so beautiful. At this time, she was so embarrassed that she fainted and her heartache was extreme.

“You don’t know yet? Since I ruined your first base, you should know that I am on fire!!”

Karen Lee is indeed on fire.

She had never felt this way before. She was very distressed when she saw a piece of meat that fell from her body was beaten on her head, was locked in that place, and eventually almost died in Amazon.

“Karen Lee, what do you want? What’s the matter, come to me and let my mother go?”

The blue-eyed beauty stared at Karen Lee with blood-red eyes.

“Daughter, stay away.”

The young woman hurriedly said.

Karen Lee has no humanity. Her sister, she just beat her. At this moment, her daughter is definitely not immune?

“Mom.” The blue-eyed beauty was not going back!

“Don’t you know what’s wrong?” Karen Lee asked.

“I don’t know, I’m not wrong, nothing wrong!” The blue-eyed beauty screams! From start to finish, what did you do wrong?

Nothing wrong?

No, the wrongest place is that Chuck Cannon should have been killed at that time, and should not be silly and ready to let him go! This is my biggest mistake from start to finish!

“And so?” Karen Lee’s eyes became cold.

Chuck Cannon stared at her, right? Logan, Yvette, and Betty all looked cold.

This woman is shameless!!

“So it’s not right for you to catch my mother, it’s not right to beat my aunt, it’s not right to ruin my home base, it’s you who is wrong, and it’s your son Chuck Cannon who is wrong!” The blue-eyed beauty was furious, she is not wrong! Karen Lee’s eyes were cold, and she was holding the charming young woman in her hand.

“Don’t move my mother, if you move, I will die with you! It is all your fault, especially your son Chuck Cannon, he is all wrong!”

“He shouldn’t be a Chinese, he shouldn’t hit me, shouldn’t he? I caught him, this is to punish him! This is what he deserves!”

“You still don’t know what’s wrong, that’s good, it’s easy,” Karen Lee grabbed the charming young woman and walked to the blue-eyed beauty.

The blue-eyed beauty was trembling, and Karen Lee’s approach gave her a sense of oppression that she had never felt before.

“You said that my son is from Huaxia, so he is wrong?” Karen Lee said.

“Yes, a Chinese man is weak and timid like a mouse. This is his biggest fault!”

The blue-eyed beauty stared at her.

“Then you mean, you are a very good American?”

“Yes, we Americans are a hundred times more powerful than your Chinese people, we are tall, we…” the blue-eyed beauty said, laughing a little.

Yes, the U.S. people are so tall that Chinese people can’t come in. This is a natural physical advantage!

“You are tall, you are brave, but why can’t you beat my son?” Karen Lee asked.

“I…” The blue-eyed beauty was speechless.

“Why are you not talking?”

“I can beat him now, but are you going to let my mother go?” The blue-eyed beauty scolded.

Karen Lee looked at Chuck Cannon.

Chuck Cannon came out.

The blue-eyed beauty is insidious, “You came out by yourself, go to death!!”

She rushed out, and her amazing speed made her confident that she could defeat Chuck Cannon, surely! The long legs kicked out and he was already close to Chuck Cannon.

But Chuck Cannon was indifferent, turned around, and slapped it out!
The broad palms hit the blue-eyed beauty face, extremely crisp! The blue-eyed beauty was stunned, covering her face.

With a slap, the blue-eyed beauty fell to the ground, feeling that her face was not hers anymore.

The young lady Alice was shocked, her daughter was a bit powerful but she was beaten by a slap?

Chuck Cannon looked at her.

The blue-eyed beauty got up from the ground.

“Are you good?” Karen Lee spoke.

The blue-eyed beauty held her cheek and looked back at Karen Lee, “Yes, I’m great, I’m not wrong!”

“Daughter…” The young woman suddenly felt that she was wrong.

Her daughter provoked Chuck Cannon and was beaten. How should she say this? The latter thing was also caused by her own daughter. This is a mistake that the charming young woman feels a little bit.

“Mom, what did I do wrong? He was all wrong, all he was! I hate him, hate him! ” The blue-eyed beauty burst into tears.

The despair she suffered in Amazon is vividly remembered. That kind of despair, she was almost killed by it, and she must have died miserably. It was Chuck Cannon! If it weren’t for Chuck Cannon Huaxia’s face, how could she do that kind of thing?

The young lady Alice was speechless, she wouldn’t be like this when she was caught by Karen Lee, but she was questioned by her own daughter, and she did.

“Chuck Cannon, do you know my despair? Do you know how I came here? Do you know? You let me into that village, I don’t want to enter. Why do you want to enter?” The blue-eyed beauty asked aggressively.

“Why, don’t you want me to appear in Amazon? You caught me in,” Chuck Cannon was indifferent.

“I arrested you, but does it mean you can arrest me? On behalf of that don’t you can take me into Amazon? Means that can’t you take me to the human race?” The blue-eyed beauty snarled like crazy.

“I was taken away by those people, do you know what they are going to do to me? You don’t know, I’m a girl who was pulled into a room by them. They want to force me. I can’t resist. I’m going to die in despair. You haven’t experienced these things,” the blue-eyed beauty said with tears. She didn’t want to experience despair.

At that time, she was about to die. Fortunately, someone saved herself, but this person has not appeared selflessly to this day.

“Desperate! Didn’t you come out?”

Chuck Cannon is indifferent.

At such a moment, he regretted it very much. At that time, what did he do to save her?

He should have left directly.

Chuck Cannon felt that in the future, he would never be sympathetic. If she did something wrong, he should let her suffer the consequences.

“Come out? Do you know how I came out? When I was desperate, a person showed up and hit three men with a rock. Then I had a chance to run out. Otherwise, I would have died long ago because of your stupidity!! It made me almost die, and you still said it wasn’t you who was wrong?”

The blue-eyed beauty asked, she roared! The desperate picture made her tremble. At that time, it was really the darkest time in her life, and this was all because of this Chinese person in front of her, this Chuck Cannon! He gave it to himself! If it weren’t for that person, she would have died long ago, and she would have died miserably!

“I was indeed wrong,” Chuck Cannon shook his head.

“Huh, now admit your stupidity?” The blue-eyed beauty sneered, did he finally admit it?

You Huaxia people are so timid, you don’t even admit your mistakes?

“No, I was wrong at that time, I should have gone alone and wouldn’t have saved you,” Chuck Cannon said suddenly. Genius remembers three or five while first in one second.

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