“What are you talking about?” The blue-eyed beauty sneered.

She even thought it was funny!

“You Chuck Cannon saved me? Maybe? It’s because that person saved me and I ran out to give you a chance to escape!” The blue-eyed beauty mocked.

This person is really shameless. To say so, how shameless is this to be done?
The charming young woman was shocked. Yvette, Logan, and Betty were all a little surprised.


“Do you think so?” Chuck Cannon was expressionless.

“Of course it is. How could that the mysterious man saved me be you?” The blue-eyed beauty was disgusted.

To say so, is this to thank him?

It’s disgusting!

“Then you explain why he didn’t show up?” Chuck Cannon asked.

“He is not as disgusting as you, he saved me. Never thought of giving back.” The blue-eyed beauty sneered.

“According to you, you saved me?”

“Yes, it wasn’t my departure. It caused chaos. You have a chance to run?” The blue-eyed beauty didn’t believe it.

“That’s what you mean. It’s impossible for me to know your situation at that time?” Chuck Cannon asked again.

“Yes, how could you know?” The blue-eyed beauty sneered?

Maybe impossible!

It depends on how you make it up!

“Okay, you made a mistake just now, not because you didn’t want to show up, but because you were very entangled at the time. You cried inside and said you don’t want them to move you. I already ran away. But hearing your pleading voice, I came back thinking I should save you, so I picked up a rock and smashed the three people inside, all on the back of their head. I think one of them should have been smashed to death by me. Did I make a mistake during this process?” Chuck Cannon said.


In an instant, the expression of the blue-eyed beauty went from shock, to surprise, to shock, and finally to incredible!!

Because the process Chuck Cannon said is true and there is nothing wrong with it!

How could he know the detailed process?

How could it be possible!

Could it be that he really saved herself?


The blue-eyed beauty was suddenly confused. What she imagined in her heart was a U.S. native. Because the U.S. was brave, how could she be saved by the timid Chinese?

She could not believe, could not accept this fact!

However, Chuck Cannon is absolutely right. He really saved her.

Still, I plan to repay him, still, plan to like it?

The blue-eyed beauty collapsed in such a moment, and what she thought in her heart was completely different from what she had in reality.

She can’t accept it!

Why aren’t the Americans who saved her? If so, then you can fall in love and get married, but?

She felt hot pain on her face!

“I regret saving you.” Chuck Cannon said coldly.

At that time, he should leave directly, what can he do to save her?

He still has that trace of compassion at work!

The young woman Alice was astonished. She looked at Chuck Cannon, but she didn’t expect that Chuck Cannon actually saved her daughter?


Actually in that situation. He did it and gave her daughter another life.

For a moment, the charming young woman was a little bit embarrassed.

Just now, when Karen Lee said that her daughter had arrested Chuck Cannon, she was a little shocked, and she was a little bit unfounded, but she couldn’t let go of her face.

But in this matter, it is true that her daughter did something wrong.

However, Karen Lee grabbed herself like this and stunned her sister. She felt that what her daughter did was right, but now?

This Chuck Cannon actually saved her daughter, she doesn’t know what to say!!

She just feels that she has no confidence.

“Daughter is it true?! He saved you?” the charming young woman asked.

A huge contrast in the heart. The blue-eyed beauty shed tears, “Yes”


The young lady Alice has no confidence, and her daughter has done this wrong.

She looked at Chuck Cannon again and suddenly felt that Chuck Cannon was a bit pleasing to her eyes.

She said that one is one. Chuck Cannon saved her daughter. She still has to be thankful for this.

Because if there was no Chuck Cannon, her daughter would have died.

She manages such a big family. It is necessary to distinguish between rewards and punishments.

“But, why did you save me?” The blue-eyed beauty still has a little luck in her heart, you are lying to me, right?


“I don’t want you to die in the hands of those people. If you are forced or killed, you should be dealt with by me!” Chuck Cannon said.

The blue-eyed beauty was sad, “You should have said earlier, you should show up at that time, which made me happy.”

She stopped.

“You fight, I let you fight.” said the blue-eyed beauty, “I was wrong, you saved me, and I can pay you back.”


Chuck Cannon slapped her face.

Without a grunt, the blue-eyed beauty got up when she fell to the ground, and Chuck Cannon kicked her.

The blue-eyed beauty slammed out with her belly, vomiting blood.

“Don’t hit, don’t hit my daughter.” The young charming woman felt distressed.

She didn’t have the confidence to call out.

“Mom, don’t say anything, I was wrong.” The blue-eyed beauty got up and Chuck Cannon walked over.

When Yvette saw this, she felt relieved, how can she say, it was her, this beautiful blue-eyed beauty, absolutely dead immediately!

Because she almost killed Chuck Cannon, and now Chuck Cannon still suffers from pain.

How should this hatred be reported?

“Karen Lee, what do you want, I’ll give it to you. Don’t let your son beat my daughter.” Of course, the young lady can’t stand it anymore. If you continue to fight like this, your daughter will definitely be seriously injured!!

“Do you think that if he beat your daughter, the matter is over? My son almost died, how to calculate this account?” Karen Lee asked blankly.

For a moment, the charming young woman was speechless!

Yes, if your daughter encountered such a thing, then what would she do? Absolutely destroy this family!

“Karen Lee, things have reached this point, what do you want?” The charming young woman sighed.

“My son has the final say.” Karen Lee said.

The charming young woman looks at Chuck Cannon.

Chuck Cannon has been hitting blue-eyed beauties five or six times in a row, and the blue-eyed beauty can’t get up anymore. She seems to be fainting. Chuck Cannon hasn’t left any hands!

The young lady Alice can’t stand it anymore, “Hey, don’t fight, my daughter is wrong, I promise you what you ask, don’t fight!”

Yes, this time. Her daughter is everything to her!

She is willing to do anything for her daughter, as long as her daughter will not be tortured anymore.

“What can you promise me?” Chuck Cannon looked at him blankly.

“What are you talking about? Except for the Luofu family, I promise you everything else. I will never break my word! As long as you agree! Don’t beat my daughter! Let her go. She knows she is wrong, she really knows!” The young woman Alice sighed.

She has no confidence.

Chuck Cannon rescued her daughter, and her daughter still did that, just repaying grievances with virtue.

How can it be like that?

Chuck Cannon slapped the blue-eyed beauty on the face, and the blue-eyed beauty fell to the ground. She choked, confused, “Why did you save me? Why?”


Before she finished speaking, she passed out to death.

Her face was swollen, and her mouth was full of blood.

“Okay, you said it!” Chuck Cannon looked at the charming young woman.

“Yes, what I said, you can ask your mother, I never break my words when I speak!!” The charming young woman got serious.

Karen Lee nodded. As Chuck Cannon’s mother, she felt that this was not enough, and Chuck Cannon didn’t fight enough, though, the blue-eyed beauty was seriously injured. But his son Chuck Cannon almost died!

“Then you remember your words, I will contact you!” Chuck Cannon said.

“Okay, come and contact me at any time! I will do what you say!” The charming young woman nodded, her face solemn!!

“Mom. Let’s go!” Chuck Cannon said.


Karen Lee let got out of the charming young woman, and several people walked outside.

The hall was silent!

The young woman Alice rushed over and scolded, “Aren’t you going to prepare a doctor?”

Someone went to prepare.

“Where is Chuck Cannon?” The blue-eyed beauty woke up in a daze.

“He’s gone, I promised him a request.” Young Alice is worried, she really knows how to do it!

But what request would Chuck Cannon make?

But she has already said that she can’t give her own Luofu family, she feels a little relieved.

“Mom!!” The blue-eyed beauty suddenly panicked.

“What’s the matter, daughter?” The charming young woman was surprised.

The blue-eyed beauty hurriedly said in her ear, “Mom, why did you agree? Do you know? When I was on Amazon with him, he once told me that he will sleep with you.”

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