Chapter 599 – 600: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 599: Time Superposition

The more powerful the magic power, the more information he could receive.

These three magic powers combined with thousands of kinds of magical powers of time, which could be considered as the best from the essence.

It was evolved from the combination of innumerable time-subordinate magic powers, for example, the magic power of years and the magic power of decay.

It took Kris Chen a long time to digest the three magic powers. Calling out the Kekkai immortal of the sword world, Kris taught him the magic power of accelerating time. “Are you sure?”

Kekkai Immortal thought a second, “give me half a year, I should be able to master it!”

Half a year in the sword world was just 18 day in the outside world.

Kris nodded, “OK, try your best!”

After that, Kris began to practice the ninth turn. When he cultivated, he always lost the trace of the time, so it felt like a second that half a year had passed.

On this day, Kris’s ninth turn was finally promoted from a beginner to a preliminary master, that was, the middle period of the actualized spirit.

“Master, I have nearly understood it completely!” Said Kekkai Immortal.

“How much time flow can be adjusted now?”

“About fifteen times!” Kekkai Immortal answered.

In fact, the original velocity of the sword world was 20 times. After separating evil thoughts, it could only maintain 10 times of the velocity.

But now, with magic power of time calculated by Kris, it could hardly accelerate 15 times.

In a sense, the Kekkai Immortal was the consciousness of the microcosmos. If from a macro perspective, it was one heavenly way of the world.

But the sword world had been trained as magic weapons, so the Kekkai Immortal was more like a weapon spirit!

“Fifteen times? It’s really useful! “

Kris was very satisfied, because five times more time was a long extra time for Kris.

However, this was not enough. Kris threw these three magical powers to Yuan Kris, and asked him to continue to perform the function of improving the power.

In the future, it would be better for Yuan Kris to deal with such things rather than himself.

He even thought, if the speed of time in the sword world could continue to accelerate, he could simply have hundreds of years more.

If so, he could stay here until he reached the Holy Realm.

Kris shook his head with a smile.

At the same time, the open ceremony of Gengu No.1 Sect was completed three days ago.

As a super sect with three holy realms appeared in the Dongsheng Divine Lan, the world was shocked!

This new sect appeared without any preparations, and directly ranked into the top ten sects.

No one dared to covet or disrespect.

In particular, those things made by Gengu No.1 Sect were very strange to people.

Projector, visual mirror, magic brain, time and space express, special service for high-level sect and so on!

All these made them feel like antiques!

After a trial, everyone found the business opportunities of these things.

After reasonable distribution and competition, these products which were almost eliminated from other lands began to spread with the departure of the public.

The practitioners of Dongsheng Divine Land were stupid but rich. Therefore these things sold here were 30% higher than those in other lands. Even so, these products were still in short supply.

In just three days, the income of Gengu No.1 Sect had risen sharply. However, they only accepted Taoist Strength stones and settle accounts with divine-grade acupunture points.

Wanbao Pavilion and Seven-treasures House had always been good partners of Gengu No.1 Sect, so a large number of precious treasures had flowed into Gengu No.1 Sect.

Chen Ye finally collected the treasures that shaped the body, and began closing door (practicing Taoist magic art alone) to refine the body for Mr. Gu.

Chenzi stayed inside the sect, while Chennan went out to experience.

It was impossible for an eagle to stay in its nest. It must soar in the sky in order to grow.

Daosheng Chen was a super existence in the early days of the saint. He must transform himself into actualized spirit as soon as possible and even became a saint.

Soon, a month later, the ancestors of the Chen family returned to the Devil Land from the Deep Universe, converging their breath and returning to the Chen family.

His substitute had passed all the information to him.

“Gengu No.1 Sect is not to be provoked, do you understand?” Chen’s ancestors looked at Daosheng, and the heartbroken Chennan beside.

“Ancestor, how can we give up avenging such a huge hatred?”

Daosheng couldn’t bear it.

It was not a joke that when a man was angry, his blood splashed ten steps. However, if a saint got angry, the world would suffer greatly.

“Avenge? How?”

The ancestor of Chen family sneered, “Should we take the True God to fight with them?”

“It’s ok if we win. But what if we lose?”

“What’s more, Gengu No.1 Sect has already established cooperative relations with those sects. There are connections and interests among them. Do you think it is easy to avenge?”

Daosheng felt very subdued!

Indeed, there were no eternal friends in this world, only eternal interests.

It said that there were three holy realms Gengu No.1 Sect. But who could know if I was true or not?

What’s more terrifying was that the following people had heard that Gengu No.1 Sect established branches in all the lands, and each of them was a first-class existence.

Although Chen family was very strong, it could influence one or two lands nearby, but Gengu No.1 Sect had influenced all the lands!

Their strength was more terrible than the Seven-treasures House and Wanbao Pavilion combined.

The most important thing was that these forces he had connected!

For the first time, he felt that even though his family had an ancestor of the later period of the Holy Realm, there were still many things they could not do.

At best, he could guarantee his own safe, but he couldn’t guarantee his family’s. How unfair it was!

Under the anger, Daosheng stood up and looked at the decadent Chenfeng, “stand up for me!”

“Look at what you look like now. You are the little supreme of the Chen family, and it will be same in the future! It is just one setback. How can’t you still look so?”

“Have you ever thought about how Chennan got up? You don’t have Mr. Bone anymore, but you still have Glden eyes. You still have a future. Although you lose for a while, do you want to lose a lifetime? “

Daosheng’s words fell into Chenfeng’s ears, which was enlightening him a lot!

His eyes began to shine, and his golden pupils had focus now.

True, he lost Mr. Bone, but he still had the golden eyes!

Even without golden eyes, he still had his own Tao and pride. How could he fall here?

He could lose for a while. How could he lose all his life?

Thinking so, Chenfeng suddenly realized, “father, ancestor… I will pick up all things I lost!”

“Well, this is my son.”

The ancestor of Chen family also nodded, although he didn’t think highly of Chenfeng.

“From today on, you can hide your identity and travel to the outside world. I was wrong. The Chen family can give you protection and everything, but it limits your development.”

“How can the son of our Chen family lose to others?”

“Yes, father!”

Chenfeng kowtowed three times, and then left Chen’s house without looking back.

This time, he must find his former self.

At the same time, the sword world!

After three years of Closing Door (practicing Taoist magic art alone), Kris’s ninth turn had been promoted from a primary master to a senior master. Every inch of his skin was perfect to the extreme.

After breaking through to the later period of the actualized spirit, Kris felt that his bottleneck was loose. This was a very good message, which meant that Kris could continue to expand Dongtian (cave). He had 129600 Dongtian (cave) of middle-level, and his combat effectiveness was now comparable to that of Holy Realm in the early stage. What if he owned the Dongtian (cave) of high-level?

Would he become a Holy Realm of middle period or even later period?

In addition, there was another good thing!

Yuan Kris spent three years in the sword world deducing high-level magic power of time, and finally, he succeeded in the deduction half a year ago. Now, Kekkai Immortal was learning it!


Once he understood it totally, the flow rate would have a qualitative acceleration!

How much could it be improved this time?

Kris laughed.

“Kris, this is my understanding of Yang God and mana. You can feel it well. Maybe it will give you different inspiration!” And they started sharing information as they were talking.


At that moment, Kris saw the collision of molecules and the fusion of atoms.

Yuan Kris picked a leaf and said, “there is an infinite world in it!”

“Its meridians are like the Dragon veins of the earth, in which countless atoms and molecules develop, grow and devour each other.”

“Do you think the world above us is also a leaf, or a dust?”

He looked up at the sky and saw the boundless starry sky through the sword world.

What was the nature of the world?

It was composed of Taoist strength and rules.

So there must be a core in the middle. What was the core of the world?

What was the core of the universe?

What was it of the present, the past, and the future?

As Yuan Kris pointed out, the green leaves were aging and withering in a second and the acceleration of time was vividly reflected!

“If you look carefully, the leaves are withered and aged. The molecules, atoms and neutrons inside are struggling desperately to get rid of them. Are they very similar to us?”

Yuan Kris’s eyes seemed to contain the birth and death of the universe, with a trace of indifference to see through everything, as if the rise and fall of the universe was in his mind!

For a long time, Kris opened his eyes and benefited a lot, which was good for perfecting his world!

There was even a sense of sudden relief.

He took over the rotten leaf. Buddha said, “one flower, one world, one leaf, one Bodhi, one drop of water, and one grain of dust also contains a world.”

Then whether he could create his own life in his own world!

As soon as the idea came out, even Yuan Kris was stunned.

To create a new life, did Kris want to be a true God?

But what Kris called creation was pure creation!

He thought of the legend about the ancient gods. After the ancient gods died, their bodies evolved into mountains and rivers, their eyes became the sun, the moon and the stars, and the thoughts that did not dissipate turned into meteors one by one in the sky.

What if this was not a legend?

In fact, Kris could do that with his flesh.

He dropped a drop of blood. In one second, it evolved into a huge lake, and then changed into a high-level spirit spring.

“Why don’t we try?”

Yuan Kris looked at Kris and said, “isn’t there a legend of Pangu God on earth? After his death, the great God has evolved into many species, but this process is too long. It takes a lot of time, maybe millions of years! “

“Do you want me to kill more Holy Realms and put them in my Dongtian (cave)?”

Yuan Kris was stunned. “In fact, it’s not impossible to do this, but we can do experiments with our own Divine Spiritual Power first!”

“If it can’t be done, as long as we keep moving forward and the rules of the world become more and more perfect, the creatures we create will naturally become stronger.”

Kris seemed like thinking something, “However, it is not right now. Dongtian (cave) of middle level is too small and there is no room for survival. We can use Dongtian (cave) of high level or top level to try. At that time, they can have the most basic life, and… You have given me an inspiration. Maybe I have gone into a wrong direction.”

“Why do I have to speed up time in the sword world? Why can’t we add the concept of time to Dongtian (cave)? I just need to put the Taoist Strength stone in it, and let Dongtian (cave) ascend, isn’t it?”

“Suppose that the velocity of time in Dongtian (cave) world is 10 times, as my time in sword world is 15 times. Does that mean I have 150 times more time for free?”

“You mean… Time superposition?” Yuan Kris widened his eyes!

Chapter 600: Forgive Us

“Is that possible?” Yuan Kris asked.

“Of course it can,” said Kris Chen.

“I would like to give a simple example. For two people with magic power of time, their power either offsets each other or one will be defeated, which means that time can coexist!”

“That’s it” Yuan Kris was suddenly understood. There were different magic powers of time within 99 Taoist Strengths that he had mastered, such as, magic power of years, of decay, of retrospection, etc.

The most important was the Kekkai immortal!

It was a great help to Kris to practice the magic power of time!

It also gave Kris a lot of extra time to improve himself!

Just during the discussion, the Kekkai immortal woke up from the state of learning, and he also brought good news to Kris. That was 30 times the speed of time!

Great! Now he had extra dozens of years more! Both Kris and Yuan Kris were quite excited!

Yuan Kris could now use his magic powers to speed up time ten times. Under the superposition, one year in the outside world equaled to three hundred years in Dongtian (cave)!

Immediately, Kris made the decision, “Yuan Kris, you continue to learn the magic power of time, while other incarnation would study the rules. Make sure that all the rules are in fulfilled period before I set foot on the starry sky!”

Yuan Kris nodded. Since Kris was the original one. Only when he became stronger, could they be truly powerful.

In addition, as for Demon Kris, he was searching resources all over the world with the convenience of Sovereign Lord.

Kris was short of everything, but not the resource.

After he connected them with thoughts, all the incarnations in all the lands of the Devil Land understood his plan.

“Try to devour the spirit. Before I set foot on the starry sky, we must have the power to fight against the Holy Realms!”

Kris had learned the magic power of time, so as all his incarnations.

So under ten times faster, it gave them time to develop.

The incarnations of the five elements complemented their footprints and practiced the way of the five elements combination to evolve into the five elements universe.

This also provided a great inspiration to Kris!

At this time, North Luzhou, Beiming Sea!

With the help of Sea Dragon Snake and Kun Peng (a giant fish like bird), ten major waterways had been opened up, and the Gengu No.1 Sect had become a worthy Holy Sect of the new waterway!

It was also a paradise for all practitioners and sea monsters.

You could see the sea monster and the practitioners to coexist peacefully and jointly developed the sea area!

However, Beiming Sea used to be covered by vast fog. This was the boundary wall of Luzhou. If people broke in, they would surely die!

Buhui Chen and Kun Chen traveled in the sea, and their strength increased rapidly.

With Kun Chen escorting in the dark, this sea was actually quite safe!

Even in the Sea of Chaos, Buhui dared to go and practice!

“Do you mean there is a land on the other side of the sea?” Buhui asked, looking at the vast fog.

“I don’t know, but my intuition tells me that it’s dangerous inside, and we’ll die if we go in it!”

Kun Chen absorbed the fruit of Taoist practice of a Heavenly Monster. He had a keen intuition. As soon as he got close to the fog, he would feel the horror inside.


Buhui nodded, “I want to practice hard. One day, I will go in and have a look.”

“Let’s go back, Kun Chen!”

Kun Chen changed into his real body, and Buhui sat on him. As he flapping his wings, in a flash, they had already arrived hundreds of thousands of miles away!


Kris put all the spiritual stone and Taoist Strength stones in Dongtian (cave), with Taoist strength interwoven in Dongtian (cave).

Boom! Boom!

Dongtian (cave) trembled almost at the same time, and grew at a very slow rate!

“Good, it works!” Kris was overjoyed!

“One day outside, the world of cave has almost a year!”

Kris suddenly remembered the earth myth and legend. It is said that one day in the heaven and one year in the underground!

Now he understood that this was the effect of the superposition of magic powers of time!

One year, two years, three years, four years, five years…..

Dongtian (cave) became almost differently every day. The sky was higher and higher, the earth was thicker and thicker, and the space was more and more complete.

Nine turn had also been upgraded to the stage of fulfilled period!

The soul-mana-body Dharma had achieved the actualized spirit, and the sword intent had also formed a sword domain in a similar field, with infinite power!

99 Taoist strengths had become a complete rule, while the Dongtian (cave) of Kris was still slowly improving.

It was three hundred thousand feet long and three hundred thousand feet wide. The sky was ten thousand feet high and the ground was ten thousand feet thick!

It looked big, but… It hadn’t yet reached Dongtian (cave) of the high level, let alone Dongtian (cave) of the top level.

Although the space of a cave (cave) in Kris’s body was similar to that of the sword world, the sword world was indeed small worlds, because it was a part of the great worlds, which was very different in essence!

“Look at this, it’s going to take decades!”

In recent years, Yuan Kris had entered the realm of sword and made some progress. For example, the time velocity of sword world was 40 times, and the time velocity of Dongtian (cave) of Kris was 15 times that of Dongtian (cave), which meant one day outside almost equaled to two years in Kris’s Dongtian (cave)!

However, at present, it could only achieve to this extent. Although Yuan Kris was strong, he was still essentially a actualized spirit and had no contact with the rules.

Maybe after learning some rules, the speed of time would have a qualitative leap!

As a result, Kris had extra thousand years for free. He didn’t believe that Dongtian (cave) couldn’t evolve to the top in thousand years.

“Then let’s understand the cause and effect together.”

When Kris took a look at Yuan Kris, the stronger he was, the more he understood the power of cause and effect.

Maybe cause and effect was the only existence that could penetrate time and space.

Even if one were in the endless river of time, as long as he was connected with cause and effect, that person could also be found.

This was the power of cause and effect!

If there was no earth in Beidou system, then… The way of cause and effect was his only hope!

Ten years had passed in a hurry. However only three months had passed in the outside world!

When Kris opened his eyes, he gained a little understanding of cause and effect, and had a little clue about the follow-up of the nine turn golden body!

“No, the quality of the magic classics collected in this way is uneven.”

“Maybe I should let Demon Kris work harder?”

Kris touched his chin and thought it was right!

At the same time, in the middle of the thunder pool of the central part of Leizhou.

This is the magic thunder pool occupied by Gengu No.1 Sect. It had a good help to the body, even the half saint could get benefits here.

In the magic thunder pool, a strong man with a big body headed into the pool, and the infinite force of thunder and lightning drilled through his pores to stimulate his cell activity.

“The magic thunder pool has been completely useless to me. The cell activity has been increased by 20%, but it is still far from enough to reach the standard of improving the array!”

Demon Kris opened his eyes and now he had burned the array on all the cells of his hands and feet, then the trunk, the bone, the ilium and the organs.

The hardest part was the head. Because the brain was the weakest place!

“I want more magic powers of cause and effect, as well as the rules of sages. This idea coincides with mine.”

“It’s said that there are all kinds of thunder pools in those sects. And the best even works the sages. If I can try them one by one, maybe… I will enter the holy realm even earlier than the original me!”

Demon Kris got out of the magic thunder pool with laughing!

He changed his body and became a devil with a monstrous spirit!

At that moment, the spirit plants beside the magic thunder pool withered and their vitality was plundered.

Today, it was Xuanxin Sect’s annual pool-opening ceremony!

Xuanxin Sect was also the first-class sect of Leizhou. There were hundreds of magic thunder pools, each of which had infinite magical effects.

In particular, Xuanxin Sect’s Bisuan magic thunder pool had the super effect of washing marrow and stretching tendons.

It was the happiest day for the whole sect.

“Wuling, you can enter the Tambo magic thunder pool!”

“Wanghu, you can enter the Jiyuan MAGIC thunder pool!”

“Qianwu, you can enter…”

These magic thunder pools were all the accumulation of the sect for thousands of years. They were very precious, and also the key to keep it prosperous.

“Head of the sect, I’ve got a lot of good disciples this year. Maybe under the stimulation of magic thunder pool, they can awaken the spirit body.”

Wu Ya Lord noddes. Xuanxin Sect was getting better and better under his leadership. The senior of the sect would be very happy when he went out to see the talents.

“It’s said that the Huangshen Sect has found the best magic thunder pool, isn’t it?”

“Yes, master, I heard it was the Kuishui magic thunder pool!”


Wu Ya Lord was startled. It was magic thunder pool that could be beneficial for even actualized spirits!

“Did you send someone to rob it?”

“Yes, of course…”

Before the senior’s words wasn’t finished, the overwhelming evil spirit swept over the whole sect.

“It’s full of evil spirit. What is it?”

Wu Ya Lord was panicked.

This terrible spirit made him have no resistance at all.

At this time, the senior, who was closing door (practicing Taoist magic art alone) before, woke up, felt the terrible breath, and hurried out of the closing door, “which Taoist friend came to visit?”

“Senior, is that your friend?”

Wu Ya Lord quickly flew over, and the senior of the sect shook his head. He could not find out the identity with his practice in the middle period of the actualized spirit.

Now the whole Xuanxinzong Sect had made a mess. He couldn’t think of it that there is no warning from the great protecting array at all.

Just then, two scarlet rays were shining from the dark sky.

“Oh my God, that’s his eyes!”

Wu Ya Lord vowed that he had never seen such terrible eyes in his hundreds of years of practice.

This was the devil, the real devil!

When the senior of the sect did made friends with such a devil!

Not to mention the Wu Ya Lord, even the senior felt creepy, and his siprit couldn’t help shaking.

This person was terrible. Was he a super strong person who had already realized the actualized spirit of the fulfilled period?

But now all the disciples of the sect were looking at him. How could he look like frightened at this time? “May I ask what do you want to do in our sect?”

The man didn’t attack, so he must not be the enemy.

“Hand over all the classics and all the magic thunder pools of your sect!”

His loud voice sounded, and the practitioners who were low in cultivation even fainted.

“What, the classics and the magic thunder pools?”

The senior of the sect immediately got angry, because that was the root of the sect!

“No way! If you want them, you should first step across my corpse!”

The senior held a Leiting broadsword. The endless thunder converged and almost dispelled the fierce evil spirit.


Wu Ya Lord was moved by the senior’s words, “I swore to live and die together with the senior!”

The other disciples also called out: ” I swore to live and die together with the senior.”

The senior of the sect happily glanced at everyone, and then shouted loudly, but then he escaped without a trace!

Wu Ya Lord was stunned, and the elders of the sect were also confused, so did the disciples!

In the sky, Demon Kris laughed, “this old man is really afraid of death. He knows that he can’t beat me. He ran away without saying a word. He’s really a character!”

In fact, he didn’t want to kill people, nor did he want to take away all the classics. Couldn’t he make a copy?

That kind of low-level magic thunder pools was totally useless for him!

Wu Ya Lord was the first to react.

He dropped his magic weapons and knelt on the ground, “master, please forgive us!”

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