Chapter 601 – 602: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 601: The Endless plunder

After leaving the Xuanxin Sect, Demon Kris was quite pleased.

He copied all the selected collections, searched searched almost half of the treasure houses and took away the Jade Holy Thunder Pool.

After that, Demon Kris went to the Uncultivated Holy Cult which lied closest to him, and even robbed the Sunflower Holy Thunder Pool!

Killing people and setting fire are not what a person like him would do. A robbery should be a robbery! For several days in a row, there had been more than 20 kinds of Divine Thunder Pools in the hands of Demon Kris.

What he did made many families panic.

A big demon named “Wutian” had been wanted by all sects for robbing the sects crazily including the top sects.

The Great Saint even issued a Demon-Killing order, but… It didn’t work.

Wutian was no where to find. With the magic power of Break Boundaries of Demon Kris, it’s as simple as drinking water to break into the sects. He also swallowed all their Thunder Polls using the Swallowing Magic.

These were extremely pure thunder, and the cell viability of Demon Kris was greatly enhanced.

Especially under the acceleration of fifteen times of time and space, his strength had increased dramatically.

Developing like, it would not be long before the cells of his whole body should be able to form arrays. At that time,he would even dare to fight against the Saint Fulfilled period, not to mention the Saint Later period.

What is to practice Tao by force? This is to practice Tao by force.

He really didn’t need to understand the rules of supernatural powers. His master Kris Chen would do it for him. The only thing he had to do was to enhance the strength of the body, so that he could reduce ten sects with one force and break ten thousand magics with one force!

“It’s a good feeling, not only has the cell viability increased, but also the strength has increased by one thousandth.”

Demon Kris laughed, and if he should keep going like this, his power would soon have a qualitative leap.

After another two days, Demon Kris moved again.

Generally speaking, he would never make a second move. After his cultivation got improved, the world was fragile like a piece of paper to him, which could be easily broken with a poke!

“Elder martial brother, we have been here for several days. Why hasn’t the target appeared yet?”

Lord Jiayuan from the top sect- the Three Saints Sect asked.

“I don’t know!”

Lord Caijin shook his head. This time, the Three Saints Sect united the Taiping Taoism and Tianji Sect and set up a vast network. They even invited one of the saints the Half Saints of the Meteorite God Temple.

The three Sects put their blood and effort in it, and had taken out the three Holy Thunder pools, the Purple Cloud Holy Thunder Pool, the Shangqing Holy Thunder Pool and the Yuqing Holy Thunder Pool!

“However, this guy named Wutian is so rampant that he is naturally a lawless and unruly person!”

Lord Caijin stroked his moustache and said, “Calm down and wait. With Fierce Battle half Saint here, nothing bad can happen.”

The Half Saint is the closest to the Holy Realm.

It is likely that only with one time of enlightenment, a Half Saint can transcend into a saint.

After that, he can be free and carefree.

The people of Tianji Sect took out the Tianji Compass and kept calculating!

“There’s not a trace of movement at all!”

“No, the Tianji Compass is turning. The man is coming!”

At this moment, the general manager of Tianji Sect yelled.

“Let’s go. Let’s get there.”

Lord Caijin hurriedly walked over, and people on Taiping Taoism also took out the magic weapons to watch the surrounding area.

Only the Fierce Battle Half Saint kept his eyes closed. There’s no fear on his face at all!

Just as the crowd was staring at the Tianji Compass, Fierce Battle Half Saint suddenly opened his eyes and said, “Here he is!”

Before he showed up, his sound was heard first.

The demon aura was howling wind blowing and the cold acid rain stared falling down!

“It’s really the demon!”

Fierce Battle Half Saint hunned, “He is just a piece of crap that inherited some magic from the demon. Wait and see How I take him!”

As soon as he finished, he turned into a stream of light and drilled himself into the black gas.

“He’s worthy of the name Fierce Battle Half Saint! We will win this battle!”

“Ah, with him being here, we are so useless!”

People from Taiping Taoism and Tianji Sect flattered and admired him..

The people of the Meteorite God Temple held their heads high very proudly, “Sure! Our Fierce Battle…”

Before the words were finished, Fierce Battle fell from the sky like a star.


The huge shock wave directly created a hundred-meter pit.

At the bottom of the pit, Fierce Battle lied unconscious.

There were broken pieces of flesh all over his body!

The people of the Meteorite God Temple exclaimed, “It’s impossible!”

With the scream, the others were also flustered.

How long did it last? In a short time of only two breaths, Fierce Battle was beaten and crippled, and it seemed that he was seriously injured.

Lord Jiayuan was dumbfounded; Lord Caijin was confused; Taiping Taoism, and the people of Tianji Sect trembled with fear.

This demon was so terrible that even the half saint could not take its one strike. Had he reached the Holy Realm?

At the thought of this, Lord Jiayuan and Lord Caijing gulped!

In the blink of an eye, the black gas rushed over and hit the big array.


The array was as crisp as paper.

Its power captured people’s hearts.

The two actualized spirits of Tianji Sect knelt down on the spot and said, “Senior, spare our lives!”

People of Taiping Taoism stared their eyes round!

What the hell!

It’s shameful! How could the Tianji Sect kneel down faster than them!

Lord Jiayuan and Lord Caijin were stunned.

The black gas dispersed, revealing a black shadow entwined with black air. The evil breath seemed to have a big hand tugging at people’s hearts.

The scarlet eyes swept through the crowd, and his whole body was cold. Even the magic power in the acupoint was frozen!

“The demon’s spirit is overwhelming. He is a super demon!”

Lord Jiayuan’s heart trembled.

However, the demon Wutian was not interested in them at all. He went to the Thunder Pools and took the Thunder Pools into his Storing Ring with one move.

After all this, he turned back and said in a terrible voice, “Give out all the things on you!”

“Master, these are my Storing Ring, my collection, and my magic weapons. Please accept them!”

Before Demon Kris finished speaking, Lord Jiayuan knelt down on the ground and presented his years of accumulation with both hands.

His heart was dripping blood, but…life’s more important!

“Ha ha ha… Very good. What sect are you from?”

Lord Jiayuan said quickly, “Master, I am from the Three Saints Sect.”

“Oh, that sounds powerful. So there are three Great Saints in the Three Saints Sect?”

“Three Great Saints?”

Lord Jiayuan smiled bitterly. If so, that would be great, so that they wouldn’t have to be so respectful to the meteorite temple.

“No, we Three Saints Sect is divided into three sects, the sun, the moon and the stars, so we are called the Three Saints Sect.”


Demon Kris nodded, “You’re a smart guy. I won’t kill you. Go back and tell your leaders that I’ll visit them later!”

Hearing this, Lord Jiayuan was relived and kowtowed three times. Just as he was about to be leave, Lord Caijing exclaimed, “Younger martial brother, and I… take me with me…”

Lord Jiayuan looked at Lord Caijin and said, “Elder martial brother, this master is a nice person. You must perform well in front of him! I’ll report to our sect first, so that they can get ready in advance to meet Wutian master!”

Lord Caijin was stunned and before he could react. The two actualized spirits of the Tianji Sect gritted their teeth and even took off their robes. “Master, please accept these!”

Lord Caijin, “…”

People of Taiping Taoism, “…”

Everyone in the Meteorite God Temple, “…”

“What sect are you from?”

“My lord, we are from Tianji Sect!”

An actualized spirit said with a smile.

“Tianji Sect, then you should be able to calculate?”

“Master, that’s right. We are good at deduction, calculation and causality.”

“Good, good, I like it!”

Demon Kris said with a vicious smile, “I’ve decided to go to your sect first, what about this… Can you show me the way?”

The smiles on the faces of the two actualized spirits of Tianji Sect were frozen. How could he do things like this! We are even naked at the moment, and you are telling us to show you the way?

Looking at their sincere faces, Demon Kris sighed in his heart, “I’m really a good man! Look, these two people are so touched and I must thank them in front of all the people in their sect later! “

Then, under the guidance of the two men, Demon Kris paid a friendly visit to Tianji Sect.

When they came out, people of Tianji Sect put all kinds of packages into Demon Kris’s arms.

“Oh, you are so generous. I really can’t take this book, The Deduction and the Calculation. I really can’t!”

“What, you are offering me the Code of Sects… It’s very kind of you. Tianji Sect is really full of generous men!”

“That’s enough… What, I can’t leave without accepting the Holy Thunder Polls? Look at you guys. You are so warm! “

After coming out of the Tianji Sect, Demon Kris sighed, “ah, what a group of good people!”

Later, Demon Kris visited Taiping Taoism and Three Saints Sect with a lightning speed.

After transmitting the collections, Demon Kris returned to Gengu No.1 sect.

“Sovereign Lord, there is a demon who has been making a lot of trouble recently. People are worried. Do we need to…”

“No, the demon dare not come!”

“Oh, by the way, send a team of disciples to the Three Saints Sect, Taiping Taoism and Tianji Sect. As an upper Sect, we must express our sincere kindness to those who are cooperative and friendly.”

Then Demon Kris returned to the closing door room(practicing Taoist magic art alone).

“Yes, I am rich!”

Feeling the power of the turbulent thunder, Demon Kris used the magic of swallowing to absorb the pure thunder power!

His cell Viability increased by 30% and his strength by one fiftieth!

Feeling the surging power in his body, Demon Kris knew that he could not absorb it any more. It was time to avoid his body. Otherwise, the scattered power would destroy the whole sect.

Thinking of this, Demon Kris sank into his mind and began to brand arrays on his cells!

Yuan Kris and Kris Chen, as well as many others, were busy with their collections.

The effect was very good. With another ten years, Kris deduced the other continuation methods except the Nine-Step Iron Figure Skill, which could allow Kris to break through the Holy Realm!

“Skill of a Saint?”

“This name is too lame, isn’t it?”

“Well, should I despise myself?”

“I think it should be called Ten-Step Iron Figure Skill!”


Kris touched his forehead. They do share the same disability of giving names!

“Alright, Ten-Step Iron Figure Skill is it. There are other stages above the Holy Realm, and you can add them later!”

Kris waved his hand, “What is the name of the Yang Spirit Stage?”

“What do you think of the Advanced Method of Yang Spirit?”

Yuan Kris said.

“Not so good!”

“Can’t you give a better name?” Said Kris Chen, frowning.

“How about the Method of the Great Saint?”

“Sounds like a priest…”

“Forget it, let’s call it the Advanced Method of Yang Spirit!”

After thinking about it, Kris made the decision. It’s okay as long as its convenient to call.

What really interested him was the method of Causality Calculation.

He felt that his power of causality had been greatly improved. Maybe he would become a saint through the Causality Calculation!

“Well, let them continue to plunder, I shall begin to practice. Our sect shall depend on your hard work in the following days!”

Said Kris.

“You are me, and I am you. Two bodies share one mind. You don’t have to say that!”

Yuan Kris said with a smile.

Kris Chen nodded and felt that there was not enough Taoist Strength stones in his Dongtian (cave) inside his body, so he put all the resources into his Dongtian (cave).

And then he was devoted to his practice.

Ten-step Iron Figure Skill, one step the sky changes; another step world changes!

There is no middle method in the continuation method, because there is a half saint between the actualized spirit and the Holy Realm!

Kris had found his own way. He wanted to see if he could break through the Holy Realm directly from the actualized spirit!

Chapter 602: A Robbery

There are generally two ways for Yang God to become a saint in the Devil Land. One is to combine the body with Taoism, and the other is to combine the Yang God and the physical body into one to achieve the real you.

The former is more difficult while the latter is more powerful.

It is more difficult for a physical body to become a saint. Kris Chen took the path of World-transformation of Acupuncture Points, so the real strength of the Ten-step Iron Figure Skills lies in strengthening the connection between the world of acupoints and the physical body.

The stronger the Acupoints World is, the stronger the physical body will be. In the world of acupoints, a hundred years passed in an instant!

The divine Dongtian (cave) was quietly formed!

Fifty-five Taoist strength had constructed a very complete world of Dongtian (cave) world. Kris Chen could even see the exposed Taoist Strength. If someone practices in Dongtian (cave), he can easily get the understandings of Taoism!

The physical strength of Kris had also increased. Although he had not yet broken through the tenth step, he should be equivalent to a half Saint at present.

Sure enough, the Dongtian (cave) world will get more and more difficult with time going by, and it will take a lot of time to grow in the Later Period. From the upper Dongtian (cave) to divine Dongtian (cave), ninety-nine Taoist strength should be enough, but Kris was greedy and thought it’s not enough.

The more perfect the Taoist Strength is, the more it represents the essence of the world.

The reason why it is difficult for the practitioners of small worlds to grow up is that the Taoist strength of small worlds and the rules are incomplete.

How can a dragon grow in shallow water?

Yuan Kris said, “The fifty-five Taoist Strength is enough to build a complete circle world. In addition to our own Taoist Strength, we can put in as many Taoist Strength stones as possible. The more types of Taoist Strength stones are, the better. After thousands of years, these Taoist rhymes will become more and more!”

“Why does the practitioner have to go through the judgment? Is it because the heaven wants to complete itself?”

Yuan Kris seemed as if he could see through the universe, “We are creating the world, aren’t we?”

“Speed up the plunder!”

With his eyes closed, Kris carefully sank into the world of acupoint to feel the changes.

This was actually a very boring thing. Kris simply left his own divine spirit in the world of acupoints and asked them to detect the changes in the world.

And he himself was trying to cultivate the advanced method of Yang God.

His Yang spirit did not blend into the Taoism of heaven, nor into the acupoints world, but integrated the law into the body.

Kris had ninety-nine Taoist strength, and he needed ninety rules to step into the actualized spirit. Does that mean that he can master the ninety-nine rule?

His path had been completely deviated, so the previous experience could only let him avoid trouble. It could not give him any substantive guidance.

Kris Chen could only explore in the darkness and take a chance at it step by step.

Yuan Kris had understood the causality in the past few decades, and there was also a trace of signs. Pure understanding is very difficult to get. Some people have not made progress for thousands of years, even tens of thousands of years.

In the eyes of Kris, this was more like doing academic research. In this case, he decided to collect all the skills related to causality, whether they are magic powers or not. If he studies them to the extreme, he may find some clues, he thought.

Kris Chen had always been an activist. Standing on the shoulders of his predecessors, he could see higher and farther.

Time flies by in a hurry. In the blink of an eye, a year had passed, and it had been more than six hundred years inside the Dongtian (cave). At that time, the Dongtian (cave) was more than one million feet long, more than one million feet wide, a hundred and fifty thousand feet high and thirty thousand feet down below.

The ninety-nine Taoist Strength had been integrated, but the expansion of the world had not stopped.

It’s still growing at a very weird rate.

One hundred and twenty-nine thousand divine spirit thoughts reported to Kris that the spiritual stones and Taoist Strength stones buried in the ground were enriching the world. Various kinds of spiritual stones were rich in attributes, and the power of Taoist Strength was constantly improving Taoist Strength.

After hundreds of years of evolution had made the world develop at a very rapid speed.

“So now there is water, fire, clouds, all kinds of aura, and even thunder. Does it have the conditions for living creatures?”

Kris was overjoyed. He even wanted to transplant all kinds of spiritual plants now, but Yuan Kris stopped him.

The reason was simple.

Once all kinds of spiritual plants are planted when the foundation is too weak, then a large number of spiritual plants will grow crazily, with the Kekkai Immortal aura so abundant and the Taoist Strength so exposed, even a grass can become a big demon.

Was Kris really ready for the a hundred and twenty thousand, nine thousand and six hundred worlds?

After hearing this, Kris hesitated. Indeed, he had great worlds supporting him. However, with the change of his inner world, the resources of the Devil Land would not be enough for him one day.

“Is the Causality Law ready?”

“No, but soon!”

“Good, I’m almost breaking through the tenth step.”

Kris nodded, “According to this method, when we break through the Holy Realm, it will be the day when we set foot on the starry sky!”

At the same time, Demon Kris almost swept through central Leizhou City. By this time, he had done marking arrays in all his cells.

How strong was he at the moment? The Taoist Saint Chen of that day could be blown up easily with one fist by Kris!

“My master Kris is almost done with the rules there. There’s nothing good in Leizhou City already. There’s still half a year to go. So Dongsheng Divine Land, I’m coming!”

Demon Kris tore up the space and got in.

Excuse me. Strong power means you can do whatever you want!

Nanli Fire City, Purple Fire Sect!

North Kris is one of the most powerful and popular Sovereign Lord in the million-year history of Purple Fire Sect.

Now Purple Fire Sect had become the leader of the ten Great Saints!

North Kris often transformed into Emperor Shitian to rob all major sects!

His base was Three Life Embryo, and the way to complete it was to constantly devour the spiritual stone mines, mainly the divine spiritual stone mines above the three acupoints.

He didn’t have to worry about this. There’s not much in Western Desert Land, however, there were many kinds of spiritual stone mines.

It had been built into a key resource center by Yuan Kris.

“The base had been complemented. As long as my master Kris understands the law, the Holy Realm will be easy to get to!”

North Kris laughed. Maybe he could promote himself faster than the old master of purple fire sect!

There are also Sword Kris and others who had done complementing their own bases. However, they had also found their own way. They did nothing but plunder all day!

The resources of dozens of states can definitely accumulate hundreds of Holy Realms, but it is not enough for Kris!

It was a sunny day, and Wuxian Wei, the Family Head of the Wei Family, recovered from his injury after a year of closing door (practicing Taoist magic art alone).

In a good mood, he was ready to inspect the family.

At this time, a voice sounded from the sky, “family Head, I haven’t seen you for a year! How are you!”

“Who is it?”

Wuxian looked up and saw a young man with a height of several feet and a muscular body. He was standing in the air looking at himself with a grin.

“It’s you!”

Wuxian’s face changed at once. Wasn’t this the man who hurt him?

“Won’t you invite me in when you see an old friend?”

Demon Kris fell slowly and entered Wei’s House in the blink of an eye!

That ridiculous array of the Wei’s House was nothing in the eyes of Demon Kris!

“You… What do you want to do?”

Wuxian’s heart jumped up and down violently. What’s going on?

What about the family array?

Wasn’t it open?

Demon Kris just came in so easily. Who’s in charge of the management of the array!

Wait… The core of the array seemed to be in his own hand. And he didn’t feel the fluctuation of the array. In other words, this person directly entered through the array.

“It’s OK. I’m here to ask you why you Wei Family refused to cooperate with us. Is it because you dislike our products? Or do you look down on us? “

Wuxian was speechless. He did not expect that Demon Kris came here for this.

What’s this, a face to face interrogation?

But it had been a year! Isn’t it too much?

“It is the freedom of the Wei Family to choose whether to cooperate with you or not. What, the Gengu No.1 Sect will force us Wei family to do so?”

Wuxian snorted. He almost forgot. This was the Wei’s House. His ancestor was here. There were also the True God soldiers. How dare he make trouble?

“I won’t force you, but you look down on my Gengu No.1 Sect, and that’s a very personal matter!”

Demon Kris touched his chin. “So I don’t have to feel guilty for what I’m going to do, since we are not partners.”

Then Demon Kris grinned and said, “Plunder all the magic weapons resources of Wei Family!”


Wuxian was so furious that the blue veins on his forehead could be seen. How dare he mess with the Wei Family!

“You are seeking death!”

“No, you are!”

Demon Kris, standing in the air, said in a loud voice, “the Wei Family has openly challenged us Gengu No.1 Sect. It’s a terrible thing. Those who dare to violate my Gengu No.1 Sect will be punished even if they are far away!”

The sound was rolling, and it spread all over the holy city in an instant.

At that moment, countless screams rang out, and everyone looked up at the man in the air.

Countless Divine Spiritual Powers interwove with each other, and the leader of the Song family, who had a feud with Gengu No.1 Sect, was the first to stand out and said, “We ten big families shall rise and fall together. Do you want to start a war in the name of the sects?”

Demon Kris looked at Tianya Song and said, “I only represent the Gengu No.1 Sect. I don’t represent anyone. You want to show off, right? Well, I’ll do as you wish!”

Cosmic explosive fist!

The fist came to Tianya at the speed of one tenth of a second. Wherever it went, the space collapsed. Its power directly blew Tianya into pieces.

Everyone was dumbfounded. That’s Tianya, the super existence of the early stage of the Holy realm.

That’s how he got defeated? By one punch?

Looking at the broken space, Demon Kris waved his hand and erased the remaining strength, and the space began to recover.

Tianya, though not dead, was seriously injured.

Demon Kris is unwilling to fight. But when he does, he will definitely kill people.

“Go back! I will deal with the Song Family later!”

Demon Kris looked at the rest of the family heads and said, “This is my business with Wei’s Family. Don’t interfere with my matter. Whoever interferes will die!”

People’s faces turned red and pale!

They were all at the holy Realm, and they were threatened by Demon Kris.

And they didn’t dare to talk.

Was this the high-end strength of Gengu No.1 Sect?

However, when Tianya jumped out, it gave some breathing time to the Wei Family. Here came the Wei Family’s ancestor.


Wuxian was overjoyed.

The old ancestor of Wei Family nodded and looked dignified, “It’s too much, don’t you think so?”

He did not rashly attack, seeing that Demon Kris hit Tianya with a fist, which showed that Demon Kris’s strength was far beyond him.

Wuxian was really blind to provoke such a powerful person.

On that day of the universe war, he also knew the whole story of the matter. Even the ancestors of the Chen Family admitted failure. How dare Tianya of the early stage of the Holy Realm provoke such a powerful person?

It’s an act of seeking death, wasn’t it?

However, since Demon Kris was here, he surely would not show any weakness!

“As I said, the Wei Family disrespected Gengu No.1 Sect openly. You are guilty. You should either hand over all the things in the sect, or… let’s fight!”

The voice dropped, and everyone was shocked!

The ancestor was of the middle period of the Holy Realm, and had the true God soldiers in his hand. Demon Kris really should know when to stop!

“It seems that we can’t do it peacefully today.”

The old ancestor of the Wei Family snorted coldly, “In this case, let’s fight in the space!”

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