Ouyang Fei came closer, and the boss’s beautiful face behind the scenes was blushing after drinking. Ouyang Fei was a little envious.

Everyone is a woman. Why is the boss behind the scenes so good? And the skin is so good?

What’s more, she is so powerful! Actually owns a killer organization, so rich!!

Ouyang Fei became more envious and hated her as she watched, she quietly approached.

Ouyang Fei was a little nervous!

Because she knew that the boss behind the scenes was particularly shrewd, she was no better than Qian Yueying. Not comparable to Black Rose. It can be said that they are both worth it. But the shrewdness of the boss behind the scenes is definitely cannot be compared to the compassionate Qian Yueying and Black Rose.

Therefore, Ouyang Fei worried that something happened and was discovered, then she must be dead.

She approached nervously and sat on the sofa, “Boss, boss…”


The boss looks lazy behind the scenes. As if she was talking in a dream, Ouyang Fei decided to endure, not to take such risks.

One’s own life is still more important!!

If she is discovered by the shrewd, Ouyang Fei can think of the consequences, so be careful!

“Boss, then I will go back.” Ouyang Fei said.

“En?” The boss behind the scenes was confused.

In fact, what Ouyang Fei didn’t know was that she missed an opportunity and the boss behind the scenes really fell asleep.

Drinking too much, she watched Ouyang Fei’s good show just now and after watching it for a while she didn’t find it interesting so she drank and fell asleep after drinking. Maybe she didn’t notice it herself.

Ouyang Fei walked out, still not reconciled in her heart, she looked back and kept watching, but behind the scenes, the boss was talking in sleep, “Don’t go, talk to me.”

Ouyang Fei surprises, is this? ?

“Yeah,” Ouyang Fei sat over, “Boss, what are you going to say?”

“You little guy, dare to tease me?” the boss behind the scenes said in a daze, with a smile on her face.

What did you think of?

She thought of Chuck Cannon alone in a private room with her that day. Chuck Cannon’s performance was good when she took the initiative and molested Chuck Cannon.

But Chuck Cannon later took the initiative and flirted with her. She thought it was interesting.

Ouyang Fei was dumbfounded. She got to know that the boss behind the scenes was not talking about herself. Who was this molesting her?

What is this?

Brat? Who is this little guy?

Ouyang Fei felt shocked!

In her opinion, how could this boss behind the scenes look good to ordinary men?

Brat? Could it be that the person behind this boss is many years younger than her?

“Boss, who are you talking about?” Ouyang Fei asked because she was too curious.

When the behind-the-scenes boss said it, she was still laughing. It is obvious that this little guy has a play!

“Who is it? You have forgotten who I am? Little guy. You really disappointed your elder. Ignore you. Get out.” The boss behind the scenes said in a daze.

She seems to be angry but was not.

Ouyang Fei felt even more daunting, why is she a little bit of love?

“No, sister, do you know who I am?” Ouyang Fei asked.

She is too curious. Does this boss behind the scenes like old cows to eat tender grass? !

“Little guy, when your elder is demented? Chuck Cannon, of course, your elder remembers you. You are the first man who dares to play tricks on me. No, you are not a man. To me, you are a little special little guy.” The boss behind the scenes was lying on the sofa in a daze.

“What? Chuck Cannon?”

Ouyang Fei stood up in shock!

The little guy that the boss is talking about is actually Chuck Cannon?

How is this possible?

When did Chuck Cannon actually molest the boss behind the scenes?

Even if she molested, the key is that the boss behind the scenes was not angry? Does she still find it interesting?

What’s the situation?

Ouyang Fei was completely stunned, unable to understand!

That bastard Chuck Cannon!

“The boss, do you like me?” Ouyang Fei hurriedly took out her mobile phone and started recording the video.

“Don’t call me the boss, I don’t have an employee like you. Be obedient, call me elder, and your elder will give you a red envelope…” The boss behind the scenes smiles in dreams and felt very charming.

Ouyang Fei was surprised, what is good about Chuck Cannon? His vision was so bad that he didn’t like herself at that time.

At this time, he has such a shrewd boss behind the scenes?

Ouyang Fei can’t understand it!

She didn’t know that for so many years, the boss behind the scenes wanted a man who was really someone who could kneel in front of her with just a finger.

To men, she had always taken the initiative, saying she molested them, she was molesting them but she was molested by Chuck Cannon last time, for a top woman of her level, it was the first time she met someone like that.

She feels fresh.

Chuck Cannon did something to her because she didn’t encounter it, so she must be deeply impressed by Chuck Cannon!

“Sister,” Ouyang Fei called.

She is really envious, jealous and hateful. Why is Chuck Cannon?

Where is a little bit of charm?

“Hey. YOur elder gave you a red envelope, oh, there is a card in the bag, take the black one, there is a lot of money in it and your elder gives it to you.” The boss behind the scenes closed her eyes and smiled slightly.

Ouyang Fei hesitated but she couldn’t help but open her bag. There were indeed many U.S. bank cards in it, but the deposits in this type of bank card were at least tens of millions of dollars, starting at hundreds of millions.

She actually said that Chuck Cannon should take it casually?

Ouyang Fei was dumbfounded. She took the black card that the boss said behind the scenes. She had always known the luxury goods in the world, otherwise when she first saw Qian Yueying at that time. It is impossible to know that Qian Yueying is rich.

In this card, at least tens of billions of dollars have been deposited. If he just calls her elder, she will give it all to Chuck Cannon?

Are you dreaming, or the boss behind the scenes dreaming?

Ouyang Fei couldn’t distinguish reality.

“Sister, why did you give it to me?” Ouyang Fei couldn’t understand it.

Don’t play like this if you have money.

“Because your elder likes you, come, sit next to your sister and make your sister happy. The cards in your sister’s bag today are all yours.” The boss lay behind the scenes and patted the sofa.

Of course, Ouyang Fei didn’t dare to take this card anymore or can be ordered to kill. That was no joke. She hurriedly put it back, pulled up the bag and put it in place.

She was hesitant to leave, but suddenly a thought came up in her mind and a sinister face appeared on her face.

She sat down again. “Sister, you like me, why can’t I feel it?”

“Little guy, what do you want to do? My liking for you is not the kind of liking, you, you just make your elder feel a little special and interesting.”

Ouyang Fei sneered. Even mocking.

She thought that Chuck Cannon was really liked by the boss behind the scenes, but now that Ouyang Fei knows these words, she didn’t expect Chuck Cannon to be just a toy that the boss behind the scenes fancy.

She thinks there are so little novel toys.

“Then I’m a little sad, but I like you. But you don’t like me.” Ouyang Fei said with a sneer, of course, this was for Chuck Cannon!

That coward Chuck Cannon, there is a way to say such things in front of the boss behind the scenes?

“Little guy, you really can talk, how can you get sad so easily? See how you molested me last time, but you are a veteran, don’t deceive elder, it’s not fun.”

Ouyang Fei sneered, but when it was time to talk, the boss behind the scenes continued, and the smile on her confused face disappeared, “Little guy, you really cried? Are you crying? Come, your elder comforts you.”

In fact, the boss behind the scenes dreamed that Chuck Cannon was crying in her heart. In her dream, she couldn’t cry or laugh, because Chuck Cannon actually cried? This operation caught her by surprise!

It can be said that everything in the dream is a fantasy.

“You don’t like me. I don’t want you to comfort me.” Ouyang Fei said jokingly. The dream of this drunk behind-the-scenes boss really opened her eyes.

“Are you still angry? Obediently, your elder gave you all the money in the bag. Are you happy now? A lot of money, don’t cry,” the boss behind the scenes comforted Chuck Cannon in her dream.

“Don’t give me money, I don’t want it. I want to see you.” Ouyang Fei said with a sneer beside the boss behind the scenes.

“Look at me? What do you want to look at me?”

In the dream, the boss behind the scenes was confused and her face was flushed after drinking. At this time, when this question was asked, her face became even redder and her amorous feelings became more varied.

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