Chapter 611 – 612: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 611: Subduing

It had been two months since leaving Devil Land. Manipulating Diversion was more difficult than he thought. Few mistake could lead to a great crisis.

Fortunately, he produced a great harvest.

Over the past two months, Kris Chen met many starthieves and was fond of this rich group, which plundered plenty of resources from the star.

Like this time, he learnt a lot. That’s all the stuff of a secondary planet. The most precious is the star core, it’s smell is even the envy of Kris Chen.

“Good stuff!” Kris gave the star cores to Yuan Kris, who at this time was a kind of the Great Tao in Acupoint Cave. After breaking through the Holy Realm, Yuan made such a great breakthrough in the Time Principle that he almost got there.

Now Acupoint Cave’s flow rate has exceeded one hundred times!

Adding in an endless supply of resources, one-third of Acupoint Cave inside Kris’s body was more than 10 million feet in size. These worlds are all with creatures, among which millions of them provide Kris with countless insights and rules.

He could feel his strength growing every day, even if his was at the early stage of the Holy Realm actually. But he had mastered more than nine principles, and up to an astonishing thirty! According to the nine-principle limit of Devil Land, he had exceeded the Holy Realm Fulfilled period by more than three times.

“So the limit from Dongtian Cave to Small Worlds is still very high. Ten million zhang(equal to 1/3 metres) is just a starting point. We need a hundred times, right?”

How much does it take to reach 1 billion zhang? Kris was frightened.

He had to not only provide the material for the life inside him to practice, but also ensure self-cultivation. The man who was quite delight because of harvesting rich materials suddenly grew dispirited .

“This core is a good stuff, the original soul, one core’s power can support a world to the peak of Dongtian Cave. Besides, once get promoted, one may become the core of the world!”

“Adding your feedback on the world, then you have a perfect cycle!”

Kris nodded. “Need a hand in reincarnation?”

“Let them do it themselves!” “We have done enough to follow the rules of evolution,” said Yuan, “Let them consummate all our Taos!”

“I understand. I need more supplies!” said Kris.

At this moment, Kris mastered millons of lives and dies of creatures.

“This Luofei Robberies must own better stuffs!” Kris thought for a moment, took the star map captured from Changlong Ma, and went straight to the headquarters of the Fei Luo Gang.


“Bi..Big trouble!” A practitioner in actualized spirit trotted into the room and said in panic :” Commander, we got troubles!”

At this time, Fei Luo was devoring the power of the star core. When he heard the voice, he did not look at him, but said calmly, “Do you know what’s consequences of disturbing my cultivation?”

The practitioner was so terrified that he knelt on the ground, “Commander, Deputy Commander Ma and three Elders died…died in battle!”


As soon as he finished his words, a gust of wind from the Holy Realm Fulfilled period pervaded around, which froze everyone’s heart very soon.

That practitioner stuttered: “their soul fire completely extinguished!”

Putting away the star core, Fei looks bad. Elder Changlong was one of the main force, and the three Elders is especially the backbone. Suddenly lost a third of the force, Fei felt so distressed.

“Who did it?”

“I…I don’t know!”

Fei squinted his eyes and fought back the violence in his heart. “Go and call in the other deputy commanders and Elders!”

“Yes, commander!”

The practitioner trotted out hastily with his head dared not to down.

Soon, Deputy Commander Chenghu Dong, Biao He, took the remaining seven Elders into the commander’s tent.

After saluting, Fei went a shot:”Changlong Ma, Liang Hong, Lei Shi, Fei Lu, they four were dead!”


Everyone was shocked!

They regarded them as ants below the Holy Realm. Only someone in the Holy Realm is on their own side. The actualized spirit, accumulated spirit and others, are just like fodder; they do not care whether they perish at all.

“Who did it?”

Fei looked at Biao. “I also want to know!”

“It must be some big force intercepting them, otherwise any of them must escape! What makes sense is that someone put a well-planned net!”

“Commander is right, I suspect the Longma Gang did it!”

An elder stood up and said angrily, “Only they have this motive and strength!”

“Yes, it must have been the Longma Gang!”

The crowd went along!

Chenghu and Biao looked at each other, “Not necessarily!”

“The Autarchy Gang have the motive as well!”

Chenghu said: “No matter which gang did it, we should be careful, because we have lost a third of our effective strength, thus our strength must reduce to a lower level.”

“So what? Aren’t we going to get revenge?”

Biao hummed, “If so,how would our fellow think?”

“How about you find out the truth?” Said Fei Luo.

Biao became quiet.

He’s gonna find the truth? Or to seek death?

What if the opponent really set traps?He is a little inferior than Changlong!

Since Biao did not speak, Chenghu said: “The first thing is to find out the murderer first, then give the matter further thought.”

Chenghu’s words have been unanimously approved. They have to think about their own strength before revenging.

The Longma Gang and Autarchy Gang rank top among the thieves group. These two groups are much stronger than them.

The opponent could directly destroy a brigade, which obviously seemed to be well-prepared. No matter how many people went there, they might be trapped all.

So Fei flinched. It didn’t meet his interest to rush in or beat on the spur of the moment at this stage.

Just then, he felt a sudden pulsation.

The star inside Fei made a noise. As he has practiced a special sense, Fei diverted at the moment of danger.

“Boom, boom, boom!”

A huge fist seal wiped the Fei Luo Gang’s base from the stars. The members died before they could even scream.

Two deputy commanders and seven Elders, leaving only him and two deputy commanders.

A bolt from the blue made three people freak out in cold sweat! What could this be!

“Commander!” Chenghu and Biao were flustered.

Fei seemed to be terrified. “Distinguished master, show up please!”

In front of the absolute strength, even if he is in Fulfilled period of Holy Realm, he had to kneel down!

Going further in Cultivation, every step he took was a new world, and he did not think he could resist the presence of the True God.

“Eh, someone’s got a fast reaction, unexpectedly survived under my fist!”

Just then a clear voice sounded, and the three of them looked up. A young man in a green robe was standing there.


Fei bit the bullet and said, “I have never met you before. Shall I know why you want to destroy my base!”

“Changlong Ma is one of yours,is he?”Said Kris Chen.

“Did you kill Changlong?” Fei figured it out right away.

“Yes,. They tried to rob me!”

Heard this, Fei felt bitter while Chenghu and Biao felt angry. Did this son of a bitch have eyes up his ass? Why can’t he see what kind of character he provoked?

Getting himself killed is not enough, he wanted us to suffer for his faults!

“There are two Later Periods of Holy Realm and one Fulfilled Period . One punch should be able to…Forget it, I should make a conservative estimate: two fists should be able to kill all!”

Hearing Kris Chen’s words, their legs went limp. Where did this malicious man come from? Seriously, Fei didn’t even think of running away. In the face of such strength, there was no possibility of running away! Besides, he felt the space around him solidify into a rock that he couldn’t tear open. “Closing the space silently?” Fei was trembling. He felt like a rope enwinding his neck. No matter where he fled, the rope would follow him firmly.

Chenghu and Biao felt the same.

“Pluff! Pluff! Pluff!”

Three people kneel on the ground. In the face of live, dignity is worthless. Even if they were in Holy Realm!

“Master, please forgive us, we are willing to serve all!” Fei is tactful. So are Chenghu and Biao.

Kris Chen touched his chin and thought:sparing the three men is more effective than killing them!

“Surrender your soul source and confess me as owner, you can survive!” Kris thought about it and decided to keep them alive. He now needed too many resources, and he needed someone to help him collect them!

Fei and the others looked at each other, gritted teeth, “Yes, master!”

They all handed over their soul sources. After Kris refined them, these three people knew that their life were in Kris’s hand.

“Hand over everything you have on you!”Said Kris.

They obediently handed over their treasures for years.

Kris was pleased. His divine spiritual power swept through all the storage rings. The variety of these materials are unimaginable. Most importantly, there are hundreds of star cores! But half of those cores became obsolete.

Even some became discarded nuclear, Kris did not let go. He thrusted them into the Earth veins. Before long, the discarded nuclear would turn into a variety of vein, and even the mountains. It can speed up the evolution of the world.

This behavior should be able to expand all the Dongtian Cave to 30 million zhang. And the further he grows, the more resources he needs!

Kris directly let deduction branches absorb and penetrate into the achievement methods he collected, transforming them into inheritors one by one, dispersing them into the existing world, and become Taoism one after one.

It is better to teach a man to fish than to give him fish! Kris knows this.

Tenth-Step Iron Figure Skill and the Sun Soul advanced method should be updated again.

Kris didn’t need to think about it. Yuan Kris would deal well. He just needs to keep scouring for resources!

In the world of Dongtian Cave, all creatures can feel the rich spiritual air and spiritual opportunities between heaven and earth.

In these worlds, even a pig or a blade of grass can turn into a genie in a dozen years.

Tai Yin and Tai Yan lived on the sun and the moon. They two sighed together: the father god has become more powerful.

On that day, the giant egg in the eyes of the North Sea broke. In the cave of Tianzhu Peak, lotus leaves stirred the boundless spiritual air. Flash! Three men ranging from young to old were standing in the cave.

“I am the eldest brother!”

“I’m the second brother!”

“I’m the third brother!”

They three looked at each other with smile!

Chapter 612: Three Races’ Great War

The affairs about Acupoint Dongtian Cave were dealt by Yuan Kris. Kris Chen needn’t pay much attention to that. He didn’t have to experience

many of the inspiration by himself but only with the help of Yuan’s information sharing.

“You three, ought to know quite a lot about the Gangs, right?”Asked Kris.

“I know! I know!” Fei Luo quickly stepped forward and looked at Kris with ingratiation. He adapted his role quickly. Kris was satisfied.

“You know where they are?”

“I know!” Chenghu Dong and Biao He followed Fei’s step hastily.

Human beings, once abandons his dignity, his bottom line will no longer exist.

“Very well, take me there one after another, and make it quick!”Said Kris.

Fei realized what Kris was up to. He took a deep breath and said, “Master, are you going to rob them?”

“Exactly!” Kris grinned!

The Autarchy Gang is quite strong in the Sagittarius. These days, they had conquered hundreds of low-class planets, dozens of middle-class planets and s

mall worlds!

Everybody was in thee state of excitement. Though they suffered a great loss, what they harvested was more.

Supplies they didn’t need would be sent to the Star Chambers for sale. Here, you can see slaves and all kinds of magic weapons!

Their leader was a super role almost becoming the True God. However! At that day! They were confronted by the greatest crisis of all time: first punnch, broke the Battle Formation in their quarters, and killed 80 percent of the members of the Autarchy Gang; the second punch killed more than a dozen elders in the early stage of the Holy Realm, and four deputy commanders; the third punch hit the leader of the Autarchy Gang in jeopardy and subdued him as his slave!

This flowing series of behaviors stunned the crowd including Fei Luo. A force dominating a planet with their own could be destroyed as easy as pie. How strong are their new master?

It’s the True God, definitely the True God! Only the True God could have done it with no difficulty! You must know,he beat the king of the planet!

The leader of the Autarchy Gang, Du Zhao, knelt on the ground and kept coughing blood. That fist attacking to him made him felt like countless world(a mystery power with limited space) were oppressing him. That’s so terrible, so horrible!

“From now on, you will be my follower.” In such a breezy tone, Kris Chen sorted all the resources he had collected. He put the useful resources into the world, and the useless one into the other side. The biggest harvest this time was thousands of star cores!

He was so looking forward to see how strong he will be when the Dongtian Caves all reaches the upper limit. Can he crash the True God with one punch?

“Let’s go to our next destination!”

Without delaying time, they went straight to the base of Longma Gang. Four hours later, the Longma Gang completely disappeared and Kris owned two lackeys in fulfilled period of Holy Realms.

Over the next three days, Kris overwhelmingly destroyed nearly 100 mercenary groups. And he possessed more than 100 lackeys in Holy Realm. Kris divided them into three teams and asked them to rob the group of thieves, no matter how large or small.

As for the Bounty Hunters, there’s good and bad. As a saying goes, the boy who slays the dragon finally turns into a dragon. They won’t bother the good one for sure, as for the bad one, they won’t let them go!

In fact, Kris’s 129,600 Dongtian Caves already have a star core separately.

But collecting can be addictive. The more star cores there are, the faster the world will take shape and the stronger his foundation will be. Kris didn’t want to worry about that in later period during his promotion.

Kris stayed for ten days in The Sagittarius, tens of thousands of groups of theives suffered. Thus the Sagittarius exposed a new super power, that’s No.1 Sect So Far!

Tens of thousands of Holy Realm! Who are not afraid of that!

And what Kris did completely shocked the overlord of The Sagittarius! The Jiulong True God! He has become the True God five million years ago. Now he’s in the middle period of the True God and is well known in hundreds of planets.

What makes him terrifying is that he has nine primal spirits!

Each of them is in the True God!

So he fears nothing at all even the one in the later period of the True God.

But now a man who appears to be the True God has entered his realm unannounced to make a fuss, what a shame! He was completely ignored.

He put his true spirit all over the void. It cost him just a thought to find out Kris’s location.

But soon he frowned.

At the early stage of the Holy Realm? How is that possible!

How can a man in the esrly stage of Holy Realm overwhelm so many powerful ones in the Holy Realm?

Therefore, he believed that this man definitely practiced a special methods and suppressed his stage.

He could not see his stage, which means the person would never be inferior than him! It was going to be a little tricky! Since at this stage like his, he would not show his power easily. Once he attacks, smashing a star,even breaking down a galaxy is a piece of cake.

“I should go and find more details about him first!” The Jiulong True God frowned and sent out a true spirit clone.

Kris was about to cross the star river to another star when a middle-aged man walked up to him.

He moved very fast. In a flash, he came to him across millions of miles.

“Which star you are domaining? How could you be so ignorant?” The Jiulong True God frowned at Kris and spoke reproachfully.

Kris looked at him in amazement. “Who are you? Do I know you?”

Anger appeared on Jiulong True God’s face. “You made a mess on my domain, and you’re asking me who I am?”

Kris pondered for a moment. “Are you famous?”

The Jiulong True God was enraged and nearly vomited blood!

“Are you deliberately provoking me?” The Jiulong True God felt more angry. It’s the rule: if you’re just passing by, that’s fine; but you plundered my galaxy for resources without saying a word, did you mean to start a star war?

”What’s wrong with you?” Kris glanced at him impatiently. “Do I know you?”

The Jiulong True God laughed after extreme anger. “Which star are you domaining? Are you trying to start a star war?”

In fact, star wars are quite common, like Zhongtian Star-Nansi Star’s furious fight. At first, only someone from both sides fought. To the end, even the overlords have joined the battle.This fight lasts for tens of thousands of years! Both sides expended countless resources and manpower, and ended in a lose-lose situation.

Although the Jiulong True God did not want to fight, but someone had rid to his head, how can he back down?

“Star Wars?” Kris stunned for a second, then understood. “Are you the True God of this planet?”

The Jiulong True God took a deep breath, and said, “Yes, I am the True God of the Sagittarius!”

Kris looked him up and down with curiousity. “Can I ask you a question?

The Jiulong True God is furious. I’m fucking negotiating with you and you wanna ask me a question?

“What is it?”

“Are you born to a true god or an acquired god?”

The veins stood out on The Jiulong True God’s forehead. “Of course I am an acquired god,” he said. “There is no innate god already, they are long gone.”

Kris frowned. “What about the immortal?The demon? The Buddha?”

“Are you the fuck kidding me?”

The True God felt he was being tricked. “Aren’t you the overlord of star? Don’t you know that innate gods were all gone at the beginning of universe?”

“Are they dead, or have they gone to the other world?”

“How the hell do I know?”

The Jiulong True God was exasperated and could not suppress the anger, “Ash!”

Once the finger pointed out, The Tao of Ash flied at Kris.

Above Principle is Tao. In some way, Ash is sort of an imperfect Great Tao.

The burst of the pneuma and the collapse of the pneuma were accompanied with the Ash. Incessant sense of crisis emerged from Kris’s mind.

He has pondered over the scrip left when he sought for the sword. In the meanwhile, he also wondered the differences between the innate gods and the acquired god. Are they dead or gone to the other world?

But he didn’t expect the Jiulong True God attacked as soon as he finished talking!


Kris bended his fingers and pointed. The infinite power of Creation and the power of Ash collided.

The infinite void was shattered by the power of collision, and wherever it went, the stars perished!

Neck and neck!

”Hey, how can you be so rude!” Kris fumed.” I won’t be polite to you if you continue!”

“Won’t be polite?” The Jiulong True God laughed, “Well, I’d rather see how impolite you are…”


Kris was disinclined to talk nonsense. He just punched out and the power of 129,600 Dongtian Caves combined with superposition. One punch crashed the Jiulong True God into ash directly.

“Gee, it’s a clone!” Kris spat. “Bullshit, so-call the overlord of the stars, turned out to be a coward!”

He flied crossed the void to slipped away while speaking. Who knows how strong his original soul is!

The moment clone of the Jiulong True God died, his original soul received all the information.

“Strong, really strong, but…I don’t feel the power of true spirit!”

The Jiulong True God remained silent for a long time. One of his true spirit clones was half the True God, approaching infinitely the True God. Even so, he could not resist one punch of the opponent!

Was he in the later period of The True God? Or the fulfilled period?

He found it tricky. But he was relieved to see Kris Chen leave the Sagittarius.

“Forget it, just let him go this time. If he comes again, I bet he has to stay here!” the Jiulong True God comforted himself.

He really didn’t want to end up with a lose-lose situation like Zhongtian Star-Nansi Star’s war.

However, there must be enmity between them. They must fight again next time they meet.

One day later, Kris crossed the river of stars. There was no intersection among stars but with star river connecting. Countless stars and meteors burst like oceans! It’s not easy to cross over here.

Kris found a lot of stars and meteors containing special energy, and collected them into his body. He arrayed them in the form of stars all over the sky. Since then, the sky has not only the sun and the moon, but also stars!

The world needs a continuous process of perfection. Kris Chen and Yuan Kris control the general direction, and the creatures in their bodies perfected the details.

At that time, 129,600 Acupoint Dongtian Cave of Kris were over 50 million zhang,with millions-zhang high in the sky and 300,000 zhang in the ground.

Especially the Ancestral Acupoint World, appeared to be full of vigor. If you walked for two steps, tripped by Ganoderma lucidum. Holding any cluster of fresh springs is a clean spring.

In the process of opposing development, things gradually divided into three factions.

Phoenixes are the head of flying animals that dwell in Deathless Volcanoes;beasts live in Huoling Mountain and in Kylin’s glories; the sea monster occupies the entire landscape admit the Dragon race as landlord. These three groups are the most powerful Ancestral groups in the Ancestral Acupoint world.

At first, the three groups could live together peacefully. But the number of ethnic groups gradually increased. Over thousands of years, the ethnic groups multiplied a hundred times.

Hundreds of millions of creatures need cultivating and resources.

The Dragon Race was not reconciled to dominating the sea; the Kylin was not satisfied with the earth, and the Phoenix was discontent with the sky, thinking the world should be under her control!

After five hundred years’ peaceful coexistence, the war among three races broke out.

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