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Ouyang Fei sneered and quietly walked out of the private room. She returned to where she lived and took out her mobile phone to check.

She clicked on and watched the video that she just recorded. There was the picture Ouyang Fei wanted in this, it was a pity.

Under Ouyang Fei’s coaxing, the boss behind the scenes seemed a little angry but she finally did not refuse.

In fact, the boss behind the scenes refused when he was in her dream, but she was still deceived by the “sad” Chuck Cannon in her dream.

“Sad Chuck Cannon” has been crying as if acting like a baby, how could the boss behind the scenes want to get “Chuck Cannon” who m******d herself by crying?

The boss’s understanding of “Chuck Cannon” has been refreshed again.

She really couldn’t help crying softly and acting like a baby. She couldn’t bear to show it to Chuck Cannon.

However, Ouyang Fei wanted to shoot other things, but the boss behind the scenes refused.

It’s useless how Ouyang Fei coaxed.

She can only come out.

Otherwise, if the boss behind the scenes wakes up, it would be miserable to be discovered. Ouyang Fei has to think about her own life!

She watched this video proudly, she smiled and sneered, she didn’t expect it to be filmed this time.

“Haha!! You are not so shrewd else you would have been filmed by me. I am really good at filming. I can shoot whoever I want and no one can escape.” Ouyang Fei laughed.

She felt revenge in her heart. It was the boss behind the scenes who had destroyed her body!

Destroyed her beliefs! ideas!

So now she deserves it!!

Who made you treat me like that? Who told you to do that?

You didn’t expect it. You can’t think of my revenge. I want you to regret what you did to me at that time!!

Ouyang Fei smiled coldly, this feeling of being able to retaliate is really good!

She also took Black Rose’s pics before but she almost died in the hands of Black Rose. She has learnt this lesson from the past. Ouyang Fei finally succeeded this time. She will definitely pay special attention. How could she not make good use of it? !

Ouyang Fei sneered, read it several times, and then copied it out immediately, immediately hid the copied video. This is a great way to save her life later!!

If the behind-the-scenes boss finds out, then he says that there is a video hidden elsewhere. What about the behind-the-scenes boss?

Ouyang Fei knew this, and of course, she would cherish it. She was so excited that she didn’t want to exercise, but now Ouyang Fei fell in love with this feeling of becoming stronger. So she cleaned up her excitement and gave her even more impulse to make her own strength stronger.

She continues to exercise and study!!

Improve yourself, become the world’s number one killer, she smiled coldly. Chuck Cannon, Chuck Cannon!!!

I’ve been f****d with you all my life, you made me like this. It’s you Chuck Cannon!!

“Chuck Cannon, wait, I’m Ouyang Fei, I will definitely trample you under my feet! You wait! You will regret everything you did to me! You wait!!!”

Ouyang Fei sneered, she went to exercise…


Behind the scenes, the boss woke up in a daze. She looked at her dishevelled clothes. She was a little surprised. What dream did she have?

She patted her forehead, drank too much and had a headache.

She knew that she had a dream, it happened.

She couldn’t laugh or cry, she had her hair trimmed and she suddenly became amorous.

“Little guy, you are still the first person to let your elder take the initiative. Unfortunately, it is a dream… But a dream is a dream, and it can’t become a reality. Let you satisfy my thoughts, you don’t know how you cry when it is true. How to make trouble, how to beg, how to act like a baby, I won’t relent. Do you know? I don’t take the initiative coz am also a cold-blooded person,” the boss behind the scenes shook her head.

It seems that she really can’t drink every day and have a headache. She actually have such a dream.

She was swaying but of course, the boss behind the scenes knew about Chuck Cannon’s recent affairs. In fact, she also asked the killer to look for it in secret but she found nothing.

Fortunately, she already knew that Chuck Cannon was back safely.

She was also relieved in her heart.

Thinking, should she meet this little guy? Should she take the initiative? ?

Doesn’t this mean that she has taken the initiative?

The boss behind the scenes felt that this should not be done.

Forget it, she should go home and have a good sleep. But suddenly the phone rang, and she answered, “Black Rose wants to see me? Forget it, let her in…”

The boss behind the scenes still felt a headache, so she hung up the phone and sat down not even noticing the disorder of her clothes after dreaming.

Her message told her that Black Rose was protecting Chuck Cannon recently and it happened that she could ask Chuck Cannon what’s going on.

Knock on the door.

“Come in.”

The door opened and Black Rose walked in. She wanted to talk, but she was shocked first, what happened?

The boss behind the scenes is untidy?

Black Rose was speechless.

“What are you staring at me for? Come on, what are you looking for?” the boss behind the scenes asked lazily.

“Uh, what did you just do?” Black Rose was also a little hard to say.

She didn’t know how to ask this question.

“What did you do? Sleep… Yeah! My clothes.” The boss behind the scenes looked down. Only when she realized that her clothes were untidy, she was busy tidying up, and her face turned red unnaturally for the first time.

Black Rose was helpless. She disapproves of the behavior of the boss behind the scenes but it is not easy to say that everyone has a different attitude towards life.

Besides, she was not qualified to say this.

“Don’t think about it. I just had a dream, I dreamed…” The boss behind the scenes felt ashamed for the first time. She was sorry, so she lost her calm sensibility and explained it.

“Who did you dream about?” Black Rose was surprised. She actually explained? ?

The black rose asked unexpectedly.

“Why do you care about my dream?” The boss behind the scenes became serious, let you know, what if she tell Chuck Cannon?

Shame on herself?

Black Rose was stunned, uh, how fast it turned her face!!

“Say, why you come to find me?” The boss behind the scenes knew that this Black Rose had always wanted to kill Ouyang Fei but she had already seen Ouyang Fei’s growth.

How could she let Black Rose kill her?


“If it’s about Ouyang Fei, then you don’t need to say,” the boss behind the scenes took the shot directly.

Black Rose fell silent, she came here for this, but the attitude of the boss behind the scenes was so determined. She hesitated.

“I tell you, Ouyang Fei’s recent improvement is very fast!!”

“Boss, nothing happened to you?” Black Rose held back for a long time. After asking such a sentence came out.

She was very curious. How does it feel that the boss behind the scenes is a bit like that back then?

The photo was secretly taken by Ouyang Fei still in the dark.

“What happened?” The boss behind the scenes was impatient.

“Yes, haven’t you been in contact with Ouyang Fei?”

“Yes, she was in this private room last night, what do you want to say?” For the boss behind the scenes, it doesn’t matter.

She didn’t know when Ouyang Fei left, just thought that the dream last night was really interesting, she only remembered the dream.

“She was here last night and you were drunk?” Black Rose was taken aback.

She could see that the boss behind the scenes was in a state of waking up drunk, thinking of the untidy clothes of the boss behind the scenes, did Ouyang Fei succeed?

“Yes, what’s the matter?” The boss behind the scenes was unhappy.

“You…” Black Rose was speechless, and the attitude of the boss behind the scenes made her not want to speak out.

“What are you afraid? Tell me, how is Karen Lee’s son?” asked the boss behind the scenes.

Black Rose was even more surprised. Why did she ask Chuck Cannon about the situation?

“He’s back, healing.” Black Rose said.

“Healing? Was he very badly injured?” The boss behind the scenes frowned, thinking of the way “Chuck Cannon” was crying in her dream last night. She actually felt like she was going to visit Chuck Cannon right away.

“It’s not too heavy, but the head is not good.” Black Rose came back to senses and told about it.


Black Rose felt that there was no need to stay any longer, so let she continue to protect Chuck Cannon, after all, she took Karen Lee’s money!

Taking money to do things is justified!

“Wait,” the boss behind the scenes stood up suddenly, “Don’t go out and talk about what you just saw.”

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