Chapter 603 – 604: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 603: The Heaven Fox

Demon Kris followed, breaking through the Fetal membrane of heaven and earth, and came to the boundless universe.

The top ten family heads followed to have a look. This was not just a matter between Demon Kris and Wei Family, but a direct confrontation between the sects and the families.

At this moment, the ten great families, no matter what kind of hatred they had, had to let go.

Taoist Saint Chen looked at Demon Kris, and his eyes were full of cruelty. He even thought whether he should attack secretly?

So did others!

This person was really reckless for he came all by himself. He did not even contact his fellow practitioners. He was really looking for death!

When Demon Kris looked at Wei’s ancestors, he felt no pressure. The only thing that gave him pressure was the True God soldiers in his hands.

It’s a nine stringed harp, and its power was amazing.


Demon Kris reached out his big hand. It seemed that there was mysterious aura in his palm. There were shadows of Buddha kingdom in his palm and Heaven and Earth in the Sleeve.

With this giant hand covering the sky, it seemed that the universe was in his hands.


The ancestor of the Wei Family plucked the first string, and the divine aura was reversed. The giant hand seemed to have hit an obstacle and couldn’t touch the ancestor at all.

Hiss hiss!

The terrible breath was constantly cutting the palm of Demon Kris, and the hard palm had been full of countless dense cracks.

Is this the power of the True God Soldiers?

Sure enough!

It was the first time that Demon Kris had met the True God Soldier, and he did not dare to be careless!

He shouted and the rolling magic sound swept away.

Wherever it went, the divine aura would vanish and the stars would roll back. The infinite sound wave force was like a high magnetic gun.


The ancestor of the Wei Family once again plucked the strings. The sound wave went still, and time and space seemed to stop for a moment.

He sneered, “It’s useless, in the face of absolute strength, everything is useless!”

The True God Soldier is comparable to the True God. How could Demon Kris be an opponent!

The reason why the ten families were still standing was that they had the True God Soldiers.

Even if you are in Fulfilled period, you are still humble in front of the True God soldiers!

Demon Kris sneered, “It’s comparable, but it’s not a True God! What’s more, it costs you a lot to motivate the True God Soldiers, doesn’t it? “

To force himself to motivate the magic weapons that are beyond his own strength consumes a lot!

And Demon Kris was very powerful. If one punch is not enough, then one hundred fists should be enough. If one hundred fists are not enough, then ten thousand fists should be!

“The continuous cosmic explosive fist, I shall see how long you can resist it!”

As soon as the voice fell, Demon Kris’s body skyrocketed, and an amazing aura came out of him.

He blew out a fist lightly, but in fact, in their eyes, there were countless fists.

Because the speed of fists was too fast and it was impossible for naked eyes to catch.

In the space concussion, the divine auras of millions of miles in the universe were completely disturbed. If an actualized spirit stood within a million miles, he would definitely be seriously injured by the divine auras. An accumulated spirit would already be dead.

“Jingling jingling”!

This time, the ancestor of the Wei Family plucked two strings in succession.

He still looked at Demon Kris with a smile. In fact, Demon Kris was right. At present, the ancestor could only give out the power of the True God, that is, five strings. But pulling five strings at the same time will suck his general magic power dry!

The saint’s magic power is very strong, especially when he met with the law of heaven in the Devil Land, and his power recovered faster.

As long as he’s not too far away from the Devil Land, his power could recover quickly. But the weakness is that they become the weakest men of Holy Realm once they got out of the Devil Land!

But it’s also the fastest way to break through the Holy Realm.
And the world will not die, they will remain alive, unless all their divine spirits are wiped out in an instant.

It looked awesome, but anyone of Holy Realm could destroy the Devil Land!

So they are the strongest Holy Realm as well as the weakest.

“Continuous cosmic explosive fist!”

Demon Kris was expressionless and sped up again. He had nothing but more power and greater power.

How much power could be provided by tens of trillions of cells, and how much power could be produced by tens of billions of nuclear fusion? It’s like a perpetual motion machine.

“Jingling jingling jingling”!

After withstanding hundreds of thousands of punches, the ancestor also felt the pressure. Is this Demon Kris even a human?

Isn’t he tired?

The ancestor who practiced both soul and magic could never understand the happiness of body refining practicer!

Plucking three strings cost him a lot of magic. Wuxian Wei got dumbfounded. If he had met with such a fierce attack, he would have been smashed.

Although he could come back to life, once he got blasted more, his source would be consumed.

Even after death, they would fall from the Holy Realm.

“You can’t keep up with the consumption, can you?”

Demon Kris sneered and activated five trillion cells, and his power soared again.

This time, he just threw a light punch.

With one blow, the sky cracked, and the ancestor of the Wei Family changed his face, gripping his teeth, and plucked the fourth string.


A fox with nine tails appeared in the void. This was the ancestor of Wei family, Heaven Fox!

After millions of years of inheritance, their tails had degenerated into a divine pulse.

The eyes of the Heaven Fox twinkled with a strange light, and its nine tails rolled backwards.


The power of that fist was so terrible! However powerful the Heaven Fox was, it was just a shadow.

Even if there’s a trace of the True God spirit of the Heaven Fox in the nine stringed harp , it is not the Heaven Fox itself.

“Click, click, click”!

The uncomfortable sound rose..

Bang bang bang!

One tail was smashed, two tails were smashed, three tails were smashed in succession, then the power of fist was dissipated.

That’s more than the full swing of the middle period of the Holy Realm.

Now even the fools could see that Demon Kris was the purest body refining practitioner, and was practicing the physical Taoism.

No matter what kind of magic power you have, or the skills, Demon Kris could defeat ten families!

Chen was thinking about attacking secretly. At the moment he knew he was ridiculous. That’s a body refining practicer that was rare!

He was thinking, could he resist the fists without the help of the True God soldiers?

What’s more, look at how calm Demon Kris was. Was this really all his strength?

Not really.

Family Heads of the Dongfang Family and Dantai family looked at each other and saw fear in each other’s eyes.

He’s too strong, and there were still two more like this in the Gengu No.1 Sect!

From the beginning to the end, Demon Kris did not even use any magic weapons. He was using the pure physical strength in the fight.

“The defensing ability is quite strong.”

Demon Kris grinned and his body swelled again. This time, he activated a billion cells, and a power that’s almost infinite was released from his body.

Where he was, even the light was distorted by power, as if it were a power vacuum area.

A light fist was thrown, crossing hundreds of thousands of miles in a millionth of a second, and came to the ancestor.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The fourth tail, the fifth tail, and the sixth tail got crushed…

Seeing that the last tail was about to be crushed, the ancestor suddenly plucked five strings.

Jingling! Jingling! Jingling! Jingling! Jingling!

The broken tails of the Heaven Fox recovered and its body became solid again.


The ancestor spurted out a mouthful of blood, “Great ancestor, I guide you to come with my blood essence!”

The sound disappeared, and a terrible aura came.

That force seemed to have fallen from ancient times, and the stars were collapsed and the space of a million miles became stagnant.

“This is the incarnation of the ancient ancestor of the Wei Family.”

Family Head of the Guan Family suddenly opened his eyes and said, “Isn’t the old ancestor of the Wei Family dead already?”

This was what they all cared about. In fact, after the great changes of millions of years, the True Gods left one after another. Otherwise, the Devil Land wouldn’t fall to the present situation.

Let alone the Holy Realm, it’s even difficult for the True Gods to break the space!

The natural judgments of the Devil Land were a test as well as an opportunity. It’s powerful it it’s being studied.

And the heavenly Taoist could become powerful out of nothing?

Of course not!

As a saying goes, heaven and earth are indifferent and take all things are considered straw-dogs!

This sentence is a derogatory one as well as a commendatory one.

If heaven and earth are benevolent, that is the disaster of all living beings!

Get back to the point-because the True Gods left and never came back for millions of years, people speculated that all these True God must have fallen.

The ancient families, including the ten families, could not even feel the presence of their masters even the weapons and spirits of the True God soldiers.

“No, maybe it’s the spirits of the ancient ancestors scattered between heaven and earth.”

Mi Zhong, the family head of the Zhong family, squinted at the falling of Heaven Fox.

If the former Heaven Fox was just a shadow, now it’s the real body.

“The younger generation?”

There’s terrifying light in the eyes of the Heaven Fox.

“Old ancestor!”

The ancestor of Wei Family knelt on the ground and said, “Please, kill this man!”

Heaven Fox looked at Demon Kris, and Demon Kris felt that his heart was beating slower.

“Are you… The real devil?”

Heaven Fox looked at Demon Kris. The breath of Demon Kris made him very scared!

“No… the real devil is dead. You are just the descendant of the real devil!”

Demon Kris didn’t speak, but the words of Heaven Fox made others dumbfounded. Demon Kris was a real demon descendant!

The real devil is also a Demon God, and is a famous Demon God, which is equivalent to the ancient ancestors of ten families.

At this moment, they understood why Demon Kris was so powerful- he turned out to be the descendant of the real devil!

“What pure evil aura; what pure magic blood!”

Heaven Fox’s eyes showed a fierce light, “You should die!”

The huge claws were pounding in, and Demon Kris had been on guard for a long time. One hundred billion cells were linked, and the huge palm and claw collided. The power that erupted at that moment directly rocked Demon Kris away for millions of miles.

“Swallow you, and my true spirit should be able to stay for a long time. I’m not dead, I’m not dead… How can I die like this? I must go to find the truth…”

The Heaven Fox was like a madman flying towards Demon Kris.

“You want to swallow me? Wishful thinking!”

“Let’s see who swallows!”

“Although you are only the true spirit of Monster God, if I can swallow you, it should increase the activity of my cells!”

Demon Kris launched aptitude. Swallow!

Two hundred thousand cells were linked together, and huge power surged out. Demon Kris did not dare to be careless, nor did he dare to use all his power. He was afraid that one blow would shatter the true spirit of the Heaven Fox.

In the eyes of everyone, the true spirit of the Heaven Fox was beaten to fly!

I must take this advantage to kill you!

With one step out, Demon Kris opened his mouth and swallowed a leg of the Heaven Fox!

This scene made all people sighed together. It’s so ferocious! He swallowed the true spirit of the Monster God!

Wuxian was dumbfounded. The ancestor was, too..

He paid such a big price to ask the ancient ancestor to show up but it just got swallowed like this?

The fragments of the true spirit fell into the belly of Demon Kris and his magic power and began to digest.

The awesome and pure power was even more powerful than the dozens of Thunder Pools swallowed by Demon Kris .

His face instantly turned rose red!

“Ha ha, cool!”

Demon Kris was overjoyed. Looking at the lame Heaven Fox, his eyes were full of greed.

Chapter 604: Swallowing the True Spirits

Chapter 604 Swallowing the True Spirits

The cunning eyes of the Heaven Fox were filled with fears, “It’s impossible. How could you hurt me? I’m a True Spirit…”

“Whoever swallows others will be swallowed by someone else!”

Demon Kris was so happy about the benefits of swallowing a leg of the Heaven Fox. Considering the big body of the Heaven Fox, could his flesh directly reached the Holy Realm if he swallowed the whole body of the Heaven Fox?

A True God’s True Spirit was a super existence comparable to a Fulfilled period practitioner of Holy Realm.

However, he encountered Demon Kris.

“You want to escape?”

With a wave of hand, Demon Kris directly grasped the Heaven Fox in his hand. But the latter was too strong, Demon Kris had to connect two thirds of the cells of his body to suppress him, which was a huge consumption to Demon Kris.

“Just be my nutrients!”

Saying it, Demon Kris initiated the Magic Power of Swallowing and swallowed the Heaven Fox into his belly.

After seeing this scene, all the other persons were scared.

Especially Wei family’s ancestor and Wuxian Wei.

Was an Ancient Ancestor’s True Spirit really swallowed just now?

It was a super existence comparable to a Fulfilled period practitioner of Holy Realm!

Wei family’s ancestor was quite shocked. He was too weak, since if he could pluck 6 strings, the Ancient Ancestor’s True Spirit he summoned would definitely have the fighting power of a Half-god.

But what it would cost was beyond what he could pay.

It had not be long before Demon Kris effaced the consciousness of the Heaven Fox’ s True Spirit!

The strong power of the True Spirit was nourishing the cells in his flesh and making his strength increased significantly.

“It feels not bad!”

Demon Kris looked at Wei family’s ancestor, “What about summoning another Heaven Fox’s True Spirit for me to swallow?”

After what he said, Wei family’s ancestor couldn’t help to quiver.

Wuxian was also scared.

At the moment, Demon Kris said again, “I remember all your ten families have the True God Weapons…What about all of you summoning the Ancient Ancestor’s True Spirits to make me happy?”

Daosheng Chen felt a chill. Did Demon Kris call swallowing an Ancient Ancestor’s True Spirit a happy thing?

Was the descendant of the True Demon so scaring?

Tianya Song even had a thought of flinch as he really doubted whether their family’s ancestor could resist the hit from Demon Kris.

After all, even the Heaven Fox’s True Spirit was swallowed by Demon Kris under the acceleration of 15 times of time.

“Though a little far from Holy Realm, I do exceed the Half-holy Realm.”

Demon Kris had a stretch with the bones of his whole body rattling.

He seemed to find the way to break through the Holy Realm. Perhaps…he could be promoted to Holy Realm earlier than the original soul!

“I don’t want to kill any of you. So I give you a choice. You can continue to summon the Heaven Fox’s True Spirits until I’m satisfied, or there is no necessity for the existence of Wei family.”

Demon Kris released his breath unreservedly, which was more fierce than just now, and Wei family’s ancestor had been slightly hurt at the moment.

Wei family’s ancestor really wanted to sacrifice a third of his soul to summon a stronger Ancient Ancestor’s True Spirit. But…this way, he could probably never be promoted to the higher Stage.

While reaching the Holy Realm meant longevity, it was also limited. If he still could not break through after 500 years, he would only reincarnate and start all over again.

Who could give up the cultivation of Holy Realm?

“I prefer death to humiliation. Let’s just fight!”

Wuxian said unconvincedly.

“Shut up!”

Wei family’s ancestor berated him with a tired heart, “You come to play the Zither and summon the Ancient Ancestor’s True Spirit!”

Wuxian stood in amazement at once as summoning a Ancient Ancestor’s True Spirit would consume his essential blood!

He took over the Zither confusedly and what Wei family’s ancestor said in his mind made him even more wronged!

“What are you glaring at? Are you unconvinced? Well…I’ll hit you until you are convinced!”

Demon Kris’ eyes stared. He knew these Holy Realm practitioners were all bullies who would not obey him until being beaten.

In fact, even if they escaped, he could do nothing with them. But in this way, the rest persons of their family would all be killed!

But Demon Kris was confident to blow up them before they could escape.


Wuxian’s face turned quite red. He was so regretful to have agreed to stand up for Chen family instead of cooperating with Gengu No.1 Sect.

Had it been so, wouldn’t nothing happen now?

Wuxian took a deep breath, “All right, I’ll summon the Ancient Ancestor’s True Spirit!”

He gave a slap on his own breast and the golden blood erupted from his mouth. Then he plucked 5 strings and the strange feeling came again.

This time Demon Kris was experienced and directly caught the Heaven Fox’s True Spirit into his mouth.

Without figuring out what happened, the True Spirit which just finished possession was digested by Demon Kris’s Magic Power of Aptitude and was broken up into the nutrients of his cells.

“Very good. Go on!”

Demon Kris was overjoyed to feel the inflation of his flesh.


Wuxian gave a another slap on his breast and summoned the second Ancient Ancestor’s True Spirit. Then Demon Kris repeated the action of grasping the True Spirit into his mouth!

After three to four times of summons, the Heaven Fox’s True Spirits summoned were increasingly weaker.

The True Spirits were not inexhaustible!

After swallowing five True Spirits, Demon Kris felt he reached a critical point.

“Hurry up, keep summoning!”

He urged impatiently.

The True Spirit was beneficial to both the body and spirit.

“I…I’m exhausted. Ancestor, The rest relies on you.”

Wuxian’s breath at the moment was desperately weak. He threw the Zither to Wei family’s ancestor.

Taking over the Zither, Wei family’s ancestor gritted his teeth and forced out a mouthful of essential blood. An Heaven Fox’s True Spirit arrived again.

The other nine families stood by and sighed,”Wow, a True Spirit arrived and was swallowed again!”

After swallowing a Heaven Fox’s True Spirit again, Demon Kris felt he was still a little far from the Holy Realm, “It’s still not enough. Why are the True Spirits summoned increasingly weaker?”

Wei family’s ancestor replied with a bitter smile, “Because few Ancient Ancestor’s True Spirits are left in this space!”

“you don’t fool me, do you?”

Demon Kris’ eyes stared. He still felt there was something wrong.

“That guy…you come here. I have something to ask you!”

Mi Zhong was puzzled and almost wanted to cry.

Oh, no! He said nothing during the whole process and he was just a centrist. Was Demon Kris going to hit him first?

Mi Zhong thought with a little fright. But as the descendant of Holy, he asked placidly , “What can I help you, mister?”

“Of the ten families, only Zhong family is of pure human bloodline. So I ask you, is what he says true?”

Mi Zhong was surprised as he didn’t expect that the reason Demon Kris called him was to ask him this question.

“Yes, what Wei family’s ancestor says is true. The Ancient Ancestor’s True Spirits are not inexhaustible.”

Hearing that, Demon Kris nodded, “OK, I believe you.”

“Come here, you!”

Tianya Song quivered, “Are you calling me?”

“Yes, I give you this chance to summon your Ancient Ancestor’s True Spirits. Perhaps I’ll consider to be gentler to your family!”

After his words, all the other persons distanced themselves from Tianya.

Before knowing the actual strength of Demon Kris, they even thought of sneaking up on him from behind together. But after seeing the strong strength of Demon Kris, they even had to care about saving themselves.

Now that Wei family was exhausted and Song family was half-exhausted, while Demon Kris still hadn’t shown any power other than the flesh power and there had been no reinforcements from Gengu No.1 Sect so far. What did it show?

It showed that Demon Kris was confident about his strength!

“Mister, the True God Weapon is in the hand of our ancestor, but not in…”

“Then ask your ancestor to come here…”

“Our ancestor has gone to the depths of the starfield and will not come back until two months later…”


Demon Kris changed his countenance and gave a punch to blow up him, “Get back to have your family’s magic power achievement methods and rare treasures prepared. If I’m not satisfied, I’ll kill all the persons of Song family!”

“And Chen family, I remember your ancestor is at home, isn’t he?”

Demon Kris squint his eyes to look at Daosheng Chen, “What about calling your family’s ancestor out to fight with me?”

Daosheng clenched his fists, “You don’t push us too far!”

“Do you mean you are not calling him?”

Without bothering to say anything more, Demon Kris jumped into the Fetal membrance of heaven and earth and casually gave a punch to the Chen family’s house below.

Continuous Serious Kill Punch!

Thinking that the kill skill of the original soul sounded advanced, so Demon Kris used it.

It was a seemingly plain punch, while none of the power in it was leaked.


Daosheng was quite shocked as once this punch should fall on Chen family’s house, nobody could survive except their family’s ancestor.

At this moment, a brilliant light was shot from below to counter the punch of Demon Kris and neutralized the latter’s power.

“How dare you!”

Following the sound was Chen family’s ancestor’s showing up.

Immediately after showing up, the sage-like Chen family’s ancestor stared at Demon Kris angrily.

“Come on, old guy, let’s have a fight beyond the heaven!”

Saying it, Demon Kris came to the outside of the heaven again.

Even though Chen family’s ancestor had been practicing Taoist magic art for hundreds of thousands of years, he was quite annoyed.

Old guy?

He was a super existence at the Later period of Holy Realm and few persons could defeat him in Devil Land.

Along with the True God Weapon in his hand, he even dared to fight with a Half-god.

Last time he didn’t fight with Demon Kris as his true body was not back.

When his true body was back, the Gengu No.1 Sect had been founded and he was also surprised at the whole strength of this Sect. After thinking it repeatedly, he didn’t hold Demon Kris accountable.

After all, Nan Chen was a number of Chen family with Chen family’s blood still flowing within his body.

Once Nan Chen would reach the Actualized Spirit Realm and even the Holy Realm, it also meant a enhanced strength of Chen family.

But now that he was provoked in public, if he didn’t show his strength, he would definitely become a common laughing-stock.

The big boss is most keen on face-saving, and is also least keen on face-saving.

So he followed Demon Kris.

Looking at the starfield punched in a mess, Chen family’s ancestor became serious. What Daosheng told him in his mind made him even more shocked.

Demon Kris was the descendant of the True Demon and swallowed the True Spirits!

This guy wanted to let him be his stepping stone!

But even it was true, what did it matter?

He wouldn’t necessarily lose!

Thinking of that, Chen family’s ancestor started attacking Demon Kris.

Instead of using any other power, he used only the purest flesh power to fight against Demon Kris!

Furthermore, he owned the Demon Bone as well as the Dual-tone Pupils, which were superior to the Golden God Pupils.

At the process of fighting, Chen family’s ancestor could calmly see through the attacks and tricks from Demon Kris as well as the latter’s flaws.

“Here is the flaw!”


Fifty times of power of the Demon Bone was breaking out with hundreds of millions of Taoist forces pouring out and bombarding the flaw of Demon Kris.

“Do you think you are the only one who have a hidden card? Who has not one?”

Since Nan Chen had left a Demon inheritance in the Sect, he also owned the Supreme Demon Bone!

But the Supreme Demon Bone couldn’t give him too much amplification. Compared to the maximum 100 times of power of the Demon Bone that could be developed by original persons, he could only develop one time of power of the Demon Bone.

He thought perhaps his own strength was too strong so that the Demon Bone could not drive it.

After all, the core of the Demon Bone was a principle.

Since Demon Kris was even able to swallow the existence at Fulfilled period of Holy Realm, it was like using the motor of a car to drive a rear-eight-wheel dump truck, which could be nothing but a joke!

One time of power was also enough since his basic power was strong.

What really interested Demon Kris was the Demon Pupils!

While the Delusion-breaking Demon Eyes were still a little far from the supreme Demon Eyes, it was stronger than the Dual-tone Pupils of Chen family’s ancestor.

Demon Kris seemed to have left a flaw as his real purpose was to let Chen family’s ancestor fall into his trap.

“Serious Killing Cosmic Blast Punch!”

Instead of connecting his cells, he used only the purest flesh power along with the amplification of the Supreme Demon Bone as he wanted to see the gap between his purest flesh power and the power of a Holy Realm practitioner!

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