Logan had said this before, and Chuck Cannon knew what could be done?

Chuck Cannon didn’t know how to answer this question, he didn’t even know what he thought.

Logan has someone she likes, so he should bless her.

But Chuck Cannon felt that he had only one idea, so he was reluctant, especially about Logan.

This feeling is that he can no longer sleep on Logan’s lap. No longer can hug her, no longer be alone.

“Auntie Logan, who do you like?” Chuck Cannon sighed.

“I have someone I like,” Logan said, leaning on Chuck Cannon’s shoulder, whispering softly.

His heart was lost and Chuck Cannon really didn’t like him at all!

Who can it be?

“Then Aunt Logan, you have someone you like, so can I still sleep on your lap in the future?” Chuck Cannon asked this question.

“Of course,” Logan smiled softly, feeling sad.

This feeling is beyond description.

“Anytime,” Logan said softly and lifts Chuck Cannon’s shoulder.

Chuck Cannon was moved, but he couldn’t tell, “Aunt Logan, I have something to say to you.”


“Aren’t you angry?” Chuck Cannon tried to say it in a tangled way. It was really tangled. He didn’t know what was wrong today. He wanted to express his feelings about Logan’s first meeting. It was about imagining Logan at that time. frank.

Chuck Cannon thinks Logan is very kind. He still feels guilty because of this imaginary thing, because it is disrespectful.

Speaking out is equivalent to telling the secret buried in your heart.

This requires courage.

“No, I won’t be angry at anything you say. Go ahead,” Logan smiled slightly, showing tenderness.

“I, I…” Chuck Cannon suddenly found it difficult to speak, unable to speak at all.

Logan would definitely be angry if he said this secret to her.

Or…he shouldn’t say it, he can’t say it. Can he tell Logan, he thought about her?

That is not only embarrassing but also makes her stay away from him. One sentence can do it.

Logan treats him as a treasure and it will spoil the relation. He actually has thoughts about her?

This is not good!!

Fortunately, he changed it now. Since he respected Logan in his heart, he never dreamed of her anymore.

Even if it is a dream, it is a normal dream. For example, Logan teaches Chuck Cannon to fight in a dream. Chuck Cannon lies on Logan’s lap and falls asleep. Everything is normal.

“Why didn’t you say, Chuck? Whatever you say, I won’t be angry, really,” Logan was curious.

What exactly is Chuck Cannon hesitating to say?

He seems to be a little different today.

“No more. Anyway, Aunt Logan, I’m sorry to tell you, I won’t ever do it again,” Chuck Cannon said seriously.

“Why do you want to say sorry to me?” Logan was surprised, why? ?

She didn’t understand and even found it inexplicable.

In Logan’s mind, Chuck Cannon has always been a simple child, and Logan still thinks so.

“Um, Aunt Logan. Don’t say it.” Chuck Cannon shook his head, even more difficult to speak.

He doesn’t want to talk about it to her.

Wanna drive yourself away?

Logan was lost, “Well, then I’ll go back, just call me if I have anything to do, no matter how late.”

“En,” Chuck Cannon sighed and reluctantly gave Logan a hug again. Actually, Chuck Cannon looked at her white cheeks, he wanted to kiss it, but….

Forget it, don’t mess up the relationship with Logan.

At least Logan agreed, even if she had a boyfriend, she would let him sleep on her legs, so…oh, is that enough?

Chuck Cannon was in a daze.

He don’t know what Logan said in the next time. Chuck Cannon just saw Logan waved him and walked in…


Chuck Cannon turned away sadly. When he got into the car he was absent-minded.

He looked in the rearview mirror, saw the black rose following him, and Chuck Cannon took out his phone. Suddenly want to get drunk.

Very empty, Logan left.

Chuck Cannon felt that if he took away his own soul, Logan might have to leave and take away his soul…

Is he suffering from lovesickness?

“Something?” Black Rose answered the phone.

“Will you come and have a drink with me?”

“Thirsty? Your mother Karen Lee didn’t let me drink with you. I can only secretly protect you.” Black Rose immediately refused.

“I will ask my mother to give you more money, is that okay?” Chuck Cannon just wanted to drink.

“No! Don’t call me, it’s okay.” Black Rose was about to hang up.

“Don’t hang up, I’m in a bad mood, can’t you drink with me?” Chuck Cannon was helpless.

In fact, Chuck Cannon didn’t regard Black Rose as a bodyguard that could be ordered.

Therefore, at this time, Black Rose was invited to drink.

“I said no, if I drank, who will protect you?” Black Rose was annoyed.

She would never make this kind of mistake again.

“Then I’m going to drink, will you follow?” Chuck Cannon asked.

“Follow, I will follow you wherever you go, but don’t expect me to drink, it’s impossible!!” Black Rose was vaccinated.

To be honest, after Chuck Cannon was caught under her own nose last time, Black Rose can now speak. She would watch Chuck Cannon going to the bathroom and she would never allow that to happen again!

The same mistake, Black Rose will not make it again!

Chuck Cannon didn’t say much, hung up the phone, asked the nearest bar to drink.

Black Rose followed, her brows frowned, “It looks like you are really going to a bar? Logan is gone, are you in such a bad mood?”

She is actually a bit like Logan. Some aspects of her thinking are very pure and she doesn’t think about it. It can be said that she simply thinks that Logan has taken Chuck Cannon as a child…

She didn’t think much about it and followed Chuck Cannon to the bar from a distance…

On the plane, the private jet is already flying.

Logan sat by the window, looking at the scenery, her eyes were gloomy.

She was actually thinking if Chuck Cannon had asked her to stay behind just now. Would she have stayed?

She could not refuse any request of Chuck Cannon, she could not refuse any.

Maybe she would have stayed.

“Sigh.” Logan sighed.

Suddenly, she frowned, because in her private plane, a man walked out of the front.

Logan calmly said, “Who are you??”

“Your plane is a bit trash, did you buy it at a discount?” the man said sarcastically.

Logan would definitely not talk about this kind of topic. She was surprised and said, “You are? Are you a member of the hidden family?”

It’s obvious. If you can say that your customized private jet is rubbish, how many people like this in the world?

What’s more, Logan is also a master of fighting, she noticed at a glance that this man is definitely not an ordinary person. He walks lightly, but he will instantly attack and defend anytime and anywhere!

How could such a person not be a master?

“You’re quite knowledgeable. Come here. My lady is on your plane. This is your honor. Normally, you are not qualified to see my lady. But this time, you are lucky. My lady rewards you with this opportunity!” The man mockingly said and waved to Logan.

He turned around and went to the front sitting area.

Logan was quiet for three seconds, stood up and went to the rest area.

She saw a superb beauty comparable to Yvette, calm and lazy. So the feeling of controlling the world, this is the Hudson surnamed of the hidden family?

To be honest, after Logan saw this woman, she felt her aura, she no longer doubted it. How can she not be a member of a hidden family? Only a few people have this kind of aura.

But to tell the truth, Logan hates this woman. Although she has never seen her, she knows that she wants Chuck Cannon to join her surname Hudson!

This alone was enough to make Logan angry.

“You come over to find me…” Logan asked. Of course, she had nothing to fear, everyone was on the plane.

“Shhh, it’s not the rule, don’t forget your identity, you are not qualified to speak in front of my lady, can you hear it clearly?!” The man was indifferent.

Logan frowned.

“What a beautiful spare tire. Are you the spare tire Karen Lee found for Chuck Cannon? It’s not bad.” The woman looked at Logan lazily, her eyes calm, as if Logan was in her eyes, an ant that could be trampled to death at any time!

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