Chapter 605 – 606: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 605: Causal Winding


As the punch fell, the whole star river was destroyed, and the power generated from the blast swept clean of the surroundings and beat out a black hole in the tens of thousands of miles of empty space.

Demon Kris flew millions of miles away, while Chen family’s ancestor stopped after flying seven or eight hundred thousand miles.

“Not bad. There is not a big gap.”

Chen family’s ancestor’s blood was running less smooth. Though owning a strong flesh, he was not a pure body refining practicer, so this punch made his blood run less smooth.

In contrast, Demon Kris still had a strong fighting willing and high spirit.

“Everybody, are you going to stand by and do nothing?”

Chen family’s ancestor glanced at them, “We must catch this guy as soon as possible, otherwise all our ten families’ face will be trampled under his foot. At that time, the sects will rise and we can only survive in the cracks.”

After hearing these words, all the other persons changed their countenance.

But as two of the ten families had been hit to be exhausted, would they also be hit to be exhausted if they hit Demon Kris together?

Tianya Song gritted his teeth and thought he would absolutely join the fight against Demon Kris if the True God Weapon hadn’t been taken away by their family’s ancestor. But for this moment…forget it. Since he had been blown up for so many times, if he was to be blown up for several more times, he would perhaps really fall from the Holy Realm.

As for Wei family, they didn’t dare to move at all. Unless they chose to summon a stronger Ancient Ancestor’s True Spirit at the expense of hurting their divine souls, otherwise…everything was in vain.

“You can rest assured!”

“All who have good cooperation with our Gengu No.1 Sect are our friends.”

Demon Kris looked at them, “Be careful not to ruin our friendship easily!”

Under the glance of Demon Kris, all the persons felt frightened.

They didn’t dare to provoke this demon!

Zhong family flinched, and so were Dongfang family, Shentu family and Tantai faimly…they all flinched.

They said nothing but lightly retreated beyond millions of miles.

Chen family’s ancestor was blue in the face, “You will regret!”

He never thought of this situation as the ten families had been stood together for millions of years.

In fact, they never knew what a big change had happened in Dongsheng Divine Land!

The appearance of Gengu No.1 Sect brought a huge change that had never happened in the past tens of millions of years.

As cooperators, they knew the future would be an age of win-win cooperation.

Devil Land was rich in resources, which, however, would be exhausted one day.

In the late ancient times in millions of years ago, for example, there were still True Gods in the universe. But what about nowadays?

There wasn’t even a Half-god, let alone the True God.

It was partially a result of the improvement of world rules. But more importantly, it was due to the gradually reduced spiritual opportunities between heaven and earth which had been not able to meet the needs of such a large Practitioner base.

To change this condition, the only way was but to have eyes on other worlds.

There were a lot of undeveloped worlds and worlds waiting to be developed in the infinite universe.

That was why Gengu No.1 Sect founded the Outer Space Exploration Union of Devil Land, which almost all the cooperators had joined.

Not only that, but those Sects that were slightly weaker also played the role of a member in the Union. And all these members having joined the Union would be protected commonly!

Tantai family, Dongfang family, Guan family…all these families had quietly joined the Union as a result of the irreversible reform trend.

In addition to Dongsheng Divine Land, the other lands had also changed radically.

It was all brought by Gengu No.1 Sect.

Some people said it was because of the strong strength of Gengu No.1 Sect, while others said Gengu No.1 Sect stank with spiritual stones and considered making profits only.

But no one could deny its contribution to the world as what it brought was what the practitioners at the bottom hoped.

Perhaps one drop of water dripping into the lake would make no difference, but what about a thousand, ten thousand and hundreds of millions of drops of water?

Every little makes a mickle. This was what changes Gengu No.1 Sect had brought.

“No, you will be the one to regret!”

Demon Kris said with a sneering smile, “Even if a stagnated world without expansion would disappear, let alone the man!”

“The so-called True God families will be swept into the garbage one day!”

Demon Kris stopped saying anything more, “Invincible Killing Cosmic Blast Punch!”

Three billions of cells were connected together with mighty power bursting out from his body.

As the word goes, there is plenty of power in one’s body!

There is indeed plenty of power in one’s body!

When the power is accumulated to an extent, it could break the space, time and all!

Chen family’s ancestor was blue in the face. The Demon Bone burst out with an overlay of fifty times of power.

But in front of the punch of Demon Kris, he felt everything was so small.

Such mighty power was creepy.


Multiple layers of guard appeared on the surface of his body, of which the outermost was the power of principle, while the innermost was his defensive Holy Weapon, a pair of eyes left by the ancient ancestor of the True God Weapon.

It was said that they were brought by their family’s ancient ancestor from his old opponent.

Chen family’s ancestor patted the True God Weapon into his eyes to pour into infinite power!

But before what he could do, he was hit to fly and blown up by a giant strength!

While at the next second, time was backtracked!

Chen family’s ancestor returned to his original status.

And slight power of time was left at where his flesh was blown up.

This was a True God Weapon with power of time!

Demon Kris was surprised that this weapon could even backtrack time!

What a good treasure!

So whether could it speed up time?

Thinking of that, Demon Kris was more excited.

What did they lack most at present? It was time!


Demon Kris’ eyes were filled with excitement.

“Sealing Heaven!”

As Demon Kris activated the sealing sword intent and sealing rule, all things within millions of miles were sealed.


Surprisingly, Chen family’s ancestor broke the seal with a punch.

“Well, well, well. The power of the True God Weapon’s amplification is really strong!”

Seeing that, Demon Kris was rather glad than being scared.

“Invincible Killing Cosmic Blast Punch!”

Within a millionth of a second, the punch fell on where Chen family’s ancestor was. In normal conditions, this punch should not be avoided by Chen family’s ancestor, while the latter avoided it easily, “You can’t hit me since I can see through each of your step!”

The originally black eyeballs of Chen family’s ancestor turned into weirdly blue, which reminded Demon Kris of cosmetic contact lenses suddenly!

He thought it was really a good True God Weapon, which was much better than the Zither. But pitifully… it couldn’t summon the Ancient Ancestor’s True Spirit.

“Hey hey, the so-called prediction is just a speed-up of time to see the future scene, isn’t it?”

Demon Kris grinned and thought if he could get this True God Weapon, he would definitely make significant progress in the Tao of Time.

Looking at the superior look of Chen family’s ancestor, Demon Kris laughed, “Sorry, but your True God Weapon will be mine!”

Chen family’s ancestor looked at Demon Kris contemptuously, “Under the blessing of the True God Weapon, I’m equivalent to a Half-god now!”

“I’ll let you feel the power of God.”

Then Chen family’s ancestor threw a punch. It was quite a different punch that one couldn’t even see or predict the track of it.

It seemed that the punch had traveled through time and space and was thrown from the other side of space.

“Time Speed-up!”

Demon Kris initiated his magic power but it was useless.

Did the speed of this punch exceed fifteen times of time?

Demon Kris became serious, since it would be a hard fight for him if what he thought was true.

He ran the Golden Light Earth Escaping and teleported repeatedly. However, his sense of crisis was still not relieved.

Witnessing that Demon Kris was jumping up and down like a monkey, Daosheng Chen who was not far away was excited!

Ancestor was really strong!

And now it was a great opportunity to kick Demon Kris when he was down!

“The Great Sealing Art!”

Daosheng spoke out divine words with a strange divine light shot from his pupils.

It was that moment the light hit Demon Kris!

At the same time, Demon Kris was sealed!


It was only a short moment, possibly not exceeding one-ten-thousandth of a second. But even this one-ten-thousandth of a second could determine the result of a fight between two masters.


A punch was thrown on Demon Kris from a difficult angle.

“Ha ha, He is hit. This guy will hardly survive under the full power of hit from a Half-god!”

Daosheng was quite pleased.

While Chen family’s ancestor’s heart missed a beat as he didn’t feel Demon Kris was hit.

“He escaped!”

The face of Chen family’s ancestor was covered with disbelief. How could it be possible? He had obviously predicted what would happen in the near future through the God Eyes, but… how could Demon Kris escape his hit?

Glancing with the divine spiritual power, there was no sign of Demon Kris within millions of miles.

So where would he go?

At this moment, a slight fluctuation beyond hundreds of thousands of miles attracted his attention.

That position was right at where Daosheng was.

“No, escape!”

Chen family’s ancestor shouted. Almost at the same time, he played the magic power of time stopping, but it was still too late.

Daosheng was still laughing, when darkness came over his eyes and then his whole body was blown up.

That mighty power had thoroughly blown up his flesh and divine spiritual power, and even his sun soul.

Compared with the existence of Holy Realm which integrated oneself into Tao, Daosheng could just refine his sun soul into his flesh.

The hit from Demon Kris had made him badly hurt.

There was little time left and the magic power of Chen family’s ancestor also impacted him.

After being blown up, the remaining divine spiritual power of Daosheng flew back to the side of Chen family’s ancestor.

After returning to his real body, Daosheng looked pale with a remaining fear.

He was almost destroyed!

Chen family’s ancestor also looked pale as he found Demon Kris could actually play the Magic Power of Time.

It was quite terrible.

In the absence of time, space is king.

The mighty power of time is even beyond space.

No wonder Demon Kris could escape from his kill hit. It would be a hard fight!

“We two must unite in killing him in the universe, otherwise we will be dangerous once his reinforcements arrive!”

“Yes, Ancestor!”

Daosheng suppressed his injury and thought he should still be able to play 80 percent of his peak strength.

“No, it’s unnecessary, since my reinforcements have arrived.”

The space rippled gently and two men tore the space to appear suddenly.

They were none other than Kris Chen and Yuan Kris!

Having been closing door (practicing Taoist magic art alone) in Sword World for decades of years, Kris Chen was desperately bored.

But through this time of closing door, there was a qualitative improvement in the strength of both Yuan Kris and himself.

Such as the Tao of Causation, Acupoint Cave, Tenth-Step Iron Figure Skill and Sun Soul Advanced Approach!

“Causal Winding!”

Kris Chen’s finger gave out a thick and solid causal line which was firmly tied to Daosheng and Chen family’s ancestor.

“Now we don’t fear you escape, since even though you escape to the Deep Universe, I can still find you!”

Seeing that, Tianya Song, who had originally been ready to be intended to help, was completely terrified.

As the newly arrived two guys were not weaker than Demon Kris, did they still have a chance of winning?

The fact was that even if all the ten families would unite in fighting against them, there was few chance of winning!

So forget it. They’d better hide aside to act as an onlooker.

Looking at each other, both Wei family’s ancestor and Wuxian Wei could see bitterness in the other person’s eyes.

Chapter 606: God Eyes

Why had they been such a fool to provoke these guys?

A false move and everything could be lost. It was useless to regret now.

“Do we kill the two guys?”

“After they hand over the True God Weapon, we shall just hit them disabled, so as to be leave them for Nan Chen to beat.”

“It sounds reasonable. So let’s hit them disabled!”

The three persons determined the plan in a few words.

Chen family’s ancestor was also determined as he hadn’t thought these guys were so ferocious that they even wanted to grabbed the True God Weapon of Chen family.

“Time Backtracking!”

Chen family’s ancestor shouted lightly. He wanted to backtrack to the time before Kris Chen played Causal Winding.

The longer was delayed, the more difficult it would be to play the Backtracking Skill!

Because anyone changing the future had to bear great causation.

“Do you want to escape? No way!”

“The Great Causation Art!”

Kris Chen, Yuan Kris and Demon Kris played the Causation Magic Power almost at the same time.

As three of them could share information, Demon Kris also understood how to of playing the Causation Magic Power.

This was a benefit of multiple incarnations. The Causation Art played was not as simple as one plus one plus one equaling three.

“The Locking Art!”

Kris Chen’s finger flicked a spiritual light to lock Chen family’s ancestor and Daosheng Chen.

Chen family’s ancestor became quite anxious, since even though the Time Backtracking was useful, there were too many persons in the other side.

As soon as he freed himself, he was locked again, and playing the Magic Power of Time Backtracking was a huge consumption.

If it was going on like this, his eyes would be disabled.

A disability in any real sense.

Once all his pupil power was lost, he would be blind and lose at least one third of fighting power of his whole body.

“I can’t care for so much now. Time Barrier!”

Chen family’s ancestor shouted and formed a Time Barrier at the risk of eyes being disabled.

The ratio of time flow speed in and at the outside of the Barrier was almost 1:100!

The highest ratio was actually 1:300. But to fully play the power of the True God Weapon, he had to reach the Half-holy Realm which was still two Stages higher than his present Stage.

“Tear the space quickly. Let’s escape!”

Chen family’s ancestor urged.

Daosheng’s face was filled with bitterness, “Ancestor, the space is sealed and I can’t tear it!”


Chen family’s ancestor was totally shocked. Did the other side understand the Tao of Space? How was that possible?

“Useless waste!”

Chen family’s ancestor swore loudly and Daosheng didn’t dare to retort, since all the hope now were laid on Chen family’s ancestor.

Daosheng felt quite aggrieved as although they had reached the Holy Realm which was the highest existence in Devil Land, they were reduced to such a poor condition now.

After swearing at Daosheng, Chen family’s ancestor tried to tear the space with bare hands, only to find he couldn’t tear it!

It was embarrassing!

With his eyes staring, he sent power suddenly, only to find again he still couldn’t tear it!

“Space Diversion!”

Chen family’s ancestor said in his mind. Then he looked around, finding he was still in place!

“How it could be possible!”

Chen family’s ancestor exclaimed. He was in such a terrible condition that he could neither defeat the other side nor tear the space to escape.

Kris Chen had thought of a strategy on the way there. After all, he was good at both the Tao of Battle Formation and Tao of Sealing.

Especially after watching the Sealing Magic Power of Feng family and Zhou family, he mastered more about the Tao of Sealing.

Thinking of it, he couldn’t help to give the two families thumbs up as they were really good betrayers of the ten families…

Oh no, they were really his good friends!

“The Time Barrier is a little difficult to deal with!”

“It’ll be all right. This is an ultimate skill which will not last long.”

“The True God Weapon should be able to provide good technical support to us!”

Instead of taking further actions, the three persons just stood there and chatted with each other.

Chen family’s ancestor was extremely angry. He thought these three guys had gone too far in bullying him.

They showed no respect for him in this fight.

His eyes were increasingly painful as a result of the huge consumption of the Time Barrier.

Blood was even oozing from the corner of his eyes.

“Your eyes, Ancestor!”

“It’s all your fault, you waste!”

Chen family’s ancestor was quite annoyed. Hadn’t Daosheng dug the Demon Bone of Nan Chen, how could they come to this state?

Daosheng also looked pale. He understood what Chen family’s ancestor meant, but what he was doing at that time had also been approved by the latter.

And Chen family’s ancestor had even said Feng Chen could lead the Chen family towards the new world.

While thinking it that way, Daosheng dare not speak it out.

Dare he?

Daosheng clenched his fists. He had thought that Holy Realm was invincible, but now as there was nothing they could do when being imprisoned by the three guys, he no longer felt himself omnipotent.

Chen family’s ancestor who were wearing the cosmetic contact lenses…oh no, the God Eyes was also heart-tired. Suddenly, he remembered a thing recorded in their family’s secret anecdotes.

When their ancient ancestor plucked out the God Eyes from his opponent, the latter cursed before death that whoever wore the God Eyes would repeat his fate.

Now that Kris Chen and his companions targeted this True God Weapon, would he really repeat the fate of letting the God Eyes be plucked out?

If so, the strength of Chen family would inevitably fall heavily.

Furthermore, this True God Weapon was used to guard their family’s fate and fortune. Once it was taken away, the future generations of their family would get increasingly weaker and even fall off the ten families in its real sense one day.

Had Kris Chen known what Chen family’s ancestor was thinking, he would definitely scoff at it, since the future would no longer be a world of sects and families but the age of Great Universe.

At that time, all people would have a chance to make their way in the world!

“Three misters!”

At this point, Chen family’s ancestor said, “This is totally a misunderstanding!”


No sooner had the words been spoken than Kris Chen and his other two companions laughed out simultaneously.

How proud Chen family’s ancestor was before the fight! While finding himself unlikely to win, he said it was a misunderstanding?

Did he really think they were easy to speak with?

One year ago, Kris Chen avoided fighting against Chen family since he was unsure to win. This time he was strong enough to decide whether the fight was to be continued or not.

“Do you say it is a misunderstanding?”

Kris Chen smiled, “Well, as long as you hand over the True God Weapon as well as all the ancient books, magic power and treasures of Chen family, I’ll consider it as a misunderstanding!”

“Do you really want to be against with us openly?”

Chen family’s ancestor said sullenly.

“Sorry, we’ve already been against you openly!”

Kris Chen smiled again, “Had it not been for Nan Chen’s sake, I would have already come to kill all of you. What’s the big deal of Holy Realm? I can still kill you!”

Although he was smiling, the murderous determination in his words made both Chen family’s ancestor and Daosheng shudder.

So did others.

To kill an existence of Holy Realm?

Had they ever heard any death of Holy Realm practitioner since the Late Ancient Age?


Once someone reached this Stage, what he pursued would all be the Great Tao.

To put it bluntly, he would become a practitioner freed from vulgar taste.

Having owned a long life of millions of years, wouldn’t it be great to be alive?

“You’ll have ten breaths of time to consider. So you’d better reply me before my patience disappears, otherwise I don’t mind killing two more Holy Realm practitioners.”

Kris Chen had lost his patience. Instead of wasting time here, he would rather return to the Sword World to practice Taoist magic art alone.

His top priority was to break through the Holy Realm.


Daosheng gritted his teeth. At this moment, he really began to hate their family’s ancestor as why couldn’t the latter summon the True Spirit like the Zither of Wei family?

Perhaps they could summon a True Spirit close to the True God if they tried desperately?

At the same time, Kris Chen also feared they would play some other forbidden arts, so he added tens of thousands of seals with countless causal lines winding around the two persons.

The outermost was the Chaos World evolved from ninety nine rules.

When their quantities came to a certain level, there would be a qualitative breakthrough.

And the Chaos World would trap the Holy Realm practitioners!

Although there was still a little gap between Tao of Causation and Principle, it was enough at present!

“Well, time is up. It seems that you two can’t get out of the barrier alive!”

“Cave Hit!”

With two hundred nine thousand and six hundred Acupoint Caves connected together, along with the blessing of infinite world power, the escaped power suppressed the starfield and made everybody suffocate!

Yuan Kris’ hands pinched mysterious magic skills with four hundred eighty million ideas combined together to increase hundreds of times of power.

“Swallowing the starfield!”

One of his hand drew a circle and a black hole appeared in his hand.

It was the power of collision between different molecules, atoms and neutrons.

“Invincible Serious Super Killing Cosmic Blast Punch!”

With six billion cells connected together, Demon Kris couldn’t even control his power and turned into a giant.

Kris Chen really had an idea of killing them. If he didn’t kill two Holy Realm practitioners, the other persons would possibly never take seriously what he had said.

Feeling the horrible power, Daosheng was totally in a panic as it was a power that could definitely kill him, “Please think of something, ancestor!”

“Think of what?”

This piece of space had been completely sealed with tens of thousands of seals, which would probably not be blasted away even if he blew himself up!

Chen family’s ancestor felt heart-tired again. He didn’t have any magic weapon that could die for him.

Even if he had any, it would not be applicable at the moment.

This was the first time Chen family’s ancestor didn’t consider high cultivation as a good thing, since…there was no magic weapon that could die for him.

Or try a desperate attempt?

The worst of it would be that he lost his eyes, but…what if he still couldn’t defeat them?

Wouldn’t he be disabled?

“Wait, three misters!”

Chen family’s ancestor cried hurriedly.

Kris Chen and his two companions looked down at Chen family’s ancestor and Daosheng who were trapped, at the same time still accumulating power.

“I volunteer to hand over the True God Weapon, only wishing you to stop being so hard on us!”

After saying these words, Chen family’s ancestor was dispirited immediately.


Daosheng goggled and all the other persons were also shocked.

They were amazed that Chen family’s ancestor should hand over their family’s True God Weapon.

Could a family without the True God Weapon still be called True God family?

Wuxian Wei and Wei family’s ancestor were totally shocked.

They glanced at each other to see the thankfulness in the other person’s eyes. Although they had consumed a lot of essential blood in summoning the Ancient Ancestor’s True Spirit, it was better than letting their True God Weapon be taken away!

“Good, whoever recognizes the facts of a situation is a great man!”

Kris Chen looked at Yuan Kris and Demon Kris, and they all agreed the old guy was most probably cheating them. As the latter had lived hundreds of thousands of years, how would he possibly surrender so easily?

“Please unlock the seals!”

“You can also throw the True God Weapon out!”

Chen family’s ancestor was silent for a while and then plucked out the True God Weapon from his eyes, which was a pair of blue pupils!

He gritted his teeth with his eyes filled with reluctance and humiliation.


Daosheng felt extremely humiliated. He clenched his fists with his fingernails almost embedded into the meat.

“Well, it is all fate!”

With a sigh, the Chen family’s ancestor threw out the God Eyes.

While Kris Chen saw the God Eyes being thrown towards him, his heart was pounding!

“No, he wants to detonate the True God Weapon!”

Yuan Kris had predicted what Chen family’s ancestor wanted to do.

But the latter was too naive!

Sword World!

As soon as the God Eyes were thrown out of the Battle Formation, they were detained in the Sword World by Kris Chen.

At that moment, the ties between the God Eyes and Chen family’s ancestor were broken!

“It’s impossible!”

Chen family’s ancestor roared loudly.

But what was waiting for him was the cruel blow from Kris Chen and his other two companions.


Under the bombardment of three punches, tens of millions of miles were blasted to a real land of empty space.

The universal spiritual opportunities disappeared, the stars turned into powders and countless cosmic rays were evaporated.

All the ten families retreated beyond a long distance.

“Escape! It’s horrible!”

“Chen family is screwed, totally screwed…”

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