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“Aren’t you angry when I say you are a spare tire? You are really a spare tire.” The woman was lazy with a little sarcasm.

“You came over to tell me this?” Why would Logan be angry?

She doesn’t think about a few words from this woman.

In fact, she also thanked Karen Lee. If there were no Karen Lee, Logan would not be what she is today. She matched herself with Chuck Cannon but she didn’t seize the opportunity.

Is it blaming oneself?

“Yes, I’m here. Just to tell you that you are a spare tire!” the woman said lazily.

“Well, I already know, what else do you want to do?” Logan asked.

“You deserves to be the spare tire that Karen Lee cultivated for Chuck Cannon. You actually saw me but you are quite calm. Okay. I will give you a chance now. I will accept you as my personal maid. Forget it, I can give you one chance to serve me,” the woman said.

Logan understood why Karen Lee had a weird expression when she came back after seeing her last time.

“Thanks, I don’t like to serve others,” Logan shook her head and refused indifferently.

Even thinking of it was ridiculous.

The hidden family Logan knows. Knowing that this family is strong, she certainly can’t match it but is it appropriate to let Logan be a maid?

“You don’t like to serve others. Then you still want to obey Chuck Cannon? You do what he asks you to do. You are doing a good job as a spare tire!!” There is a cold light in the beautiful eyes of the woman.

She didn’t want to come, but the person monitoring Chuck Cannon said that Logan actually let Chuck Cannon sleep on her leg. She also k****d Chuck Cannon. You know, Chuck Cannon has taken a fancy to her and her domineering psychology absolutely does not allow this to happen!

So she came here today!

“That’s it? Between me and him, there is no way to follow.” Logan shook her head.

“Not yet? Hahaha, I checked your information. You’re thirty years old. You don’t have a boyfriend. You don’t have any men. In your case, Chuck Cannon can sleep on your legs. If he mentions something else Yes, won’t you immediately agree?” The woman narrowed her eyes.

Logan was silent and did not answer this question.

She once thought about what she should do if Chuck Cannon raises other requirements or other matters.


Logan felt that she couldn’t do it.

But promise?

Logan didn’t think it was easy to do.

This Logan’s own answer was that when it would really be Chuck Cannon, she knew how she would react. At least now, Chuck Cannon couldn’t mention it, because Chuck Cannon didn’t like her, so how could she mention other things?

“Can’t answer? You still said you didn’t follow his words? You really are a spare tire! I hate the spare tire the most, so I want to unload you as a spare tire!!” The woman’s voice was cold.

Logan did not change her expression, “You want to unload me in this sky?”

The woman became lazy and looked at Logan lightly, as if she wanted to see a toy destroyed.

“Is the spare tire safe enough? I really can’t let you stand. Unload her.” The woman said lazily, “Oh, by the way, you said you want me to unload you. What will you do next?”

Logan’s beautiful eyes flashed.

“You have to be dismissed, you have to be obedient, otherwise, I will ruin everything about Karen Lee, you know?” The woman chuckled lazily as if she was discussing with Logan.

Logan was silent.

“Don’t worry. If you have an accident, I will arrange everything for you, that is, an ordinary plane accident. How am I to you?” The woman smirked lazily.

Logan narrowed her eyes!

The man came out, “It seems that you are very confident in your strength. My lady said that she wants to unload the tire, it is still impossible.”

Logan took a breath and put down the things in her hands. These were some things she looked at when she was about to rest. She remembered what Karen Lee said, facing this person, she must find a way to leave.

But this is on an aeroplane, how can she leave?

Logan didn’t panic, she was also someone who didn’t panic when encountering things and there was nothing to be afraid of.

The man laughed mockingly and attacked!!

This punch, with strength, no one has ever caught it. This time he used to deal with a woman, his only idea was to kill Logan in seconds.

He didn’t want to waste any time.

Because his miss’s time was precious!!

The fist came, Logan felt this power, this punch was heavy.

Without any consideration, she avoided the punch with clever attacking skills. The man sneered and kicked his leg out.

Logan resisted!!

The woman sitting on the sofa. Looking lazily at all this, she has such a pity, what is the pity?

She really wanted Logan to be her own maid just now, but she didn’t agree, so she must die.

Not bad, it’s okay to be able to withstand so many attacks from his bodyguards.

Suddenly, boom!!

Logan took the man’s punch forcibly, she backed away, a trace of paleness appeared on her pretty face, the force of the punch was too great.

“Huh, it’s okay, but you know? I only have one-third of my strength now. You can’t hold it anymore, then. No need, you will die!” The man laughed and threw a punch.

When he has this fighting strength, he doesn’t need fancy fighting skills, just fight directly!

The fist is hard enough and the attack is direct, no one can resist!


This punch came, Logan could only resist, but there was a gap in strength, she was beaten back again and when she stopped, she already coughed out a bit of blood.

Her beautiful face turned pale, she tried hard, but there was a feeling of tumbling in her body.


Logan vomited blood again, her expression wilted, her beautiful face was covered with beads of sweat, making her face paler.

There was no fear in her beautiful eyes, she stood still.

“You’re really rubbish, this situation is now and you think that you are still going to survive? Don’t worry, why do you think I would give you this opportunity? Die!” The man grinned. The fist was like a hammer and it came!

To Logan, this is to smash Logan to death!

Logan was calm, she has been mentally prepared for so long since she has been out, but is it today?

Is she dying?

However, Logan felt regretful, she liked Chuck and finally, she didn’t say anything!


The man’s fist blasted over, extremely terrifying. He hit Logan’s temple with a fist close at hand!

Chuck Cannon drank in the bar, drinking glass by glass, and the bad mood in his heart did not improve.

Sad, regret it!

Why didn’t you force Logan to stay? She is so understanding, she will definitely stay.

Black Rose was in the corner watching Chuck Cannon’s every move.

However, many men nearby were looking at her, Black Rose frowned. She didn’t like to be in such a place.

She doesn’t like being imagined by men.

This is also excusable. Today, Black Rose does not wear leather clothes, but she wore jeans and a white T-shirt on it. This is the most common dress for American women, but wearing these Black Rose has ultimate Feel like it.

It is normal to be watched, she is the focus of the bar!

Seeing that many people came over to strike up a conversation with herself, Black Rose was annoyed. She felt that she could not go on like this. She walked to Chuck Cannon’s side, “Is it enough?”

“Really. What kind of eyes does this beauty have to strike up a conversation with a weak Chinese person?”

“Envy, beautiful women have unique tastes!”

In the bar, the men who had been watching Black Rose saw that Black Rose actually went to talk to Chuck Cannon who was drunk. They only have envy and hatred!

There is just can’t understand! why?

“I want to drink a little bit.” Chuck Cannon shook his head, feeling emotional, no matter how he drinks it.

“Can you go back and drink?” Black Rose was annoyed, but Karen Lee had hidden a lot of good wine, how much can he drink?

“Drink with me a little, just a little.” Chuck Cannon poured a cup for Black Rose.

“No! No!” Black Rose refused directly.

“After drinking, I’ll leave, can’t you?” Chuck Cannon sighed.

“Well, as you say,” Black Rose took the full glass and drank it in one go.

“Can you leave now?” Black Rose was expressionless.

She was really bored by the nearby men looking on her.

“One more drink.” Chuck Cannon fell back again.

Black Rose was annoyed, “Are you playing with me? Believe it or not, I’ll go right away.”

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