Chapter 607 – 608: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 607: Blockhead Nan Chen

“Holy Realm is also not strong enough and is doomed to death.”

Kris clapped his hands. The power of Dongtian was really terrifying, and Daosheng Chen was dead.

But the family Chen’s ancestor who is the super existence of the Later Period Holy Realm seemed to escape.

Kris helped Nan Chen killed the big boss by accident.

“Yuan Kris, let’s go back first. Demon Kris, leave it to you!” Kris smiled, “Let’s have a competition that our three who can break through the Holy Realm first!”

Then, he plunged into the Fetal membrance of heaven and earth with Yuan Kris.

Demon Kris laughed, looking at Tianya Song, “Pay the money or you will die!”


After returning to the sword world, the sadistic power of God Eye almost destroyed the sword world, but near the copper coffin, the power was completely suppressed.

Kris was surprised that this copper coffin is really extraordinary!

Even the True God weapon was suppressed. How powerful it is!

Kekkai Immortal said that it was left to suppress the small worlds by predecessor Qiujian. After all, it is a part of the great worlds.

“True God Weapon needs comprehending, the further deduction of the rule of cause and effect is for you!”

Yuan Kris nodded and resumed the deduction.

Holding the God Eye in the palm of his hand and feeling the power contained in it, Kris directly mobilized the power of the world in his body to suppress it.

“It works!” Kris smiled and began to infiltrate the True God Weapon.

True God Weapon is the weapon used by the True God, which is one level higher than the Holy Weapon.

The mark of Chen’s ancestor was on it.

According to Yuan Kris’ spiritual array, it only took a month before Kris Chen obliterated the will of the ancestor of the Chen family.

The God eye has a divine nature, wanting to invade Kris’ will, trying to assimilate him!

Kris self-initiated his own Taoism, so his Taoist heart is like iron and it is impossible to be assimilated!

“Oh, the core actually has the brand of Chen Family Ancient Ancestor, but the brand is already very weak.”

Kris thought of the words left by Qiujian. God was dead, demon was killed, the fairy was gone…

“It seems that the ancient ancestor of Chen family is also dead!”

After all, it was the mark left by the True God. Although the mark of Chen family has been eroded by various generations of Chen family for millions of years, it has faded a lot, but it still took half a year for Kris to wore out the mark of True God.

Although it took a long time, the benefits were obvious. He successfully left his mark on True God Weapon.

Then he instantly understood the power of True God Weapon.

“Yes, it’s really the function of time retrospective and time acceleration prediction!”

“But because of the blood difference, these eyes can only be used by Chen family?”

Kris thought for a while, he didn’t care about True God or True God Weapon. What he really cared about was the meaning of time in it.

He composed to comprehend the magical powers of time!

At the same time, outside Gengu No.1 Sect, a long-haired girl stood outside the sect and shouted, “Nan Chen, you coward, you took advantage of me but dare not see me?”

“Asshole, how can I find a Taoist companion in the future.”

The girl was not someone else, but Yao Ning.

She and Nan are obviously three or four years apart, but they are exceptionally good-matched when standing together.

During this year, a lot of ridiculous things happened between the two people.

“Brother, Sister Ning is here again!” Zi Chen, more attractive than before, ran to him, looking at the young man who was immersed in cultivation.

After defeating Feng Chen, Nan’s cultivation advanced by leaps and bounds. Last month, he transformed into an actualized spirit with the Supreme Demon Bone developed sixty times the power.

Nan also has many titles, such as Heavenly King Nan, Juvenile Supreme and so on.

Thirteen-year-old actualized spirit, who can believe it?

He was also invincible in the same stage, who first entered the actualized spirit could match the fulfilled period actualized spirit .

It was amazing.

But he dared not to face with Yao Ning.

“This old woman, what is she doing again?” Nan, with an unswerving will, gnashed his teeth when he met the stubborn Yao.

“Sister Ning is only sixteen years old, how can she be called an old woman!” Zi Chen glanced at him, “Brother, you really don’t know love! Sister Ning is the Saintess of the Fairy Sect anyway, many people chased after her, why does she keep pestering you? Don’t you know?”

Nan was speechless for a while, how does he don’t know?

Although he is premature and is as tall as adults, he knew little about emotional affairs.

Fear and joy both flooded in his heart, with a trace of confusion.

When Yao came to him, he felt that she was persecuting. He didn’t want to lose face, believing it lacked manliness.

“Forget it, I’m still young, so I don’t want to think about it for the time being. Our parents haven’t found yet, and I don’t have the energy to spend time on love.”

Love is a tomb for hero, he comforted himself.

“Hey!” Zi sighed, “Sometimes I think it’s not worthwhile for Sister Ning, a true heart hits a stone!”

Nan was embarrassed, “Are you my sister or her younger sister? How can you say like this about your brother!”

Zi hummed, “Even though I’m your sister, I choose justice instead of kinship, this time I support Ning sister.”

After finishing talking, the little girl ran out.

Outside the mountain gate, the two guarding disciples did not dare to drive Yao away, they had to persuade her, “Miss Ning, please go back, it is unsightly!”

“What did you say?” Yao frowned, “What is unsightly?”

“Miss Ning, I…” Another disciple glared at him, and he shut up immediately.

Forget it, let Nan himself solve the romantic debt provoked!

At this moment, Zi Chen, dressed in purple, ran out from inside, “Sister Ning!”

Seeing Zi, Yao was happy, “Little Zi !”

“Sister Ning, let’s go!”

“Your brother asked you to come?”


Hearing this, Yao was gloomy, “Am I so disgusted? If he dislikes me, why does he provoke me again and again?”

At first, Yao hated Nan, but over time, after several experiences of life and death, she had a crush on him.

She dares to love and hate, even if Nan is three years younger than her or he always calls her old woman. She still likes him.

The girl in love met a heartless man, how could she not feel heartbreaking.

“Sister Ning, actually my brother likes you too!” Zi whispered.


Yao cheered up again, but in a flash the light in her eyes dimmed, “Little Zi, thank you, if he really likes me, he will tell me himself.”

“Today is the last time I come here. If he keeps avoiding it, I will also cut off this fate!”

It seemed that Yao was really sorrowful.

Thinking of his brother’s nonchalant appearance, Zi was angry.

Who heard that Yao was in danger and ran to the Extreme Hell to save her?

Who carried Yao’s sachet with him?

He said he didn’t like her, but actually he likes her very much.

Zi sighed, this elder brother is too difficult to enlighten.

But soon, she thought of a good idea, “Sister Ning, don’t panic, I have a good idea!”

She said something to Yao. Yao was a little surprised, “Can it work?”

“Trust me, no problem!” Zi showed her lovely small teeth, she really knew her brother too well.

As Master Uncle described Nan, a blockhead inside with cold appearance outside.

“Okay, I believe you!” Yao gritted her teeth.

At this moment, Zi changed her face, and became flustered, “Sister Ning, what are you talking about, your sect has chosen a Taoist companion for you?”

Yao’s eyes were full of complexity and pain, “Um!”

“Then are you here today to meet my brother for the last time?”

“No… I’m here to invite him to my wedding!”


As soon as these words came out, disciples guarding the mountain gate were confused.

“What? No way, no way, you will marry someone else, what about my brother?”

Zi looked nervous and shouted,”Brother, if you don’t come out, Sister Ning will marry others!”

“Sister Ning, don’t go, actually my brother likes you very much.”

“Forget it, he didn’t even see me. He obviously hates me. Since he hates me so much, then I will stay away from him in the future!”

As she spoke, tears fell down, “Nan Chen, you and I will not meet again! But I still hope that you can come to my wedding!” Determination could be found in her words.

At this time, what happened outside the mountain gate had long been seen by Nan’s Divine Spiritual Power.

What, she is going to marry! Nan’s head buzzed, and his brain went blank when he sat there!

His heart tightened fiercely, as if being grabbed by a big hand, it was unspeakably uncomfortable.

Wouldn’t she follow him again in the future?

When he thought that Yao would follow the other man in the future, his heart was agitated.

At this moment, Zi shouted, “Brother, come out soon, Sister Ning is leaving!”

“Little Zi, don’t do this.” Yao shook his head and gently pushed away Zi’s hand, “I’m leaving…”

Before the words were finished, an anxious and slightly angry voice rang, “No need to go!”

Followed by a young figure came from inside. It was definitely Nan!

Yao was overjoyed, but her face remained calm, even with a hint of resentment.

Seeing this bit of resentment, Zi admired her. Sister Ning’s acting skills are really good.

If Yao knew what Zi was thinking, she would definitely say something proudly, I am the queen of watching 300 dramas in a year!

“Brother, hold Sister Ning!” said Zi, continuing the play.

Yao turned her head away, “I have nothing to do with him!”

Hearing this, Nan’s face darkened, “Who said that you have nothing to do with me? Do you think Gengu No.1 Sect is the place that you can come and leave as you want?”

Nan’s tone was harder than stone, and once again irritated Yao, “Why, do you still want to spank me?”

“I should spank you, of course!”

Nan pulled Yao over, slapped her ass fiercely.


Other disciples were dumbfounded, and Zi was also hoarse.

Yao was even more embarrassed!

“Brother, are you too sturdy?”

Zi smiled bitterly in her heart, this slap interrupted her thinking about acting!

Chapter 608: They Reached the Stage of Holy Realm

“Nan, I hate you ……..” said Yao Ning. Her face turned red and her fists kept smashing into Nan Chen’s body, yet she suddenly cried, “Bastard, I hate you so much. I don’t ever want to see you again.”

Then she prepared to leave as soon as she wiped her tears. Nan grabbed her wrist, “Where are you going? You just can’t wait to marry someone else?”

“Leave me alone. My business has nothing to do with you.” Yao Ning shouted.

She struggled hard, but couldn’t get away from Nan’s hand that was holding her.

“Your business is my business. You can only marry me.” Nan coldly said.

“You let go of me,” Yao kept scolding, but in her heart she was happy that Nan cared about her.

“Please go with me.” Nan pulled her and went inside.

Zi Chen smiled and looked at them both.

“Where are you taking me?” Yao asked, perplexed.

“Go see my master!” Nan replied.

Yao’s face brushed red. “He’s taking me to meet his elders right now.”

Now she was conflicted. She knew that going to meet Nan’s elders meant that Nan would openly show his relationship with her to others.


A few days ago, Chen Ye broke through the Fulfilled period of the actualized spirit. Now he was meditating to consolidate his Stage.

After his discussion with Kris, Chen had a clear idea of his cultivation direction. As he was practicing, he saw Nan coming over with Yao.

“Master, this is Yao Ning. I would like to ask you for a favor.” Nan said, “Can you help me go to the Flying Immortal Sect to bring up proposal of marriage for me?”

As he finished, Chen was a little supprised.

His eyes were on the two. Yao blushed, standing there.

“Have you really decided to get married? You know, marriage is a lifelong thing.” Chen asked.

Chen looked at Nan and suddenly had a complicated feeling in his heart. He himself hadn’t gotten married yet, and his disciple was getting married so young.

“Yes, Master. Although I’m not very old, I can betroth Yao first, and we’ll get married after I’m an adult!”

Yao was excited and nervous.

“So what does Yao think?”

Yao blushed and stammered, “I… I… I… I think…”

Chen saw her stammering and thought she was reluctant to marry Nan, “Since Yao is very hesitant, then…”

Seeing that Chen misunderstood her meaning, she quickly explained, “Mr. Ye, I mean I agree.”

Chen was stunned, then laughed, “Good, in that case, I’ll go to the Flying Immortal Sect for Nan to mention to your relatives that Nan is going to propose to you.”

“Thank you, Master!” Nan said respectfully.

“Master, I’ll have a sister-in-law from now on.” Zi Chen said excitedly.

Hearing the word ‘sister-in-law’, Yao felt that everything was moving too fast. She originally wanted to settle the score with Nan, but she did not expect Nan to propose to her directly.

But considering that Nan was already an actualized spirit, Yao thought that if she wasn’t engaged to him, he would marry someone else.

Nan had great talent. He would soon be able to break through to a higher Stage. At that time, Devil Land would not be able to keep him. Yao knew that if she did not get engaged to him, she would never have the chance to see him again.

Chen immediately went to the Flying Immortal Sect. The Sovereign Lord of the Flying Immortal Sect was very supportive of Nan and Yao’s marriage, and Yao’s relatives were also fine with it. In fact, even if they didn’t agree, they didn’t dare to say no. They all knew that Nan’s battle prowess was extraordinary, and he was a member of the Gengu No.1 Sect and had a bright future.

At this time, the news that Demon Kris had killed Daosheng Chen and the lord of the Chen family had escaped with serious injuries had spread throughout the land. Now everyone knew that the Gengu No.1 Sect could not be messed with.

Soon Chen and the Flying Immortal Sect set a date. Three years later, when Nan became an adult, it would be the day Nan and Yao were married.


Demon Kris made a copy of all the Chen family’s collections and took away the Taoist Strength Stone, but he didn’t take away anything else of the Chen family. He left it to Nan to decide what to do with the Chen family.

Meanwhile, in the Sword World, Kris opened his eyes. As the years passed, his prowess grew.

“It took me 500 years to build the Acupoint Dongtian, and it will take perhaps another 1,000 years for the top grade Dongtian be promoted to the top level.” He thought.

He took all the Taoist Strength stones and spirit stones he had collected from the three major families and put them into the Acupoint Dongtian.

Gathering all the observations and ideas, Kris was the creator of the 129,600 Acupoint Dongtian at this moment.

He thought of the wind in his mind, and then the wind blew in all the Acupoint Dongtian at the same time. He thought that there should be light here, and the dark space was instantly lit up. He thought there should be clouds in the sky, so cloud appeared in the sky.

“Is this the Way of Creation?” He thought.

Yuan Kris’s way of sun soul, Demon Kris’s way of force, and Bei Yang’s way of fusion were all the Great Tao. Kris fused these Tao together, and his Acupoint Dongtian grew at an amazing rate.

While one day had passed outside, Kris had been in Acupoint Dongtian for ten years.

During these ten years, Acupoint Dongtian had been growing all the time.

When the Acupoint Dongtian exceeded five million meters, a magical power was given to Kris. That was the way of creation.

Kris then stepped out of the Sword World and took a step out into the starry sky.

At that moment, he saw spiritual opportunities, which were the rules and ways of the world.

The Fetal membrance of heaven and earth at this time was the power of the various Ways intertwined with each other.

The more Dao there were, the thicker the Fetal membrance of heaven and earth became, and the more difficult it was for the person to come out of it.

Perhaps billions of years ago, the primal spirit was able to leave the world of reality, but billions of years from now, the actualized spirit would be able to do so.

He saw rules and ways being released from the Fetal membrance of heaven and earth at a rapid rate, spreading out into the deep universe.

“We’re coming!”

Demon Kris and Yuan Kris walked over to Kris. Both of them had a mysterious air about them.

“Is there a lightning strike in Holy Realm?”

“Yes, there is. It’s not a lightning strike from Devil Land. It’s a lightning strike from the universe.”

The three of them moved billions of miles and arrived at an abandoned planet.

“Let’s go through the tribulation from the lightning strike together.” Kris looked at them and said, sitting cross-legged on the ground.

Ten days later, the first lightning strike struck them, but the three of them were unharmed.

Demon Kris swallowed the thunder into his stomach and activated his body cells.

Yuan Kris used the lightning strike to refine his sun soul and Divine Spiritual Power.

Kris was just about to break through the Ten Golden Body Technique. As Demon Kris did, Kris used the power of the cosmic lightning strike to refine the power of thunder, and then his Acupoint Dongtian continued to grow.

The thunder bombarded them for three days and three nights, so the three reached the Holy Realm at the same time.

“I feel like one of my cells is a small Dongtian.”Demon Kris squeezed his fist, “If I ran into Daoshen Chen, I should be able to break him with one punch!”

“I see dozens of thick causal lines rooted in the deep universe.” Yuan Kris said.

“After the body has been sanctified, the Acupoint Dongtian are intertwined and yet distinct. The Acupoint Dongtian has grown to eight million feet, an area beyond the earth. It’s not so much a Dongtian as a world.” Kris said, “The mana has become the force of the world, the force of creation, to be precise! But there’s still a long way to go to reach the legendary Stage of using earth to create human.”

“No, I think we already have the conditions to become creators in general.” Demon Kris said confidently, “The True God has left a spiritual mark on the world, perhaps we can refer to it to give them souls and memories. As long as we erase some of the more important memories, can’t we create a whole new race?”

“Yes, this is our world. Our thoughts are the way of heaven, the will to develop the world.” Yuan Kris smiled.

“Now Acupoint Dongtian has hundreds of different kinds of fairy aura, which is sufficient for the possibility of evolution.” Yuan Kris said. Then he started to deduce the feasibility of the plan.

“The world is still fragile, but as long as our physical bodies are stronger, the stronger the world we create will be!”

Kris also wondered if the world was really ready for them to cultivate now.

“Maybe we can develop the Acupoint Dongtian world slowly, and we can start with the Ancestral Acupoint Dongtian.” Yuan Kris said, “It would be a pity if Acupoint Dongtian were purely for us to get power.”

Kris nodded. He saw the Acupoint Dongtian through his body.

This place should meet the conditions of temperature, water, oxygen, and sunlight necessary for life.”

“So there should be a cycle of four seasons here, diurnal temperature variations, as well as the sun and the moon.”

Then they created what the earth had in the newly created world, and soon they had been in Sword World for a year.

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