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Chuck Cannon did not answer.

The young woman Alice continued to ask, “You didn’t make that request, I’m very satisfied, you just mention other requests, I will definitely do it.”

“Really? Really you will do what you say?” Chuck Cannon calmly.

“Well, you can believe me, if not, then your mother Karen Lee would not taken you away from my house at that time.” The charming young woman was confident.

“Well, today’s matter. I don’t want the third person to know for the time being, you can do this?” Chuck Cannon said.

“Of course.” The young woman nodded, as long as Chuck Cannon didn’t make such a request, she will agree to everything.

“Well, I won’t say much, I want you to prepare to cooperate with me now!” There was no smile on Chuck Cannon’s face. He was completely serious!!

“Cooperate with you? How to cooperate? Cooperate?” The charming young lady was surprised and Chuck Cannon’s expression told her that this is going to do a big deal!

“You can also say that it is cooperation, not much to say, do you know the hidden family?” Chuck Cannon said this straightforwardly.

“I know. How could I not know?” The charming young woman was shocked, what does this mean?

“So do you know how powerful the Hidden Family is?”

“Of course I know.”

“Then I tell you, what is my goal now.”

“Yes, say it, I’m listening carefully.” The charming young woman was also serious.

“The richest man, I want to be the real world’s richest man.” Chuck Cannon said calmly.

“You?” The charming young woman was shocked.

The real richest man in the world? truly?

This means that he wants to be more wealthy than the hidden family?

The charming young woman was stunned.

This secret family has been passed on for thousands of years. It has been passed down through generations of life and death, passed down from generation to generation and wealth is constantly accumulating, for thousands of years. With the accumulation of dozens of generations, it is unimaginable how much money they have. As the patriarch of the Luofu family, one of the four largest families in the world, it is difficult for her to imagine!

“Can’t I?” Chuck Cannon calmed down.

“How do you say this.”

The young lady shook her head awkwardly, “It’s not impossible. You have your mother Karen Lee behind to support you. It’s certainly not difficult to be the richest man in the world but to be the world’s richest man, I can say, not probably, after all, the secret family has been passed down for thousands of years, and with the accumulation of many generations, there is a big gap.”

The obvious question: People have only had today for dozens of generations, and you only have two generations. How do you compare?

The gap is too obvious, one day, one place.

“I know there is a big gap, but I will sit in this position,” Chuck Cannon said with determination in his voice.

The young woman Alice was taken aback, “You…what do you want to do? How?”

“Actually, the easiest way, what do you know?” Chuck Cannon looked at her suddenly.

The young lady was astonished again, and then she was full of meaning, “The easiest way is to take away the wealth accumulated by others. For example, the four big families…”

Chuck Cannon laughed. This method is indeed the most straight forward, but Chuck Cannon did not intend to annex, directly annexed. What is the difference between grabbing?

Chuck Cannon can’t do that kind of thing, he is thinking of cooperating.

“I saw the strength of your mother Karen Lee last time. With her help you, it is not difficult to annex the four major families. It is not difficult. But you told me to cooperate with you? How will you cooperate? Let me ask as the patriarch of Luofu family?” She stood up.

“Yes, I want you to cooperate, I want to buy a stake in your family now.” Chuck Cannon said.

“Share in my family? Do you want to annex my family?” The charming young woman narrowed her eyes.

“No, you are so beautiful and charming, how could I annex?” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

The young lady of Alice frowned, “It’s not appropriate to make a joke with me.”

After all, age is here.

Chuck Cannon smiled slightly, “Then if you don’t believe me, I can’t help it, I can only joke with you.”

“Don’t be kidding, you be serious.” The charming young woman shook her head.

“Starting from your current project, I want to buy shares, not to buy shares in your previous projects, but to buy shares in your projects after you, all of them.”

“Oh, then I don’t have any projects in the future, then your idea may not work,” the young woman Alice shook her head.

“You said, believe it or not?” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

The young woman was silent for two seconds. Chuck Cannon said, “I tell you that the hidden family may be coming out. Do you think it is better to work with the blind me to insure, or to face the hidden family.”

“I also considered this question. But how do you enter? My current projects are all scientific research projects, with a lot of investment! You enter more, definitely not, 10%. This is my limit. The project will count for you, and you don’t need to worry about it. The money you make every year will be stamped on you.”

“Ten per cent? You are really stingy,” Chuck Cannon was unhappy.

If you invest in this, you won’t lose money. After all, the Luofu family has today a lot of skilled professionals and she is unavoidable. Her project is absolutely profitable.

If he mentions it with his mother, his mother will definitely come over immediately.

“I’m so stingy, Chuck Cannon, you need to know, my Luofu family’s project. No one has ever come in before. You are the first one. “The young woman is serious.

This is really the first one.

“Haha,” Chuck Cannon sat close to her, “You are so beautiful, so charming.”

The young woman Alice has a numb scalp, she wants to be angry, “30%, my limit is over, don’t force me,”

“Okay.” Chuck Cannon shrugged and drank the wine.

“Tomorrow I will let my mother give you 50 billion dollars, and you will start your project.”

Just mention this to my mother.

“Do you believe me so?” The charming young lady was surprised.

Chuck Cannon smiled slightly and stood up. “You are so beautiful, you shouldn’t lie to me.”

“You really make me feel weird.” The young woman said, she felt that she was actually controlled by Chuck Cannon, completely passively followed him.

“Do you like me?” Chuck Cannon smiled slightly.

“No, I suddenly felt that you could really be the richest man in the world.” The young charming woman took a breath, and Chuck Cannon believed in herself so much. This courage is not something ordinary people have.

He sees through that he will not mess around.

“Thanks. I won’t bother about your project.” Chuck Cannon went outside but turned around. “Name, I don’t know your name yet.”

The charming young woman hesitated, “Alice, my name is Alice,”

“Your name is so nice, as good-looking as yours. I suddenly regretted it. If I make that request, will you agree? Alice?” Chuck Cannon asked.

The young woman frowned, “Don’t let my impression of you change, and let me fall to the bottom again.”

Chuck Cannon smiled slightly and walked back. The charming young woman took a step back, “Chuck Cannon, I only promise you one request. I will do what I said just now.”

There is no sound in the private room!!

“Alice, can I call you that?” Chuck Cannon said with a shrug.

The charming young woman took a deep breath, held back for a long time and said, “You can call,”

It’s really passive. The charming young woman feels a sense of dreaming and is actually taken the initiative by a little boy. This is not a good thing!


“…Well.” The charming young woman gritted her teeth.

“Okay, Alice, then I’m leaving.” Chuck Cannon went out.

There was only the charming young woman in the room. after she was surprised she suddenly snorted, “Little guy, you have taken the initiative today!”

Seeing Chuck Cannon coming out with a smile, Black Rose’s weirdness became heavier, what did Chuck Cannon ask for in it?

That kind of confident smile. Black Rose suddenly thought, did Chuck Cannon cooperate with the patriarch of the Luofu family?

What to cooperate with?


The engine was roaring, and Chuck Cannon drove back. The black rose followed.

The blue-eyed beauty crying in the car saw Chuck Cannon driving away. She rushed into the private room and saw her mother sitting on the sofa. She cried and ran to hug her, “Mom, are you okay?” “

She just wanted to comfort, how could it be okay?

Chuck Cannon came out in full-face as he must have done it. The blue-eyed beauty felt extremely painful and it was all her fault.

“It’s okay, don’t cry, I’m okay,” the charming young woman shook her head.

“Mom, don’t lie to me, did Chuck Cannon do something to you?” The blue-eyed beauty was sad, what should she do?

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