Chapter 609 – 610: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 609: The Departure

“Let’s get started.”

Yuan Kris said.

At this time, decades past in ancestral acupoint Dongtian(cave). All kinds of spiritual plants Dongtian(cave) became useful plants now.

The spirit Qi consumed was within the tolerance range of Kris Chen. He held thought tightly so that things like plants turned into spirit did not happen.

At a glance, green plants were everywhere. It was full of vigor.

A sun was in the sky which was the projection of Kris’ right eye. There was the moon at the back of the sun.

The four seasons came again and again. There was mysterious power of rules in ancestral acupoint Dongtian(cave).

For sure new rules came.

Kris mastered ninety-nine rules at first, now he master four more, which were spring, summer, fall and winter.

Though the rules were not yet get Fulfilled period, they were rules added after Kris broke the shackles.

In addition, morning sun, red moon even tidal rules were evolving.

Growth, withered, death and age.

The three of them looked at the rules of spirit, Taoist Strength and newly born.

When Kris was promoted to top level Dongtian(cave), there was only Taoist Strength but no rules, but now rules were born.

This founding made Kris be mad with joy, for sure the world could improve itself.

And both Demon Kris and Yuan Kris were joyful.

After all, they could be powerful only if their master was powerful.

“With human interference, would rules appear a thousand even ten thousand years later?”

If so, where was the limit of the world?

Kris’ eyes flashed.

A drop of blood fell, Kris donated a thought. Demon Kris moved away the memory with true spirit.

He did not need to use any treasure, Kris’ blood was the best treasure in the world.

The blood splashed down on the ground and a man and a woman appeared immediately.

Their bodies grew up at rapid speed and in a flash they became two adults looked alike Kris.

They were naked and they looked at each other with curiosity. Their eyes were so clear without any longing.

They were like just born babies and they had no feeling to man or woman.

“Sorry, sorry, I did it too much.”

Demon Kris laughed and said “I did not control my power well for it was my first time.”

With a single shot, two spirit lights went into the man and woman’s mind.

They closed their eyes to absorb the knowledge and they said “Thank you God Father.”

They bent their knees on the ground.

Kris asked one of his clones went into them and said “Stand up and from now on, your name is Taichu and Taiyin. I handled the world to you. What it would be depend on you now.”

“God Father, are you going to leave us?”

They were reluctant with their knees bent.

“Try your best to protect the world.”

Kris said while looking at them, then he disappeared.

The three of them looked at the two with God’s view, then they began to create other creatures.

Gradually the world of ancestral acupoint Dongtian(cave) became lively. Thousands of original creatures began to reproduce their descendants.

But it was far from enough, Kris collected the blood of all kinds of mythical creatures in Devil Land. He left his breath inside and removed the power of blood.

In the eye of Beihai, a dragon egg was absorbing the spirit of sunflower pool.

There was a huge tree could cover the sky in the Wutong Mountain three kilometers north away. Two birds on the tree were teasing each other.

Countless birds inhabited on the giant mountain.

Five kilometers south away from here, a little creature with lion’s head, deer’s antlers, tiger’s eyes, elk’s body, dragon’s scales and cow’s tail was roaring in the forest.

Though its voice was small, it was imperatorial.

On the top of Tianzhu Peak there was a cave. There was some water inside and a lotus. The green lotus leaves set off the beauty of the lotus and its sight rod was so straight.

No one noticed that there were three primal spirits were going to born.

A purple cloud was floating slowly in the sky. A breeze blew the cold away and a little creature was sleeping there.

At all corners of the world, there was a sleeping creature hid.

It might take a thousand years or ten thousand years to wake up for these creatures. No one knew how long would they take.

Kris and other two people felt their bodies were empty after this.

But it felt great. Ancestral acupoint Dongtian(cave) was swelling when the three of them were creating creatures. They were near to ten million Zhang.

“Haha…exactly. It’s this kind of feeling that you could get stronger even if you are lying down.”

The three of three laughed and in a flash ten years past in Sword Realm. Hundreds of years past in Dongtian(cave).

Rich world spirit made creatures develop rapidly.

Their strength was improving by practicing the Kungfu Kris left them, some even reached primal spirit.

Kris felt the world was getting strong with the growth of these creatures.

When above one hundred people reached the stage of primal spirit, Dongtian(cave) would expand from nine million to nine million and two hundred thousand feet.

Kris was glad to find it.

It seemed he did it right this time.

The three of them were creating other world while monitoring ancestral acupoint Dongtian(cave).

All things are difficult before they are easy. Creating other world was much easier after the success of ancestral acupoint Dongtian(cave).

Kungfu World, spirit world, technology world, monster beast world, blood world, magic world and many other worlds were created by the three of them.

They consumed a lot but they gained more.

All kinds of feeling went to him, was the feeling of creating creatures?

In an instant, half year past in outside world, four decades past in sword realm, a century and six decade past in acupuncture point world, the three of them created all together ten thousand world.

Billions of creatures were created.

These creatures offered him all kinds of feelings. The world was improving and world rules were growing little by little.

Now Kris roughly mastered three hundred rules. What surprised him the most was the power of rules could hasten power of law.

It was impossible for normal people, but Kris had ten thousand of world as his back, so he mastered the cause and effect rules and time rules, four seasons rules, death rules and darkness law.

Ten-step Iron Figure Skill at Fulfilled period, Kris felt he could kill the ancestors of Chen Family with a finger with the power he gained from the outside world.

The True God?

Kris did not know that, but he knew Devil Land could not tolerate him anymore.

“Okay, let them develop by themselves. Let’s go back.”

Kris went in Fetal membrance of heaven and earth with Demon Kris. This time he planned to search Devil Land from head to bottom to support the development of his inner world.

He tore the spare and came to North Luzhou from Dongsheng Divine Land which was the art of space diversion.

Currently Buhui Chen and Kun Chen was practicing Kungfu at Gengu No.1 Sect, and it was fierce.

Kun Chen practiced seriously and each of his punch hit Buhui.

During the year Kris left, Buhui broke the Middle period of accumulated spirit.

He was only seven this year. He was like a little adult with great talents.

“Come, we fight again.”

Buhui shouted at Kun Chen.

He tried his best to practice aimed that he could follow his father’s steps one day.

He knew clearly how great his father was.

“How about taking a rest.”

Kun Chen was afraid of hurting Buhui.

“No, you accompany me now. How about I meet fierce enemies when I go out alone one day? Who would allow me to rest?”

Buhui wiped the blood on his mouth. “Come.”

“Well, don’t cry.”

Kun Chen sneered and went to him as a light.

Honestly, a Monster God was strong enough to beat the Middle period of accumulated spirit.

However, the crushing advantage on stage was resisted by Buhui. And he did a good job.

Cultivating fighting awareness if his strength was not good enough.


Buhui flied out by the fist of Ken Chen after hundred moves. He hit the pillar of the stage and a mouthful of blood was split.

He was stunned when he was going to hold Buhui.


Kun Chen rushed to him seeing his father came regardless of Buhui.

Buhui rubbed his belly and split a mouthful of bloos “Shit, you are vicious.”

He saw the one on the stage without finishing his words.


He could see clearly that it was his father who was standing there.


Kris turned around and smiled happily.

Buhui really wanted to go to his father but he suddenly thought he was the elder brother so he did not. “Father, sorry, I could not win my younger brother.”

Kris touched the head of Kun Chen and said “Your condition is different with your brother, you did a good job. Well done.”

After all, he was only a boy less than seven years old. Buhui laughed hearing Kris’ praise.

The encouragement from father was much more useful than any other treasures.

“Let’s go for your mother.”

Though Kris left his clone at home, most of time he was busy running about, so that Kris did not see Xuefei Yuan for a long time.

Xuefei and Yujie were stunned when they saw Kris. The scene was not good for children after some talk.

Kris said after he stayed at Sect for some time, “I will go to Deep Universe later. Wait for me at home.”

Xuefei held Kris and replied “Be careful. I will handle all the things here.”

Actually Xuefei was kind, so was Yujie. Kris liked them though they had something unhappy before.

“Buhui, come. I have to tell you something.”

Buhui knew Kris was going to Deep Universe and he might come back long time later. He was reluctant to say goodbye to him. But he showed calmness when he thought he was elder brother.

“Take good care of your younger brother, mother and your second mother. I will leave the eight clones to protect Devil Land which could not tolerant my existence anymore.”

Kris said “I will find your first mother in Deep Universe and we will get reunion.”

“Kun Chen.”

“I’m here, father.”

Kun Chen was not as strong as Buhui. He was just two years old, he understood everything but he relied on Kris a lot.

“Practice well.”

Kris sighed and he was also reluctant to leave.

In a flash he established such strong power in Devil Land.

He still remembered the first time he came Devil Land, now he was standing on the top of the world.

Kris knew it was time to keep his promise he made ten years ago.

He put them into his mind deeply and said “Wait for me.”

Then Kris left and came to Deep Universe.

Chapter 610: Star Thief

“Demon Kris, you search for as many treasures as possible in the nearby star field!”

“Yuan Kris, you are the best at projections, so take control of the changes in the world within my Acupoint Cave and create the world along the way!”

They nodded.

Demon Kris knew that he was laying the foundation for the future, and his burden was very heavy. After all, it was another world.

It won’t be long before the Gengu No.1 Sect consolidated the resources of the Devil Land and set foot on the starry sky!

This meant that Devil Land would be their base camp from now on.

“I have to go!”

Demon Kris said, then tore through the space and moved towards the nearest star field.

He also had a map of the starry sky in his mind, so there was no fear of getting lost.

Kris Chen took out the map and looked at the Big Dipper star field, which spanned hundreds of star fields in the middle, and in half a year’s time, he should be able to get there!

Kris casually cut through a gap and got in.


The Sagittarius Star Field was the most chaotic star field of the dozen star fields around.

You need to be careful when wandering the starry sky, because if not you could run into the Star Thief.

These Star Thieves were either Practitioners in exile or powerful clansmen who burned and pillaged for training or to support the sects.

After leaving the sky, he was transformed into a practitioner of good-looking.

After all, one needed to be at least a Practitioner in the later period of the Accumulated Spirit to set foot on the stars.

But the low-end Practitioners was only just hanging around the planet or world.

The Fei Luo Gang was one of the notorious Star Thief regiments of the Sagittarius Star Field.

It was headed by a Practitioner of the fulfilled period of the Holy Realm, followed by three deputy commanders of the later period of the Holy Realm and ten elders of the early stage of the Great Saint.

They were also known as Locust Thieves, because there was no life anywhere they got, and because these people often laid siege to planets and even small worlds and middle worlds. They were afraid to attack the great worlds, not only because the great worlds were so deep and the Holy Realm so numerous.

What’s more, it was because some great worlds had existences above the Holy Realm.

These thieves appeared to be ruthless, but in reality they were the most timid and didn’t make a move without checking it out.

One day, three of the elders below the Fei Luo Gang attacked and plundered a middle class planet, harvesting a planet loaded to the brim with supplies.

The leader was Changlong Ma, one of the deputy commanders of the Gang, with three elders from the early stage of the Holy Realm, plundered a middle class planet that had entered a period of decline.

They never expected to find an energy-rich nucleus on this planet.

If the Practitioner could grow, the world could grow and so could the planet.

If the middle class planet survived the decline, it would definitely be promoted to a high class planet and the billions of creatures on it would take a quantum leap forward.

But without a nucleus, the planet would go straight from decline to near-death.

Within a thousand years, the planet’s magnetic field would disappear, its membranes would burst, and countless cosmic rays would be directed towards the planet, at which point all but the strongest would be dead.

On top of the starship, Changlong was holding a grand banquet.

Being a thief was very stressful and if he couldn’t let go of his hostility, it was likely to breed demons in heart.

“Commander, cheers!”

Liang Hong raised his glass of wine, followed by Fei Lu and Lei Shi, the two elders, who also stood up to make a toast.

There were dozens of actualized spirits and hundreds of accumulated spirits sitting below.

They were all toasting.

Changliang was also very enthusiastic.

Just as the party was reaching its climax, an abrupt voice rang out, “Well, excuse me, can I catch a lift?”

Everyone froze and looked at the young man in the blue robe, the man was in a poor condition and his clothes were a bit sloped.

He came to ship of Fei Luo Gang. This kid wanted to die, did he?

Everyone looked at him with a smile. It’s you to choose to come to hell yourself.

But the actualized spirits felt the depth of the man’s presence and became serious.

“Who are you?”

Someone asked.

“It’s my first time in Sagittarius Star Field and I’m lost, can I get a lift?”

The man laughed, showing his white teeth.

Liang Hong frowned, this person was the early stage of the Holy Realm. Fei Lu and Lei Shi looked at each other, and then turned to look at Changlong. A Holy Realm who had lost alone, what a great prey!

Changlong, of course, understood what they meant, and immediately used his supernatural powers to investigate the man’s Stage, a mysterious supernatural ability, or secret art he had cultivated.

It could find out the true cultivation of a Practitioner, which was impossible to hide from him, as long as the person did not exceed his Stage.

He was a Holy Realm in later period, a Stage was the True God in later period, such a mighty power must be the king of the star field, how could he get lost in the star field.

So this person must be a Holy Realm, which was alone and from another star field.

“It is fine, but we charge for it!”

Changlong squinted at the man.

“Charge? Okay, I’m afraid of not charging!”

The man smiled simply, “How many spiritual stones do you charge for?”

“Spiritual stone?”

Changlong said, “We don’t want spiritual stones, we just want lives!”


The man was stunned, “So you are Star Thieves?”


The crowd laughed and Liang Hong couldn’t help but said, “That’s right, we are the Fei Luo Gang, if you don’t want to die, hand over everything you have on you, open your mind and become a slave of our gang, you might be able to save your life.”


The man’s lips curled up slightly, “And do you know who I am?”

One answered, “Who are you?”

“I’m also a Star Thief!”

The man said: “Hands up, all of you, and hand over everything you have on you to spare your



The crowd roared with laughter.

“Oh no, my stomach hurts from laughing!”

“The boy’s not scared out of his wits, is he?”

Liang Hong secretly made a wink, Fei Lu and Lei Shi locked on to the man with their energy.

Changlong narrowed his eyes, he felt the man was too calm, he was in a mess but there was no trace of fear in him.

“Are you a Bounty Hunter? You must have accomplices behind you, right?”

Changlong stood up, “All are on alert!”

At the end of the conversation, everyone instantly stopped laughing and retreated to Changlong’s side, staring at the man with unkind eyes.

There were both good and bad men in this world. There’s a group of people who hated Star Thief and had spontaneously formed a Bounty League, who regularly published information about thieves that these Bounty Hunters saw and revealed the list!

They were also bitter rivals of the Star Thief.

“Bounty Hunters? No, no, no, I came alone!”

The man laughed softly.

“Only one?”

Changlong stared straight at the man and with a sweep of his Divine Spiritual Power, there was indeed no fluctuation within a million miles.

He said ‘Huh’ surprisingly, did the man really come alone?

“Damn, one man still has the nerve to go on such a rampage, deputy commander, kill him!”

A member of the gang in the late accumulated spirit period shouted.

“Kill him!”

“How dare you come aboard our starship all by yourself, you really want to die!”

When he heard the crowd’s curses, Changlong’s expression became gloomy and he gave a wink, then Liang Hong understood and without the slightest sign cast his magical powers, “The Great Collapse!”

What he practiced was the Principle of Collapse, and his full use of it could break a low-level planet. Even if the Holy Realm in the middle period was suddenly attacked , he would be seriously injured.

With the Collapse Energy close at hand, everything fell to pieces – flesh, blood, cells, bones, sun soul, Divine Spiritual Power and even the Principle. His Principle of collapse had reached its zenith.

In his plan, the man was sure to bleed to death and explode instantly, for a surprise attack that worked best, and which he also used to kill no less than five Holy Realms.

However, he did not see that scene as he wished.

“Yo, the Collapse Energy, it’s pretty strong!”

The man smacked his lips and a grey stream of air wrapped around his fingertips, docile as a cat.


Liang Hong’s eyeballs almost fell out when he saw this scene.

Fei Lu and Lei Shi also sucked in cold air, the Great Collapse was Liang Hong’s speciality.

“Mr. Hong, did you just attack the planet too hard?”

Lei Shi and Liang Hong had a good relationship and asked the question.

Liang Hong stared straight at the man, “Who the hell are you!”

“I have told you I’m a Star Thief too!”

The man said seriously.

Changlong realized the seriousness of the situation. The man’s cultivation was only at the early stage of the Holy Realm, so why was he able to take Liang Hong’s fatal blow so easily?

“Could it be that he has some supreme treasures on him?”

At this point, Changlong secretly released a nail-sized bug from his sleeve, a powerful poisonous bug that he had acquired from one of the middle worlds.

Even a Holy Realm of specialized body refining practicer could easily be bitten through defence. but it is most powerfully poisonous and can kill Holy Realm. The strongest, however, was its acute toxicity, which could poison the Holy Realm to death.

As long as he was secretly bitten, this person would be like a lamb to be slaughtered.

“Oh, what’s that little thing!”

The man squeezed the worm in his palm, “It’s quite powerful, well, it’s a treasure!”

With that, he put the little bug into his pocket.

“Hand over the bug!”

Changlong was furious that his treasure had been taken away so easily.

“Are you angry now? I wanted to have some fun with you!”

The man sighed, “Forget it, let’s make this quick and easy, you are really boring!”

At this point, the man’s face instantly became solemn and a magnificent power emanated from him, “Dongtian Strike!”

When a punch was thrown, endless power swept through, and Hong Liang born the brunt of it first.

Under this tremendous force, he was instantly crushed to slag, and then there were Fei Lu and Lei Shi, who were busy resisting.

But these were all in vain.

The holy soldiers shattered, their protection exploded and they died quietly, without even having time to scream.

For one ten-thousandth of a second, Changlong tried to escape with his magic powers, but he found himself firmly locked in place, like roots growing beneath his feet, so he couldn’t escape!


The first to perish was his hand, then his chest, he saw the golden heart beating in the exposed chest cavity, all the acupuncture points collapsed, the Divine Spiritual Power perished, the cells destroyed and the Principle core shattered.

The residual force crushed the actualized spirits into powder.

“Wouldn’t it be nice to have a ride? Look at you, why do you have to be like this?”

With a flick of his hand, hundreds of storage rings flew into his hand. Honestly, he hadn’t done such things for many years.

Now he felt the pleasure of plundering again!

That’s right, it’s none other than Kris Chen.

After crossing several star fields, he arrived at the Sagittarius Star Field. However, it did not occur to him that the further away the star field was, the more inaccurate this star map became.

He was in such a mess because he was almost sucked into a black hole more than 200 million miles in diameter.

It took him a lot of efforts to escape and that’s why he’s in such mess.

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