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Chapter 61 – 62: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 61: Woman from That Night Should Be Her

Hao Nangong stared at Xinyou Qiao thoughtfully, a glimmer of joy rose from his heart. He wanted to tell Kerry Ye that the woman from that night was Xinyou. With Kerry’s power, it was a piece of cake to find this person.

To his total surprise, the woman with the same name of Xinyou Qiao would appear in Ye’s villa. Would she be the person Kerry was looking for?

Just when Hao wanted to speak, he heard Servant Qin’s respectful voice behind, “Young Master, Young Madam, lunch is ready.”

Kerry raised his wrist and habitually looked at the watch. He said coldly, “Let’s go to dinner first.”

Venus took Xinyou to the dining table. On the huge round table, there were rich dishes on display, looking very appetizing.

“Xinyou, I heard that you like steak best. I ordered the kitchen to make this for you. You must eat more.” Venus said nicely.


Xinyou looked calm, but she was extremely mad inside. She couldn’t stand Venus talking to her as a hostess, which made her very uncomfortable.

“Hi beauty, my name is Hao Nangong. You can call me Hao.” At this point, Hao threw a flirting wink and continued to naturally talked to her.

Feeling Hao’s enthusiasm, Xinyou screamed with excitement inside. She meant to attract Kerry’s attention. Now seeing that he wasn’t interested in her at all, she thought that Hao may be a better choice, who is a gentle, handsome and rich bachelor in the Sky City!

Trying to suppress her their emotions, Xinyou said shyly, “Hello, Hao.”

Hao touched his chin and asked gently, “Can I call you Xinyou?”


“Yes.” Xinyou said with a smile.

Hearing her consent, Hao’s face raised a enchanting smile and asked enthusiastically, “Xinyou, what do you do now?”

Seeing his smile, Xinyou’s heart was melting and answered pleasantly, “Veve and I are classmates. We are studying Design.”

“Are you also a student of Nanhua University?” When asking this question, Hao felt his heart beat faster.

“Of course.”

It was her!

Hao’s heart was ecstatic. His eyes fell on Kerry and gave him a suggestive look.

Kerry had some speculation already in his heart. He pondered over the contents of the conversation between the two.

After dinner, Venus originally planned to take Xinyou to visit Ye’s villa. She suddenly got a phone call from her parents, talking about some emergency happened and needing her to go back at once.

Venus didn’t ask for details, but only seeing her friend to the door.

In the study room.

Kerry sat lazily on the leather sofa, playing with the gold-gilded pen in his hand randomly, looking at the serious Hao on the opposite. He asked casually, “What do you want to say to me?”

Hao curled his mouth, showing a boring expression on his face. His charming womanizing eyes stared at Kerry. He didn’t want to miss any of Kerry’s subtle expressions. He said bluntly, “I have found out that woman. Who do you think she would be?”

Kerry raised his eyebrows, and his eyes suddenly looked darkened. Recalling her sweetness and thinking that he would be able to meet her soon, his heart suddenly was filled a touch of joy. He asked with a voice of a husky texture, “Who is it?”

“She and your wife are classmates. Her name is Xinyou Qiao?”

Chapter 62: It was really her?

“Are you sure?” Kerry Ye asked. He was stunned.

“There’s only a girl called Xinyou Qiao at Nanhua University.”

Kerry was complicated at the moment. The smell of that woman made him miss her immensely. She was like a clear and elegant daisy, making him madly want to have her. So even though he dug three feet into the ground, he still wanted to find her.

When he heard the news about her, he was eager to find her immediately. But what he didn’t expect that girl was Xinyou Qiao.

Thinking of Xinyou Qiao’s voluptuous figure under her red dress and her unpredictable scheming, Kerry felt very strange. Although he hadn’t been able to see the girl’s face in the hotel, her purity couldn’t be faked. Such an innocent girl would be Xinyou Qiao?

He suspected that girl was not Xinyou Qiao.

“Kerry, what’s wrong?”

Looking his disappointed look, Hao Nangong was puzzled and asked.

“Are you sure that design sketch is Xinyou Qiao’s?” Kerry asked seriously.

“Of course, don’t you believe me? Can I joke about such things?” Hao said.

They had been friends for many years, and he believed in Hao. He didn’t speak out his doubts. He thought perhaps he was wrong this time.

“Anything wrong?”

“No.” Kerry shook her head, then said, “Thank you this time, I’ll buy you a drink sometime.”

“Ok.” Hao laughed.

Kerry hid his doubts with a pleasant expression on his face. He said jokingly, “You’re really attentive when it comes to women, can you tell me how you found her?”

“My ex-girlfriend told me.” Hao was in a good mood and said, “I’m curious what you plan to do with Venus now.”

Kerry’s furrowed lightly, his blue eyes was unpredictable.

For Venus he didn’t like her or hate her. After this period of intimate contact, he loved the pleasure her body brought him. But as long as he thought of her charming body having been f****d by other men, he would want to tear her apart.

He wouldn’t like a woman who had been dumped.

“You should know what I’m doing. I want to get Tianye Mu to show up. As soon as he appears, I will divorce Venus immediately.” Kerry said in a grim tone.

Hao saw his stern appearance and guessed that he had no feelings for Venus. Hao felt relieved, but he quickly had another question.

“Kerry, if Tianye Mu is already dead, or if he’ll never appears, do you plan to live with Venus for the rest of your life?”

As soon as Hao said this, Kerry looked stunned for a moment before saying obscurely, “I’m sure that Tianye Mu isn’t dead. If he doesn’t show up, I’ll find him even if I have to travel to the end of the earth.”

“Alright, I’ll wait for your good news.”

Hao smiled, and they chatted for a few more moments before he said goodbye to Kerry and left.

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