Chapter 61 – 62: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 61: Who do you think you are

If they were to negotiate with Xinxi Group, a few powerful people in the company could go, but why he taking them all?

Mr. Lee explained, “Think about it. We hold nothing against Xinxi Group. Why do they want to suppress us?”

They shook their heads, didn’t know.

Mr. Lee was disappointed. He explained patiently, “They don’t hold grudge against us, but what if someone accidentally offend them?”

Now, they understood.

He continued, “If there is any misunderstanding, we will solve it on the spot. This way, their suppression on Lishi Company will stop.”

As the result, more than twenty people from the company including Fox Lee who had just been discharged from the hospital arrived at Marquis Group.

Nina white was surprised and speechless to see all these people coming at once. She quietly arranged everyone in the conference room.

Colin Ward rushed to the company, but instead of joining the negotiation, he returned to the office and let his staff turn on the live streaming video from the conference room.

He saw Fox Lee, but not Doris Lee.

It had been a while, but the people of Xinxi Group hadn’t come yet. Mr. Lee couldn’t help asking, “Assistant White, when will the Xinxi Group’s representatives come?”

Mr. Lee had a high and solid position in Lishi Company, but it was not worth mentioning in front of Marquis Group. Even if Nina White was just an assistant, her position was still better than a chairman of a small company.

Nina White replied with a smile, “Just a moment, Sir. I’ll call and ask.”

“No rush, Miss. Thank you.”

In the conference room, Fox Lee was busy eyeing Nina White. He remembered when Colin Ward beat him before. He couldn’t help feeling angry.

“Grandpa, we’re negotiating with Xinxi Group. Why do Marquis Group have to witness it? I know Marquis is great and all, but why should they intervene with our business?”

Mr. Lee didn’t immediately answer the question. Webb Lee held Fox Lee’s hand instead, “Are you for real? This negotiation is very important. You better not say a word!”

Mr. Lee snorted. His meaning was clear as day.

Fox Lee, who shut up all at once, was still dissatisfied in his heart.

This time, the conference room’s door was opened once again. Doris Lee and family came in.

When Colin Ward saw Doris Lee, he breathed a sigh of relief. However, when he saw that she was still down, his heart got heavy.

When Fox Lee saw Doris Lee, his face became gloomy. Their identities were not much different back then, but now, Doris Lee was one of the major shareholder in Lishi Company. In front of her, Fox Lee was only an employee.

However, when he saw Baker Lee near Doris Lee, he couldn’t help asking, “Baker, what are you doing here? You don’t belong here.”

Baker Lee was an illegitimate child of Mr. Lee’s son. Mr. Lee himself didn’t accept Baker Lee in the family. This way, everyone in the Lee family didn’t welcome him either. They would call his first name because he was not worthy of the surname.

Because of Fox Lee’s words, Doris Lee who was already grumpy now looked even worse, “My dad is also the member of Lee family. Why can’t we be here?’

“What about him?” Fox Lee scoffed, “Does he belong to the Lee family? Who let him in?”

“Listen, we came here because we accidentally created a misunderstanding with Xinxi Group. We’re here to make clear of everything. What about Baker, huh? Do you think he has the ability to create this misunderstanding? Do you think he’s here to feel belong? Do you think people of Marquis and Xinxi will know you?”

Doris Lee was out of breath, but she still managed to roast him.

Fox Lee hummed lightly and shrugged it off.

Webb Lee didn’t stop him. After all, Baker Lee was indeed an illegitimate child. He was still a threat, but of course, Baker Lee was so useless that his threat was nothing great.

Eva Gray was angry when she heard her husband was being humiliated, “Fox Lee, what dod you just say? He is older than you. You—”

“Come. Let’s sit down.” Baker Lee took Eva Gray’s hand and shook his head.

“You! Why are you so useless?” Eva Gray was angry.

To be called on a first name basis by a younger man was nothing, but to be humiliated and said nothing was such a shame.

At this moment, Fox Lee stood up, “What qualification do you have to be my elder, huh? You can’t sit here! If you want to sit, sit on the farthest side!”

There was a circle of chairs against the wall of the conference table. The chairs were where translator and employees usually seated.

Doris Lee slammed the table angrily, “Fox Lee. That’s enough!”

Baker Lee smiled, “It’s okay. I can sit wherever. It’s all the same.”

After that, Baker Lee got up and sat down in a chair by the wall.

Doris Lee said nothing.

Eva Gray was even angrier. She tried so hard to hold it.

Finally, Doris Lee and Eva Gray got up and sat next to Baker Lee.

Actually, Doris Lee could sit wherever she wanted to because she was the general manager. No one dared to say anything to her. But, how could she sit in the front while her parents sat in the back?

Everyone looked at Baker Lee’s family with disdain.

What a useless family. Let them sit wherever they want to sit.

Mr. Lee pretended like he didn’t see this scene at all. He sipped his tea leisurely.

Honestly, Mr. Lee didn’t like Baker Lee at all. If he liked him, he wouldn’t have given him and his family a cold shoulder or even discriminated them. If it weren’t for Marquis Group, Doris Lee would probably still be a lowly employee people looked down on.

This time, the conference room was opened. Five or six people came in. all of whom were elites and dressed in neat suit. When they came in, they sat opposite the Lee family.

Sitting in the middle was a man with gold-rimmed glasses. He was around thirty years old. He looked dignified and meticulous. He said, “Hello, I’m the general manager of Xinxi Group. My name is Lin Yi.”

The Lees nodded with a smile.

Mr. Lee stood up and held out his hand, “Hello. Is the chairman here?”

“The chairman will come when he should come.” Lin Yi glanced at Mr. Lee lightly, but he didn’t held out his hand.

Mr. Lee stood in embarrassment. He sat back and said, “Okay.”

Now, the Xinxi Group was holding Lishi Company’s life and death. The Lees couldn’t really do anything.

Doris Lee saw Mr. Lee’s reaction. She was not sure of what it felt like, but it was complicated.

Fox Lee didn’t say anything. Webb Lee put on a smile.

Lin Yi leaned against the chair and said faintly, “Let’s begin.”


The conference room was so quiet.

Although they wanted to negotiate, when it started, how where they going to do that? What was there to be negotiated about?

Lin Yi frowned when he saw they didn’t talk, “Why aren’t you talking? Didn’t you say that you want to negotiate? You come all the way and you don’t talk? Do you think we’re jobless that we can sit quietly with you here?”

After Lin Yi said that, Mr. Lee was stunned, “No. we didn’t mean it like this. We—”

“I don’t want to hear excuses. Do you want to talk or not?” Lin Yi didn’t give Mr. Lee a chance to speak at all.

Seeing this, Fox Lee asked, “My grandfather here is the chairman of the board. What about you? You’re the one who bring up the negotiation, but your chairman didn’t come. How are we supposed to talk when your side show no sincerity at all?”

Lin Yi glanced at Fox Lee, “Who do you think you are to talk to me?”

“You’re the one who want to talk, we just offer a chance to negotiate. So what if don’t show any sincerity?” Lin Yi added.

Fox Lee choked.

“Well…” Mr. Lee was also very embarrassed. That time, he didn’t know what to say.

Lin Yi pointed at Fox Lee again, “What position is he in the company?”

Chapter 62: I am the chairman of Xinxi Group

“… He doesn’t have any position for the time being.” Mr. Lee had to answer.

Fox Lee was previously dismissed from his position in the company because of Doris Lee and later hospitalized.

Everyone knew that Fox Lee was Mr. Lee’s favorite. Sooner or later, the position of general manager would be owned by Fox Lee.

Yi Lin angrily snorted, “A person without a position talks to us. Is this your sincerity?”

The conference room was once again quiet. Everyone seemed to hold their breath.

“I didn’t see that you’re sincere either…” Fox Lee talked back.

Webb Lee grabbed Fox Lee’s hand, “Shut up!”

Mr. Lee’s face darkened. He was about to say something when he saw Yi Lin standing up.

“Who do you think you are? How dare a man without a position talk to me? How did you get in here? Do you think you can fool around in this conference room?” Yi Lin looked at Fox Lee coldly, “Since you arrange someone random to talk to us, we have no interest in negotiating anymore!”

Mr. Lee was surprised. He quickly got up.

In the chairman’s office, Colin Ward slammed the table when he saw this scene.

Just now, when Fox Lee embarrassed Doris Lee’s family, he wanted to come out, but the situation wasn’t right. He could only endure it. Now that the Xinxi Group managed to scold them, Colin Ward was much relieved. He liked the Xinxi Group better now.

Eva Gray seemed to think the same way. Just now, Fox Lee said that her family was not qualified. Now, Fox Lee himself was being told unqualified by the Xinxi Group’s representative. It was so satisfying that she wanted to say, “Eat it!”

Baker Lee didn’t react much. He just watched the whole scene unfolding.

However, Doris Lee was a little worried. She was the general manager of the company.

Mr. Lee hurriedly reckoned, “It’s a misunderstanding. You see, he is only a child, an insensible child…”

“Grandpa, I—”

“Shut up!” Webb Lee couldn’t help slapping Fox Lee on the face.

Fox Lee was an arrogant and spoiled scumbag. He didn’t respect others and once he spoke, it came out rude and unreasonable.

Now, the Lees were asking for their forgiveness, but, who would forgive this kind of attitude?

“Mr. Lin, he’s just an arrogant child. Don’t waste your time with him. Since everyone is here, why don’t we sit down and have a good talk?” Doris Lee stood up and said with a smile.

“You are…” Mr. Lin looked at Doris Lee.

Mr. Lee didn’t speak up. Fox Lee was about to talk again.

Webb Lee immediately held him down, “Shut the fuck up, Fox! Have you forgotten what you just said? If you dare to say one more word, you can get the fuck out of here immediately!”

Mr. Lee glared at Fox Lee and then, he turned his head looking at Mr. Lin with a smile, “This is—”

“Hello, my name is Doris Lee. I am the general manager of Lishi Company.” she didn’t wait for Mr. Lee to finish and began to introduce herself.

“Hello.” Yi Lin nodded, “We can continue talking.”

Yi Lin seated back.

Doris Lee sat in the middle and began talking, “Not so long ago, your group had been cracking down on us. We were caught off guard and suffered heavy losses. However, Lishi Company never offended your group. What is the reason for your group to suppress Lishi Company?”

“Is there any misunderstanding between us? If that’s the case, can you ask your group to make it clear? We can explain it clearly. Is there anything we can do to redeem the current situation?”

Yi Lin didn’t get angry on Doris Lee’s words. Instead, he nodded.

“If so, let’s make it clear today.”

They sat straight up to hear what was the reason Xinxi Group had been so against Lishi Company.

Colin Ward was slightly refreshed. He was also curious about it.

“I will tell you our side of story.” Yi Lin glanced at everyone and finally, his eyes fell on Mr. Lee.

Everybody was stunned.

A story?

Yi Lin, regardless of their surprise expression began to tell them stories.

“There was a woman who met a man and soon, they fell in love. Later, the woman was pregnant, but at this time, the man abandoned the woman. The woman finally learned that the man had a wife and she was just a mistress he had outside.”

“His reason for abandoning the woman was because his business was improving. He didn’t want to be gossiped, so he decisively abandoned the woman and the child; and never admitted the son was his.”

Everybody was confused by the story.

Mr. Lee’s face however turned white.

Yi Lin kept staring at Mr. Lee, then asked, “I want to ask, is this man doing the right thing?”

“No!” Doris Lee answered.

Women hated it the most when they were being cheated on and abandoned, not to mention when the child was also abandoned and not admitted.

Mr. Lee trembled. He said nothing.

Yi Lin asked, “Since he was wrong, do you think he should do something to make up his mistake?”

“Of course!” Doris Lee answered.

“Last question.” Yi Lin continued looking at Mr. Lee and asked, “This man knew that he had made a mistake, however, he tried every means to cover it up. He didn’t know how to repent it at all. He even ignored this woman and the son; and he was not being responsible at all. Is this a right thing to do?”

“Of course not!”

It was not Doris Lee who spoke this time. It was Baker Lee who sat in the back.

Baker Lee stood up and walked to the front step by step.

They all looked at him in surprise.

Baker Lee was walking toward Yi Lin.

When Fox Lee saw it, his hatred toward Baker Lee emerged, so he immediately got up, “Baker, what are you doing? We’re talking business here. Who are you to interrupt?”

Baker Lee ignored the scumbag, Fox Lee and walked beside Yi Lin.

Yi Lin hurriedly got up and gave up his seat.

Baker Lee sat in Yi Lin’s chair.

Even Colin Ward was shocked.

Suddenly, he began to understand everything.

Fox Lee was surprised and angry, “Baker, are you fucking crazy? Do you think you can sit there? Get the fuck up! Don’t embarrass the Lees!”

Mr. Lee slapped Fox Lee on the face.


A crunchy sound echoed in the room.

Fox Lee buried his face in disbelief, “Grandpa…”

“Shut up! If you say another word, I will kick you out of the Lee immediately!”

Mr. Lee was dying to strangle Fox Lee right here, right now.

He had been doing business for years and he was not a fool. Baker Lee sat calmly on Yi Lin’s chair. It was obvious what he was trying to tell.

This time, Baker Lee smiled and glanced at everyone, “I’m here to introduce myself again. My name is Baker Lee.”

Fox Lee stared at Baker Lee. He wanted to say, “I know your name is Baker Lee? What about it, asshole?!”

Then, Baker Lee continued, “I am the chairman of Xinxi Group, Baker Lee.”

At this moment, everyone was surprised, except for Mr. Lee.

Mr. Lee had guessed it, but others hadn’t.

Eva Gray was even more puzzled.

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