Chapter 61 – 70: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 61: Classmates party

Kris Chen didn’t go to his office but went home after leaving Hu Li’s superior private villa.

His younger brother’s marriage reminded him of his wife.

Though the Su Family members and Mary Su look down upon him since he was adopted into the Su Family two years ago, he knows that Mary still loves him in her heart.

After arriving home, Kris found that his father-in-law and mother-in-law were out.

Only Mary sat alone on the couch anxiously.

She appeared a joyful expression on her face, unintentionally seeing Kris was back but suddenly held it back and said calmly: “You are back?”

“Yeah,” Kris nodded. Mary stood up from the couch as he was about to take off shoes and said hurriedly: “Don’t take off shoes. You need to take me to a place with me because my car has been driven away by my friend.”

Kris nodded and went out with Mary without asking anything more.

When they drove on the road, Kris knew it was that Jane Tang held a classmate party and called Mary to attend as her classmates all went there with their children.

“Why would I go there, honey?” Kris asked doubtfully since Jane is ashamed of him, and he would just ask for a snub if he went with her.

“If you don’t want to show yourself, you can go home after taking me there.”

Mary said in a pique fit, thinking that Kris didn’t want to accompany her after hearing that.

While Kris just took that as the coquetry and smiled without speaking, then focused on driving.

After a while, they got to the hotel where Jane Tang held the party.

They saw that Jane Tang was chatting with several classmates happily when they entered the box.

The classmates of Jane Tang can be said pretty but have nothing on her.

The children of her classmates were also there and chatted casually.

Jane Tang smiled as she saw Mary but suddenly became serious after catching Kris’s sight beside Jane.

Why does the good-for-nothing come with you?

Does he ask for a snub?

Jane Tang was unhappy, but she couldn’t drive him away anyway since he was already there. It would be really embarrassing if he pushed away.

“Hey, isn’t this your daughter Mary Su? Such a beauty.”

“I heard that your daughter has reached the cooperation with Huanyu Group on behalf of the Su Family and is responsible for packaging the star Rui Liu, who is very famous recently, right?” one of Jane Tang’s classmate praised, “She is not only beautiful but also capable.”

Hearing that, Jane Tang was so happy that her eyes even shined with joy.

Mary did win honor for her.

“You are so kind to say so. Mary still needs to work hard since she is so young now.” Jane Tang stood up and said: “Mary, say hello to your uncles and aunts.”

Mary Su nodded to them slightly and said: “Hello, I am Mary.”

Then, she sat down.

Kris Chen sat aside without any expression.

After Mary Su introduced herself, other Jane Tang classmates started to introduced their daughters, sons, and sons-in-law.

Among them, there are senior enterprise managers, presidents of companies, doctors of hospitals, and public institutions’ employees as an absolute minimum.

They got familiar with each other after the introduction, and one beautiful woman pointed at Kris Chen and asked laughingly: “Who is this?”

She is Qin Shen and liked to compare herself with Jane Tang since they became classmates. They are much the same at school records and appearances.

Seeing that Jane Tang has such an excellent daughter, they also tended to compare her with theirs naturally.

Actually, she knows Kris Chen from the start. People of Westriver City all know him, the live-in son-in-law.

She just asked deliberately for making Jane Tang disgraced.

As expected, all people started to look at Kris Chen after she asked.

Smiles froze on Jane Tang’s face. She was a little awkward and angry as she knew that Qin Shen just asked deliberately to make her embarrassed.

“He is Kris Chen, my husband.” Mary Su stood up and introduced Kris to them with a smile.

“Oh, Jane Tang’s son-in-law.” Qin Shen asked, trying not to laugh out: “You look so handsome, what do you do?”

“Employed in a company.” Kris Chen answered casually.

Of course, he knew Qin Shen’s trick but was not disinclined to be bothered about it.

“Which company? What is your position in that company?”

“Just a clerk.”


I thought that you are really something.

Unexpectedly, you are just a clerk.

Hearing that, other people faintly showed the disdainful expression on their faces.

Qin Shen was satisfied with the other people’s expression and said laughingly: “Being a clerk is not bad. Just be down-to-earth. It’s no big deal that even you don’t have a job. Mary is so capable, and it’s not difficult for her to support you.”

That was unpleasant to hear. It was the same as she directly made fun of Kris lived off a woman.

Jane Tang’s face took on a terrible expression.

It is all the good-for-nothing’s fault. Doesn’t he know about his position? He should have come here too shamelessly and make her be in disgrace.

Mary Su’s expression also became unnatural, and she felt a little regretful.

If she knew about that, she wouldn’t ask him to be there.

Qin Shen felt extremely happy seeing Jane Tang being disgraced and stood up with a glass of wine saying joyfully: “It is really rare that we can get together today. I have a piece of good news to tell you that my daughter will get married soon. This is my son-in-law, Feng Xie.”

Just after she said that a man sat beside Kris Chen stood up suddenly and said politely: “Hello, my name is Feng Xie, now I am the General Manager of the branch of Juding Group.”


Juding Group?

Everyone was amazed at that.

“Is it the Juding Group specialized in foreign trade? That is really a large company.”

“Yes, I heard the group is going to be listed recently, and it is on a large scale with branches across the country. It is reported that Juding Group will be a Unicorn after being listed.”

“Yes, he is really remarkable being the General Manager of Juding Group’s branch!”

“Qin Shen just said that he is a returned student, right?”

“Wow, it’s enviable that she can get such an excellent son-in-law.”

Hearing those praising and complimentary words of those people, Qin Shen became elated.

She looked at Jane Tang with great pride.

Your daughter is excellent, so what? Though my daughter is not so excellent as yours, she has keen eyes and chooses a rich son-in-law who is millions of times better than your live-in son-in-law.

Though praised by them, Feng Xie was modest and said with a smile: “Thank you for saying that. In fact, it is stressful to be a manager as I need to lead hundreds of people and won’t have time to mind my own business. And I even make time specially for this dinner today. Fortunately, I can get a good salary, over tens of thousand dollars a month.”

Then, he said to Qin Shen: “Mom, the wedding ceremony will be held in a few days, and I booked a Porsche Macan just now as the wedding car in that day.”

Porsche Macan?

People were shocked again.

Porsche cars are all expensive. Qin Shen is really lucky this time to get such an excellent son-in-law.

“Porsche, it must be expensive, right?” Qin Shen looked shocked.

“Not so expensive, just seventy to eighty million dollars.” Feng Xie said lightly.

“Seventy to eighty million dollars.” Qin Shen grinned from ear to ear: “oK, it’s up to you since it is bought for your wedding.”

Feng Xie nodded and said: “actually, I think a car is just a transportation tool which needn’t be expensive. But it’s undeniable that the more expensive the car is, the more comfortable you feel when driving it.”

As he spoke, he turned his head toward Kris Chen and said with a smile: “do you think so, Kris?”

Before coming there, Qin Shen told him specifically to honor her and give a blow to Jane Tang at the same time.

How could he miss such a good chance to please his mother-in-law?

He is absolutely better than Kris Chen, whether at the social status or economic strength, since Kris is just a live-in son-in-law. The latter mainly relies on the Su Family to live.

Kris Chen was stunned for a moment and nodded with a smile quickly.

“Great minds think alike.” Feng Xie said, glinting with his eyes: “May I know what kind of car do you drive, Kris?”

At that moment, all people stared at Kris Chen again with biting smile on their face.

Meanwhile, Jane Tang sat aside with a long face.

What car could he afford? Just the used electric car. Doesn’t he feel embarrassed to say it?

Chapter 62: Comparing With Each Other

“You’re right. I agree that a car is just a tool for the replacement of walking.” Kris said calmly: “So I bought a relatively ordinary car, an imported Benz S350 of top-level.”


An imported Benz S350?

Even of top-level?

Did they get it wrong?

The people in the box, who thought they had got it wrong, all started to look at each other as well as Kris with great surprise.

Jane Tang and Mary Su were also so shocked at his words that they were almost choked by the tea.

Wasn’t he too shameless?

Didn’t that Benz S350 belong to his boss?

And now he should tell everyone that it was his car. He was indeed so shameless that his face was thicker than a city wall.

Feng Xie was dumbfounded.

An imported Benz S350 of top-level, it cost nearly two million dollars.

That was impossible. He was definitely bragging!

Qin Shen was stunned for a second and then said with a smile: “Jane, your daughter Mary is so good to Kris that she should be willing to buy him such an expensive car.”

Her words sounded like a compliment to Mary, but in fact, she secretly belittled Kris and even humiliated him seriously.

The sarcasm in her words was very clear for everyone in the box to understand. Of course, Qin did not believe Kris could afford an imported Benz S350, and she was sure that the car was bought by Mary to make other people think he was in a high position.

In the Westriver City, who didn’t know that Kris was just a lazy loser?

Jane glared at Kris, and she was so angry that she didn’t want to say anything. At this time, Kris helplessly shook his head and said: “The car was not bought by Mary, it was my boss’s.”


So it was not yours at all?

Then why you pretended to own this car at first?

A few girls in the box covered their mouths with their hands and couldn’t help laughing up their sleeves.

Oh my god, he was so funny. In the end, the car turned out not to be his, but his boss’s.

He came here just to make people laugh?

Haha, that was too funny.

Hearing Kris’s words, Jane was so embarrassed that she longed to found a crack on the ground and get in there.

As everyone burst out laughing, Kris said unexpectedly: “However, my boss sent it to me since he thought I had done a good job. So now I own the car.”


The smiles on their faces froze at once.

What company did this boss come from? He should send a car which costs one or two million dollars to his employee so casually?

At this time, Feng Xie said: “Excuse me, I wonder if it is convenient for Mr.Chen to tell us which company you work in since you are really well treated there.”

Kris glanced at him and said calmly: “Just a small company, not worth mentioning.”

Feng did not believe his words at all, he thought Kris was absolutely bragging, so there was no need to talk more with such a person.

Feng thought for a moment, then took out a delicate gift box from behind with a smile and handed it to Qin, saying: “Mom, thank you for trusting me so much. Here’s a little token of my gratitude for giving me your precious daughter. I hope you’ll like it.”

Qin took the box and said: “Oh, don’t be so courteous anymore since you are a family member already.”

Although she said such mannerly words, she was very delighted judging from her expression.

“Sister Qin, what present did your son-in-law give you?”

“Open it now and let us have a look.”

The several female classmates who sat beside Qin said enviously.

“Well…okay.” Qin opened the box with a smile, and there was a pair of jade bracelets adorned with gold.

Nobody made a sound.

They were such beautiful bracelets.

All the women in the box almost shouted out at the same time out of surprise.

“Oh my god, isn’t this the latest gold-adorned jade bracelet of Lao Feng Xiang Company?”

“How beautiful the bracelets are. How much does this pair of bracelets cost?”

“Feng, they cost you too much.” Qin pretended to be angry and said: “Even you are rich, you can’t spend your money like that. After all, you still need to save your money for your life afterward.”

“Tell me how much did the bracelets cost? If they are too expensive, then just take them back and return them.”

“Mother, it’s just a little token of my gratitude, which is worthless.” Feng said with a smile: “Besides, they didn’t cost me too much at all, only about a hundred thousand dollars.”

About a hundred thousand dollars?

He should say they are not expensive at all after spending about ten thousand dollars buying a pair of bracelets?

Oh my god, this Feng Xie was indeed too generous to Qin.

For a moment, the women in the box all stared at the bracelets and became extremely surprised.

Since these bracelets could be handed down from generation to generation, the women all thought that if they had such a pair of bracelets, they would be very proud to wear them on the hands.

Even Mary was deeply touched after looking at Feng and Kris, respectively. She sighed to express all her complicated feelings.

Not to mention Jane, who really wanted to kick Kris out of here at the moment. All she thought was that this loser was such a burden for her family, and she would definitely ask Mary to divorce him.

“Feng, this gift is too expensive, maybe you should take them back and return them,” Qin said shyly.

“Mom, just rest assured, and don’t worry about them anymore.” Feng said with a smile: “Now that you have given me your most precious treasure, it’s a not a big deal for me to spend one hundred thousand dollars buying you a pair of bracelets at all. Look at them, they are so beautiful, and they are so suitable for your temperament.”

Listening to her son-in-law’s words, Qin was greatly delighted, and she pretended to say reluctantly: “Then I… will take them.”

She could not help but sigh with emotion: “It is said that a son-in-law is almost as good as your own son to you, but my son-in-law is indeed more than a son, who is honest and reliable, young and promising. Now I can rest assured since I have this good son-in-law to rely on when I’m old.”

After saying that, she looked at Jane intentionally or otherwise and said to Feng again: “Feng, you must bear in mind that a person must be sincere and down-to-earth. Don’t be like someone who only knows about boast and flaunts.”

“Mom, I’ll certainly keep your words in my mind.” Feng nodded and said seriously.

Since Jane was already in a sulk, now she became furious immediately after hearing Qin’s words.

She turned and saw Kris drinking tea with his legs crossed as if what happened right now was none of his business, which made her so angry that she almost lost her temper.

Under this kind of circumstance, this loser still had the mood to drink tea?

All Jane wanted to do right now was just grab her bag and walked away, but she knew that if she did this, she would only make herself funnier, leading Qin and those people laughing at her in a greater degree.

“No, I definitely can not leave.” She thought.

Thinking of this, Jane took a deep breath and forced herself to calm down.

She had been determined to ask Mary to divorce Kris initially, now she was more firm about her thought. After the people left, she would do anything to get Mary to divorce him no matter what happened.

Mary could not sit still and become angry as well. She looked at Qin and thought, as an elder, how could she say such impolite words?

But after she looked at Kris, who was sitting beside her, she felt kind of depressed in her heart at once.

Other women’s husbands could all make their mother-in-law proud, except her own husband.


She sighed faintly.

Seeing Jane lower her head, Qin felt more complacent.

However, after a second, she thought her sarcasm towards those people of the Su family was not enough, so she looked at Kris, took out her hands, and asked him with a smile: “Kris, do you think this pair of bracelets given by Kris look good on my hands?”

Kris blew towards the tea and said perfunctorily without even looking at her: “Just so so.”

Just so so?

Qin almost burst out laughing.

As a loser who depended on your wife for a living, could you afford them?

After Kris finished his words, the people in the box all covered their mouths and laughed, looking at him with great disdain.

Oh my god, why were those people so boring?

Was it very interesting for them to compare themselves with each other?

Listening to their mocking laughter, Kris helplessly kneaded between his eyebrows.

Then he put down his teacup, stood up, and walked straight out of the box.

“Well, well, why did he go out without saying anything?” Qin hypocritically said: “Did I hurt his feeling and self-esteem? It’s my fault, I shouldn’t have asked him that question.”

“Sister Qin, it has nothing to do with you. Anyway, who is to blame for him being a loser except himself?

“Yes! Indeed!”

Since Kris left and there were no other people for them to laugh at, both Qin and Feng were a little disappointed.

But Jane felt relieved in her heart. This loser finally left, or she would be sneered by the two people to the extent of being extremely shameful.

Mary wanted to follow Kris to see what he intended to do, but she gave up the idea since she thought she couldn’t let her mother stay here alone after she took a look at Jane.

However, no one expected that Kris should return a few minutes later.

When he opened the door of the box and came in, Jane was pissed off at once.

“Why are you back? You think it is not enough for me to be humiliated to such an extent?”

Chapter 63: A turning point

Seeing Kris Chen go back, Mary Su stood up and whispered, “Why are you back again, just wait for me in the car.”

Kris smiled and placed the gift box in front of Jane Tang.

This gift was given by Tianzong Chen because Kris was expelled from the Chen family and married into and lived under the roof of the Su family.

However, no one in the Chen family joined his wedding, which made him very sorry for that, so Tianzong took advantage of Lei Chen’s wedding ceremony and gave Kris this present as compensation.

Kris did not hesitate, and he accepted the present.

He smiled and said to Jane: “Mom, I have been married to Mary for almost three years, and as a son-in-law, I have not given you a decent gift. This is my gift to you, I hope you like it.”


This guy must feel embarrassed a moment ago, so he just went to the car to get a gift?

Everyone in the private room fixed their eyes on the gift box.

Jane hesitated for a moment and reached for the gift box.

At the moment when the gift box was opened, faint sandalwood radiated from the gift box, and there was even a beautifully carved wooden box.

This scent of sandalwood came from this wooden box.


Isn’t this box made of sandalwood?

This box was too advanced, just a box was so exquisite, was not the inside gift more precious?

Then many people muttered in their hearts what was in the box. Of course, more of the people still remained skeptical about its value, that, what kind of expensive gifts could this lazy and poor son-in-law buy for his mother-in-law?

People were afraid he just took it out to show it off, to save the face Kris had just lost.

They were sure that Jane didn’t dare to open the wooden box in front of everyone, otherwise, what if the present inside was the low-end item?

“Brother Chen, in such a short period, where did you get the gift?” Feng Xie said with a smile: “I don’t think there are any luxury stores near here, your gift, isn’t it bought on a roadside stall?”

Kris smiled and said nothing.

“Jane, please open it and let us see what gift your son-in-law gave you.” Qin Shen said with a mischievous smile.

“Yeah, Jane, don’t be so stingy. Share with us your precious gift.”

“Don’t hide it, maybe this gift is better than Feng Xie’s.”

At this time, others also agreed and wanted to have a look at the mysterious present.

Jane bit her lips. She regretted her opening the box, which put her in a dilemma.

She didn’t believe Kris could deliver her a good gift, as Feng said, maybe the gift bought by the roadside. As a result, she did not want to raise her head in front of these classmates. But… the box was rather delicate, maybe the gift was great.

Jane couldn’t help but wonder what was in it!

Finally, with the urging of others, she opened the box. At the moment when the box was opened, everyone suddenly opened their eyes, opened their mouths, and their faces showed incredible looks.

Jane was dumbfounded.

Mary was also shocked.

The smiles on Qin Shen and Feng Xie’s faces also froze!

This… how was this possible?

Feng swallowed down his saliva, looking at the dazzling diamond necklace in the box, which was shining under the lights, and he was totally shocked.

Oh, my God!

The diamond necklace is also set with gems of different colors, each of which is as large as a pigeon egg, and the light distracted everyone present.

The pair of gold-encrusted jade bracelets received by Qin was almost rubbish compared to this necklace.

None of the people present were fools. The diamond in the middle of the necklace was priceless. Now, at first glance, the gold-inlaid jade bracelet sent by Feng was really low.

“So a big diamond, it would cost millions at least, let alone other rubies, sapphires, and if added together, wouldn’t this necklace be worth tens of millions?”

“Ten million? Kris? Don’t be funny!”

“How could Kris afford such an expensive gift? Let me see, this necklace must be fake.”

“Yes, I also think this necklace is fake.”

In the doubts of people around him, Feng only felt that his head was buzzing, and his brain was blank.

Other people did not tell the necklace’s value, but he was fully aware of its value.

Although Juding Group is mainly engaged in foreign trade, but the group also deals with the jewelry business.

The diamonds and gemstones in front of his necklace, concerning its gloss, craftsmanship, and texture, are of best, which was not like a fake one at all.

Although he is only the Juding Group branch manager, he has never seen gems of such a good quality in the jewelry store operated by Juding Group.

He… is he, not a poor, lazy son-in-law?

How could I get such a precious gift?

At this time, Jane looked at Kris with complicated looks: “This… this necklace, how much did you spend on it?”

Jane also has a lot of jewelry necklaces, but none of them are as large as the gems on this necklace, so she is not sure whether the things in her hands are really fake.

“It was sent by a friend.”

Kris said lightly.

Hearing this, the expression on Jane’s face collapsed instantly.

From a friend?

That necklace is definitely not true. He is a trash guy. What good things can a friend of his give him?


She sighed in her heart, did not believe what Kris said.

As Kris was mocked by everyone just now, now he took out a piece of roadside goods to spread out, which only reduce him to everyone’s laughing stock.

She looked at the necklace once again and couldn’t help but want to pick it up and throw it into the trash can.

Just when she picked up the necklace, a girl stood up from the side: “Let me take a look at the necklace!”

This was Jane’s daughter. She studied jewelry in college.

Everyone saw her opening, held their breath, Jane sent a necklace to her.

A moment later, the girl exclaimed while holding the necklace: “This… this gem, and this diamond are real, and each one is top-grade quality.”

“If, I am not mistaken, the necklace should be of British royal style. I conservatively estimate that the price of this necklace should be around 20 million. If it is really from the British royal family, I can’t estimate the value. “

After saying this, the girl gave Kris a deep look and returned to her position.


Is this necklace conservatively estimated at more than 20 million?

Oh, my God!

Did we hear it wrong, or did she say one million more words?

Everyone was shocked with the mouth open wide.

Feng had known that the necklace was genuine, but he didn’t say it.

Now that the girl’s identification result was out, his expression became very complicated.

Qin Shen was completely dumbfounded. She looked at the glittering necklace, and her eyes were about to be fixed on it.

“Kris, you…Do you really want to give me this necklace?”

Jane was stunned by surprise at this moment. She thought the necklace was fake, but she didn’t expect the girl to tell her after the identification that the necklace was real and worth more than 20 million. She felt her brain was completely losing the ability to think.

She didn’t want to know how Kris got this necklace. She just wanted to know if Kris really wanted to give this necklace to her.

A necklace with a conservative valuation of more than 20 million. It’s just something she didn’t dare to dream about.

Kris smiled slightly and said plainly: “Mom, this necklace was originally for you, as long as you like it.”

Unexpectedly, Kris was so generous, and one gift is more than 20 million necklaces.

However, compared to Kris’s five billion dollars to the Chen family, these 20 million necklaces are not worth mentioning.

“I like it so much,” Jane nodded quickly, did not know where to put her hands.

She took out a handkerchief and wiped her hands, and carefully held the necklace in her hand, and couldn’t wait to put it on her neck.

At the moment she put on the necklace, Qin’s jealousy almost swallowed her.

Mary was envious, such a beautiful necklace, she…wanted to another one too.

From beginning to end, Mary did not speak, she looked at Kris with a puzzled look.

What friend would give him such a precious gift?

The previous 8 million was a small sum comparing with this necklace!

Kris seemed to be covered with a mist, which made her unclear.

She took a deep breath, and it seemed that she had to find some time to cross-examine it.

Jane became the brightest focus of the audience at this classmate’s get-together, and Qin lost to Jane this time.

On the way home, Mary, who was sitting in the car, couldn’t help it anymore. She turned to Kris and asked, “Who is your friend? What is his name? Do… I know him? ?”

Chapter 64: The scandal was spread throughout

“Which friend?” Kris Chen said with a look of doubt.

“The friend who gave you the necklace.” Mary bit her lip and said.

“Oh, him.” Kris suddenly said: “He is the one who borrowed from me 8 million dollars before.”

Mary glanced at him and said, “You don’t play a fool before me. I want to know who he is, and I don’t know. him”

“Don’t ask so much, you don’t know him anyway.” When the car stopped, Kris scratched his head and said, “When you get home, please go straight home, for I need to wrap up the work my boss assigned me. I have to rush back to the office.”

Seeing that he had changing the subject, Mary felt helpless and she had no other way but get off the car.

When Kris saw Mary getting off the vehicle, he was relieved in heart and drove away.

Watching Kris’s car disappear from her sight, Mary couldn’t help stomping the feet, she was angry that Kris did not tell her who gave him the necklace, and she was determined to get to know the answer the next time.

Meantime, in Fugui Mountain Villa and Chen’s Manor.

Lei Chen opened his eyes in confusion, and he pressed his swollen head, feeling acute pain on the head.

He forgot how much he had drunk at the wedding banquet in the afternoon. But he was very happy, from freshman to marriage, he and Sisi had been together till now, and they experienced a lot during the past year, but their love finally was realized in marriage.

What made him even happier was that his elder brother Kris who he hadn’t seen for a long time, had come to congratulate himself on the wedding ceremony.

Everything was moving on the right track. Thinking of this, a warm smile appeared on his face, and he got out of the bed and walked out of the bedroom.

“Sisi, where are you?”

Outside the room, Lei shouted, but Sisi did not make any response, and a bad hunch suddenly came to mind.

He hurried downstairs, and when he reached the ground floor, he shuddered violently and saw a scene that he would never forget.

His newly-wedded wife, lying naked on the sofa in the living room with her clothes scattered here and there

“Ah! Sisi!”

Lei cried loudly, and his eyes suddenly turned red.

He felt his heart shattered into countless pieces at this moment, and his emotions collapsed instantly.

“Who did this, who the hell did this?” Lei shouted: ‘No matter who you are, I swear to God I will chop you to pieces!”

Lei quickly took his wife back to the bedroom and covered her with a blanket. He was like crazy and looking for the evidence in the lobby.

He felt deep regret that he did not install any monitoring device in the house, and there are not any monitors in such a large manor!

He searched around the house, without any clues. His strength instantly ran out. As a result, he had to return to his bedroom, depressed.

Looking at the kiss marks on Sisi’s skin, he felt a cramp in his heart. He just endured the pain and put clothes on her.

At this moment, Sisi’s eyelashes fluttered and slowly opened her eyes.

“Darling.” Sisi cried when he saw Lei, and she hugged Lei.

“You… finally woke up!” Lei cheered up and forced a smile.

“Well.” Sisi nodded and looked at her naked body. She saw the kiss marks on her white skin and couldn’t help but blush and shyly said: “Why are you so eager to… while I was sleep?…”

Speaking of that, she couldn’t talk anymore but hold back her shyness.

She thought Lei had already made love with and took her virgin just a few moments ago. While they were together in the past, they nearly ate the forbidden fruit for many times. If Sisi stopped it at the critical time, she would have given her virgin to him.

In her view, her first night was to be given to her husband on the wedding night. Therefore, after thinking that it was Lei who made love to her just now, Sisi was not angry but felt happy.

Lei regretted it to the marrow at this time, and the guilt in his heart was to engulf him.

“Honey, anything wrong? Why you are looking so worried.” Sisi asked Lei while holding his arm.

Lei could barely smile at this. He shook his head and smiled: “It’s okay, today I drank too much, and the stamina is a bit strong.”

While talking, he was thinking about who did that thing to Sisi. Suddenly, an idea flashed through his mind, and he came running to the Eight Diagram Mirror, which is hanging on the sofa.

Sisi almost fell off to the ground due to her carelessness. She was already smart. Thinking of Lei’s unnatural face and of his weird behavior, she vaguely felt that something bad was going on.

She hurriedly rushed out of the bedroom barefoot; standing in the aisle on the second floor, she saw Eight Diagram Mirror above the sofa.

Looking at Lei, who was holding the mirror downstairs, Sisi became more and more uneasy. She went downstairs and looked at Lei’s eyes. The back door of the villa was now wide open…

Suddenly she thought of something, and her face became pale instantly. After a few seconds of silence, she couldn’t help but ask: “Just now… was not you who touch me?”

She was vaguely guessing something went wrong but she was not sure. If it was Lei who really touched herself, why would he force a smile before her? And why did he go downstairs like crazy and took this mirror in his hand? Didn’t the elder brother say that this mirror was unable to suppress the aura?

Moreover, she remembered very clearly that she closed all the doors and windows in the room, and she could not have closed the back door…

Lei was about to bite his teeth, how could he tell her this cruel fact!

Sisi couldn’t help but take two steps back, the blood on the face faded instantly, teardrops instantly slipped from the corner of her eyes, and she slammed hard against the hall.

“Sisi, stop it…” At that moment, Lei felt that his heartbeat was about to stop. He dropped the mirror, stepped forward like an arrow, took Sisi in time, and hugged her in his arms.

He said with great pain: “Sisi, you can rest assured, I will find out who he is, and I will give you a fair.”

Sisi did not speak, tears ran down the cheeks. Lei hugged her tightly in his arms, and his eyes fell on the mirror that he threw on the sofa.

A terrible guess came out of his mind.

Was it elder brother?

No… impossible, elder Brother is not that kind of person! But what about this mirror?

Lei hadn’t the time to remove it from the beam, how could it appear here?

During the day, the elder brother gave a fascinating lecture on Feng Shui that only he was interested in the Eight diagram mirror, and only he knew how to use this mirror.

Then he thought of Lin Li fainted away right before this mirror, and now his wife fainted down too, certainly the magic of the mirror made Sisi faint. But, why his elder brother…did such a nasty thing to him?

“Sisi, …do you have any impression on what happened just now?” Lei asked with a breaking heart.

Asking his wife to recall what happened just now was secondary harm to him.

Sisi choked: “I just remember that man has been kissing me, I felt some pain in my body, I thought you were kissing me, I did not resist…”

Having said this, Sisi felt even more painful. She wiped her tears and looked at the gossip mirror on the sofa. Her heart began to wonder whether the man was Kris.

Lei no longer spoke but hugged his wife tightly, his heart was bleeding.

This matter was related to his wife’s reputation. If this thing was exposed to the public, Sisi would definitely seek death in order to guard her chastity.

The best way was to investigate this matter, using a secret manner.

However, Lei never thought that his conversation with Sisi was clearly heard by the two maids outside.

They looked at each other, feeling shocked about what had happened to their masters.

At the wedding banquet in the daytime, Sisi saw that the two maids were too tired, so she asked them to go back to the room for some rest.

So when Quan Chen secretly ran into her room and molested her, the two maids were still sleeping in the outside room, not knowing what had happened.

Knowing that Lei was roaring toward the sky just now, the two of them awakened. The two maids shook their heads to each other and returned to their room. After all, they had heard something that they shouldn’t hear. However, in the early morning of the next day, this scandal spread among the Chen family…

Chapter 65: A Two-level Jump

Quan Chen was afraid of being found out. When hearing the news, he was more frightened.

Seeing her husband being terrified, Jie Liang was angry; she kicked him, “Hurry up, let’s go to find Lei Chen.”

“Ah? Why?” Quan said with a sad face.

“Jackass,” Jie knocked him on the head: “Listen to me, less nonsense.”

Quan couldn’t help but followed Jie helplessly. Seemingly, Jie went to visit Lei Chen and his wife, but actually, she wanted to get some useful news from them.

“Lei, what happened last night? Now the news gets around.” As soon as he entered the hall, Quan shouted at Chen Lei.

Jie gave Quan a wink and then went upstairs to the bedroom, pretending to comfort Sisi Mu.

Lei didn’t want to say anything at first, but seeing the news is spreading, he couldn’t help sighing and talked about the matter in hatred.

“I didn’t expect Kris could be so frenzied and heartless.” After listening to Lei’s words, Quan scolded with bitter hatred: “As the elder brother, how could he do such a brutal act.”

Lei’s eyes were red. He shook his head and said, “Quan, Kris is just a suspect. We are not sure he did it.”

“Lei, in the face of all the facts, how could you still believe him?” Quan said with resentment.

Hearing the conversation between the two downstairs, Jie walked out of the bedroom: “Now that the evidence is irrefutable, who else other than him can do that? He knows the Eight-Diagram Mirror so much, and only he can use the Eight-Diagram Mirror to do that. In my opinion, on seeing Sisi drinking too much, he had evil thoughts in mind, so he used the Eight-Diagram Mirror…”

Jie stopped saying, since what she says would hurt Lei and his wife indirectly. She swallowed the words and said angrily: “Moreover, I heard that since Kris matrilocally resided in the Su family, he hasn’t even touched his wife’s hand. Think, as a normal man and had suppressed for so long, when seeing Sisi drunk on the sofa without any precautions, just like meat on the chopping board …”

“Okay, stop.” Quan stopped Jie and said to Lei: “Lei, you can rest assured that I will bring justice back for you.”

Jie also echoed: “Yes, we can’t spare this animal.”

Lei was very hurt in the heart. Originally, he still kept a little hope for Kris, and now hearing the words of his brother and sister-in-law… he changed his mind!

There was irrefutable evidence, he could not think of any words to defend for Brother Kris.

He did not speak, but nodded silently. Seeing Lei’s reaction, Jie had a quirky smile on the face.

The next day, Huanyu Group, the president’s office. Kris leaned on the sofa, holding the Build-up Pill in his hand.

Hu Li said that once he took this panacea, he could become a real practitioner. He swallowed the panacea without thinking.

Soon, he felt a heat flow, converging in his abdomen, and then slowly spread to his limbs and bones. That feeling was more comfortable than a full body massage, and he felt almost fluttering.

Twenty minutes later, Kris took a sigh of relief; his eyes opened, and there was fine light flashed in his eyes. He was a real practitioner at the moment.

He was unexpected that he not only became a practitioner but also became a practitioner in the middle period of the acquired stage, which made him very happy.

He squeezed his chin. Logically a panacea should be so effective. It should be related to the dragon and tiger pill he took before.

After taking the dragon and tiger pill, his physique was far superior to that of ordinary people. Now that he had taken the Build-up Pill and fully absorbed the power, so he will jump two levels into the middle period of the acquired stage.

After knowing various reasons, Kris was in a good mood. Thinking that he didn’t go home again yesterday, he couldn’t help but think of Mary Su. Then, he left the company…

At the same time, in the Su’s Manor, the old lady of the Su’s family once again held a family meeting. Before, due to the problem of family funds, Jie Ding of the Lieyang Technology was forced to have 51% of the family’s shares.

Now, the family crisis is eliminated, but with 49% of the shares held, the Su Family can no longer control the family industry, and the shares, already little, if shared among the people in Su family, maybe even less.

In order to solve this problem, the old lady of the Su family called on everyone together. “More than half of the revenue of our companies has been snatched by Lieyang Technology, which we can not bear any more. Do you have any good suggestions?”

The old lady of the Su family sat in the seat and glanced at everyone. Everyone in the Su family looked serious, and the atmosphere is very somber.

The authority of the Su family falling into the hands of Jie Ding was already a fact.

Who was Jie?

He was the president of Lieyang Technology.

The old lady Su family wanted to regain the speaking from his hands, which was barely wishful thinking.

This was barely pulling a tooth from a tiger’s mouth!

Just when everyone was in silence, Hai Su stood up and said to the old lady of Su family: “Grandma, I have an idea. I don’t know whether to talk about it!”

“Hai, do you have an idea?” the old lady of the Su Family said with a smile on her face, “Say it, let’s have a discussion.”

Last time, Hai was fined due to Rui Liu’s program. It stands to reason that he can’t participate in the family meeting, but now that the family has reached the point of life or death, the old lady of the Su family did not care about the excess minutiae anymore.

More importantly, she loved Hai too much. If Rui Liu did not force her, she did not want to punish Hai at all.

Seeing the attitude of the old lady of the Su family, Hai felt wild with joy. He knew that his grandmother had forgiven him, but he said quietly: “Grandma, Jie holding the speaking right of the Su family industry is already a fact which we can not change. To survive, the Su family must act according to Jie’s intentions.

He paused, took a deep breath, and said: “I know you still want to take the speaking right back, but it is too difficult. Instead, we might as well give up.”

“Give up? How is this possible!” The old lady of the Su family frowned, and everyone in the Su family changed color.

“How is this possible, this is the accumulation of hard work for several generations of the Su family. If I give up in this way, we shall be guilty to ancestors of the Su family?”

“Grandma, listen to me first.” Hai calmed down the old lady of the Su family and continued: “Aren’t we still holding 49% of the shares? We can sell half of the shares and start another company with the money we get. We are now cooperating with Huanyu Group, and have the baker of Lieyang Technology; it is not difficult for us to develop.”

“In this way, the Su family can not only reproduce the glory but also be able to go further!”

Uh! Hearing this, many people’s eyes were lighting up.

Yes, Hai made sense. Rather than holding it on to death, it is better to start all over again; use the resources at hand to rebuild the Su family’s brand.

The old lady of the Su family nodded, she smiled and applauded: “It’s still Hai who is resourceful and profound; this idea is very good, very good…”

At this time, someone in the crowd said: “The idea is good, but who will come to buy the shares in our hands?”

“Yes, who will buy our shares?” We can’t market our own products!

Hai smiled faintly and said, “I have thought about this problem for a long time. I have a friend who has enough capital to buy half of our shares!”

The old lady of the Su family was refreshed and quickly asked, “Who is it?”

Seeing Hai’s confidence, the Su family’s people suddenly came to their spirits, and their eyes were once again focused on Hai, with expectations.

Hai enjoyed this highly anticipated feeling very much. He proudly said: “My friend is a Kung Fu master named Tiandong Zhai.”


Tiandong Zhai? Hearing the name, the enthusiasm in the hall was aroused

Chapter 66: Tiandong Zhai

“Who is Tiandong Zhai?”

“He is the famous Kung Fu master in recent two years!”

“He is a legend of many official events. The Tiandong martial club he started has already over one hundred branches across the country, and there are over ten branches in Westriver City.”

“He actually has the strength to buy half the stocks held by the Su Family.”

“I never thought that Hai should know master Zhai.”

“Exactly, he is really well-connected!”

“In our Su Family, Hai is the most sociable. See, he has made friends with such a big shot, ha-ha.”

The Su Family members came to their senses from shock and couldn’t help praising Hai Su.

While Mary Su didn’t go along with their views, she thought that the Su Family should develop steadily and try to transform after improving, not think about how to sell their stock.

She couldn’t interpose any more since everyone agreed with the proposal of Hai Su.

“Since the decision is unanimous, Hai, you can call mater Zhai right now to sound him out.” The old lady said to Hai Su smilingly.

He nodded, then took his cell phone and dialed Tiandong Zhai.

For showing off, he put Tiandong Zhai on the phone on purpose.

“Hello, bro, this is Hai Su.” With smile, he said: “May I know if you are interested in having a business talk with me?”

Here came the hearty laughter of Tiandong Zhai: “Oh, it’s you, bro. We are on good terms. Since you want to cooperate with me, it’s no problem.”

Hearing that, Hai Su laughed more happily and said: “OK, I want to bother you to come to the manor of the Su Family, and we can talk face to face.”

“OK, I am in Westriver City now, and I will be there soon.” Tiandong Zhai agreed without hesitation.

After hanging up, Hai Su said to the old lady: “Grandma, master Zhai agreed and will be here soon.”

The old lady already heard their dialogue and laughed, with eyes narrowing a slit, thinking that it’s her grandson that she can rely on at a crucial time. She nodded smilingly: “That’s good. When you reach the cooperation with master Zhai, you will be the hero of the Su Family. Then, I will give you a good reward.”

Hearing that, Hai Su nodded repeatedly and felt so happy.

He thinks that his grandma is really good to him but don’t know what reward she will give him after reaching the cooperation.

Just as he was wondering, the old lady said to him again: “Hai, if you can sell out the stock of the Su Family this time, I will not only give you the reward but also consider to make you the successor of the Su Family.”

Hearing that, Hai Su was extremely happy in his heart, and his eyes were shining with excitement. He repeatedly said to the old lady: “Thank you, grandma, thank you!”

Then, he glanced at Mary Su subconsciously with a proud expression on his face.

“Aren’t you very capable?”

“Isn’t the Huanyu Company yours only?”

“So what, the Su Family can only rely on me in times of crisis.”

He said in the heart.

Twenty minutes later, an extended Lincoln stopped slowly at the door of the manor of Su Family.

A man with sunglasses and in a leisure suit got off the car, with several tall bodyguards in a black suit standing behind him.

He is just Tiandong Zhai.

Though Tiandong Zhai is only in his twenties, he has made great achievements in the martial field with his excellent Kung Fu. He is a very capable man.

“Grandma, master Zhai of Taindong Martial Club is here.”

“Please come in, master Zhai, please.” The old lady stood up and said excitedly.

The Su Family members also looked at the door with expectation.

Hai Su stood and waited at the door.

Tiaandong Zhai took off his sunglasses and strode in manly with great aura. After all, he is the man practicing Kung Fu.

“Hey, bro, you are coming so fast.” Hai Su rushed up to meet him and shook hands with him passionately. Then, they went into the hall. He said to Tiandong Zhai: “Bro, this is my grandma.”

“Hello, madam.” He said in a proud tone to the old lady with a nod as the greeting.

“Please take a seat, master Zhai!”

The old lady didn’t care about his arrogance and thought it was normal for him to be proud as he has strength.

Tiandong Zhai sat down casually, being cross-legged. His bodyguards stood behind him in a row disposed of.

The Su Family members were frightened by his great imposing manner, and all became speechless.

The old lady didn’t speak too much holiday words and just motioned Hai Su to talk about the cooperation.

Then, Tiandong Zhai suddenly understood and said: “So you want to sell the stock.”

He smiled and said: “Twenty-four percent of the stocks only worth four hundred million dollars, that is a little less. I will pay you six hundred million dollars.”


Hearing what Tiandong Zhai had said, many of the Su Family members couldn’t help gasping.

“He thinks four hundred million dollars is not enough to buy twenty-four percent of the stocks.”

“He should intend to overpay with six hundred million dollars, does he lose mind?”

“Or he becomes silly for practicing Kung Fu too much and doesn’t treat money seriously!”

They were a little confused about whether the people who practice Kung Fu are really so rich.

They were only discussing for curiosity. The more money he paid, the more the Su Family would benefit from. Nobody would refuse more money.

The old lady was also shocked for a moment because she also never thought that Tiandong Zhai would be so deep-pocketed!

It won’t be a problem for the Su Family to bob up like a cork with the six hundred million dollars.

Hai Su got that and could help to hold Tiandong Zhai’s hands with ecstasy suddenly and repeatedly said: “Thank you, thank you so much, bro!”

Just when the Su Family members were in a joyful atmosphere, Tiandong Zhai said: “I can buy the stock, but there is a premise!”

“Please say it, master.” The old lady answered without hesitation.

Tiandong Zhai stood up and said to her: “I heard from Hai before that his cousin is pretty and intelligent born beauty. So I always look forward to seeing her.”

“Though I haven’t met her before, I have admired her for a long time.” He paused for a while and said: “So, today I come here not only for the cooperation but also for proposing a marriage, which is more important. Madam, I wonder you may not refuse.”

After he said that, the Su Family members were stunned. But they came to their sense quickly. The marriage for commercial cooperation is really normal for the Su Family, the business family.

They glanced at Yu Su subconsciously.

In the Su Family, Hai Su has only two beautiful cousins, Mary Su and Yu Su.

However, Mary Su has been married.

So they didn’t think about her naturally and believed that Tiandong Zhai took a fancy to Yu Su.

Being watched by them in that way, Yu Su looked very embarrassed. She wants to talk but didn’t know what to say. She just felt uneasy.

At that moment, Hai Su walked up to Tiandong Zhai and said jokingly: “Bro, I just wonder what request you will make. It turns out to be that.”

Tiandong Zhai smiled without saying anything but closely watched the old lady for her opinion.

The great affair of marriage could only be up to the old lady beside Yu Su’s parents.

The old lady has to think over as this kind of marriage for commercial cooperation is related to the Su Family’s future development.

She looks at Tiandong Zhai, thinking that since he has made great achievements in the field of Kung Fu at his earlier age and is not only capable but also rich, it’s not bad for Yu Su to be married to him. Their marriage can also bring the Su Family huge benefit, so she has no reason to refuse.

After convincing herself, the old lady smiled and said: “It’s our honor to be relatives by marriage with master Zhai.”

Then, she looked at Yu Su and said to her: “Yu, what do you think?”

Just as Yu Su stood up and was about to speak, Tiandong Zhai waved his hand and said: “Madam, you get me wrong. It’s not her!”


“It’s not Yu Su?”

“Then, who does he want to be married with?”

The Su Family members were shocked, hearing what he said!

Yu Su’s expression froze for a moment. She felt extremely awkward but relieved. She thought it was good because she didn’t want to marry one she didn’t like!

At that moment, Tiandong Zhai stood up and walked in the hall, and all people moved their view with his step. Only the sound of his shoes rubbing the floor was heard in the hall.

Tiandong Zhai should be walked up to Mary Su and stopped.

Mary Su looked at him and quivered a little with a bad feeling!

Chapter 67: Despair

Tiandong Zhai stood in front of Mary Su and stretched out his hands. He looked at her affectionately and said: “In fact, it’s you who I admire for a long time, Miss Su.”

Mary shook her head and said seriously to him: “Master Zhai, you get it wrong, I have been married.”

“Bro, you get it wrong, Mary has been married for almost three years.” Hai Su walked up to Tiandong Zhai and said.

Tiandong Zhai turned his head, looked at Hai Su, and replied smilingly: “How could I get it wrong? Mary Su is just the one I like. You know what, if it’s not for Mary, I won’t agree with the cooperation today. Are you clear?”

Hai Su was stunned after hearing what Tiandong Zhai had said as he never thought Tiandong Zhai would speak like that.

“Master Zhai, stop joking. How could Mary marry you since she is a wife now?” The old lady said.

“Madam, do you think I am joking in this way?” Tiandong Zhai grinned with dissatisfaction and said: “I won’t compel you if you don’t agree, but I won’t cooperate with you either. For being kind, I want to remind you that you are more clear than me about the current situation of the Su Family, and there is no one else who is willing to buy your stock at such a good price except me.

Tiandong Zhai hit the nail on the head. The old lady got a complicated expression on her face. She thought for a while and said: “Master Zhai, I will be very pleased if you get married with Yu. But Mary has been married already, so your request is really an imposition for us.”

“Imposition?” Tiandong Zhai said with a disdainful smile: “Don’t worry, madam. Isn’t it that you all don’t like Mary’s husband as he is a good-for-nothing only dependent on you? And I heard that he hadn’t even touched Mary’s hands since they got married more than two years ago, right?”

Speaking of that, he looked at Mary and said with a smile: “Am I right, Mary?”

It seemed that Tiandong Zhai was well prepared to come here. The old lady should have nothing to say in reply since he spoke the truth.

The Su Family members were all speechless. Actually, Tiandong Zhai was right. They didn’t like the good-for-nothing at all indeed and couldn’t wait to see that Mary got divorced with him.

If Mary Su gets married to Tiandong Zhai, both the Su Family and herself can benefit from that. Isn’t it good to be the honorable Mrs. Zhai?

Thinking of that, they all agreed with what Tiandong Zhai had said in their heart.

Seeing that he had convinced the Su Family members who became speechless with just a few words, Tiandong Zhai said to Mary with complacency: “Mary, don’t be shy any more since the old lady and your families have tacitly approved!”

With this, he stretched out his hand to grab Mary’s wrist.

Mary hurriedly kept off, frowned, and said unhappily: “Master Zhai, please behave. They can’t represent me. Once again, I have been married.”

When speaking, she was very nervous as she could imagine that Tiandong Zhai would be so cheeky and get physical in front of so many people.

What upset her more was that no one of the Su Family stopped him.

How could you say that they are her families? They are not even better than strangers!

Even a stranger would stop the man from bullying a weak lady. However, her families just sat indifferently…

“Wow, you are really a beauty and look so nice even when you are angry.” Tiandong Zhai didn’t behave himself but became more excited seeing Mary was angry, saying: “I am telling you that I will marry you definitely!”

Then, he stretched out his hand to grab Mary again! This time Mary Su can’t avoid at all being grabbed firmly at the wrist by Tiandong Zhai as he does that with Kung Fu.

He grabbed Mary Su’s wrist and dragged her toward him with strength, then sniffed at her hair and said with the excited expression: “So good, it’s intoxicating.’

That was not impoliteness but playing rascal!

Then, the expression of the Su Family members changed. They never thought that Tiandong Zhai should be such unscrupulous.

The old lady also looked terribly angry. However, she had tacitly approved the marriage of Tiandong Zhai and Mary Su.

Tiandong Zhai could just come to marry her on the confirmed wedding day.

However, he really should not play rascal in front of the Su Family members, which was really unbridled. She believed that Tiandong Zhai could go furthermore if no one else was in the hall.

“Let go of my daughter.”

Jane Tang stood up from her seat and shouted. She does dislike Kris Chen and earnestly wishes they could get divorced, but they are still not divorced yet. Though Tiandong Zhai is rich, he can’t compel Mary in front of her. How could she stand with that as her mother?

“Tiandong Zhai, let go of her right now!”

Mary Su was anxious and angry. She struggled and shouted: “I will call the police if you don’t let go of me.”

Facing the shouting and censure of them, Tiandong Zhai was still disdainful and said coldly with looking directly at the old lady: “madam, I have put it clear. I will leave at once if you don’t accept it!”

“Since you want me to buy the stock, just agree to my terms! It’s normal to give before taking in this world, is right, madam?”

The Su Family members were irritated by Tiandong Zhai’s arrogance. They looked at the old lady hoping she could spurn his request.

They would immediately kick the arrogant man out of the Su Family’s manor only if she refused him. However…

The old lady sighed slightly and said nothing. Didn’t she care about Mary Su’s fame? But her fame is even not worth mentioning compared with the interest of the Su Family. What the Su Family can wait is Jie Ding’s encroachment without the six hundred million dollars.

They couldn’t understand why the old lady was speechless and just looked at each other angrily on their seat, being able to do nothing.

Jane Tang closed her eyes helplessly. She couldn’t even protect her own daughter as a mother… And Mary Su was despairing thoroughly.

It turned out that no one in such a big family dared to stand out to protect her.

“Ha-ha, silence is tacit approval.” Tiandong Zhai laughed complacently. He became eviler with the Su Family members’ agreement.

He grabbed Mary’s hand and dragged her directly into his arms with a cry of Mary. “Let go of me,” Mary struggled desperately.

“Easy, Mary, I promise that I will be good to you,” he said. Looking at Mary Su’s beautiful face, he couldn’t help swallowing his saliva and put his mouth slowly toward her.

Knowing that she couldn’t escape from the devil’s clutches, Mary cried silently, feeling thoroughly hopeless!

She never felt so helpless in the past twenty years. Her mother and families were beside her, but none of them stood out to stop the beast.

Why should she give up her own fame for the Su Family? She is a living person, not goods!

Thinking of that, Mary cried more sadly. She could even hear Tiandong Zhai’s heavy breathing near her face.

Kris Chen, where are you? I am bullied, why don’t you come to save me? At the moment, the one that appeared in her mind should be Kris Chen!

Just as Tiandong Zhai nearly kissed Mary Su, a strong hand fell on the shoulder of him suddenly! Then he heard a cold voice: “You want to die?”

Chapter 68: Fight

Seeing that he had been interrupted, Tiandong Zhai’s face instantly fell, and he shouted abuse, “Damn it, who are you, are you blind?”

He let go of Mary Su while he was talking, Mary Su stepped backward hastily.

Tiandong Zhai turned his head to see a twenty or so man wore a cheap T-shirt, looking at him with cold eyes.

“Kris Chen?”

People in the Su family were all stunned. Who would have thought that Kris Chen would appear at this time? “He… He really came to save me…” Mary Su’s tears rolled down from her face, an inexplicable sense of security surged through her heart.

Jane Tang looked at Kris Chen. She felt a bit confused. What’s going on? She didn’t notify Kris Chen to come over for today’s meeting. How could he come to the manor of the Su family?

“What the fuck, who are you?” Tiandong Zhai said harshly and scolded at Kris Chen.

“Kris Chen.”

“Oh, I thought you’re someone powerful, so you’re that trash husband of Mary Su!” Tiandong Zhai laughed, “What, you are not willing to watch me make out with your wife? I’m telling you, your wife is mine, so if you know what’s good for you, get out of here now!”

“It looks like you really want to die!”

Kris Chen said ferociously, his eyes grew colder and colder, and he let out a momentum that made people around him all shuddered.

This… How could the trash become so scary?

He’s so powerful, and his eyes were so dreadful!

“Do I want to die?” Tiandong Zhai’s face instantly fell as he stared at Kris Chen viciously, “Do you know who you’re talking to? I was about to find you, but I didn’t expect you would come to me by yourself, which saved me a lot of effort.” After saying that, he slid his legs on the ground heavily and rushed towards Kris Chen like a ferocious tiger.

“Fuck, is this Kris Chen stupid? Why is he standing still!”

“That’s right, this Tiandong Zhai is a martial arts master, if you were attacked by him, you’ll either die or be crippled!”

Although the Su family didn’t like Kris, at this time, many people wanted Kris to win the fight and help them finish what they didn’t dare to do.

Of course, they all knew in their hearts that this was just extravagant hope.

Tiandong was an actual martial arts master. How could an ordinary man be his opponent?

“Kris, just run. You can’t defeat him!” Mary Su was terrified and shouted loudly at Kris. In fact, she was already delighted that Kris could be here.

However, Kris stood still as if he hadn’t heard her, staring at the fierce-looking Tiandong without any change in his face.

Mary was anxious, she shouted at Su family members, “Someone stops them, quickly!”

However, no one in the Su family dared to come out and pull them out of the fight.

Mary was desperate, she ran out of the hall and called the police. Soon, the call was answered, “Hello, this is the Westriver City Public Security Bureau, what’s your emergency!”

Mary stamped her feet in anxious, “Quickly, quickly send someone to the manor of the Su family, someone is making trouble here, they’re already fighting!”


As soon as her words were spoken, there was a noise from the hall, Kris and Tiandong began to fight.

“Excuse me, who is causing trouble and where? The police, however, were a bit confused, although the Su family was only a third-rated family, it had some reputation in Westriver City, who dared to make trouble in the Su family?

“It’s Tiandong Zhai of the Tiandong Martial Arts School, he… He’s beating my husband!”

After hanging up the phone, Mary’s cheeks were so hot, and her heart was beating very fast, it was like… the first time she admitted that Kris is her husband. But the fierce sounds of fighting in the hall brought Mary back to her senses, and she returned to the hall in a hurry, she was dumbfounded when she entered the hall and saw the situation inside.

To be exact, everyone was dumbfounded!

Everyone was wide-eyed and open-mouthed as if they had seen a ghost.

Kris… He actually fought with Tiandong inextricably, and actually too close to call! Oh, my God! Did they have blurred vision?

It had been almost three years since Kris had married into the Su family, and this was the first time they knew that Kris could fight so well!

Looking at the two people fighting in the hall so tensely, everyone was stunned.

The two of them were fighting fiercely. Their bodies moved as fast as lightning. Their movements were getting faster and faster, and the noise from the fight also became louder and louder, so quick that naked eyes couldn’t even catch the movements of the two.

Mary instantly lost the ability to think as she watched the scene before her. This… How was this possible? How come Kris was so powerful?

It reminded her of the scene at the old lady’s 70th birthday when Kris had beaten Hai Su down, she thought that was an accident, but looking at Kris now, it didn’t seem like an accident. Rather, it was because Kris was really good!

Ouch! At this moment, Tiandong, who was fighting indistinguishably with Kris, suddenly screamed and then fell to the ground heavily.

What? Had Kris even knocked out Tiandong?

Fuck, this couldn’t be true!

At this moment, the whole hall was in a dead silence!

“I surrender, I surrender, don’t beat me, don’t beat me…”

Tiandong covered his stomach, kneeling on the ground like a boiled prawn with his body bowed.

That punch from Kris almost beat him to death, if Kris were to give him another punch, he would die today or at least be crippled!

“Surrender? Does it help to admit you are defeated?” Kris’s eyes were cold as he walked over, “Why didn’t you think about the consequences when you touched my wife just now?”

He and Tiandong were both middle period practitioners at an acquired stage, which could be told from the fight just now.

However, Kris had eaten the Dragon and Tiger Pill that Heqiu Zhao gave him, which made his strength skyrocketed so that he almost crushed Tiandong.

The reason why they had fought for so long was that Kris had just been promoted to the middle period at the acquired stage, and he wasn’t used to his strength yet, so he wanted to practice by fighting with Tiandong.

He kicked Tiandong to the ground and kicked at him continuously.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

That muffled sounds made people’s toes curl!

It’s doubted that they couldn’t even withstand a single kick from this powerful attack.

At this moment, people in the Su family looked at Kris with a different attitude. Was he still that useless son-in-law?

Mary also looked at Kris with complicated emotions. Was this really the Kris that she knew? Looking at his indifferent face, her heart throbbed inexplicably.

It had been almost three years, and this was the first time she had seen him being so manly!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Kris was still kicking!

This voice lingered in the hall of the manor like a magic sound.

Just when Tiandong was about to pass out, the police finally arrived.

Lan Yu walked into the hall with several policemen.

She frowned when she looked at the scene in front of her.

“Stop, he would die if you keep kicking like that!” The police officer behind Lan Yu went up to stop him.

Kris retracted his foot when he saw the policeman coming.

Seeing Kris, Lan Yu did not say anything but nodded to him.

At this time, the police officer on the side took out the record book and said to the crowd, “Who called the police?”

“It’s me … I’m the one who called the police!” Mary walked overhastily.

“You called the police to say that someone beat your husband, is the man lying on the ground your husband?” The policeman pointed at Tiandong, who lay on the ground unconsciously and said.

“No… No, he’s not my husband…” Mary shook her head quickly and looked at Kris shyly, “He… He’s my husband…”

After saying that, she was so embarrassed that she lowered her head, admitting that Kris was her husband in front of so many people that made her feel very shy.

Seeing Mary acknowledge him as her husband in front of everyone, Kris couldn’t say how comfortable he felt!

That policeman who was taking the record looked at Kris with horror. This man could be able to beat Tiandong like a dead dog, that was amazing.

He obviously recognized Tiandong, who lay on the ground.

In fact, celebrity like Tiandong was easy to be recognized.

At this moment, Tiandong, who was lying on the ground, woke up slowly like a ghost. He opened his eyes to see the police were here and screamed out loud, “Sir, you have to save me quickly, this boy is crazy, he wants to kill me …”

Tiandong was so scared of Kris would beat him again, he really thought that Kris would kick him to death alive just now.

Now that the police had come, he felt he had found a lifeline.

Lan Yu furrowed her eyebrows and said, “Okay, all of you go back to the police station with me and make a statement, we’ll investigate what the fact was.”

Tiandong shut his mouth immediately and looked at Kris with some fear, a deep resentment hid in his eyes.

“You stay here and record everyone’s statements.” Lan Yu said to the police officer who was taking records.

After saying that, she looked at Kris and said, “You should also come with me.”

Kris nodded his head.

At this time, Mary walked beside him and said worriedly, “I should come with you as well.”

Kris smiled and shook his head, “Don’t worry, it’s fine, Officer Yu is known to be fair!”

Hearing this, Mary nodded her head subconsciously.

Kris followed Lan to the car, and there was only him and Lan in the car.

“Eh, aren’t we going to make a statement?” Kris looked at the direction in which the car was driving. This’s not the way to the police station. Where did this Lan want to take him to?

Chapter 69: I beg you

Lan Yu gave him a mean look and said, “Tiandong Zhai has always been high-profile. As he is good at martial arts, he treats everyone anyway he pleases. I’m sure that it’s he who stirred up the trouble. I’ll ask my colleagues to go to Su family to check the monitoring, and then the whole things come to obvious.”

Kris Chen smiled and said, “You’re so smart!”

“You are a practitioner now. Why are you still not serious?” Lan said sourly.

Kris looked at Lan with a shock and said, “How do you know that?”

“Don’t forget, I’m at the innate-power stage,” Lan said.

“Yes.” Kris nodded and said.

Lan looked at Kris with some curiosity. She was wondering how Kris made it.

You know, the other day, he was just an ordinary man with extraordinary strength.

“Kris, tell me the truth. Do you still have the Obstacle Breaking Pill you gave me?” Lan said.

“Officer, didn’t I already give you one? You warned me not to give medicine to others casually when I gave you that,” Kris teased.

Lan knew that Kris was making fun of himself. Her face suddenly blushed, and she said embarrassedly, “Well, I didn’t expect that the Obstacle Breaking Pill is so effective. A friend of mine has been at the fulfilled period for a long time. Can you give me another one if you have some?”

Kris took a look at Lan and stretched lazily. “What does it matter to me that a friend of you has been at the fulfilled period for a long time?”

Although it’s easy to refine the Obstacle Breaking Pill, Kris couldn’t just give it away like that.

You know, Hu Li spent one billion dollars, together with a powerful sword, to buy the Obstacle Breaking Pill.

If you can get the Obstacle Breaking Pill just by asking, isn’t it too cheap?

Lan was unhappy that Kris turned her down.

But she couldn’t blame him. On the contrary, Kris helped her several times, and she owed Kris a lot, so she was not qualified to ask Kris to do anything. Besides, if it were not for Kris’s Obstacle Breaking Pill, she would not have broken through the innate-power stage. That’s a big favor.

It’s an imposition that she asked Kris to give her another precious pill. But she’s on good terms with that friend, so she didn’t want to give up.

She bit her lip and said softly, “Kris, how can you give the pill to me?”

Kris smiled and said, “Since you have said it, how can I say no? But the pill is not that easy to get, you need to do one thing.”

“What is it?” Lan said without thinking.

“It’s easy. You just need to pay me a compliment. I’ll give you the pill as soon as I’m happy, okay? But you must be sincere. If you only make a perfunctory effort, then the pill…” Kris looked at Lan and said.

Kris didn’t say the following words.

Lan shivered, and her face suddenly turned red.

She is such a straightforward person. When has she been soft with others? When has she flattered others?

She didn’t even give in when she encountered the grave-robbers in Dongmang Mountain.

Kris was going too far!

She slowed down and thought she would give up. But a few seconds later, she gave up that thought.

“Kris, you’re an angel. You are the best and the most handsome man I have ever seen. Can you give me another pill?” Lan said.

Kris could not help laughing.

He didn’t expect that Lan, who is in a high rack and would rather die than give in, was so charming and compelling when she swallowed her pride and was gentle.

Even men like Kris couldn’t help but want to say yes to her request.

“Ok, I’ll give you another one for your sake,” Kris said.

Kris was very happy. He was supposed to be the only one who was begged by The Tyrant Flower of Westriver City.

After saying that, Kris took out an Obstacle Breaking Pill.

“Thank you, Kris,” Lan said. Lan couldn’t hide her joy when she took over the pill. She pulled over to the curb and took out her phone to make a call.

“Hello, I’ve got the pill for you. Do you want to get it now?” Lan said happily to the phone.

Kris couldn’t hear what the person who Lan called said. He only saw Lan nodded and hung up the phone with a smile.

“Kris, my friend is in Dynasty Hotel. Shall we go there right now? I’ll ask him to thank you in person.” Lan said as she restarted the car.

“OK,” Kris nodded and said.

Soon, the two arrived at the Dynasty Hotel. Lan led Kris to the luxurious private room on the third floor.

There were several silver-spoon kids of Westriver City who had attended the annual meeting of Su family. Kris has seen them before.

Each of them had a female companion. Although they were born in rich families, they are idle and good-for-nothing. They are real dandies.

After seeing Lan went in, a man in the room stood up immediately. Then he said with a smile, “Let me introduce you to my girlfriend, Lan Yu. She brings me an Obstacle Breaking Pill, which can make me to the innate-power stage.”


“Did Lan ask the pill for this guy? Is this guy her boyfriend?” Kris thought.

“Fuck, this guy is Bao Cao, the young master of Hengtian Group.”

He comes from a rich family, but he is a dandy.

How could Lan, who abhors evil as a deadly foe and has integrity, find such a guy as her boyfriend?

Kris had no idea what Lan thought.

Bao stretched out his hand to hold Lan’s hand, but his hand was gently shaken off by Lan. “Bao, here are so many people. Take your hand off me. It’s indecent.” Lan said.

Bao smiled and said to them, “Guys, this is my girlfriend. She only lets me hold her hands but not kiss her. She insisted that she would only give herself to me after we get married. She is rather old-fashioned. Don’t laugh at me. Ha, ha, ha.”

“Brother Bao, my sister-in-law, is not only beautiful but also traditional. How lucky you are!”

“That’s right. My sister-in-law is obvious, a traditional woman. You are the most fortunate man!”

All the people paid Bao compliments.

The atmosphere of the room got livelier. At that moment, someone shouted suddenly, “Fuck, isn’t he the shitty son-in-law of Su family?”

After he said that, everyone looked at Kris.

“Fuck, he is the son-in-law of the Su family.”

“Why is the crap here?”

“Why don’t you piss a puddle to look at your true reflection? Is here the place where you can come to?”

Several dandies sneered.

After hearing what the guys said, Bao frowned. He took a look at Kris and found that he is actually the shitty son-in-law of Su family. “Kris, this is not your place. Get out of here.” Bao said unpleasantly.

“Yes, now the Su family is going bankrupt, why don’t you stay at home but come here?”

“Everyone in Westriver City knows that the Su family has sold more than half of its ancestral property. Is this Dynasty Hotel affordable to you?”

Lan couldn’t stand up to the vicious words of them. She looked at Bao sulkily and said, “Bao, shut up. Kris is my friend, and he comes here with me.”


Is that crap Lan’s friend?

All those in the room were dumbstruck, and they thought they misheard.

Lan is the captain of the criminal investigation team of Westriver City, but Kris is a lazy son-in-law. How do they know each other?

One is a superior white swan, and the other is a lowly toad. Is that a joke?

In the surprised gaze of everyone, Lan pulled out the nearby chair and said to Kris with a smile, “Kris, sit beside me.”

Kris wanted to leave, but he sat down calmly when he saw what Lan did.

“Lan, why you make friends with such a person?”

Bao regained his composure and asked confusedly.

“What do you mean by such a person? Bao, could you please stop looking at people through colored glasses? What’s wrong with that Kris is a live-in son-in-law? Why can’t I make friends with him?” Lan said unpleasantly.

“Besides, I only see the good guys and the bad guys. Kris is a good man. It’s my honor to make friends with a man like him.” Lan added.

Bao was dumbfounded by what Lan said.

“Why it’s her honor to make friends with Kris?” Bao thought.

Bao looked at Kris evilly and wondered what kind of magic Kris used to make Lan say such things.

Chapter 70: Spite

“Haven’t you been stuck at the fulfilled period for a long time? I’ve got the Obstacle Breaking Pill to help you break your bottleneck. It’s not easy for me to get the pill form, Kris Chen. ”Lan Yu said. Then she took out the pill Kris gave her form her bag.


Did Kris give her the pill?

After hearing what Lan said, all those in the room were dumbfounded.

Among those present, in addition to Bao Cao, several silver-spoon kids are Practitioners. But they are just beginners.

They were able to practice because their elders have spent a lot of money to buy an opportunity for them. After entering the world of Practitioners, they knew how difficult it’s for a Practitioner to break through a stage to another.

They never heard that Obstacle Breaking Pill can help people break the bottleneck. They were intrigued after hearing that.

But when Lan said the pill was given by Kris, their interests were extinguished, as if a basin of cold water had been poured down over their heads.

“Are you kidding me? Kris is just a shitty son-in-law. How can he have such a magic pill?”

“If there is really such pill, there will be people flocking to the door of Su family. How can it be reduced to the present situation?”

They dared not to laugh at Kris in front of Lan, and they had to smile secretly.

Bao took the pill to have a look. Then he laughed and said, “Can this shabby grey pill help me break my bottleneck?”

Bao didn’t believe it at all. “Lan, you are good-natured and easy to be deceived. I guess the reason why you can break through to the innate-power stage is not because of the pill, but that you have a firm foundation. It’s the accumulation of skills that help you make such a breakthrough. Besides, would our predecessors stuck in the bottleneck until dying of resentment if there is such a kind of pill? There’ll be countless people who are at the innate-power stage.” Bao looked at Lan and said seriously.

After saying that, Bao threw the pill on the table casually.

Lan got heated immediately. “Why don’t you believe me? Don’t I know my own situation? It’s definitely the pill that helped me to break through to the innate-power stage.” Lan said.

Bao gave a sneering laugh and said, “Lan, stop it. This guy is definitely lying to you. It’s normal that you broke through to the innate-power stage since you have been stuck at the fulfilled period for a long time. You made it by your own efforts, and it has nothing to do with his shabby pill. He just happened to give you the pill when you were about to breakthrough.”

Bao looked down upon Kris. When Lan kept defending Kris, jealousy had already made his blood boil. Bao looked at Kris coldly and said, “The shitty son-in-law of Su family, I don’t care what your purpose is in approaching Lan, but I warn you to stay away from Lan, do you understand? Otherwise, the big Westriver City will have no place for you.”

After Bao said that, several companions beside him also sneered and agreed.

“You must keep in mind what Brother Bao said, or else!”

“If I were you, I’ll get out of here with the shabby pill.”

“I’ll wring your neck if I see you pester my sister-in-law in the future!”

Kris didn’t say anything but just sneered at them.

Bao probably didn’t know how Lan begged him for the pill.

Had it not been for Lan’s sake, Kris would never have come here.

To get the Obstacle Breaking Pill, Hu Li gave him a billion dollars and a powerful sword.

“It’s nothing if you don’t be grateful when I give you one for free. But why you fleer and threaten me?” Kris thought.

Kris is not that good-tempered. He stood up with a sneer and said, “Since you said the pill is ineffective, give it back to me.”

Bao waved at him quickly and said, “Just take it away. It’s a real eyesore.”

“Don’t regret it,” Kris said and gave a sneering laugh. Then he reached out his hand to get the pill back.

At that moment, Lan stood up and got the pill before Kris.

She gave Kris a slightly apologetic look and then gave the pill to Bao again. “Bao, if you believe me, eat the pill right now. If you don’t believe me, I‘ll leave with Kris.” Lan said.

“Sister-in-law, what are you doing?”

“Yeah, you’re putting Bao in a pickle, aren’t you?”

What Lan did make everyone in the room confused. Bao had said it directly, but Lan still forced Bao to eat it. Wasn’t she embarrassing Bao?

It’s all the live-in son-in-law’s fault. What magic potion did he give Lan? And Lan trusted him so much.

Bao was thrown into passivity by Lan. At that moment, he was in a dilemma and didn’t know whether to eat or not. But he knew that Lan must be angry for her put on a sullen face. He had no choice but took the pill and swallowed it with eyes closed.

After swallowing it down, Bao stretched himself and looked at Kris with half a smile. Then he said to Kris, “Well, I’ve eaten it for the sake of Lan. No matter whether it is effective or not, I’ll not embarrass you. I heard that you left the Su family recently and found a job by yourself. Is that true?”

Although Bao laughed, the contempt in his eyes was evident. “What’s your job? Someday my brothers and I will help you to improve your performance,” Bao added.

“There is no need to do so,” Kris said.

“Oh, you are so proud. You don’t sound like the top brass, do you?”

“I’m just a clerk.”

“Wow, a clerk? I thought you are the CEO.” Bao said with an exaggerated expression.

Several people abound; Bao also laughed. Then the dishes were served, and Bao relented a little. But when the waiters went out, Bao began to find a variety of topics to deliberately let Kris make a fool of himself in front of Lan.

Lan sat there, very embarrassed. As she couldn’t stop Bao, she could only ask Kris not to be angry.

Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore and made an excuse to go to the bathroom.

As soon as Lan left, Bao began to scold Kris.

“Kris, if I were you, I’ll piss off here. Who are you, and who am I? What rights do you have to eat with me? Do you know where here is? This is the Dynasty Hotel, the most exclusive hotel in Westriver City. It’s not the place for the likes of you.” Bao said savagely.

After hearing what Bao said, several silver-spoon kids beside him laughed. Their female companions looked at Kris and couldn’t help but cover their mouths and chuckle.

“We aren’t going too far just now as our sister-in-law is here. Just get the hell out of here. You can never be our friends.”

“You’ve eaten the dishes of the Dynasty Hotel, and you can show off in front of your friends. Now go away!”

“I’ve never seen a person as shameless as you. How dare you eat it? Why don’t you see how much money is in your pocket?”

Kris ignored what they said. He looked at Bao with a smile and said, “Your name is Bao Cao, right? You are such a jerk.”

After hearing Kris scolded him, Bao jumped up and pointed to Kris and scolded, “Son of a bitch, dare you to say it again? I will kill you.”

Kris curled his lip and shook his head. “I really don’t know who gave you the confidence to think that you are superior as you can afford to eat at the Dynasty Hotel. You just have a rich father. What will you be without your father?” Kris said.

Bao’s expression was stiff and more and more cold. The other playboys were stunned. They didn’t expect that Kris was so bold to talk to Bao like that. Was he courting death?

“Guys, we were laughed at by a gigolo today,” Bao said. Then he looked at Kris for a while and laughed suddenly. “Do you believe I will let you stay here forever?” Bao said through gritted teeth.


Kris smiled without saying anything. Then he took out his cell phone from his pocket and called Youming Zhou.

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