Chapter 61 – 70: My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 61

Soon enough, those ten people came to the room, and there were no expressions on their faces.

Richard Yuri sighed and went out immediately. Chuck then heard the sound of the car leaving. They must be sending his son to the hospital now.

The whole place was quiet!

The woman in a suit snapped her fingers. Then, the well-trained personnel arranged the tables and chairs of the banquet back to the original place and left when they were done.

The place returned to normal as if nothing had happened just now. No one spoke even when the personnel was arranging the tables and chairs. The place was literally dead silent.

At this time, the waiters served the dishes, and the banquet began.

The onlookers then began to nd their seat and sat down. Everyone was only talking about the same thing in a low voice, that was, what exactly was Chuck Cannon’s background and who he was!

Wilbur Wendel had been completely shocked. If he were one who had beaten William Yuri today, he would definitely be the one going to the hospital. However, Chuck actually managed to be the one sending William to the hospital.

“Dad, who is he?” Wilbur whispered to his father, Harold Wendel.

Harold shook his head helplessly and said, “I don’t really know the details, but what we should do is to befriend Chuck. We wouldn’t want to offend him. Never!”

“Well, dad, I know what I should do now,” Wilbur nodded. He was scared. If his father didn’t show up that day, he wondered if he would end up like William.

Zelda Maine sat down and looked at Chuck. Even though she still had her doubts about whether the new owner of the plaza was Chuck or not previously, but she had no more doubts when she saw how Chuck easily called such a powerful person over a phone call and solved the problem of Richard.

The new owner of the plaza was definitely him!

Zelda was full of curiosity in her heart. She wondered who Chuck really was and why he gave the 5th floor of his plaza to Yvette Jordan instead of her. Zelda was not happy about it.

“Please come over here with me!” The woman in the suit said to Chuck.

Chuck nodded his head and followed after the woman, but when he passed by Yolanda Lane’s side, he saw her reddened cheeks with a palm print on them. It made Yolanda, who was usually con dent and cheerful, look like a fragile and delicate ower, which was very lovable but also made people sympathize with her.

Chuck sighed. Yolanda was indeed an unbending woman. She didn’t cry or make a fuss when faced with a situation like this. She really had the potential to be a successful businesswoman.

“Go ahead and have your meal. I’ll go and meet with someone first,” Chuck said.

“Alright, thank you.” Yolanda was really grateful. If it weren’t for Chuck, she would have been in a bad state today, and her virginity would have been taken away by William. She had sworn in her heart that she would definitely work hard to repay Chuck.

“No problem.” Chuck shook his head and followed the woman in a suit to a place.

Yolanda sat down and had a strange feeling in her heart. She touched her painful cheek and thought, “Will Chuck laugh at me for being ugly today?”

“Young Master, you can call me Betty!” Betty Bernard, the woman in the suit, said respectfully.

She took Chuck up to the top floor of the hotel by elevator. Chuck was a little surprised. Was his mother at the hotel’s penthouse?

“Well, is my mother… at the penthouse?” Chuck couldn’t help but ask.

“Yes.” Betty nodded.

Ding! The elevator door opened.

They arrived at the top floor of the hotel. When Chuck went out of the elevator, he saw the luxurious decoration. It was really a place where only rich people could afford it.

“But since my mother is so rich, what is wrong with booking a room here? She can afford it anyway.” Chuck thought in his heart.

“Young Master, please!” Betty led Chuck to the door of a room.

Chuck knocked on the door doubtfully and whispered, “Mom, are you in there?”

Chuck was very nervous. He had never seen his parents before. He was brought up all by his own grandfather. This year, when he was almost 20 years old, his rich mother suddenly appeared, which made Chuck a little confused.

“Yes, come in!” A light and doting voice came from the room.

Chuck was thrilled. This was his mother’s voice from his phone!

Chuck pushed the door open and entered the room. Betty was standing at the door, waiting for him.

Inside the room, it was a working place. A woman, who looked to be in her early thirties, was looking at Chuck with a smile. The smile was faint but full of motherly love.

Chuck was shocked!

He did not expect his mother to look so young. Her facial features were so beautiful, and she was elegant and graceful. People would know she was rich at first glance. Was she really his mother?

Chuck found it hard to believe because he had not inherited his mother’s genes at all. Only his eyebrows were somewhat like hers. If he could completely inherit her facial features, then Chuck would definitely be a handsome man.

“Mom, mom….” Chuck tentatively called her.

“Silly child, don’t you remember me?” Chuck’s mother smiled and walked over.

“Are you okay just now?”

“I’m fine,” Chuck shook his head.

Seeing his mother worried about him, Chuck’s dreamy feeling disappeared. He felt real and excited. He was so excited to see his family members who he had not seen for nearly 20 years.

Chuck cried, and his eyes were red.

“Why are you crying? You are such a big boy already, but yet you still cry?”

Chuck’s mother shook her head.

Chuck wiped away his tears, saying that he was too excited.

Chuck’s mother’s eyes were red too. “Don’t cry, you should be happy.”

“Yes. Alright.” Chuck nodded.

“Let’s sit down.” said his mother.

Chuck followed and sat down. He felt comfortable sitting on the big sofa, but he suddenly had a question that he wanted to ask his mother.

“Mom, what’s your name?. Chuck asked subconsciously.

“Remember, my surname is Lee, and my real name is Karen.” said his mother.

“What!” Chuck realized something.

Chuck jumped up from the sofa. He just found that the room was of a nice place, and it was also on the top floor. Who would have this kind of treatment except for the boss?

In this way, the person who spent billions of dollars buying this ve-star hotel, invited him to the banquet, and prepared clothes for him is Madam Lee, his mother?

His mother always loved spending money, and the first thing that she bought was a ve-star hotel?

Chuck was shocked!

“Is it fun?” Karen smiled.

“Mother, did you buy this building just for fun?” Chuck asked. His mother was too rich!

“No, I’m asking you if it’s fun,” Chuck’s mother shook her head.

“It’s fun.” Chuck sat down and smiled. He was really surprised, and he was even more curious about his mother’s second purchase.

“What was the item she’s going to buy?” He wondered.

“It’s good that you have fun. Are you hungry? What do you want to eat? I’ll cook for you.” Chuck’s mother walked to the side and made Chuck realized how big the room was. There were a kitchen and a bedroom inside the room too.

Chuck was moved. He had never eaten anything made by his mother. He really wanted to eat a meal that was made by her today. “I will have whatever you are making,” Chuck said.

“Okay, I’ll cook for you now. Wait for me,” Chuck’s mother put on an apron and began cooking in the kitchen. Soon, three dishes and one soup were prepared skillfully. It looked perfect.

One of the dishes was stir-fried tomato and egg, one was minced meat with eggplant, one was braised beef, and the other one was seaweed soup. All of the dishes were commonly seen, but Chuck was almost crying when he saw it. It turned out that the mother’s cooking was the best.

“Why are you crying again? If you wish to eat something in the future, you can come here at any time,” said his mother.

“Well…. Has dad come back yet?” Chuck asked.

“I came back earlier. He’s still abroad,” Chuck’s mother said.

Chuck also wanted to see his father. After all, he had never seen his father before. Maybe his father was still working abroad. After the meal, his mother washed the dishes. Chuck was curious. “Mother, since you are so rich, you don’t need to do the washing by yourself, right?”

“We should wash our own plate. This way, we don’t have to worry if others wash the plates properly or not. You can watch the TV while waiting for me. I’ll talk to you after I’m done washing,” said Chuck’s mother.

Chuck sat down on the couch. But at this time, the mother’s cell phone rang on the table. Chuck picked it up and placed it gently beside his mother’s ear.

Chuck seemed to have heard the voice in the tone of brie ng from the phone. His mother frowned and said in a dignified voice, “Remember, don’t tell me any project that is less than three billion dollars in the future. I’ll give you about three days to take down the eight billion dollars project. I only want to hear one result, that is, they want to sell it, and I’ll buy it!”

Chuck was stunned. His mother was so domineering. How many things did she want to buy?

“Okay, I have finished talking,” the phone was hung up. Chuck’s mother, who was serious just now, smiled instantly and said softly to him.

The successful businesswoman turned into a kind mother in a blink of an eye.

Chuck put his mother’s mobile phone on the table. After a while, his mother finished washing the dishes, she took off her apron and sat down on the sofa.

She looked at Chuck and said, “I have prepared the out t for you, but you gave it to the little girl named Yolanda. Why did you do that?”

This question confused Chuck. “Mother, please, don’t think too much. I just have no partner to bring, so I brought her here…. Mother, what do you mean? Who did you prepare this out t for?” Chuck asked.

Chapter: 62

Chuck Cannon was confused when he heard his mother’s words. “Mother, do you mean……”

“I don’t mean anything else. Just do what you think is right. I won’t restrict you about it.” Chuck’s mother said.

Chuck breathed a sigh of relief, and they continued to chat. But his mother didn’t mention anything about what she had been doing for so many years abroad. Chuck didn’t know how to ask. When it was almost time, Chuck was ready to go back. After all, Yolanda Lane was still waiting downstairs.

Since his mother was here, he could see her at any time.

Chuck walked out of the room, and Betty sent him down. Then she returned to the room after that.

After closing the door, Karen Lee sat on the chair and looked at the documents. Betty didn’t speak and just stood there quietly. At this time, Karen asked Betty, “What do you think of my son?”

“You mean…..” Betty was surprised. Betty felt that Chuck had a good character.

He was rich, but he was not arrogant or bragged about it. She had never seen such a humble young master before.

“Very good,” Betty said

“I also think he’s very good. After all, he’s my son.” Karen said proudly.

Karen covered the document on the table. When she looked up, her face turned cold. “How is the project going on?”

“Richard has three companies under his name, one of them is a construction company, one is a renovation company, and the other one is an entertainment company. Their annual income is 300 million. The assets….” Betty said.

“With only three companies and yet he is so arrogant? They almost hurt my son. I don’t want to see Richard ever again!” Karen said coldly.

“Yes, do you need me to get rid of him?” Betty asked. “He’s currently in the Central Hospital. I can send someone to deal with him now!” Betty said.

“No, I don’t want them to think Chucky is such a cruel person yet. It’s not good for Chucky to know this,” Karen shook her head.

“Then you mean…..” Betty was not sure what Karen wanted.

”Tonight, we’ll shut down all of his three companies! Then give him three days’ time to leave this place! if he doesn’t leave in three days, then he’ll stay here forever.” Karen’s eyes were cold, and no one would dare to stare at the killing intent in her eyes.

“Yes! Please wait for a moment. I’ll do it now…..” Betty bowed her head and turned around respectfully.

“Wait!” Karen raised her hand and stopped her again.

“Yes,” Betty stopped, turned around, and bowed her head once again.

“Remember, his whole family must get out of here! If any of them dares to stay here and shows up in front of my son again, wherever they go, I will kill them.” Karen said angrily.

“Understood!” Betty nodded but hesitated to ask, “Do you need me to ask someone to protect the young master?”

“Protect him secretly. If necessary, don’t care about the family killing order. Whoever hurts my son, no matter who it is, I want their whole family to die!” Karen said coldly.

“Yes!” Betty nodded.

Karen hesitated and raised her hand again.

Betty stopped and asked subconsciously, “You seem to be very hesitant?”

Betty had been following Karen for so many years, she had never seen her in such a dilemma. When Karen said about killing someone, she would never go back on her words. But now she was a little hesitant… Was it all because of Mr Cannon?

“That’s right. I’m in a dilemma, Karen admitted.

Karen nodded and sat down again. “Chucky is still young, and I hope that he can slowly take charge of his own business. Therefore, there will inevitably be a process of growth. If I arranged everything for him, it would be unfair to him. So, listen to Chucky, and you can solve the problem in whatever ways he wants,” Karen said.

Betty nodded and went out. She went downstairs and took out her cell phone, and called someone. “Seal all three companies of Richard! Deal with it right now!” She said.

Then, she hung up the phone.


At the Central Hospital.

Richard Yuri looked worriedly at his son, who was at the intensive care unit. His heart was bleeding. How could this be? His son had been rescued for nearly an hour and had not come out.

Richard was nervous. He had really offended a person who shouldn’t be offended!

When he was pacing back and forth, his cell phone rang all of a sudden. He looked at his phone and answered it……

Five seconds later, Richard’s eyes widened, and he roared in the corridor, “Who did it? Who dares to close down my company? Find it out immediately! How dare he provokes me, I’ll kill him!”

After hanging up the phone, Richard was furious! He was in a bad mood today.

However, when he saw that Betty was actually walking towards him as if she was locking on a target, he felt that something was wrong.

The anger on his face disappeared, and asked politely, “Are you looking for me?”

“Yes! In three days’ time, get out of this place! Or else, you will stay here forever!” After saying this coldly, Betty turned and left.

Richard froze. A trace of fear spread across his face. He struggled, was furious, and finally, he was in despair. His face was as pale as death, and he collapsed onto the ground. He was regretful…..


Chuck was still in his mother’s room. Time flies, and almost all the people at the banquet were gone. However, Yolanda Lane’s face was still red and swollen, and the palm print was still very obvious. Of course, she could not go back to school now.

Chuck was embarrassed to ask her to go to his house, so he just asked her to stay in the hotel for a night. Yolanda lowered her head and did not refuse. So, he went to the reception desk to book a room for her.

When the beauty at the reception desk saw that it was Chuck, she immediately booked the best presidential suite politely for him.

“It’s too expensive.” Yolanda shook her head and said.

“It’s okay. I know the boss here. It’s free,” Chuck smiled.

“Well, thank you.” Yolanda thanked him, but she was surprised in her heart. How did Chuck know so many people? He even knew Madam Lee, the hotel owner. Yolanda found it hard to believe.

“You’re welcome.” Chuck shook his head and said.

Soon after the receptionist handed over the room card, Chuck brought Yolanda upstairs to the room. “You can live in the hotel first. I’ll bring over your clothes to you tomorrow morning,” Chuck said.

“Thank you,” Yolanda thanked him and closed the door.

After that, Chuck turned around and took the elevator down. He hoped that Yolanda would have a good sleep at night and feel better tomorrow. Atter all, she was slapped twice, which was hurtful for a woman.

However, when the elevator door opened, three beautiful women came out together. They wore short skirts which revealed their long legs. Their top was even sexier, and it showed their thin waist. Anyway, it made men feel good.

Chuck took a few more glances at them. What were these women doing?

“What are you looking at? Haven’t you seen any women before?” One of the women said.

“Give me 5,000 dollars. I’ll let you watch as much as you want!” Another woman said.

“Look at dirty clothing, he definitely would not have 5,000 dollars on him,” The third woman said. The three women were full of contempt.

Chuck looked down at his clothes. He had a fight just now, and his clothes were really dirty and torn.

When they came out of the elevator, they didn’t even bother to look at Chuck. Chuck saw that there seemed to be something in these beautiful women’s pockets. Was it a card? He frowned. “What are you three doing here?” Chuck asked.

“It’s none of your business!” They replied in unison.

The yellow-haired beauty glared at Chuck.

“That’s disgusting. Where are you staring at? You pervert!” Another beautiful woman also stared at Chuck angrily.

”What’s in your pant?” Chuck saw the card. “Are they giving out their “business cards” in his mother’s hotel? Doesn’t it affect the reputation of the hotel?” Chuck suspected.

“Are you out of your mind? Mind your own business!” The women shouted.

“Don’t pay attention to him. He talked to us on purpose. Look at him, he’s really dirty.” Another woman said.

“Yes, just ignore him. Let’s continue to give out the card. This hotel is new, and there must be a lot of big bosses coming here. It’s no problem for us to earn a 5- figure revenue today!” The woman said.

The three beautiful women took out the colorful cards from their pockets. They put it from door to door rapidly. Chuck came over angrily and said, “Stop this immediately, I’ll kick you out of the hotel if you continue!”

”Who the hell are you?” The yellow-haired woman walked over angrily. “What does It have to do with you? Is this hotel yours? How dare you try to drive us out!” The yellow-haired woman said.

”What a lunatic! I’ve never seen such a shameless person!” The other woman, too, commented.

“Don’t talk to him anymore! He just wants to chat with us. What a lousy method! It’s annoying! If you want to have fun with us, just give us 5,000 dollars. If you want to sleep with us, then the price is different. If you don’t have the money, then get out of here!” The yellow-haired woman said arrogantly.

“He doesn’t look he has! It’s a waste of our time to talk with him!” The three of them walked away.

They continued sliding the cards to every room. Chuck glanced at them and took out his phone to call Betty. “Betty, call the security guards to the 26th floor!” Chuck said.

When Chuck put away his phone, the three beauties looked at each other and became more disdainful.

“Did I hear it, wrongly? Who did he call?” The yellow-haired woman asked her friends.

Chapter: 63

After the three women stuffed all their cards in every room on this floor, they walked over with their long legs swaying. Their eyes were full of disdain.

“Didn’t you call for help? Where are they?” One of the women laughed.

“Leave him alone. He’s just pretending,” The other woman replied.

The three women pressed the button of the elevator, and it slowly came up from the first floor. While waiting, the three women despised Chuck Cannon even more.

“Well, sometimes the gap between humans is just so far apart. When some people like to just show off and pretend here, there are actually others who are really awesome.” The yellow-haired woman said, glancing at Chuck with sarcasm in her tone.

”Who is the awesome one?” Her friend asked.

“Yes, who are you referring to?” The other woman said.

“Since both of you slept in just now, you two don’t know anything at all. I saw a lot of people suddenly coming to this hotel just now. They were like mercenaries, and they were all wearing the same clothes. I was curious and wanted to follow them, but I was stopped by the people at the door. So I immediately moved to a place to see these people from a distance. They were all being respectful to a handsome man and listened to his command. That handsome man is really awesome, as he can command so many people,” said the yellow-haired woman.

“Really? Who is that handsome guy?” One of the women asked.

“He was too far away, so I didn’t see him clearly. But I remember seeing him beat up another rich man called William….” The yellow-haired woman said.

“Really? He deserved it, haha.” Her friends laughed.

“The handsome guy that I saw is truly awesome…. many people are listening to him. How nice would it be if he were my boyfriend?” The yellow-haired woman said and licked her lips.

“I want him to be my boyfriend too.” One of the women said.

“Why are you shaking your head? Are you a pervert? How dare you eavesdrop on us!” Seeing Chuck shaking his head, the yellow-haired woman scolded him.

“The elevator is here, let’s go quickly!” Her friend said.

The three women looked at Chuck scornfully. When the elevator door opened, Betty Bernard and ve security guards were in it.

The three women were stunned.

Betty glanced at the three women, frowned, and walked out with the security guards.

“We…” The yellow-haired woman subconsciously lowered her voice.

The other two women took a step back. The yellow-haired woman poked at them with her hand and whispered, “What are you scared of? It’s just a coincidence. They are just doing their usual duty of patrolling the hotel. They just happened to come to this floor for a routine check-up. Do you really think they were called by this loser?”

“It scared the hell out of me. Luckily, it is not what I thought.” One of the women said while letting off a sigh of relief.

“Stay calm. This guy is really good at pretending. He’s used to doing this,” The yellow-haired woman said.

The three women despised Chuck even more and were ready to walk into the elevator calmly. However, Betty looked at them, snaped her fingers, and the guards stopped them. The three women were startled.

”Why is she stopping us?” They were curious.

“What are you doing?” One of the women shouted.

“Yes, what are you doing? Why are you stopping us?” The other friend questioned Betty.

The three women were angry, and their voices were loud.

Betty’s gaze turned cold, which made the three women shut up immediately. However, the yellow-haired woman pointed at Chuck and scolded, “You should stop him. Look at his clothes. He’s covered in dirty clothing. Do you just let anyone in your hotel? This completely lowered the hotel standard.”

“You should stop him! Not us. We’re just going down,” the woman said.

The three women muttered again, but Betty just glanced at them and walked to Chuck. “Young Master, how do you want us to deal with them?” Betty asked.

What? The three women were dumbfounded.

“Young master? It’s impossible.” They couldn’t believe it.

When the three women heard these two words, they immediately widened their eyes and they were too terrified to move. They didn’t know Betty, but from her clothes, they could tell that she was definitely some sort of manager of the hotel. How could she call this man, young master? How could this be possible? The three of them were shocked. The person that they criticized turned out to be the young master of this hotel? This couldn’t be true.

Chuck shot a glance at the three of them.

“Young, Young Master, we’re sorry. The three of us were so ignorant that we couldn’t recognize your identity just now. Please forgive us!” The yellow-haired women begged in fear.

“Yes, we were blinded from the truth. We don’t deserve your attention. Please excuse us!” Her friend said.

The three women were so scared that their faces turned pale. The young master of such a big hotel was not someone they could offend.

“Let….” Chuck opened his mouth.

“Young Master, please don’t hit us. Please, we really know we were wrong.” The yellow-haired woman trembled and begged.

She suddenly realized that Chuck seemed to be a little familiar. He seemed to be the “handsome guy” that she saw. Why, why did he become like this? The yellow-haired woman was frightened. The more she thought about it, the more afraid she was. Since he could command so many people, would he call someone to beat her up? She would definitely be dead if he did so.

Plop! Her knees weakened.

The yellow-haired woman knelt down. The other women were shocked.

“Kneel! He’s the person that I mentioned earlier.” The yellow-haired woman said hurriedly.

The two women were stunned, and their faces turned pale. They also knelt down instantly.

“Please show mercy to us!” They pleaded. The three women begged pitifully, and their eyes were red. They were on the verge of crying. They suddenly felt ashamed at what they said just now. They actually did offer to sleep with the owner of the hotel, and they also said that the three of them would accompany him together… The three of them were ashamed of their words, and they really hoped that the ground would open and swallow them.

The three women knelt down, revealing their sincerity. Chuck glanced at them and shook his head. “Don’t kneel anymore. Get up now!” Chuck said to them.

Chuck just wanted them to stop giving out their cards here, and he didn’t want to make things dif cult for them. After all, their hotel was a ve-star hotel. If those rich men could afford to stay at this hotel, why would they need to call a woman by using their card? There were plenty of women who were willing to sleep with them. How would they call these women who they don’t know anything about? There was no need for the rich to do so.

However, Chuck’s words made the three women even more afraid. “What were they going to do to us? Were they planning to let us leave but kill us afterward in secret?” They were literally terrified of death.

They shivered in fear, and their eyes were full of tears. Chuck couldn’t stand it anymore and felt pity for them. He shook his head and said, “Don’t kneel anymore. Just get up.”

“Young Master, do you really forgive us?” The yellow-haired woman asked subconsciously. The other women looked pitiful and tearful. They were really scared.

“That’s right. Stand up now.” Chuck said.

The three women looked at each other and stood up. They were fearful and were afraid that they would do something wrong again. They leaned on each other safely, like three injured kittens.

There was a flash of surprise in Betty’s eyes. The young master’s temper was so good that he let the three of them leave even though they insulted him. He could easily beat them up and let them disappear overnight. However, the young master did not do any of it. He was not cruel at all. No wonder Karen was in a dilemma in choosing which was the right choice.

Chuck told Betty that everything was ne. Betty nodded, and the expressions of the security guards that she brought along changed a little too.

Chapter: 64

Betty Bernard didn’t say anything, and her face was calm. For her, it was normal, no matter what Chuck Cannon did.

However, there was a look of envy in the eyes of the security guards that Betty brought. The three women really had good body shapes. If all of them were to sleep with a man together… all men would be happy if they were the ones.

“You can leave now. Don’t waste your time here. People who can stay in hotels like this are never short of women,” Chuck shook his head.

The three women were stunned. They were very con dent in themselves and could do no matter what men wanted as long as the men felt happy. However, the young master standing in front of them just refused to sleep with them, which surprised them.

Betty was surprised too. She was surprised that Chuck was not tempted to sleep with them!

The security guards that she brought were envious and sighed in their hearts. As expected, rich people did have higher standards. They had considered this kind of woman as the perfect one in their eyes, but they were not even worth mentioning in the eyes of the rich.

It would be great if they had enough money. Then, they would definitely take down these three women today, and then….. It’s a pity that it’s not up to them to decide.

“It’s really not necessary. You can leave now.” Chuck shook his head again and said to Betty, “Miss Betty, I’ll go back first.”

“Well, Young Master, be careful on your way back,” Betty said, and the security guards stepped aside to make way for Chuck.

Chuck nodded and walked into the elevator. The three women looked at each other. The yellow-haired woman asked in a low voice, “Young master, can we take the elevator together?”

The other two women looked expectantly at Chuck.

“Sure,” Chuck didn’t care.

The three women were overjoyed and hurried into the elevator. All four of them were in the elevator, and the three women were nervous. They felt so lucky to be in the same elevator with such a powerful person.

“This young master is actually quite handsome, but his face has some dirt on it.”

One of the women said.

“Yeah, he’s so handsome.” The other woman, too, commented.

The three women whispered. When the elevator door opened, Chuck walked out. The three women followed and watched as Chuck drove away in a BMW 7 series car. They sighed and felt a little remorseful.

“Well, are all the rich people keeping a low-pro le nowadays?” The yellow-haired woman said.

“He is handsome and rich. He’s the perfect man. Alas, I forgot to give him my WeChat just now. Otherwise, he can send me a message when he is lonely, and I would come over at any time to ensure that he will be satisfied all night,” said one of her friends.

“Let’s stop thinking about it. Young masters like him were always surrounded by those celebrities and models. We can never catch his eye. Alas… why were we so dumb just now?” The yellow-haired woman regretted her decision just now.

“I regret it. I really regret it. If we would talk politely just now, he will probably drive us back. It’s really… I won’t talk about it anymore. Let’s go to another hotel. No one has called us after so long. He’s right.

People who can afford to stay in a ve-star hotel are not short of women at all….” The yellow-haired woman said.

“Well, alright…” Her friends agreed. The three women looked in the direction of Chuck’s car that was no longer in sight and reluctantly went to another hotel.


Chuck drove back. After parking the car, he was waiting to take the elevator up. But at this time, Zelda Maine came from another direction. After they noticed each other, they were both stunned.

Chuck coughed. “Sister Zelda….”

“Hm.” Zelda walked over, and the two of them waited for the elevator. The elevator door opened, and the two of them went in.

In fact, Zelda wanted to say something. She had already recovered from today’s shock, although she was still a little uncomfortable. She couldn’t understand why the plaza renewed the contract with Yvette Jordan instead of her. She had also been interested in the contract with the plaza for a long time, and she had even told Chuck about it.

However, Zelda did not ask. Why should she ask? He was the owner of the plaza so he could give into anyone he wanted. But.. Why didn’t he give it to her? Is it because she was not as good as Yvette?

“Wait, why should I compare myself with Yvette?” Zelda thought in her heart.


The elevator door opened.

“Sister Zelda, remember to sleep early,” Chuck said as he went out. He did not dare to continue to look at her.

“Good night,” Zelda replied. Zelda came out of the elevator and sighed inexplicably. Was she overthinking? She felt uncomfortable.

Chuck went home, took a bath, and went to bed.

The next morning, Chuck took Yolanda Lane’s clothes and brought them to her. Yolanda came out after changing her clothes. Chuck saw that her face was no longer swollen, and her smile had returned. Chuck breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed she had forgotten what had happened yesterday and returned to her cheerful self.

Chuck drove Yolanda to the plaza to work. He remembered that it was almost time for the exam, so he drove back to the school, parked the car on the side of the road, and entered the school.

When Chuck returned to the class, he heard people in the class was gossiping about something. “Hey, did you guys hear about what happened yesterday? The five-star hotel, Hotel Luna, had an incident yesterday,” A student said.

“Really? What happened?’ His friends asked as they were curious.

“My mother works in the Central Hospital. So, she knew that the rich guy, William Yuri, was beaten up. She was curious, and she asked about it and knew that he was sent here from Hotel Luna. In other words, he was beaten up in Hotel Luna.” The student explained.

“Ah? Who would dare to beat William up?” They all wondered.

“Yes, I heard that Hotel Luna invited a lot of rich people over yesterday night. Some people said that it was a young man who beat Wiliam up.” Some of the students that knew the news also shared the information that they had.

“A young man? Is he that powerful? If he dares to beat William, then he must be richer than him. But I don’t know who this person is.” Another student said.

“What does it have to do with you losers? Will that young man be anyone of you?” Lara Jean said angrily.

The boys rolled their eyes at Lara. They were just curious about it, and they had a clear estimation of themselves. How could that young man be in their class? After all, in the entire school, only William was invited that night. They were just very curious about it.

At this time, Yvette came in with a book in her hand. She looked at the corner of the class first, and she was relieved when she saw Chuck was there. It was almost time for the exam, so Chuck should not skip any more of the classes.

“Students, let’s start our lesson,” Yvette said cooly.

The students in the class were surprised. Why was Yvette in such a good mood today? When Chuck took out his book, he really couldn’t understand the content well. He didn’t know if she would explain to him if he goes to ask Yvette alone.

However, Yvette’s complexion looked good. It seemed that she had recovered from the flu.

“Students, the exam will start in a few days. If you are too nervous, you will not get a good result. So I decided to have a gathering before the exam for you guys to relax. Do any of you have any good suggestions?” Yvette suddenly said.

Her words made the students excited. It had been a long time since they gathered to have fun last time.

“Teacher, let us go camping!” A student suggested.

“Teacher, let’s go mountain climbing and go to the hot spring!” Another student said.

“Teacher, let’s go to karaoke. You will be in a much better mood if you shout out your worries!” More and more suggestions were mentioned by the students.

Yvette listened to everyone’s idea, but when she saw Chuck lowering his head, she asked, “Chuck, do you have any suggestions?”

“Me?” Chuck was surprised. It was very rare for Yvette to ask him such questions in the class!

All the students in the class despised him. What ideas could he have? It would cost him a fortune to hang out with his classmates.

“I’ll follow the majority,” Chuck said.

“Well,” Yvette nodded. She thought for a moment and said, “Just now, there was a classmate who mentioned going to karaoke together. This is a good idea. Everyone can sing freely and relax, and it won’t be very expensive either. But where should we choose to go?”

“Teacher, let’s go to the City Square. There’s a cheap KTV shop near that place,” a classmate said.

“That’s right. The one in City Square is very cheap. I’ve been there several times. I think we should all go to that one,” other students also agreed, and some nodded their head.

After thinking for a while, Yvette nodded and said, “Well, it’s a deal. Let’s go to City Square to sing tonight!” The whole class was excited.

Chuck was puzzled. “Does this mean that his classmates are going to the karaoke at his plaza?” He thought.

Chapter: 65

Since all the students agreed to go to the karaoke, Chuck Cannon will just follow. There was nothing for him to worry about. After all, it was just karaoke. Speaking of which, Chuck hadn’t gone to sing for a long time. It’s okay to relax.

After this exam, there would be a holiday, and he planned to focus on the job at the plaza.

“Who knows the owner of the KTV at the plaza?” Someone shouted.

The students shook their heads.

“How can none of you know anyone from the plaza? It would be cheaper if we knew someone from there,” A girl said unhappily.

Indeed, with so many people joining, it would already be a big cost for the drinks, let alone the tidbit. It would indeed be much cheaper if they knew someone from the plaza.

No one spoke.

Of course, Chuck didn’t want to tell them that he knew someone from the plaza. He could easily call Yolanda and asked her to give him a 30% discount. However, he did not do it because he understood that they were also making a living with their business.

“Forget it, all the people in our class are losers. It’s not bad already if anyone of them knew the waiter, let alone the boss. By the way, Chuck, didn’t you work as a waiter in the plaza before? Why don’t you ask the boss to give us a discount?” A boy looked at Chuck and said in a strange tone.

Chuck really did work there before, but he only did it for a few days because he had no money at that time. Also, the manager looked down on people without any reason, so Chuck quitted after working two days.

“Haha, don’t embarrass him. He only worked as a waiter for a few days. He was probably red by the boss. Do you think the boss will give a discount to him?” Another classmate said.

“You can’t say that, can you? Chuck has changed now. He’s wearing trendy brands, and even the campus belle came to nd him. What’s wrong with him asking the boss for a discount? As long as he’s shameless enough, he can get us the discount!” One of the girls said.

“Haha, the boss is a man. What’s the use even if he tried to flirt with the boss?” A male student said.

“What if the boss likes men?” Another friend teased.

“He is gay, then?” One of the students continued.

“Haha!” A few of the students laughed.

Soon, the whole class burst into laughter. Chuck didn’t bother to pay attention to them. However, Queenie Carson, who was sitting beside him, was very angry.

She wanted to stand up for him, but Chuck stopped her.

“But they went too far. They shouldn’t say things like this to you,” Queenie was very angry.

“It doesn’t bother me anyway,” Chuck shook his head and said.

“What’s the point in saying these? Did Chuck offend you guys?” Yvette Jordan’s face suddenly turned cold.

Chuck was a little surprised. Was Yvette trying to stand up for him? It was rare for her to do so!

The students in the class immediately shut up. After all, they all knew what kind of temper Yvette had.

Chuck looked surprisingly at Yvette, who was on the podium. Her face was really cold, but when she saw Chuck, the anger in her eyes unconsciously dissipated a little. Although it just happened for a split second, Chuck still caught the change.

Did she change her attitude towards Chuck after he sent her the medicine and breakfast when she needed him the most?

“If you guys continue to tease Chuck again, then we won’t go tonight! We will just cancel it!” Yvette said coldly.

“Teacher, please don’t do that. We won’t tease him anymore,” a girl said quickly.

“That’s right, we won’t talk about it anymore,” another boy said.

“Let’s continue to talk about singing. I went there last time. Their soundproof and service are great, but the boss is so petty. He did not give us any discount,” a girl curled her lips and said.

“Alas, forget about it. That is the only place which is suitable for us students because it is cheaper. Let’s collect some funds first. Just a hundred dollars for everyone!” The monitor stood up.

Many people wanted to go and relax, so they paid the money enthusiastically. However, when it came to Queenie, she shook her head and refused to go. Chuck knew that she was distressed about money, so he took out 200 dollars from his pocket to help her pay the money.

Queenie shook her head. “No, thanks. I still have to go for a part-time job tonight.”

“It’s okay to give it a day off,” Chuck said.

“Ah, Chuck is so good to Queenie. Did you just want to nd someone to comfort you since you are dumped by the campus belle?” One of the female classmates said with a tone of jealousy.

Lara Jean gave Chuck a disdainful look. “I’ve given you a chance, but you didn’t call me at all. Instead, you treated Queenie to go to karaoke. Am I not better than her? You’re really a loser,” Lara thought in her heart.

Chuck frowned, which made Queenie refuse even more. “You really don’t need to do that.”

“Queenie, I’ll pay for you. Let’s go out and relax,” Yvette said. Her tone was still cold.

The other students in the class immediately envied Queenie, and they despised more towards both of them.

“Teacher…” Queenie shook her head, but Yvette had already started the class.

She sighed and said, thank you. The class was over soon. Everyone packed up and prepared to go to City Square. There were so many people going, so Chuck did not drive there. Everyone went to take the bus together.

The bus was packed with people. When they arrived at the plaza together, Yvette, who was waiting at the front door, gave Chuck a cold look, as if she was a little angry. Chuck wondered when did he offend her. After thinking about it for a while, Chuck took out his mobile phone and found that there was an unread message. He tapped on it and found that it was from Yvette.

“Let me drive you there,” wrote Yvette in the message. Was she caring about him? Chuck slapped his forehead. Yvette didn’t want Chuck to be squeezed on the bus, so she sent such a message. Unfortunately, Chuck didn’t see it at all.

It seemed that Yvette had been waiting for a while and didn’t see anyone coming, so she drove here angrily.

Chuck felt helpless. He wanted to tell her that he had not seen her message just now, but Yvette had already brought the students inside. Queenie worked part-time in the plaza. So, she went and talked to the boss first. Then she would come over later.

Chuck had no choice but to follow them into the plaza first.

“Wow, why did the City Square change in just a few days?” A girl was surprised.

“I think so too. Is it because the owner of the plaza wants to attract more crowds to come? The last time I came here, I couldn’t even find a place to rest after shopping. What a lousy plaza,” another girl said.

It was true. After Chuck and Yolanda discussed it, they immediately asked people to renovate the facility of the whole plaza. It seemed that it was working, and the other changes were still being dealt with. They would soon have a brand new atmosphere in the plaza. After all, Yolanda said they had invested more than one million dollars in this aspect.

“Isn’t it better now?” Chuck couldn’t help but ask. The two students glanced at Chuck and said disdainfully, “Yes, it is, but what does it have to do with you?”

“Yes, we said that the plaza had changed. What does it have to do with you?

Why did you ask? Is this plaza yours? Are you doing a survey?” The other student said in an impolite tone. When Chuck was about to say something, the two students had already walked into the KTV. Chuck said nothing and followed. However, when Chuck entered the store, he heard the class monitor shouting, “What? You guys don’t have a big private room anymore?”

“I’m sorry, sir. The private room has been reserved,” the receptionist said. “Then what should we do? We can’t separate into two rooms, can we? That will be much more expensive,” the monitor said.

“That’s right. Why don’t we go somewhere else?” Another student suggested.

“This is the cheapest place in this plaza, and it’s even more expensive for us to go somewhere else,” the monitor said again. The students were talking about it. The students didn’t know the workers in the KTV, and they didn’t know if there was a private room or not. After all, it could be a trap. If they agreed to book two rooms, then the KTV would earn more. Who knew if the workers were tricking them or not?

“Teacher, what should we do then?” The class monitor came over with a helpless look on her face. “The big private room only costs 1,200 dollars, but all of them are occupied or reserved. If we were to book two medium rooms, it would cost 800 dollars each. We would have to pay around 400 dollars more,” the class monitor said.

Yvette hesitated. “It’s really a huge difference. What’s more, to say is that the students can’t be in the same room. The purpose of this trip was to spend time together with the whole class,” Yvette said.

“Why don’t I call and ask?” Lara said. Of course, she would send a message to the Baller. “Since he was so rich, he must know the owner of the plaza. Then, it would just be a matter that can be settled with a few words.” She considered this as her plan.

“Do you know someone from here?” The class monitor was suspicious. Yvette glanced at Chuck subconsciously. “Don’t you know Zelda? Why don’t you ask her?”

Yvette hinted at him without saying a word.

“Let’s just have a try,” Lara was gazed at by the eyes of the whole class expectantly. She was happy in her heart and immediately sent a message to “baller”. However, the “baller” ignored her, and she was disappointed. However, she had already said that she would have away. She couldn’t let her classmates down at this time. Most importantly, it would embarrass herself!

Then, she thought of someone again. “I know the manager of the plaza, I will ask for her help then,” Lara said happily. As she spoke, she ran out. The class stopped and waited for her.

“Lara is so awesome! She even knows the manager!” One of the students said in awe.

“Don’t you know? Lara is going to open a shop in the plaza. She’s very powerful!” Another student joined in and complimented Lara.

“Really? I can’t tell!” The students were amazed. Everyone was shocked. When did Lara suddenly become so powerful?

Chuck stepped aside and gave Yolanda a call. He asked her to come over and help in the situation. After the call was connected, he said a few words to her and hung up the phone.

Soon, Lara proudly brought Yolanda in. Lara said, “Look, I brought the manager here. Everyone knows the manager, right?”

Everyone was surprised. “Isn’t this the campus belle, Yolanda? When did she become the manager?” They were surprised and even more envious of Lara. They thought, “She was so awesome that she was even able to bring Yolanda, the manager, here!”

Chapter: 66

When Lara Jean saw the envy in the eyes of her classmates, she felt extremely proud inside. In fact, when she went to find Yolanda Lane just now, she was still uncertain about it. After all, she was surprised to see Yolanda when she came to sign the contract last time. Plus, they weren’t closed at all.

However, she did not expect “baller” to ignore her, so she attempted to nd Yolanda instead. When she went over, she happened to overhear her on a phone call. She then tentatively asked, and Yolanda surprisingly agreed to it. Lara was happy. She paused to think and justified Yolanda’s act with her identity as the tenant of Yolanda’s plaza. She rented a shop in her plaza. Why would she not do a favor in return?

If she hadn’t agreed to it, Lara had already thought of stopping the next rent extension. Lara then walked in with Yolanda. Yolanda was wearing a light blue dress, exposing her snow-white calves, looking fresh and attractive. The boys in the class were watching, almost drooling.

“The campus belle Yolanda is the manager here! Since when did Lara become so powerful that she could ask Yolanda over?” Someone asked in surprise.

“Lara opened a store here, and she is also one of the tenants of Yolanda’s plaza. It’s not surprising that she would be able to ask her over,” the other student answered.

“I think it’s more likely that Lara knows Yolanda in person. If it wasn’t the case, even if she’s a big shot, Yolanda could have ignored her. Lara is not bad!” Another classmate commented. The students were all talking about it, many of them praised Lara. After all, she was able to call Yolanda over, which solved their problem! The smile on Lara’s face became even happier.

Yolanda walked to the front desk. She only said a few words, the receptionist immediately changed his attitude and said that there was a big private room available and would arrange it immediately.

The class monitor and the students in the hall all looked delighted. “He was tricking us! He just wanted us to spend more on two rooms! If it weren’t for Lara and Yolanda, we would have been deceived.” the class monitor said.

“Yeah, we’ll need to let Lara have the chance to sing a few more songs later. Without her, we would be tricked.” A student suggested.

“Yes, yes, yes, Lara has made so much contribution today!” a student agreed.

Yvette Jordan nodded to Yolanda. Yolanda was smiling throughout the time. She left immediately after handling the matter.

Lara was satisfied, Yolanda cooperated with her well today. Lara said loudly, “Yolanda, I’ll treat you to dinner another day.”

“No, thank you! That’s what I should do. If you need anything, ring me. You can call me anytime.” Yolanda smiled and looked subconsciously at Chuck Cannon, who was at a corner.

Lara was even more proud of herself. The words were satisfying to hear. Yolanda left.

The students then gathered around her. “Wow! Lara, you’re awesome! How did you get so close with Yolanda? You can even order her around!” One of them exclaimed.

“Exactly! Tell us, how does it feel to order the campus belle around?” another student asked.

“I’m sure it’ll be awesome!” Someone answered even before Lara did.

“If you want to know how it feels, you have to know Yolanda first. Lara, you’re so cool!” an answer popped up.

They discussed it noisily. Lara was laughing so hard that her laugh line almost etched into her face. She had never been flattered this way by her classmates. She was very happy in her heart, at least the people she knew were useful.

“Oh yeah, Lara, Yolanda was so polite to you. How many stores did you rent?”

One of the students asked.

“Yea! Tell us about it, we can support you!” the other student said.

“Just one. The best one at the entrance of the elevator on the first floor. The renovation will probably start in the next few days,” Lara said.

“We’ll definitely come and show support then!” The classmates said with a smile. “Wow, the rent must be very expensive, isn’t it?” A student asked.

“It’s just so-so.” Lara shook her head. “You’re amazing! We are still in school, and you are already able to open a store!”

“It’s nothing. I just found a place I liked and opened the store there. There’s nothing much to think about. I just wasn’t being overcautious,” Lara said.

“Lara, share with us some tips. We also want to open a new shop in the future,” her classmate said.

“No problem,” Lara affirmed.

A group of students surrounded Lara and followed the waiter into the private room. They had regarded Lara entirely as their idol. Being able to open a store here and ask Yolanda to come and go, how awesome is that?

Chuck smiled while thinking that Lara was interesting. After the classmates had gone inside, Chuck took out his mobile phone and checked his WeChat. It was full of Lara’s texts asking for help. There was another photo sent over, which was very sexy. The photo was sexier and more revealing than before. Following the increasing level of revealing, Lara soon would not be able to keep the last piece of

clothes on her body. To be honest, seeing the photos of Lara, Chuck was seduced as if he was watching a stripping dance. Her clothes were taken off one by one. In fact, it was a little exciting.

“Don’t you want to go to?” Yvette asked coldly while she walked over.

“Queenie is not yet here. I’ll wait for her,” Chuck replied and quickly put away his cell phone.

Yvette’s expression turned cold. She had just found out Chuck’s WeChat account.

She then wondered whether he was chatting with Queenie Carson and why hadn’t he added her yet.

“Yvette, I…” Chuck wanted to say something, but she already headed inside. So Chuck rushed over and said, “Yvette, I’m sorry. It was…”

“It’s alright. Just wait for your Queenie.” Yvette opened the private room door and went in after finishing her words.

Chuck couldn’t do anything to help and couldn’t understand why Yvette was so angry. And so, he waited. After a while, Queenie ran over. Chuck’s eyes looked a little absent-minded. Queenie was running in a hurry but the act of her gasping at the same time looked delicate and pleasant. And her body had a springy movement. The curve… She really had a good figure, but Chuck quickly dispelled the idea. Queenie is a pure-minded girl. He couldn’t bear himself to have such thoughts on her.

“I’m sorry to keep you waiting,” Queenie said, gasping with her hand on her chest.

“It’s okay, let’s go in,” Chuck replied.

“OK!” Queenie answered. Both of them opened the door and entered. Their classmates inside had already started. They sat relaxedly on the couch. The place to make song requests was also packed. They were all preparing to choose their favorite songs.

Chuck also wanted to sing but seeing the queue, he decided to take a seat first.

Yvette and several other classmates were chatting, and she didn’t even want to look at him. He was helpless, he thought, “Wasn’t I just didn’t car-pool with her? I really couldn’t understand why Yvette would ignore me so much.” Sitting next to him, Queenie’s chest hadn’t stopped heaving yet, so Chuck could only look elsewhere.

At this time, a waiter came in with some good quality beer. Since they were all students, there was not much alcohol order. The rest were some fruit plates, snacks, and so on. However, after all these were sent, a secretary pushed a cart in. There were three bottles of red wine on it and a super big fruit platter. There were all kinds of delicious and expensive fruits in it. They were beautifully arranged to color and looked classy.

“Wow, this is the Emperor Fruit Platter. A waiter recommended it the last time I came. This platter costs 1,000 dollars.” A student said.

“And this red wine seems to be Laflite!” The other student suggested.

Suddenly, there was a lot of discussion going on in the private room. After all, they are students who only had a limited amount of money. Who could afford it? Despite the Emperor Fruit Platter, these three bottles of red wine can cost up to ve or six thousand dollars!

The class monitor stood up, and the private room quieted down immediately.

The monitor frowned and said, “We didn’t order these.”

In his opinion, this must be their tactic in KTV! They really couldn’t afford such an expensive service. He did a rough calculation, he had collected more than 3,000 dollars slightly, and Yvette topped up a thousand, that added up around 4,000 dollars. Having a private room, wine, and snacks had left them with only a few hundred dollars. They would still have to call a car to go back to school later in the evening. How could they afford these things?

The secretary smiled and left things. “Who ordered it?” The monitor was a little unhappy. The secretary put it down directly, implying that someone must have ordered it. Who the fuck ordered such an expensive thing? Didn’t he know that the collection only added up slightly more than 4,000 dollars?

“Yeah, who ordered it? It’s too expensive!” another classmate asked furiously.

“It costs a few thousand, isn’t it? We are just students who can’t afford it. Who ordered it? Admit now!” the class monitor scolded.

“I won’t chip in more money. Will 200 dollars even be enough for this? Who ordered it?” another classmate raged.

For a moment, they all looked at each other, but no one stepped forward to admit it. Yvette also frowned and sighed. It must be among her classmates who ordered it. It was so expensive… She decided to pay the bill all by herself since no one was ready to stand up.

The secretary smiled slightly and said, “No one ordered it. It’s a treat from our store!”

“What?! A treat?” They were all surprised.

“Why? Does anyone know the KTV’s boss?” A voice came through. The students in the private room were all excited and surprised. The set would cost more than 10,000 dollars. All of a sudden, everyone in the private room was looking at each other again. But this time, they were wondering who knew the boss of the KTV and would be given such a great treat.

Chapter: 67

Everyone was discussing it in the room. They were wondering who it was that deserved a gift from the KTV that cost more than 10,000 dollars. In fact, the secretary’s eyes were also wandering, searching for this person!

When he was in the office just now, the receptionist told him that the manager of the plaza had been here. He immediately went out to welcome her, but Yolanda Lane had left, and so he went around to look for her. He was trying to get close to Yolanda. After all, she is the plaza’s new manager, and she was quite influential too since she was in charge of the recent renovation of the plaza. “It would be beneficial for the KTV or himself to befriend her”, the secretary thought.

After he went over, Yolanda did not say much. She only politely thanked him for the arrangement for the students. The secretary was indeed clever. He immediately asked whether there was any rich man kid among the group. Otherwise, why would the manager show up in person? Yolanda was stunned. She nodded while she said yes, but she did not reveal who it was.

The secretary had no choice, so he came back. After thinking for a moment, he gave the boss a call. He informed him that there was a rich second generation where the plaza’s manager even came to serve in person. The rich second generation is very likely was somehow related to the owner of the plaza. He might be the son or nephew of the owner, so they wanted to be extra cautious and polite to him.

The KTV boss knew Wilbur Wendel, and he just happened to be having lunch and drinking with him. After speaking of this matter, Wilbur, on the spot, asked what school they were from. The question was transferred back to the secretary, and he answered that the students were from the Design College.

Wilbur advised the boss to be careful as he knew that Chuck Cannon was also from the Design College. It probably was him that visited. The boss immediately ordered them to follow the VIP’s rule to welcome and serve them!

The secretary immediately did as he said, but after looking around for some time, he didn’t feel that there was anyone who looked like a rich second generation. He was helpless and confused. The secretary couldn’t be sure. “Enjoy your food. If you need anything, just let me know!” he said.

After that, the secretary left. However, when he was turning his head, he saw Chuck’s strange face in the corner. He then suspected he might be the one. He took a few more looks at his clothes. If they were an authentic brand, it would probably cost more than one hundred thousand dollars. It must be him! He was overjoyed and walked out without saying anything.

“Wow! Who is it that has such honor to be treated so well? Let me take a picture and post it on my moments. I can’t wait to dig in the Emperor Fruit Platter!” One of the students cackled.

A girl immediately took out her mobile phone for a selfie and took a picture of the huge fruit plate. The other students also followed. They were very happy.

“Haha, I’m going to drink Lafite!” Another boy took a bottle of wine, pouted, and took a selfie….

“I think it must be Lara who made the KTV’s boss treat us. She was able to get the campus belle over, it must be her!” A classmate said enviously.

“I agree! I also think that it’s Lara. She must have known the KTV boss since she opened a store here. Now that the boss found out Lara was coming, he treats her fruit dishes and red wine! It’s such an expensive gift! Lara, it must be the boss making a move! Maybe he was interested in you!” another classmate considered and said.

Several female students were envious. Lara was surprised too. She suspected that the KTV boss might be the “baller”. So that’s why he sent her such expensive gifts? Lara thought in her mind that it can’t be somebody else. Who among this group other than herself would deserve such an expensive gift?

It must be “baller”. Wow, “baller” is actually the owner of this KTV! How unexpected but awesome! Lara was instantly happy.

She thought that “baller” must be ignoring her to give her this surprise. She liked it very much! “Baller, or the KTV boss, wait for me, I’ll come for you later!” Lara thought in her mind.

Lara was looking forward to it. She coughed and said as if she was the host,

“Everyone, let’s eat and drink as much as you can!”

“Wow, now we have fancy food!” Her classmate was amazed.

Her classmates were excited and amazed by Lara. Even the KTV boss was into her, how envious!

“Lara, please distribute the wine!” the monitor said.

Lara stood up. Three bottles of wine were really not enough for more than 30 people. Some people managed to get a sip, and some didn’t, but they can eat more of the Emperor Fruit Platter.

“Lara, I would like to drink some. I have never tried such expensive wine. Can I have a glass?” Several girls surrounded Lara with glasses in their hands.

“Don’t worry! Whoever is close to me will be able to get half a glass of this wine!” Lara started distributing the wine to everyone. Everyone got a little. The few female classmates were so happy that they immediately took selfies with their mobile phones.

However, when it came to Yvette, Lara said that she would pour a whole glass for her. Yvette shook her head and said that she was going to drive so she couldn’t drink.

“Well, the teacher doesn’t drink. Now, this is yours.” Lara added more for the other boys in the class. When it came to Chuck, she gave Chuck a disdainful look and said, “Bring me your glass. I’ll give you half a glass.”

Chuck shook his head. He was also going to drive. How could he drink?

“There’s no need for that. You can treat the other students. I won’t drink. I’m going to….” Chuck said.

“’What are you going to do later? Teacher Jordan needs to drive herself back home later, that’s why she doesn’t drink. What a waste. Do you know how expensive this wine is? And you’re rejecting it! If you don’t drink it today, I‘m just afraid that you won’t have another chance in the future.” Lara answered in annoyance. She didn’t want to talk to Chuck anymore and just continued to pour wine for Queenie.

Yet, she also shook her head. She never drank and also didn’t want to drink, no matter how expensive it was. “Hmph!”

Lara shook her head and continued to pour wine for the other students. In the end, she filled a full glass for herself. After tasting it happily, she was ready to leave.

“Lara, where are you going?” Her classmates asked.

“Haha, I’ll go look for someone!” A strange smile appeared on Lara’s face. She then opened the door and went out.

Chuck had a strange look on his face too. Who was she looking for? When Chuck was still puzzling, the mobile phone in his pocket vibrated. Chuck subconsciously took out his mobile phone and saw it was from Lara. He clicked on it doubtfully and was immediately stunned.

“Haha, Baller, I’m very satisfied with your arrangement. Now I know who you are and I’m coming to see you… (Three blushed emojis)” Lara texted.

Chuck was surprised, “Did she really know who I was? How was that possible?

Wait! Lara said she was looking for me. Where was she going to look for me? Isn’t that I am in the room already?”

“Lara is looking for the KTV boss!? Are they going to have sex?” Chuck asked himself softly.

“Haha, what do you think? The boss sent such an expensive gift, of course, she should thank him!” Someone nearby replied.

“I’m really envious. Although Lara’s appearance is not as good as Yolanda’s, she has huge boobs! I’m so envious!” another girl said. Her classmates showed an expression of understanding. The ladies were envious, and so were the gents. Only Chuck felt strange. He had done so much for a while, and now the KTV boss had taken all his effort in an instant. He was unhappy.

Although Chuck wasn’t planning to sleep with Lara, he kept her nudes so that she would be obedient in the future. However, Chuck was certainly uncomfortable when she went to another man.

Lara came out from the private room and quickly found the secretary. When the secretary saw this little beauty in good shape, he asked in confusion, “What can I help you with?”

Lara smiled and said, “I know your boss. Where is he? I have something to ask him.”

“Do you know our boss?” The secretary looked confused.

“Yes, I know him. Please tell me where he is,” Lara answered.

“Give me a moment!” The secretary walked aside and took out his phone to call his boss. When the phone was connected, a middle-aged man’s voice came through, “How is it? Have you arranged for it?”

“Yes, I’ve arranged it. I know who that person is,” the secretary replied.

“That’s good. Remember, whatever this person wants, you will satisfy him,” the boss ordered.

“Yes… but boss…” The secretary tried to speak.

“Is there anything else?” the boss asked.

“A girl claimed that she knew you and was looking for you.” The secretary glanced at Lara.

“She knows me? What does she look like?” the boss asked again.

“Quite pretty, huge boobs.” the secretary whispered.

“Huge boobs? Bring her to my office. I’ll be back soon.” The middle-aged boss chuckled excitedly. He didn’t really care whether he knew her or not. After all, the words “huge boobs” were enough. How could he let go of a girl that took the initiative to meet him!

“Sure!” The secretary obeyed. After hanging up the phone, the secretary kept his phone away and walked over to Lara, who was looking forward to meeting her “baller”.

“Our boss said he knew you. He’ll be back soon. You can wait at his office, for now, please follow me,” the secretary said.

“Great!” Lara was surprised and followed the secretary inside. She was proud of herself that she guessed “baller” right. She thought to herself, excitedly, “I will allow baller to do whatever he wants later. After all, I’ll need to borrow 10,000 dollars from him. Is he a handsome guy?”

Chapter: 68

“Please wait for a moment!” the secretary said politely. The secretary took Lara to the boss’s room. It was not an office, more like a room to serve guests. Still, it was very well decorated, looked luxurious. There was a family theatre and almost everything. Lara was impressed. She thought to herself, “Baller, you really are rich!”

“When will your boss come back?” Lara asked while she sat on the super comfy sofa.

“He’ll be back soon,” said the secretary as he poured a glass of red wine for Lara.

“Please wait for a while more!”

After the secretary walked out, Lara took a sip of red wine and happily laid on the large sofa. She was looking forward to it, “Baller, I hope you’re handsome. It’s best if you look like… Humph, you must at least look better than Chuck, that loser. He’s making me so mad. Chuck has turned himself into a handsome and elegant man, but why is he so poor?” Lara talked to herself.

“Baller, I am not asking for anything else. I am satisfied if you just looked like Chuck. Also, don’t be too old. About the same age as Chuck will be great!” she continued.

The more Lara thought about it, the more excited she became. What would she do later? What was happening to Lara? Since she had started texting “baller”, she broke her comfort zone again and again.

When she took sexy pictures, she sometimes blushed and felt nervous as if she was having her first boyfriend.

She did sleep with her ex-boyfriend, Conrad Lee, but when Conrad wanted her nude picture, she had always rejected him. She didn’t want to be threatened after they broke up. Now, it seemed like her first attempt to do this was given to “baller”.

Lara was delighted and said, “You have to know that my body in real life is much more beautiful, and my boobs are much bigger than those in the photos… You’re lucky, I didn’t eat any chili today…”


The more Chuck thought about it, the more out of sort he was. “Couldn’t she verify carefully before she does anything stupid?” he said.

After all, Chuck had seen so many sexy photos of Lara. Although he didn’t want to sleep with her, the act of Lara trying to give herself to someone else was just uncomforting. It was like giving the long-baited sh to someone who came with a net and took the shortcut.

No! The man didn’t even bring a net, it was this silly sh that went right into the person’s hand! Chuck shook his head. Thinking that all his previous efforts had gone to waste. He was annoyed and felt that his things had been taken away by others. It had been more than half an hour since Lara left, and she’s probably already sweating all over……

“Forget it. It’s pointless to think about it now.” Chuck thought and shook his head.

“What’s wrong?” Queenie looked at the irritated Chuck and asked in a low voice.

“It’s nothing.” Chuck shook his head and dispelled the thought, but he started thinking if he should go look for her at that time.


It was her stupidity!

“Shall we sing?” Queenie invited him. By that time, almost everyone in the class had sung, except a few. Queenie had eaten some fruit but didn’t drink wine.

While some were already drunk, and some were playing dice loudly. Chuck also wanted to vent his anger, so he requested a song, and they began to sing.

Chuck totally had no talent in music. His voice made Queenie blushed and laughed hysterically. He was miserable, was his singing so terrible?

After that song, Chuck was speechless. Queenie smiled and said, “I’m very happy.”

“Well, that’s better. I’m ne to be laughed at,” Chuck thought.

Chuck put down the microphone. When he saw that Yvette hadn’t sung any song yet, he hesitated, then walked over and said, “Teacher Jordan, sing us a song.”

When classmates were around, Chuck would not call her Yvette, nor wifey. The students nearby looked at Chuck scornfully. Everyone tried to convince Teacher Jordan to sing, but no one succeeded. No one believed he could. As expected, Yvette looked up said in a cold voice, “No, thanks, you can sing by yourself.”

Chuck sat beside Yvette helplessly.

“What are you doing? Why are you sitting so close to me?” Yvette questioned and glared at Chuck.

“Yvette, what’s wrong with you?” Chuck asked. It was so noisy in the private room that they could barely hear each other even though they were sitting next to each other.

“Nothing,” Yvette replied.

“It’s you who suggested that we should come here singing to relax ourselves. Why don’t you sing?” Chuck asked.

“I just don’t want to. You can sing with Queenie if you want it so badly.” Yvette said coldly. After that, she picked up a can of beer and walked out.

Chuck didn’t know how to reply to that. “Was there a need to be so angry? I was only not coming in your car. What a small matter…” he thought quietly.

Chuck could only continue to sing with Queenie. Half an hour later, Chuck felt like using the restroom, but he suddenly realized a male student, and a female student went in the toilet in the private room together when everyone was not paying attention. It was more than ten minutes ago. Were they…..

They probably had drunk too much, and the alcohol kick came in. There were so many classmates outside. How intense must it be! Chuck was somewhat tempted. He was thinking about pulling Yvette into the toilet with him. But he quickly shook off the idea in his head.

It was a pity that Yvette left in anger. He shook his head and took a seat. Chuck then saw Queenie’s face suddenly turned red, he noticed that he had an erection when he had his fantasies just now, and Queenie happened to notice it.

Chuck was instantly embarrassed and hurriedly covered it. But every man knew that the more restrained you were, the stronger you would feel. Queenie’s face blushed even redder. She was about to go out for a walk, but God knows why Queenie suddenly asked, “What were you thinking?”

Chuck coughed. What could he be thinking?

“Oh, I’m sorry. I’m going to the bathroom.” Queenie whispered. The blush spread to the tip of her ears. She then went to the bathroom after muttering about telling it to Chuck.

Chuck felt helpless. Queenie was so pure-minded that he couldn’t do anything to her.

Chuck couldn’t hold it any longer, so he went out to take a walk. He happened to meet Yvette, who was walking out of the toilet. She was blushed, Chuck was surprised to see she was blushing, “Did you drink?”

“Yes, I did,” Yvette admitted.

“Aren’t you driving later?” Chuck asked.

“It’s none of your business.” Yvette shook her head coldly and walked into the private room.

Chuck sighed and thought, “If I had pushed Yvette into the stall just now, what would she do? Would she slap him? Or… would she be angry and scold him? Or would she just be half-declining but half-accepting?” The more Chuck thought about it, the more the response of his body was shown. Then, Queenie came out of the bathroom. When their eyes met, Queenie’s pretty face turned red again in an instant….


Lara Jean was disappointed. The person who came in was a bald man with fats all over his body and face. What was going on? How could it be so different from what she imagined? Lara suddenly felt a little sick. How could she have sent her nudes to this fat, bald man?

“I heard that you were looking for me?” the KTV boss asked. The middle-aged man came over with a smile. When he saw Lara’s figure, he was almost excited to death. He works at KTV and has had experience with all kinds of women, but Lara in front of him, had attracted him with her youth and energy!

“Well, I did look for you,” Lara said softly. She was feeling disgusted inside. She had only slept with Conrad a few times, and now she is going to make out with this man who is as old as her father? Lara’s heart was full of resistance.

However, when she thought about the money she wished to borrow from him, who else can she find for help other than “baller”?

“What can I do for you?” The middle-aged man asked. His eyes sparkled. This girl smelled so good, and he couldn’t wait to throw himself at her directly.

Chapter: 69

At the door of the toilet. In fact, Chuck Cannon was quite embarrassed. Twice that he got erected because of Yvette Jordan but seen by Queenie Carson. Although they were close, there’s still a difference between men and women! And plus, it was such a sensitive topic.

Queenie was nervous. “What should I do? What I saw is so embarrassing. Should I pretend that I didn’t see it? But who is he thinking about? Was it me?”

Queenie had so many thoughts in her mind.

“What should I do? I’ve seen him twice in a row. He’s enduring a lot. Do I help him? But a friend can’t help with this matter,” she couldn’t stop thinking. Queenie’s heart was twisted. A friend couldn’t cross the border of the relationship. She didn’t even know what her feelings towards Chuck were.

At first, they became table mates. They became friends after some self-introductions, and eventually, they started to talk more frequently. Nonetheless, the last time where Queenie and Chuck stayed in the same house, something might have changed in her mind.

Followed by changes in his clothing and hairstyle, Chuck now looked very different. Queenie seemed to have a good feel of Chuck, which perhaps is beyond friendship. However, she could clearly sense the difference between them.

At this thought, Queenie felt a little inferior. She was already nineteen. Although she didn’t deliberately come across sexual knowledge nor have a boyfriend, the few roommates who had boyfriends would talk about their post-boyfriend experience when they spend time together.

What they shared was new and exciting. From there, she learned that men and women are able to help each other. For example……..

Queenie lowered her head and stared at her own hand. She was nervous. Should she help? But what would they be after she lends him this hand? Both of them looked at each other for more than ten seconds. Chuck was embarrassed while Queenie was in a dilemma. She struggled to decide whether she should do it or not.

Of course, if Chuck knew that Queenie had this idea, he might just pull Queenie into the toilet. Anyhow, Chuck knew nothing about it. After looking at each other that way, Chuck came back to his senses. He knew that he must have fallen for Yvette to have such feelings. Even if Queenie was willing to do it, it would be disrespectful to Queenie to accept it.

What’s more, Chuck was in a dilemma too since Queenie was so pure-minded. Chuck felt that the feeling was gone. At this time, he felt his mobile phone in his pocket vibrated. Chuck took it out and looked at it doubtfully. It was from Lara, and it was a voice message!

Chuck lowered the volume and played it by his ear. “Ah, Baller, are you… Ah, save me, I don’t want to sleep with you, don’t….. (sobbing)….” Lara spoke in the voice message.

Before the voice message could finish recording, it was interrupted. Lara’s voice was frightened, and she was crying. Chuck hesitated. Did Lara nd out that she had been looking for the wrong “baller”?

He sighed in her heart, is Lara being raped? Chuck listened to the weeping voice of Lara. Chuck didn’t know what to do. Should he save Lara?

He struggled for a few seconds and put the phone in his pocket. Lara was supposed to be his pawn, and now it’s time to take back the pawn.

Chuck said, “Queenie, I have something to do.” After saying that, he ran to the front desk.

Queenie nodded. She was a little disappointed to see Chuck leave. She was in a dilemma for a while and was too embarrassed to speak up. If Chuck spoke up or pulled her into the toilet, she would probably not refuse. After all, she had admitted her feelings for Chuck and didn’t want to hide it. She was willing to help him with her hand and still remained their friendship in the future.


Queenie sighed and returned to the private room in a sullen state…


Chuck thought it was a big KTV, and if he went searching one by one, there wouldn’t be enough time. So Chuck went straight to the front desk. Since Lara thought “baller” was the owner of the KTV, they must be in the boss’s office now. He can ask the reception for directions.

Fortunately, Chuck found the secretary who delivered the wine just now. He had roughly confirmed that Chuck was the rich one that caused their boss to treat them. He was hesitating whether he should talk to Chuck alone or not. Since even the plaza manager had to come personally to serve him, he must have something to do with the plaza owner.

Seeing that he actually came to nd him, the secretary was surprised and hurried over, “Hi, what can I do for you?”

The receptionist and waiter at the front desk were stunned by the secretary since he was so polite to a student-like person. Who was it?

“I’m looking for your boss!” Chuck said anxiously.

The secretary was surprised. He was the one who took Lara to the boss’s room.

How could he not guess what his boss was doing? But if he went to bother him now, he might lose his job!

“You are?” The secretary asked him to con rm his identity. He was still unsure who this student in front of him was.

“Tell your boss if he still wants to continue his business here, he needs to stop now! Otherwise!” Chuck could only say so. His tone cooled down, and his imposing manner shocked the secretary.

This was definitely the kind of momentum that only the child of the rich people had. It was also a kind of terrifying momentum. The secretary quickly asked, “That girl is your…?”


“Wait a minute!” The secretary rushed to the boss’s room. Chuck followed the secretary and saw the secretary knocked on the door. Immediately, a curse came from inside, “Who the hell is it?”

“Hey boss, it’s me…” the secretary whispered.

“Get lost! Don’t get in my way now!” the boss yelled.

“Boss, there’s an emergency. It’s really urgent!” the secretary replied.

There was a struggling noise inside. It seemed that someone had loosened his grip. A loud bang came from inside, then followed by some footsteps, as if someone hit the ground. The door then opened, Lara ran out while she was crying. Her clothes were in a mess. Her jeans were ripped open. She ran so fast that she didn’t even see Chuck standing at the door.

Chuck touched his nose and wondered, did he manage to save her in time?

When the secretary saw that his boss was pushed on the floor, he was shocked and hurried in to help his boss up. The boss was angry, “Mother fucker, you’d better have a great explanation, or you’re red!”

“Boss.” The secretary spoke while he pointed at Chuck, who was standing at the door.

The boss looked at Chuck doubtfully, and his face turned cold, “Who are you?”

“It doesn’t matter who I am. What matters is you. Do you still want to run your business?” Chuck questioned calmly.

The boss frowned. He and Wilbur Wendel were good friends. Before he came back just now, Wilbur gave him a name and asked him not to provoke him. The boss then asked subconsciously, “Are you, Chuck Cannon?”

“Yes!” Chuck glanced at him and turned to leave.

The boss’s heart almost jumped out of his throat. When Wilbur told him, he clearly told him the strength of this man named Chuck! Was the girl just now his girl? Did he just offend him?


The boss angrily raised his hand and slapped hard on the secretary. “Why won’t you tell me earlier?” he questioned angrily.

The secretary covered his face with a grievance and said, “Boss, I……”

“Why don’t you exempt the bill? Exempt him from all the expenses!” The boss scolded him.

“Yes, I’ll do it now!” The secretary immediately ran out.

At this moment, Lara was dumbfounded because she ran in a hurry and bumped into a waiter. The waiter was pushing a cart with ve bottles of expensive wine on it. All the wine on the cart fell to the ground.

The waiter was shocked. That was an order for a private room. Each of them costs 8,800 dollars, and for ve bottles, it will be more than 40,000 dollars! The waiter was very angry. Seeing that Lara was about to run away, he immediately grabbed her. “Hey, pretty girl, you broke the most expensive red wine in our store. You need to make compensation!” the waiter scolded.

“No, I didn’t do it on purpose.” Lara shook her head, and tears came out of her eyes. She was really panicked.

“Excuse me! Even by accident, you still broke our red wine! You have to pay for it!”

As the waiter said, the nearby waiters heard them and immediately surrounded them, refusing to let Lara leave.

Lara was already very angry. She almost got laid by the boss just now. She thought that she could bear to sleep with him for 10,000 dollars, but when the boss approached her, she couldn’t bear it. She regretted and started struggling.

Luckily someone knocked on the door, and she finally escaped!

Now that she was dragged by someone again, she lost control. “If it wasn’t for your boss who was trying to rape me, would I have run into this?” The more Lara thought about it, the angrier she became.

“Let me go! How much is it? I’ll pay for it!” She roared.

“Well, these ve bottles of red wine are the most expensive wine in our store. One bottle is 8,800 dollars, and ve bottles are $44,000. Beauty, are you paying in cash or card?” The waiter said.

“What? 44,000?” Lara’s tears immediately started to ow down her cheeks. Where could she find this large amount of money?

Chapter: 70

“Miss, are you paying by cash or credit card?” The waiter asked coldly.

Lara fell to the ground, feeling so helpless. She didn’t have any money, and she couldn’t even afford 10,000 dollars. 44,000 dollars was just too much! How could she possibly pay that?

“Let’s call the police. She doesn’t seem like she has the money,” the waiter said. “Yes, she’s just shocked. Let’s call the police!” Another waiter agreed to his suggestion.

Several waiters came up with the ideas since the bottles of wine were broken, and if Lara didn’t want to pay for it, they would have to pay for it.

Lara’s tears burst out at once. She cried and shook her head. “No, please don’t call the police, don’t call the police!” she pleaded. Her family situation was ordinary, where she can definitely pay the 44,000 dollars.

However, she did not dare to tell her family what happened as she was too afraid that she would be beaten to death by her family members.

But if they called the police, the police would still call her family. By then, Lara would really be in trouble.

“We won’t call the police if you pay for it. Cash or cards are both accepted,” the waiter said.

“But I don’t have the money.” Lara bawled.

Lara despaired. Her tears could not stop owing. When she sent the message to “baller” just now, she suddenly remembered that her cousin, Charlotte Yates, told her that “baller” who bought a car was very young and was still a college student.

She then started to feel regretful when she recalled back what had happened just now. She was too desperate to meet “baller,” but she didn’t expect to meet a fake one. When she was struggling just now, that bastard touched her butt and even her boobs……

The more Lara thought about it, the more she wanted to cry. She felt that she had very many grievances in her heart. Many onlookers crowded the space when hearing a loud cry.

“What’s going on?” Someone couldn’t help asking.

“This beauty has knocked over ve bottles of red wine,” the waiter said indifferently.

“Isn’t it enough to pay back the money? What’s the big deal? Why do you make her cry?” That onlooker blamed the waiter.

“Sir, first of all, we did not do anything, and she already started crying, and secondly, the red wine costs 8,800 dollars each, and ve bottles cost a total of 44,000 dollars…”

More than a dozen people at the scene were very surprised and looked at Lara with sympathy. It was too expensive. They all started to think Lara should bear the responsibility and accept the bad luck since it was still her fault.

“Lara, what’s wrong?” A voice came through.

Among the crowd, one of her classmates who came out to take a break, heard the cry and came over to have a look. But she didn’t expect to see Lara crying.

“Fanny…” Lara got up and cried while holding her.

“It’s going to be ne. What’s wrong?” Fanny Lowe asked.

Fanny tried to comfort her and pat on Lara’s back. Yet, she also noticed the broken wine bottles and a pool of red wine on the floor. She roughly knew why Lara cried. She was scared for her too, how much would she need to pay for that?

“I broke the wine, and they asked me to pay 44,000 dollars,” Lara cried.

“Forty-four thousand?!” Fanny was shocked.

“Hey, beauty, you need to compensate us immediately. Otherwise, we will call the police to deal with this.” The waiter threatened her. With the waiters urging, there were more and more onlookers. They had to deal with the problem as soon as possible. If it affected their business in the store, they would also have to take the blame.

“Don’t call the police!” Fanny shouted.

Lara cried and shook her head. Fanny then suggested, “Lara, don’t you know the boss here? Why don’t you let him come over to deal with it?”

“When Lara went out just now, wasn’t she going to look for the boss?” Fanny thought.

“I…” Lara felt even more wrong. “That bastard was pretending to be baller!” she thought.

But she couldn’t tell that out loud. What a shame! How could she mention that she was tricked by an old man just now?

“If you don’t want us to call the police, you can pay for it!” The waiter said impatiently.

“I…” Lara couldn’t stop her tears from dripping. “Where can I find the forty-four thousand dollars? My cousin, Charlotte Yates? But she had just paid thirty thousand dollars for renovation and had no money left. So who should I look for?” She really had no idea.

“Baller?” Lara quickly took out her mobile phone and sent a WeChat voice message to the baller in tears.

“I’ve caused trouble in the KTV in City Square. Baller, can you come to help me, please?” Chuck, who came out from the boss’s room, felt his phone message’s vibration again. Chuck took it out and tapped on the WeChat voice message sent by Lara with doubts. He put the mobile phone in his ear and listened.

“This fool is finally apologizing for her mistake?” he thought.

However, what he heard was the crying voice of Lara. Chuck frowned while he walked. He then saw the crowd and walked over doubtfully. And he saw a crying Lara, and there was red wine poured on the ground.

Was it… broken?

Chuck understood the situation instantly. He hesitated for a moment, squeezed through the crowd, and told the waiter, “She knows your boss. Call your boss or secretary over.”

When Lara looked up and saw that it was Chuck who was talking, she was immediately angry. In her eyes, Chuck was just making fun of her and looking at her as if she was a joke. She had just escaped from the boss’s room, and before she came out, she had pushed the KTV boss hard. She ran away at that critical moment and even hit him.

The boss must hate her so much. If she called him over, it would definitely be more than 44,000 dollars!

“Chuck, you bastard!” Lara yelled. Even Fanny, who was comforting Lara, rolled her eyes at Chuck. “What kind of human was he? Was he trying to make things worse? You don’t want to help, that’s fine. But you shouldn’t make fun of people at this point, right?” Fanny thought.

“Does she know our boss?” the waiter asked curiously.

The waiter looked at Lara suspiciously, it was not that the waiter did not believe it, but if she really knew the boss, she would not be crying and should be very calm.

“Yes, she knows your boss. Stop asking her to pay.” Chuck nodded while he said. Lara was shocked, was he trying to help her? Lara felt that she had heard it wrong, but she didn’t. He had really said it.

At this moment, Lara wanted to cry even more, as if she was triggered at some point, which made her feel grieved even more.

“But what good does it make? I did know the boss, but if the boss was here, the situation would probably be worse.” She thought.

The waiter hesitated and decided to call the secretary over. He took out the walkie-talkie. Lara cried and shook her head. “Don’t call, let me make a call first.”

The waiter nodded.

Lara hurriedly took out her WeChat and continued to send messages to the baller.

Chuck saw Lara’s move, and he was also helpless. Lara cried and sent a voice message. She begged for help to baller on the phone.

Chuck saw her crying, and he relented. Lara was almost raped and ran out crying. That was exhausting, and yet she bumped into such a thing. It was really a blow for a girl like her. Looking at Lara’s sad and pitiful pleadings, Chuck could only step aside and take out his mobile phone to reply, “Give me a minute!”

Lara’s eyes widened. Baller replied to her and asked her to wait! He was going to help her solve the problem!

When Chuck came back, Lara was wiping her tears and told Fanny, “It’s sorted! My friend said he would help me solve the problem.”

“Really? Your friend is amazing!” Fanny was surprised. Just then, the secretary heard the sound and came over. Chuck glanced at him, and the secretary immediately knew what had happened. He immediately walked over.

Lara was nervous, why did he come so soon?

“Baller’s action was really quick!” Lara was nervous and perturbed.

“Sec, this beauty broke ve bottles of red wine, and he said she knew you,” the waiter said.

He raised his finger and glanced at Chuck. The secretary understood and immediately coughed. “Yes, she is right. This beauty does know me. Please clean up this place. We don’t need her to pay for it,” the secretary commanded.

The waiters were shocked, “Do they really know each other?”

“Hurry up!” As the secretary ordered, several waiters immediately nodded and tidied up. Lara was pleasantly surprised, “Baller is really amazing!”

Fanny and the onlookers were shocked. How did it get solved just like that?

“Beauty, you aren’t in shock, are you?” The secretary came over and spoke to Lara.

“No!” Lara wiped her tears and shook her head. She was in a bad mood seeing him. It was this man who took her to the fat bald man’s room. But for the sake of baller, she didn’t want to argue with him.

“It’s okay, you can go!” Lara said.

The secretary glanced at Chuck.

“Hurry up and leave. Why are you looking at him?” Lara was angry. The secretary had no choice but to leave. After all, he saw Chuck’s expression was not very nice. Chuck saw that the problem was solved, so he went straight into the private room.

“Lara, who did you ask for help just now?” Fanny asked curiously. It costs more than 40,000 dollars! How could it be solved in just one sentence? That’s just too quick!”

“It’s my boyfriend, I love him so much!” Lara replied with her heart filled with joy.

“Baller, you still like me, don’t you?” Lara’s heart was full of fantasies. When can she really see him?

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