Chuck Cannon was completely stunned, Logan’s plane crashed.

Yvette suddenly felt guilty to the extreme, how could this be?

“Mom, Aunt Logan?” Chuck Cannon couldn’t speak anymore, and he asked Karen Lee tremblingly.

If it crashes, then the chance of survival is almost zero.

But Logan has a private jet, how could it crash well?

“Chuck, let’s talk about it when we get to the place.” Karen Lee didn’t show it but she sighed in her heart.

Logan can be said to have grown up when Karen Lee watched her. She was smart and sensible since she was a child.

However, this crash was the first time that Karen Lee felt that God was unfair.

The plane was silent

The news of the crash caused everyone to fall into silence. Chuck Cannon was at a loss. He felt regret in his heart. She would have been fine if he would have forced her to stay yesterday. Why didn’t he do that?

The speed of the plane was very fast but everyone thinks it is long, especially long.

Chuck Cannon didn’t dare to approach. It was fear of seeing Logan’s body.

She is so beautiful, so pure, how could she die here.

“Here,” Karen Lee stood up first.

She saw a place in the forest that seemed to have been levelled, and an aeroplane that had been ruined torn apart fell down as if it was still on fire.

The scene is in ruins

Chuck Cannon, Yvette, and Betty were all nervous to the extreme. Chuck Cannon saw this scene, his heart felt empty, the plane crashed, the chance of survival is zero, no one can avoid it.

Logan, Logan….

Chuck Cannon’s trembling heart was shouting. Logan would definitely not be afraid when it crashed. She would face it calmly because she had always been that kind of person.

Chuck Cannon feels so distressed

There is no place to park planes in this place. All you can do is slide down.

The ruins below, a mess, seemed to be sworn to lifelessness.

Karen Lee was silent for a few seconds, sighing more in her heart.

What this situation means, she knows.

The plane crashed at an altitude of 10,000 meters. This horror, no matter how strong the body is, it is useless.

The people who were sent first have already searched below, but they can only see what they look like.

Karen Lee was sad and exhaled. These people who arrived first obviously had no results.

Karen Lee worried about Chuck Cannon, so he said to him, “Chuck, you can stay on the plane.”

“No, I want to go down. Aunt Logan is so kind to me, how would I not go down?” Chuck Cannon shook his head blankly.

“Well, then I will demonstrate and you will follow along.” Karen Lee gave a demonstration, first sliding down with a rope.

“Master, be careful.” Betty continued, sliding down.

Both of them were experienced in this area.

Yvette was worried about Chuck Cannon, so she also gave Chuck Cannon a demonstration. Chuck Cannon was the last one to come down.

Chuck Cannon has landed. He has always been at a loss. Chuck Cannon couldn’t bear to watch the tragic scene. He began to look for it. If Logan is in the ruins, he will take out this woman who is so good to him by himself. He won’t let it go.

Chuck Cannon searched for one place by place, he has fallen into despair and trembling, because every time he finds a place, the dismemberment of the plane is the same tragedy, so that the only hope in his heart is almost gone. It’s like this, can people still be alive?

He was looking like crazy.

Thinking of the temperament when he first saw Logan, Chuck Cannon would never forget that.

After that, she was empathetic, and then in order to save herself, she stabbed herself three times, and then Logan fell in a pool of blood.

And when Yvette was arrested, Logan took care of him to help him out through the difficulties.

And when he was chased by Black Rose, Logan’s personal protection, that time she was not far away, came to save him. She was this kind of woman.

In Chuck Cannon’s mind, it is vividly visible. The more he thinks about it, the more his heart hurts, why would such a good woman encounter such a thing.


Chuck Cannon was yelling, his heartache was bleeding.


“How’s it going?” Karen Lee’s face was serious. She watched the situation at the scene. She remained calm. She knew the general situation. She just asked for details. This is the most direct way to know the result.

The first few people she sent over came here with Betty by her side.

“Back to President Lee, the situation is not very good,” the leader was a woman.

It has been half an hour since she came here, and she understood the situation at the scene, even within a few kilometres, they also started to look for it, but they knew it, not optimistic, it can even be said to be miserable.

The plane crashed. At this level, there is no possibility of survival.

“Speak straight.” Karen Lee was ready. Even if she saw Logan as a daughter in her heart, it was useless to be sad. Now calmness is the best way.

“Four bodies were found at the scene, three men and one woman,”

There was a tear in Karen Lee’s eyes, “What does a woman look like?”

“It should be a service person on the plane.”

Karen Lee exhaled, “Logan, didn’t I give you the photos, Logan, I want Logan”

“This.” The leading woman fell silent for a moment.

“What’s the point?” Karen Lee was ready.

“None of the four corpses at the scene were intact. Last night, they were all eaten by a wild beast. One of them was a trace of the fifth man, who was dragged to a place by the wild beast. The scene was only physically disabled.” The woman headed by said when she barely able to recognize the woman, she felt a little uncomfortable because the picture was so miserable.

The body was all eaten by wild beasts, only some bones.

In other words, there were five people, and one woman was eaten up.

Karen Lee couldn’t listen anymore, “Take me to see.”

“Yes, here.”

The leading woman led the way and soon arrived in a pool of blood. Karen Lee stared at the pool of blood and fell into silence. There were bones in the pool of blood and women’s clothing, but they were stained red with blood. Some have been bitten by wild animals and are in tatters.

Betty was dumbfounded by such a scene, her expression was extremely complicated.

“Betty, take the blood, and immediately do a genetic comparison for me to see if it’s Logan.” Karen Lee said.

Let her rely on this pool of blood to conclude that Logan is dead, she is not reconciled.

“En,” Betty immediately took the blood.

“There are also the identities of the other people who died at the scene. They are found out, and then each person will be compensated 50 million yuan,” Karen Lee continued.

“Yes,” Betty did immediately. Everyone at the scene died terribly. All that can be done now is compensation.

Karen Lee was also nervous, is it right?

Yvette came here. She saw the pool of blood and tears came out. Is Logan really dead?

She wiped away her tears, and Karen Lee saw her.

“I’m sorry, I should” Yvette regretted why she saw Logan kissing Chuck Cannon that day and why she wanted to make a sound.

She was shocked but she should have left silently then it would have been under control.

If she wouldn’t have seen it, then Logan wouldn’t have left. Even more, this wouldn’t have happened.

“It’s none of your business,” Karen Lee shook her head.

She didn’t blame Yvette. After all, this was nothing to do with Yvette. She has just a normal reaction at the time. What’s more, Yvette didn’t get angry at the time and handled it calmly.

Yvette has done well enough and now Logan’s situation can only be described in terms of her fate.

Beautiful woman, too frustrated.

“Don’t blame yourself, this is not what you meant at all,” Karen Lee knew.

Although Yvette said that she wanted to kill herself, she never made a fool of herself.

This is something Karen Lee can clearly determine.

Yvette was completely in pain. She saw that Chuck Cannon was still in the ruins, searching desperately, his hands were full of blood and he kept screaming at Aunt Logan, Logan’s voice was almost hoarse.

Yvette was heartbroken by Chuck Cannon’s exhaustion.

Time passed by, Betty was on the spot to compare, and the result came out very quickly, she ran to Karen Lee.

“How about Logan?” Karen Lee also felt uncontrollable.

Yvette’s heartbeat also stopped, is it really Logan?

Yvette prayed in her heart, not she, not she.

“No, not Logan.” Betty took a breath and shook her head.

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