Karen Lee’s voice came out in an instant, Yvette was also extremely nervous!!

“En, no, the genes are not same, not of President Logan,” Betty Bernard took a deep breath.

When she was doing the comparison just now, she was so nervous that she couldn’t describe it, she suffered to the extreme for every minute, but after the results, she was okay. It was not of Logan.

“Whose is that?” Yvette was surprised.

“It should be an employee on the plane,” Betty Bernard said.

Not Logan, then it must be someone on a private jet.

Karen Lee sighed, looked at the pool of blood and bones on the ground, and said, “Find out this girl’s family and compensate one hundred million!!”

“Yes,” Betty Bernard did it right away.

This million dollar is not money at all for Karen Lee, but the girl died so miserably, what she can do now is to make up for it and make the girl’s family live a little better.

“Karen…Auntie, is this thing a bit weird?” Yvette intermittently.

She lowered her head, afraid to look at Karen Lee.

“Yes, Logan’s private jet is customized. The aeroplane company is of my friend. The private jet made by his company has absolutely no problem. It crashed suddenly. It can only be said that something happened in the middle. It may be that the plane went out. There was an accident, then there was no way, but if it wasn’t the plane accident, it must be some people…” Karen Lee’s eyes flickered with cold.

She already knew the situation at the scene. Among the five people, there was no Logan, so it represented two possibilities, that is, the dead Logan was dragged away by the beast, so Logan’s body was not found.

However, Karen Lee’s vision is precise, but she hasn’t seen any traces of dragging on the scene!

In other words, the first one could not be.

Then there is only the second possibility. Logan left by herself before the plane crashed, like with a parachute…

Yvette also felt that the problem was serious, but who would harm Logan so much?

“I hope it’s not the problem with the plane, but the human.” Karen Lee continued, “Yvette, what do you think?”

“I think same as aunt thinks, and I also think that someone has a created a problem,” Yvette said.

She knew Logan’s strength, even if the plane crashed, she should be able to save herself before the plane crashed!

Logan can do this.


Karen Lee looked at the other people, “Several of them continue to search for in neighbourhood! Whether it’s a radius of ten miles or a hundred miles, give me the result!!!”


Several people nodded and dispersed immediately.

“Logan, who did it? Are you still alive?” Karen Lee’s eyes flashed coldly!

“Mom, I can’t find Aunt Logan, she can’t be found everywhere, she…” Chuck Cannon walked over in despair, like a walking dead.

“It’s okay Chuck, Logan may be still alive,” Karen Lee said.

The desperate Chuck Cannon was stunned. The last hope in his heart just now was shattered as he could not find it.

“Really, husband, Aunt Logan may still be alive.” Yvette also said.

Chuck Cannon cried with joy. Can Logan still be alive?

Yvette said this immediately, Chuck Cannon’s eyes became moist, “Then where is Aunt Logan now?”

“I have sent someone to find it, there should be results soon,” Karen Lee said.

Chuck Cannon recovered his mood and said coldly, “Mom, I must check this out!”

“En, don’t worry, I will check,” Karen Lee will certainly do, she thought Logan as a daughter in her heart!!

This is something Karen Lee absolutely cannot tolerate.

Chuck Cannon couldn’t tolerate it even more. He was shooting Logan!

This is Chuck Cannon’s inverse scale!!

Chuck Cannon and Yvette started looking for clues. Chuck Cannon couldn’t wait for a minute, because the hope in his heart came out again.

Logan may be alive, so he must find her!

Even if it was a minute and a second, Chuck Cannon had to catch it, because Logan got off the parachute from the plane. She might be seriously injured, her leg might be broken, or she might even be dying. There are beasts in the nearby forest!

Logan’s situation at this time is too dangerous!!

How dare Chuck Cannon waste time?

Logan was racing against time when in Amazon she found him last time!

At this time, Black Rose came over by plane. She got off the plane, scanning with big blue eyes. For Logan, she also felt like an opponent.

Cherish it!

Knowing this, she was very sorry, angry, and even a little sad.

This is respect for an opponent.

“What do you think?” Karen Lee asked.

Black Rose has expressed her own thoughts, which are roughly the same as Karen Lee’s. Karen Lee’s eyes flickered, “Logan’s strength, I know, there are not many people in this world who can let her escape directly…”

Black Rose agreed with this statement, after all, she had fought Logan several times.

She clearly knows Logan’s strength.

“It is true. When I came, I checked and found that several assassins were not nearby, and they all took up the task… It shouldn’t be them, then… the matter is serious.” There was light in the big blue eyes of the black rose!!

She is also a smart woman.

“I thought about where she went?” Karen Lee’s cold light flickered deeper.

“Yes? It seems that I also thought of it. Yes, it is possible to enter Logan’s private jet without knowing it. This is not what ordinary people can do. The only possibility is that Logan’s private jet may be… they did it, so you can get in and out, but… I think someone from a hidden family did it? After all, isn’t there a woman from the Hudson family who wants her son to be a parent? But why should they shoot Logan? It’s strange, no need. Isn’t Logan her son’s aunt? Why do they want to do this?” The only thing Black Rose couldn’t figure out was this.

There is no motive at all. If you want to kill, shouldn’t you start with Yvette?

Why kill Logan?


Karen Lee glanced at Black Rose, “Actually, I take Logan as my daughter.”

“Daughter?” Black Rose was stunned.

What do you mean?

It can even be said that Black Rose is a bit daunting.

“Yes, daughter, I thought about letting her be with my blind son before… but it didn’t work. My son didn’t have any ideas in that respect.” At this time, Karen Lee also said straightforwardly.

Black Rose understands that it is so.

However, Logan and Chuck Cannon really did not act out of the ordinary, she saw it.

“So, this is the manoeuvre of that woman from Hudson?” Black Rose asked.

“I think it should be, that woman has never seen her, her arrogance is extremely high, she hasn’t looked at anyone, she has a strong possessive desire, she should not be able to tolerate my son with Logan, so she’s shot.” Karen Lee analyzed it.

She was just considering it calmly.

Since it is unlikely to be the problem of the aircraft itself, who else has this motive?

In fact, when Karen Lee thought about it this way, she was the first to think of the woman from Hudson.

Only her motivation is great, and only she has the strength now to be able to attack Logan!

Black Rose suddenly said, “What are you going to do then? I heard that the hidden family of Hudson is strong, and has been passed on for thousands of years. That kind of strength is really not something ordinary people can provoke.”

This is the truth. She has also heard a little about the hidden family. After all, she is also at the top of the pyramid of an industry, and she will always be exposed to something.

She knew the hidden family, not to mention that she heard Karen Lee say it alone last time.

She has a better understanding of the hidden family.

“I’m actually not easy to provoke,” Karen Lee said, with a cold light in her eyes.

Black Rose was silent, she still couldn’t see Karen Lee’s strength but Black Rose knew that Karen Lee’s current comprehensive strength, whether it is fighting, financial resources, or manpower, is far from the secret family that has been passed down for thousands of years.

At the very least, one has been developed for thousands of years and has accumulated wealth for dozens of generations, while Karen Lee has only been more than 20 years old, and there is no one generation. The gap in between is obvious.

Therefore, the result obtained by Black Rose is that Karen Lee cannot be the opponent of the hidden family now! So even if it was any of the hidden family, it was useless for Karen Lee to resist.

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