Chapter 613 – 614: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 613: The Big Dipper

After all, greed made mischief. Even the Ancestral world has grown day by day, and the resources has increased as well, but the three races were still not satisfied! Besides, with the combative nature of them, the battle lasted for ten thousand years!

The sky and the earth cracked and there were countless casualties. The whole continent was broken into four great continents, and numerous small continents. The latter people called the three races’ great war as the Dragon-Phoenix-Kylin Fatality. For the first time, people knew the existence of Jieqi(pneuma of fatality).


At this time, Kris Chen was hurrying on his way to the Big Dipper. The resources he collected in the Sagittarius could support him for a long time. Otherwise, he could also exchange materials in the Star Chamber.

There were more than 30 stars to cross, he needed at least one month! For Kris, the universe was so big and daunting. With only twenty days left of the ten-year appointment, he had already failed to keep it.

Following the sturdy causal line, a month and five days later, Kris arrived in the Big Dipper.

Countless “Formation” surrounds seven giant stars around. Seven stars include Dubhe, Merak, Phecda,Megrez, Alioth, Mizar, and Alkaid(the component of the Big Dipper) occupied one-third of the position of the Big Dipper. Each star is a million times huger than Devil Land!

As soon as he entered the Big Dipper, the causal line parted, which stunned Kris! The causal line broke in cosmic sky with nothing here.

Is this the cosmic barrier? Kris was confused :he couldn’t be sure of whether the Earth and Devil Land are in the same universe!

The Big Dipper is so vast, did he have to find it singly?

After a mental establishment, Kris flew to Dubhe, a planet surrounded by tens of thousands of low-class planets, and the small worlds and middle worlds were just like terraces.

The Big Dipper was too weird. He could tell that the stars were not born to be but acquired by human. And as far as the eye could see, these stars were providing endless power for Dubhe. After a closer look, it was found that those inferior planets wee actually artificial refining!

Gosh! No way! This star is absolutely powerful!

Across the stars, Kris plunged into the Fetal membrance of Heaven and Earth, which is by hundreds of times as thick as those of Devil Land.

Through the Gang wind layer(a sphere full of strong wind in high altitude), infinite spirit was overwhelming.

“This spirit is of incredible high quality!” With a chuckle, Kris opened the cave world and absorbed crazily. You have no idea about how terrifying could be that twelve thousand six hundred cave worlds absorbing the spirit at the same time. Endless spirit perfused.

Lasting for an hour, though Kris wanted to continue, he didn’t forget his purpose for here. He needed to find a detailed map of the Big Dipper. Every planet with life would be marked!

The Dubhe Sect is the first major sect of Dubhe. Precisely,Dubhe was named after the Dubhe Sect. In this star, Dubhe Sect dominates everything, including the world and its rules.

It is said that the Big Dipper appeared seven great God Masters, who refined these seven planets. No one knows for sure, and Kris just wanted to know who they are!

The decade-appointment was past, Kris acted like ants in his pants. Instead of being anxious, he would rather calm down and make a painstaking investigation, maybe he can find our way back! There’s a firm mind in his head: No matter how long he stayed here, he couldn’t give up going back, even if things changed!

Millions of practitioners entered and left the chamber.Accumulated spirit were as many as stars, actualized spirit were everywhere, and the Holy Realm were numerous as well.

Kris took a glance and went over to the counter. “Hello, I need a copy of a precise map of the Big Dipper!”

“You need to pay 10 billion spiritual stones.” The counter waiter said.

Ten billion? That’s too damn expensive for Kris! He never thought he’d get ripped off.

At this moment, a middle-aged practitioner approached and said, “Bring me a precise star map!”

The waiter took a look at the practitioner and a smile overspread his face:”Well! Ten thousand spiritual stones, please!”

The practitioner dropped a bag casually on the table as if it were a hand-out, but the waiter did not dare say anything.

“What are you thinking! 10 billion spirit stones, you pay it or not? If not, don’t get in my way!”

Kris frowned. “Why did he buy a map for 100 million when I need a hundred times the price?”

That waiter twitched his mouth, “What a bumpkin from the outside! You see that token hanging around his waist? That belongs to the Dubhe’s elder. Insider must enjoy the internal price!”

In case of making troubles as a newcomer , Kris put down the spiritual stone quietly on a table, and the waiter threw the star map to him.

Holding a chart in hand, Kris took a seat and sank his divine spiritual power into the star map.

The stars are so dense with no less than a billion of them, which are all planets that have been labeled as having life.

Kris used his divine spiritual power and turned up millions of earth-like stars! How long will it take to find all these planets one by one? Ten years or a hundred years? Until then, everything is too late!

Kris walked to the counter again. “I need the Dubhe Chronicle!”

The waiter laughed again! “Do you know how long Skystar has been around?”

“Eight million eras by this year. You want its chronicle? Sorry, we don’t have any!”

Eight million eras is equal to one hundred and twenty-nine thousand years. Eight million eras! It’s scary to think about it!

“Then what do you got here?”

Not annoyed, Kris just looked at him. “I want to know about the origin of Dubhe and the Seven God Masters!”

Heard his words, the waiter thought for a while: “We have that, please wait a second, I’ll go get it for you!”

He began to look for it as he was talking. A few minutes later, he held a light ball in his hand, “That is what you’re looking for, but it’s not cheap either. It takes you 100 million spiritual Stones!’Such exotic bumpkin was his favorite. One rich idiot he serves is enough to enrich him for ten years. Kris knew he was fleecing of course, but this chamber was Dubhe’s largest and most comprehensive chamber of commerce. For saving time, he didn’t feel like going anywhere else.

He has all spiritual stones he needs!

Leaving 100 million spiritual stones, Kris took the light ball and couldn’t wait to sink his divine spiritual power into it.

At that moment, all kinds of ancient myths and legends of the Seven Gods flooded into his mind. Digesting for a long time, Kris finally understood the origin of the Big Dipper.

The seven stars were really formed by practitioner. The first God Master named Hong! No one knows where he came from, but one thing can be sure is that he was certainly the god in Innate-power stage, or even beyond it!

The second God Master named Pan. In the second million era, he proved the truth with great power, and opened up the third universe with utmost supernatural power! However, the third universe has being collapsing so far. It lost contact with the main universe and disappeared in chaos space!

The third God Master named Yan! He is the ancient ancestor of human race’s practitioner, leading human race to rise up among hundreds of millions of ethnic groups.

Wa is the God Master of the same generation, the only female among the Seven God Masters.

The fifth, who has no name, is known only as the Moral God Master. He, Yan and Wa were the great God Masters in the same era. He was famous for “One pneuma into three incarnations”(a terminology of Taoist, which means his pneuma encompassed everything in the world). What’s more, he ranked top three among seven God Masters.

The sixth God Master named Hao! He once unified the universe, but he has fallen according to the record, and the cause remained unknown!

The seventh God Master named Bodhi. He was the ancestor of ten thousand Buddhas, opened up the realm of three thousand Luohan, possessed three incarnations including the past, the present and the future. But he also disappeared!

The more he looked, the more concentrative Kris was. Especially when he saw Pan, he even couldn’t help wondering whether the God Master called (the creator of the universe in Chinese mythology).

“proved the truth with great power, and opened up the third universe with utmost supernatural power”, this means that there are other universes besides the main one.

Could he have come from another universe? Like the second universe, or the third universe that’s gone?

The third God Master, named Yan, is he the Yan Emperor? The ancient ancestors of human race, leading human race to rise up, became the leader of the race!

Is Wa the Goddess Nuwa(the goddess creating human in Chinese mythology)?

Who’s Hao? Haotian Emperor(the lord of all gods in Chinese mythology)? Or Monster Emperor?

The last one is Bodhi! The ancestor of ten thousand Buddhas!

He glanced over the ancient myths of the earth in his mind, and found a lot in common.

This means that there were practitioners on earth a long time ago!

He went to the counter again. “How to get to the second universe?”

The waiter didn’t even lifted his eyelids and said, “No way to get there. The second universe has collapsed, like the third universe. It annihilated in the chaos!”

“Where is the chaos?”

The waiter laughed, “How do I know where chaos is? Do you think you I can come into contact with the information of that level by right of my cultivation?”

“Where can I know about it?”

The waiter smiled without speaking. Kris got what he wanted right away. “One million high-grade spiritual stones! “

“You can inquire in the Stars Assembly opposite. You’ll know everything if you can afford it there.” he said and piled up a smile as he took the bag.

Kris nodded and strode out of the chamber.

“Ha ha, what a bumpkin!” The waiter twitched his mouth and thought: people from outside are easy to rip off!

Arrived at the Stars Assembly, he found it a place like a dark room, separated by layers of Battle Formation!

Sitting in a chair, with all sounds being cut out by the Battle Formation and a sounds showed up in the darkness, Kris’s divine spiritual power cannot detect anything.

“What do you want to know, my guest?”

“I want to know about the second and third universes.”

The other side thought for a while, “My guest, your question is too extensive. As for the information of the second universe and third universe, I can tell you for more than three days and three nights. Please be more specific!”

“Well, first question: why did the second universe annihilate?”

“That will cost you a billion spiritual stones!”

“Pa!” Kris threw out a storage ring directly.

“The second universe is called the Primitive Universe, which was created by the God Master, Hong. All the clues we have commanded so far are more declined to show that the Universe of Hong did not pass the Decay Period when he was promoted, and he finally broke away from the main universe and disappeared into chaos!”

Kris was stunned, “You charge me a billion spiritual stones with just a word?”

The other side knew that his information was not enough to satisfy him, “Guest, although it is only a very short sentence in your view, but these news are gained through countless people’s effort!”

Kris squinted, clearly not happy with this explanation!

Chapter 614: The Taoism Course

“It’s just your speculation, isn’t it? There may be 10000 speculations like yours from our analysis. But all I want are the specific clues, I don’t want your speculation.” said Kris.

After a while of thorough though, someone in the crowded uttered, ” As I know, at the end of the millionth Era, the Second Universe was created by the Great Supreme Lord Hong. According to all the data we had, after the Primitive World(the world for our ancestors) broke away from the Main Universe, the Great Supreme Lord Hong began his searching trip for the Main Universe(the main part of the Second Universe ) in the Chaos World. Up to now, his trip has lasted five million Era!”

“In other words, the Great Supreme Lord Hong has disappeared for five million Era?” asked Kris.

“That’s right!”” answered the stranger.

Kris found something indispensible in the words. The Great Supreme Lord Hong had spent so many years in searching for the Main Universe. As for Kris who was not sure his hometown was in the Second Universe or the Third Universe, he might waste his whole life on the searching work.

“So do you know the bridge between the Second Universe and the Third Universe?” asked Kris.

“Yes, to get the answer, you must pay me 1 billion Taoist Strength Stone, or invaluable materials worth 1 billion Taoist strength stone!” said the stranger.

Since Taoist Strength Stone is an indispensible material for him, Kris threw out a storage ring where other invaluable materials were contained.

“Is it enough?” asked Kris.

After a long silence in the dark, the stranger said, “Yes, it is!” Then he waved out two star charts to Kris and continued, ”The bridge is painted in the star chart, it, however, is a land full of dangers now. The one who tried to get on the bridge will lose his way in the violent universe energy flow or be sent to the Chaos World. That perhaps will cost his life.”

“I got two more questions. Where is the Chaos World? And do you know anything about a planet called the Earth? ” asked Kris.

A long while of silence again when Kris nearly ran out of his patience, the stranger uttered, ”You should spend 5millon supreme spiritual stone for the first question. As for the second one, I don’t have any idea about that now. But I guess the so-called Earth must be a planet invigorated by lives. You can detail the characteristics of this planet here. Our travelers are all over the universe. I think you can offer a reward here! “

“How much does it take to post a reward?”

“It’s on you, the higher the reward is, the more likely it is to attract people’s attention!”

Kris was so resolved to find his hometown that he agreed that he would pay again 10 billion Taoist strength stones as the reward. It seemed that even the stranger was shocked by his generosity and he said, ”OK, please pay a 10% deposit first. If there is any news about the task, we will inform you as soon as possible!”

Being a powerful counterpart of the Dubhe Chamber, the Star Chamber would definitely keep the virtue of honesty towards its customers. So Kris trusted what the stranger said.

“The reward now has been on effect now. We will inform you as soon as we obtain any useful information” said the stranger, who then sent him another star chart and a transmitter. “The location is written in the star chart, take the transmitter during your trip so that you can get specific information about it. But be aware, there are some forbidden places you should avoid, just don’t go there!”

Kris nodded as reply.

“Do you have anything else to ask?”

“No! Thanks!”

After that, Kris got up and left.


Now he lost the clue again. He had to make a new plan for his searching trip. If he continued his research on the Principle of Causation, he might have a great achievement in his immortal practicing. If he want to continued the searching trip, he could find the bridge between the Second Universe and the Third Universe through the help of Star Chamber, which, however, seemed like to fish a needle out of the sea. But if he stayed in the Dubhe Star and established his force there. He could make use of his own force to collect further information about the Seven Great Supreme Lords.

Now ten years were gone, he had still no idea about the location of the Earth. Calm down, man! Think twice before you leap! Kris deliberated on the current situation and decided to continue his immortal practicing while tracking the Earth. If he made progresses on Principles, he could also upgrade the mini-world he had created. In the latest days, he made a breakthrough in the Time Principle research, which ensured that a year in his mini-world equals the eight thousand years in the outside world. And with this magic, he might embark on a time travel back to the moment one hour ago.

As for the establishment of his force in the Dubhe Star, his incarnation-the Demon Kris, would take care of everything there.

While his another incarnation-Yuan Kris was on his research on Sun Soul magic, Kris buried himself in the practice of Eleven-Step Iron Figure Skill, which took him about a month with the help of Time Principle. Now he came to understand that Principle Magic was a sweet spot for his immortal practice. Now he had mastered the Time Principle, if he could obtain more knowledge of Space Principle, he would gain progress in an amazing way.

The mini-world(the Cave World) now covered an area of 1 billion m2. To sustain the lives in the mini-world, Kris had prepared enough energy for them. So he went looting a whole planet as his energy source. At this pace, he might reach the ceiling level of the Dongtian(cave) Magic and make a breakthrough into the Small Worlds Magic. He was now just like the God who created the world.

Three years later(this means that Kris has spent three thousand years in his mini-world ), he had reached the fulfilled period at the Eleven-Step Iron Figure Skill, which ensured his physical strength now was about the fulfilled period of Holy Realm. There was signs for him to break through into the True God Stage. During these three years, the 129600 mini-worlds were full of lives, which, in return, offered him rich experience in immortal practice. Now his sun soul power was more stronger than his physical strength.

“The Half True God?” exclaimed Kris, who caught the sight of true spirit mark on the sky. He sent the mark into his mini-worlds and brought about a great earthquake in them.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Lives in the worlds now were all fixing their eyes on the sky. They found the space around them was firmer and the worlds they lived became more livable. At this moment, endless echoes came from the sky: ”I am Yuan Kris, the creator of your worlds, today I become a master of Taoism, everyone of you can have a course from me in the my palace in Thirty Three Heaven. ”

The invitation was so attractive that all of the lives were scrambling into the sky. However, there were deadly obstacles before the Thirty Three Heaven. Only the one in the stage of accumulated spirit could got through. The Lord of Taishang and two of his Taoist Friends felt really excited about the piece of good news from Kris. All of them reached ceiling period of accumulated spirit, it was a good chance for them to further their immortal practice if they could have a course from Kris.

In an active volcano, the Phoenix opened its eyes and cried, “I should go to the palace!” One and again, the other two holy beasts- the Chinese Unicorn, the Chinese Golden Dragon went ahead to the Thirty Three Heaven.

In the distant west, two young men looked at each other confusingly. “My senior fellow apprentice, who is him? Why did him called himself the creator of our worlds? “

His senior fellow apprentice, whose name was the Lord of Jieyin, shook his head and replied, ”It should be the ancient creature who existed since the innate-power stage at the beginning of the world.”

“Shall we go?”

“Yes of course! You know the three holy beasts are all the master in the actualized spirit stage, they are far cry from a Master of Taoism, that’s why they attend a course from the so-called world creator. ” said the Lord of Jieyin.

“Anyway, I am definitely not his rival!”

“Well, let’s go now. Time waits for no man.” Said the Lord of Jieyin, who took his junior fellow apprentice hurriedly into the sky.

On the earth, there was sect called Wu Sect, which boasted ten great figures in immortal practice.

“Who is the so-called world creator? Is he as strong as our Father God?” said Gonggong, who had a snake head and human body. He was one of the great figures in his sect. Houtu, the only female one among the ten great figures, shook her head and cried, ”No way! We are the members of Wu Sect, we don’t worship any other God except our Father God. ” All of them were born with special aptitudes, which ensured that they could reach the stage of actualized spirit naturally. However, since they were created by the essential blood of their father God, none of them owned primal spirit. So they couldn’t get access to immortal practice.

There were three thousand visitors outside Kris’s palace and their seats were arranged in the order of arrival.

The Lord of Taishang was the most powerful visitor among them. He took a seat at the first row with his two brothers: the Lord of Taichu and the Lord of Taiyin. The two were the innate-power stage creature who lived in the sky. They occupied the fourth and fifth seat in the first row respectively.

A young man with red hair sat on the sixth seat in the first row and his fellow took the seat of the seventh by his side. “The Lord of Zhenyuan, I feel a little nervous to the presence of so many great practitioners! ” said the young man.

The Lord of Zhenyuan replied with a smile, “Man, as the incarnation of the cloud in the world, everyday you come out earlier than the sun. But this time you are late!” The friend joke amused the young man and he burst out a laughter shyly.

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