The woman sat lazily on the sofa, she was thinking.

She has a bodyguard to kill Karen Lee, of course, there is no problem. After all, Karen Lee’s strength was not in the top 100 in her own home. This kind of person is easy to kill.


Now it is whether she wants to kill or not, this is a question.

If she kills her, she can really reduce a lot of trouble. After all, the woman admits that Karen Lee’s cleverness makes her a little unpleasant. People who are too smart will sooner or later spoil themselves!!

But there is also a trouble with killing. That is, there is no impenetrable wall in the world. What should she do if a policy inherited Karen Lee’s intelligence thought that she killed her?

It will definitely turn around, and it’s useless to force yourself at that time!

After all, the woman admitted that she really felt a little bit about Chuck Cannon.

What is this feeling? Want to control him, own him.

This is possessiveness!

What you are fancy must be possessed!!

Up to now, women still don’t want to plant this seed that might turn the relationship between the two people. As for Logan, it doesn’t matter.

The woman fell into consideration.

The man waited beside.

Ten seconds later, the woman said lazily, “Forget it, let her go this time, don’t kill her.”

“Yes, but miss, can I ask the reason?” The man was cautious.

“First, killing Logan’s kind of spare tire and killing his mother Karen Lee are two absolutely different concepts. That Logan doesn’t matter, Chuck Cannon can forget it after a while, but killing his mother is not an ordinary thing. He must never forget.” The woman shook her head.

“Also, I’m a bit entangled. Karen Lee is too smart and makes me unhappy, but to a certain extent, I admire her a little. After all, there are not many smart women in this world, so she can be barely counted one. “

The woman went on to say it, and she was a bit…sad.


The man suddenly felt envious of Karen Lee in his heart. It is really a great honour for Karen Lee to be able to let the helm of the hidden family in the future appreciate it!!


The man’s cell phone rang, “Karen Lee is here,”

“Let her in,” the woman said lazily.

“Yes, but Karen Lee is obviously angry this time, the young lady still don’t let her get too close.” The man reminded carefully.

Woman waved.

The man went to open the door, and Karen Lee came in, expressionless, and the man reached out and stopped her, “You know my lady’s rules, don’t get too close, my lady doesn’t like the smell of you,”

Karen Lee glanced at the man, without saying anything, just looking at the woman from a distance.

The man sneered, you dare not measure it!!

The Hidden Family is not someone you dare!!

“I haven’t seen you in a few days. You are a lot older and so haggard? Unlike you, you were well maintained last time, but today you are suddenly old and look bad,” the woman said lightly.

For three days, Karen Lee didn’t sleep either. After all, Logan’s life or death was uncertain. How could she be able to sleep with Logan as considering her as her daughter?

“Let’s talk about it, why you come to find me?” the woman said lightly.

“You should know.” Karen Lee narrowed her eyes.

“Know? What should I know? Oh, yes, I know, the plane that Logan was on crashed. Is that why you came to see me? You want me to help? This is not good, that Logan, I hate her a bit. “

“Hate her, so you shot her?” Karen Lee’s voice was cold.

The woman’s beautiful eyes narrowed slightly, “What did you say?”

The man scolded, “Karen Lee, why did you say that my lady did something to Logan? Humph, is she worthy of my lady to do something?”

“I didn’t talk to you, don’t interrupt! You are like this, it will make me think that you are the biggest in this house! Is that so?” Karen Lee calmed down.

The man is annoyed, she is putting a hat on him!

If it weren’t for the woman, he must have slapped Karen Lee’s face, she actually talked back to him?

Still, slander yourself?

The man was furious!

The woman frowned, so smart Karen Lee!

“No need, I come here with great confidence in my heart, otherwise I wouldn’t have come, between you and me, there is no need to cover up, you are smart and I am not stupid.” Karen Lee said slowly.

“You are clever, but also a little stupid,” the woman shook her head lazily, “As for Logan, if you have a lot of confidence, why did you come to me? What is your confidence?”

“Possessive, you are very possessive, Logan influenced you, so…”

“Shhh, you are wrong. Can a woman like Logan affect me? Her identity is not qualified to see me. You are insulting me!” The woman’s voice suddenly became cold.


The man ferociously raised his big hand to slap Karen Lee’s face with a heavy slap. He waited too long for this slap!!

Last time he wanted to beat Karen Lee. This time, he actually compared Logan with his own lady?

This is really an insult!

Logan’s industry was earned by the entire hidden family in one month. How could this kind of person be compared with her own lady?

This slap was too fast, and it came close to Karen Lee’s face all at once.

Karen Lee glanced at him. She didn’t move her hands and her head, but her steps moved back a bit, so the next step would be so easy.

The man’s slap and Karen Lee’s cheek passed by a few centimetres.

This slap is actually empty!

The man was astonished and surprised. Was it his flies? Hiding so fast!

The beautiful eyes of the woman sitting on the sofa was a little bit surprised, “Hey, you can hide.”

“This is the first time, I don’t care about you, and next time, I don’t care who you are, I will let you lie on the ground!” Karen Lee said coldly, looking at the man, his eyes shot out cold!

The man sneered, “It’s good hiding, but do you think you can beat me? Just kidding! If I really want to do my best, you can’t hold it for ten seconds!”

“Why should I fight for ten seconds? Can’t I solve you in five seconds?” Karen Lee narrowed her eyes.

“Haha!” The man laughed loudly, he really wanted to laugh at her!

“Why didn’t I see you so humorous last time?” The man sneered.

“To be honest is also humorous? No wonder you, a subordinate, can’t speak.” Karen Lee said lightly.

The man was angry!

He was so angry, he was actually laughed at by people like Karen Lee!!

Karen Lee stopped looking at him and looked at the woman, “I will only ask you one question. Logan is dead or alive?”

This is the purpose of her coming here. After looking for it for three days, if Logan had parachuted down before the plane crashed, then even if she couldn’t find her, she would have looked for herself!

But no, there is no audio at all.

Then there are two possibilities. First, Logan really escaped and was severely injured, so she couldn’t get out, so she couldn’t contact herself.

Second, this woman caught Logan and trapped Logan, so she couldn’t find it and she couldn’t get out.

“Are you questioning me?” The woman became lazy again.

“Yes, asked, you can think so, as long as I want to know whether Logan is dead or alive?” Karen Lee said.

“Oh, it’s interesting, I’m so old, and it’s the first time someone dared to speak to me like this, Karen Lee, you are kind of interesting. If Logan is alive, what would you do?” The woman suddenly smiled, but the smile was chilling!!

“Alive, then I will assume that this matter has not happened, but only this time, next time there is such a thing, I will let you know, your secret family actually underestimated me,” Karen Lee said slowly.

The woman smiled deeper and suddenly turned into a bit of sarcasm.

“Haha, Karen Lee, underestimated you? You think my lady needs to underestimate you? It’s poverty that limits your imagination! Yes, you really hide a little strength, but that kind of strength is in front of our young lady like ants, what are ants? Elephants can trample to death with one foot!” The man laughed, really, he was going to die today.

The strength of the hidden family is not something ordinary people can understand.

It has been passed down for thousands of years and accumulated by dozens of generations. How can you understand? !

“I’ve given you a chance, are you going to interrupt again?” Karen Lee approached the man step by step, the man taunted even more, “You want to do it with me? Hahaha!!”

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