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Karen Lee stepped forward and was about to shoot!

The man sneered to the point of ridicule. At this time, he was about to punch Karen Lee!!

The atmosphere freezes and the swords are drawn!!

But this time.

“Karen Lee, don’t make any more mistakes, you take the initiative to fight my man, are you qualified?” the woman said lazily.

This is a matter of priority.

To beat Karen Lee, she should be told, and Karen Lee should not be allowed to take the initiative!

Karen Lee stopped, “Okay, then tell me, Logan is alive or dead!”

“You haven’t finished answering my question. She is alive if nothing happens. What if she is dead? What can you do? Want to do it with me?” The smile on the woman’s beautiful face was ridiculed to the obvious point.

In this world, apart from the other two hidden families, other people like Karen Lee, she didn’t take it seriously!

“Yes, that’s right, Logan, I treat her as a daughter. She was killed by you. Then I and you are the enemies of heaven. Then I will do nothing for the rest of my life. I will deal with you specifically and destroy your family!” Karen Lee said slowly.

“Hehe, do nothing? Should I be scared? Why do I feel a little like to laugh?” The woman sneered lazily, laughing mockingly.

The man sneered, Karen Lee could really say such a thing!

Is she totally looking for death?

“There is nothing funny, let’s talk, Logan is dead or alive?” Karen Lee was calm.

“You make me feel interesting, well, let me tell you, alive! She is still alive! But today you make me feel that you don’t have the need to survive, you are too smart, usually such a person, my habit is… you should be Killed,” the woman said.

Karen Lee’s expression did not change a little, but she was relieved in her heart. Logan was still alive, so that was enough.

But where is Logan?

It should not have been caught by her, she must have been seriously injured. Karen Lee was eager to leave. Rather than wasting time here, she should hurry up and look for it.

Logan must be injured, and still seriously injured!


Karen Lee’s cell phone rang suddenly, she took it out to look, her eyes were clear, she immediately turned and walked.

“Huh, did my lady let you go?!” The man’s fist blasted out, facing the back of Karen Lee’s head!

Punch her to death! !

Karen Lee’s eyes were cold, and she turned around and punched out!

Lightning’s fist belongs to Karen Lee, and the dark fist belongs to the man, so they fought together!


Karen Lee, the man did not move!

It lasted for ten seconds!

Silent, deathly silence!

But Karen Lee glanced at the woman on the sofa, “Don’t force me!!”


Karen Lee retracted her fist, turned and went out!

The woman on the sofa frowned as she was threatened, she was actually threatened by a woman!

Haha, Karen Lee, you are so bold!!

“Miss, I’m sorry, this Karen Lee walked too hastily, plus I underestimated her, only 40% of the strength, I…” The man lowered his head.

“It’s okay. I was surprised by her fighting. She was able to pick up 40% of your fists. Not bad… What kind of strength is Karen Lee?” The woman became a little interested.

“Normally, I attacked with 40% strength, and she resisted it. If I increase to 70%, she must vomit blood.” The man lowered his head and said.

“Oh, then she’s fine,”

“Miss, do you want me to catch up and kill her now?”

“No, I didn’t want to kill her just now. Now she has given me new ideas. Doesn’t she prevent Chuck Cannon from becoming a parent? I just want to let Chuck Cannon give me a child in front of her!!” The woman said coldly.

This is what she just thought, her possessiveness made her think so if she won’t let it, and stop it, then she just wants to do it!!

To make her desperate, it is better than killing Karen Lee!

“Yes!” The man still lowered his head.

“What happened to Logan last time, you missed it, let her seize the opportunity, and actually jumped down, how? Did you find it?” The woman was lazy again.

“I have already asked people to look for it. When she parachuted out, I shot her with a gun and broke the parachute. She should be dead. After all, the parachute was completely out of control at the time and the possibility of falling was very high. , But…” The man stopped.

“But what?”

“But I found a parachute and some blood, but no one was found. I suspect that Logan was rescued at the time…” The man still bowed his head.

“Saved? Keep looking for her, don’t let me down, Logan, the spare baby must die,…” The woman continued reading lazily.

“Yes, I will deal with it,” the man retired.

“By the way, how is Chuck Cannon’s father Joseph Cannon check it?” the woman suddenly asked.

“This person, Joseph Cannon, maybe…” The man’s voice suddenly became quieter.

After the woman heard this, she was a little bit stunned and even unexpected, “That’s really interesting, it seems that some people can’t do it anymore, but why do you want to find Karen Lee? Interesting, interesting… Go, find Logan first, Then I will begin to make Karen Lee desperate step by step!” The woman lowered her head and continued reading.

With a lazy expression, telling others that everything is under her control…


The man withdrew, he quickly walked into a room, locked the door, and in the bathroom, he finally raised his head, his face was pale!

The expression on his face changed, and a little bit of shock appeared!


A mouthful of blood, finally he couldn’t help but vomited out, vomiting in the sink!

“How is it possible? Karen Lee actually beat me to vomit blood? I just used 70% to 80% of the strength, how could she do it?”

The man was shocked at the extreme. You must know that he is extremely powerful. In Hudson, he can also be ranked in the top fifty.

Was he vomiting blood by a woman?

It’s incredible!

Let men pretend to be like yesterday’s dream!

“Does this Karen Lee hide her strength? Otherwise, how could she beat me like this?” The man’s eyes became gloomy.

“You are really hiding a little bit deeper. I just used 70% to 80% of my strength just now, but I don’t know how much you used just now! I vomited blood, you should be holding back just now, you should vomit blood too!! Humph. I’m overcast by you. I think I will show you some colour next time.” The man quickly handled the blood in the sink.

He must not let this the young lady know, otherwise, something will happen!!

After cleaning up, the man breathed a sigh of relief. He was holding his chest and felt so painful, especially the fleshy pain in his chest. He coughed violently, and unexpectedly vomited a mouthful of blood again…

Karen Lee drove home.

Seeing Betty, her face was normal, she didn’t mean to vomit blood at all, and she didn’t even frown.

The man used 70% to 80% of his strength, but how much did Karen Lee use?

30%! Karen Lee only used 30% of her strength!

“President Lee,” Betty came over anxiously. She called Karen Lee and said that she saw some traces in the forest three hundred miles away.

The blood at the scene had completely coagulated but from the blood samples collected at the scene, Betty distinguished that it was Logan’s blood!

But Logan was not found! She searched all around but all in vain!!

“Is the plane ready?” Karen Lee asked when she got off the car.


“Let’s take a look,” Karen Lee said, she and Betty got on the plane and arrived at the scene. Someone blocked the place. Of course, it was Karen Lee’s. Some other people continued to search nearby!!

Karen Lee saw the situation at the scene, the parachute was torn, and there was a large pool of dried blood on the ground.

“Sure enough, she escaped,” Karen Lee murmured to herself, worried and sad.

Where did she escape?

“From the extent of the parachute’s fall, the parachute should have been broken at that time. If it weren’t for the luxuriant trees, it caught the branches when it fell, otherwise President Logan would definitely be more fierce, but even so, Logan was also seriously injured and may have lost blood. Many, even the head was hit by some branch…” Betty analyzed, also worried! Logan’s situation was definitely not optimistic!

“And so?”

“They looked and said that there was still a trace nearby, indicating that Logan was rescued,” Betty continued analyzing.

“Who rescued?” Karen Lee’s eyes shot out!

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