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Chapter 615 – 616: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 615: The Base of Becoming a Saint

Yuan Kris was the Taoist Master, and he also intended to intervene the birth of speed-up rules.

All of the 3,000 guests in the Taoist Palace have the opportunity to be an actualized spirit. Kris Chen did scattered those achievement methods obtained before in every corner of the world to be discovered, but they were not suitable for the Ancestral World, because the Ancestral World was a top Dongtian(cave) in the final analysis. Unlike the real small worlds which have numerous resources, although its essence was a world, it still takes a long time to turn into reserves.

Seeing that 3,000 guests were all here, Fengzu, Qilin and Longzu came outside the Taoist Palace at this moment.

Seeing all the 3,000 guests, they immediately got furious for didn’t finding their own places. They opened their mouths and spit out Nirvana Fire, even wanting to hurt people in front of the Taoist Master.

“Ah …”

Xuanwa of the innate-power stage died directly on the spot.

People were all frightened, they didn’t expected this Fengzu dare to start a fight in front of the Taoist Master.

“How dare you!”

Young and vigorous as Tongtian was, he intended to strike back but Primus immediately stopped him. “Hold on, my third brother. We are in the Taoist Palace, so the Master will be in charge. We’d better wait and do our own part!”

Hearing this, Tongtian nodded and endured.

That Qilin also snorted contemptuously, “What nonsense Master, get out of here!”


Longzu didn’t change into his real body, he covered the sky with his body tens of thousands high, and its strength was beyond words.

The atmosphere in the actualized spirit stage almost crushed the sky.

Everyone were looking forward to see what the Master will do except that dead Xuanwa!

“You three are all blessed, and you have had the opportunity to rule the world respectively, but you’ve all lost your mind in the catastrophe.”

At this moment, one sighed, “Fengzu, this Xuanwa have had the possibility of being an actualized spirit. But you killed him and cut off his path, it will surely come back to you in the future.”

“Bullshit, get the hell out!”

Fengzu opened his mouth and spit out the Nirvana fire, wanting to kill them all.


Saying that, the time stood still and even Fengzu’s thinking was solidified when he was standing in the empty sky.

A man wearing a white robe sat on the cloud, as he snapped his finger, Fengzu was directly knocked down to the thirty three Heavens and turned into a meteor crashing into the earth!

Qilin was greatly frightened. Since he and Fengzu were tweedledum and tweedledee, they’ve been fighting for thousands of years but ended in a draw. Now, he can hardly resist the Master!

“I’d rather be an ant if I can’t become a saint!”

The Taoist Master sighed. He pointed at Qilin and Longzu in a row and said, “You’ve caused this catastrophe between Heaven and earth, so you have to pay for it!”

Seeing that Longzu and Qilin were disappeared, everyone was horrified.

People all know that these three people were the strongest in the world, but even such strong people like them can’t handle just one attack from the Master.

What Stage is he?

Holy Realm?

Everyone’s eyes were hot.

“This time I will talk about the Great Tao for 3,000 years. I hope you all listen carefully!”

Yuan Kris glanced at everyone and spit out wise words.

He’s read countless magic secrets, so he was reviewing his own knowledge by preaching.

Ascending the Stage too fast will inevitably lead to unstable strength.

Therefore, it’s really worthwhile to review for thousands of years.

“Once I swallow a golden elixir, I’ll be the ruler of my life, the so-called the Great Tao…”

Everyone was fascinated, and people in the palace were all immersed in the Great Tao.

In addition, Martial Ancestor from the Martial World has become a saint and preached for 3,000 years, and the True God from the magical world also preached for 3,000 years, and for the Reiki Land …

Yuan Kris finished speaking and looked at everyone, ” 3,000 years later, I will preach for the second time!”

Then, the Palace was closed. When people return to the fact they have been outside of the thirty three Heavens.

In these 3,000 years, Longzu, Fengzu and Qilin were all recovered.

The world has more than doubled again in the past three thousand years. The bigger the territory was, the greater their ambition will be.

The fight between the three sects escalated again.

“The world is haunted by Jieqi(pneuma of fatality). Let’s go back to Tianzhu Peak Closing Door and practice Taoist magic art alone, and strive to be actualized spirit within 3,000 years!”

Said Primus.

Taishang nodded and said, “That makes sense!”

Tongtian didn’t act recklessly. He have been listening to the sermon for 3,000 years, and he knew what cause and effect were and what a catastrophe was.

Only to be a saint can be unaffected by Jieqi, otherwise one may face the danger of falling down.

Both Red Cloud Ancestor and Zhenyuan-tse looked dignified. “Red Cloud Ancestor, how about go to my Wuzhuang Temple for these 3,000 years. We can sit and talk, just as my ginseng fruits are ripening, I can get you two to eat!”

Red Cloud Ancestor nodded and said, “I’ve been waiting for 9,000 years, and they are finally ripening. Hurry up, I can’t wait!”

Zhenyuan-tse chortled. He and Red Cloud Ancestor hit it off thousands of years ago, and he admired Red Cloud Ancestor’s purity and kindness!

“Brother, I have learned something from this sermon. I should go back to Taiyin Star Closing Door to practice Taoist magic art alone!”

Said Taiyin.

Taichu nodded and said “Me too. I have a feeling that I should be able to break through the actualized spirit in the next 3,000 years!”


“Good as the Great Tao is, ours is not bad!”

Cundhi said.

“Don’t look down on the Great Tao my younger brother. it only refers to the Great Tao of saints. although the 800 side roads we created are good, we can really absorb the essence of the Great Tao and make up for ourselves!”

Jieyin said, “Let’s stay in the Lingtai Mountain to perfect the Great Tao in those 3,000 years!”


Cundhi smiled and agreed with what his brother said.

Yuan Kris’s feeling of collecting all the ideas in the world was suddenly shocked by the huge information.

“Great, according to this trend, I will definitely become a saint after three sermons! The so-called Heavenly Dao Realm! “

Yuan Kris was overjoyed and shared this news with the original soul quickly.

Kris Chen was almost stunned by the unexpected news.

His sun soul was expanding at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Tens of thousands of Taoist Strength and thousands of rules and hundreds of Principle were filling in his sun soul!

Now, his flesh and the sun soul were even.

If they break through the True God together, there may be unexpected surprise.

They looked up at the sky and saw countless rules and Principle are intertwining. Although there were several causal links, those were Xuefei Yuan’s.

“If we break through the True God, we should be able to see the broken causal link?”

In the past three years or so, Kris Chen’s clone has searched for every world and planet, he’s searched for tens of billions of planets but found nothing.

Demon Kris also created the new Gengu No.1 Sect in Dubhe. At the very least, resources will not be cut off.

“If we break through the True God but still can’t see the way home, I will break through the Genesis and the Great Supreme Lord!”

Kris Chen gnashed his teeth, and his mind sank into the Acupoint world. After more than 40,000 years of evolution, the Acupoint world finally stopped at 100 million feet.

At this time, the sky is millions of feet high and the ground is 500 thousands feet thick. With the intervention of Yuan Kris, the world’s highest power has reached the peak of the actualized spirit!

It constantly provided he with various rules and Principle.

And on this day, his Time Principle finally finished.

The velocity of time exceeded 300 times, say, one year for the outside world equals to 90,000 years in the Time Barrier.

At this time, Acupoint Cave has greatly exceeded what Kris Chen had expected, and since the top Dongtian is already this big, the world will definitely expand a hundred times once it is promoted to small worlds!

By then, it will be larger than the biggest Dongsheng Divine Land in Devil Land, which is enough to support tens of billions of living beings!

With this, it seems a little terrified!

Fortunately, their slaves from Renma Star were searching for resources all over the world. Otherwise, it was really hard to rely on Demon Kris alone.

According to Kris Chen’s previous assumptions, the top Dongtian requires more advanced magic weapons to be lifted into small worlds, but now, the Star Core, a thing that against the nature, can make it smooth for it to raise to small worlds.

Kris Chen has buried hundreds of Star Cores in the Ancestral World, big and small, which will be horrific once they blow up.

Moreover, the acquired stage were returning to the innate-power stage under the effect of the star cores.

The whole world was filled with the innate-power stage.

Take a sip and one would float in the sky!

Even a pig can become a saint by absorbing the innate-power stage every day!

“Alas, I really envy these creatures!”

Kris Chen shook his head, but it was only temporary. The world can never grow endlessly, and there is always a latent period.

Another three years passed in the link of an eye!

Now, Kris Chen has been in Dubhe for six years, the Light Sword has stayed inside the world for 1,200 years, and the Acupoint world has passed for 120,000 years!

This was the day when the catastrophe over!

Kris Chen’s sun soul entered the True God, and his flesh entered the True God!

Dongtian in his body was full of sunshine and auspicious atmosphere, and aura of the heaven and earth were getting stronger.

At that moment, all living beings felt something.

“I have mastered the Tao of Heaven, come to Taoist Palace quickly, I’ll talk about the way to become a saint this time!”

After 120,000 years’ development, a great number of talents have stood out from the Ancestral World, and all the 3,000 people who listened to the sermon at the beginning have become actualized spirits.

The most famous are Taishang, Primus and Tongtian three brothers, as well as Taichu and Taiyin, Shuangdao from the west, Red Cloud Ancestor and Zhenyuan-tse, the rising force of Minghe, and Nuwa and Fuxi from the innate-power stage!

Looking at the people below, Yuan Kris said, “I have three ways to become saints, one of which is to prove Tao by force. This method is the strongest but the most difficult. The second is to eliminate Three Worms, a good one, an evil one and your inner self. The third is to make merit. As long as you can make great merits, you can become a saint., but his method is the weakest! “

After naming the three methods of becoming saints, Taishang asked, “Pardon me teacher, which one did you choose!”

Yuan Kris thought and answered, “The third one! The Ancestral World is still on a rise, the present world can only accommodate nine heavenly saints. Who would like to become one of them? “

Everyone was dumbfounded. This is a saint, who doesn’t want to become a saint?

“I would like to become a saint, teacher!”

“And I … teacher, I am willing to be a saint, give me the opportunity …”

120,000 years ago, Longzu, Fengzu and Qilin were easily beaten down to the earth when making a mess in the Taoist Palace, and they’ve already knew the power of saints.

If you can’t become a saint, you’ll end up becoming an ant!

Yuan Kris looked at everyone, “I see!”

“I possess the base of becoming a saint. Whoever grabs it will get it!”

Saying that, everyone stared at Yuan Kris straight. He spread his hands, and nine golden bases of sanctification was leaping in his palm.

“Go, those who have virtue should own it!”

The base of becoming a saint instantly flew out of the Taoist Palace!

“It’s mine, don’t you rob it from me!”

“I’m becoming a saint, I’m becoming a saint!”

“Asshole, who dares to rob my base of becoming a saint from me!”

Every was crazy in front of the base of becoming a saint.

Chapter 616: Nine Seats of Saint

Watching these persons fighting fiercely for the Base of Becoming a Saint, Yuan Kris smiled without a word.

While looking at the eleven persons in front of him, Yuan Kris was gratified, “Why are you not joining the group of fighting for the Base of Becoming a Saint?”

“I want to serve you and listen to your teachings, Master!”

Taishang prostrated himself before Yuan Kris!

So did Primus and Tongtian.

“Please accept us, Master!”

This was the third time Yuan Kris gave a sermon, while during the previous two sermons, Yuan Kris didn’t accept any disciples. Although all the persons were treated like Yuan Kris’ disciples, they were not his true disciples.

Taichu and Taiin also fell on their knees, “Please accept us, Master!”

So did Red Cloud Ancestor, Zhenyuan-tse, Nuwa, Fuxi, as well as Jieyin and Cundhi.

What was the big deal of becoming a Saint? Now Yuan Kris had been the Tao of Heaven, who was stronger than the Saint. Wouldn’t it be better to be the disciples of the Tao of Heaven?

Why not ride on such a master’s coattails?

“I will only accept nine direct disciples, and the remaining two persons can only be registered disciples!”

Yuan Kris said with a smile, “Then what about arranging you according to your seats?”

After what he said, Jieyin and Cundhi were stunned.

As their seats were the last two ones, didn’t it mean they would be the registered disciples?

How unfortunate they were!

But they didn’t dare to speak it out.

At the same time, it was in a mess at the outside of the Taoist Palace. Plenty of mighty practitioners were hurt or even killed. In these persons eyes, nothing was more important than becoming a Saint, let alone their fake friendship for belonging to one sect.

This fight was also called “the Fight leading to Multiple Mighty Practitioners’ Death” in the later.

“Haha, I grabbed the Base of Becoming a Saint.”

The person’s eyes were bloodshot and filled with violence. He was holding the Base of Becoming a Saint in his hands and then his arms were cut off by a magic art when he was still in an ecstasy.

“This will be my Base of Becoming a Saint!”

Minghe, Kun Peng, Randeng…All these old innate-power-stage god spirits showed their extraordinary fighting power and easily held the Base of Becoming a Saint in their hands.

When the fight was over, there were only a few hundred persons remaining from the three thousand persons at the beginning.

At the moment, the door of the Taoist Palace was suddenly closed, “You can leave now since you didn’t pass my test!”

Then a mild force rolled them out of the Thirty Three Heavens!

All the persons were shocked.

“Taoist Lord, we have grabbed the Base of Becoming a Saint. Why didn’t we pass the test?”

“I don’t accept it.”

“We don’t accept it!”


A voice came out from the Heaven, “Look at what you are holding in your hand!”

After these words, the golden Base of Becoming a Saint in all these persons’ hands turned into smoke!


“We are tricked. This is what Taoist Lord tests us!”

“Taoist Lord, we are wrong. Please give us one more chance!”

However, this time they couldn’t even find the Taoist Palace, let alone a chance!

A false move and everything could be lost!

In the Taoist Palace, Yuan Kris gave each of the eleven persons a Base of Becoming a Saint, “At present, there are only nine seats of Saint, and the Base of Becoming a Saint is only what guides you to it. You still have to find your own opportunities of becoming a Saint. When the nine seats of Saint are full, the rest persons can only wait for the next chance!”

Jieyin and Cundhi, who were accepted as registered disciples, were worried, “How long it will be to wait for the second chance of becoming a Saint, Master?”

“It will be possibly millions of years, tens of millions of years, or even hundreds of millions of years!”

After these words, Yuan Kris said again, “This time my sermon will also last three thousand years and then I will exercise power on behalf of the Tao of Heaven who is impartial. From now on, the Tao of Heaven is me while I’m not the Tao of Heaven. Can you understand?”

“We understand!”

All the eleven disciples knelt on the ground.

Yuan Kris nodded and began to give his sermon!

Seeing Yuan Kris giving a sermon with his idea, Kris Chen shook his heads with a smile, “You are good at making fun for yourself!”

Yuan Kris also said with a smile, “Because I need to make some fun for myself!”

“Now we have reached the True God Stage, but we still haven’t seen our causal line. Do we continue to wait?”

Yuan Kris said, “It has been 16 years. If the Earth is in this universe, those children must have grown up now!”

“I know it. But if the Earth is not in this universe and has a different flow velocity of time, it perhaps has past thousands of years or tens of thousands of years and have disappeared!”

Kris Chen sighed. This was what had always been dwelling in his mind.

“We have explored one third of all the planets with lives in the Big Dipper, while we still haven’t seen our causal line. From the information we have collected about the seven Great Supreme Lords, we can be sure that all of them existed in the ancient myths of the Earth!”

“If they really come from or have been to the Earth, why don’t we think it another way?”

Yuan Kris said, “What we need to do now is to find them.”

Kris Chen pondered and then agreed with what Yuan Kris said.

But Hong, the first Great Supreme Lord, had disappeared in the Chaos, and Pan had also been leaving to look for his third universe.

Meanwhile, there had been no trace of Yan for millions of years. And Wa, Morality, Hao, Bodhi…all of these Great Supreme Lords’ traces had also been lost for millions of years.

“Can you deduce their traces?”

“It’s not possible since their cultivation exceeds us too much. Even the power bounced back to us will perhaps cause us to immediate death!”

After reaching the True God Stage, Yuan Kris had a more direct view on the world.

The whole world is a combination of Taoist Strength, Rule, Principle and Taoist Principle.

A slight plucking of a line would perhaps upset the future with an unkown result.

Perhaps the higher stage he reached, the cowarder he was.

“Can you deduce them at where their causal lines were broken?”

Suddenly, Kris Chen thought of a possibility!

Kris Chen closed the Time Barrier. Then he stepped out of the Dubhe and walked to the boundary of the Big Dipper across plenty of galaxies.

The Formation River was running around the galaxies like a ribbon.

Kris Chen saw the dozens of thick causal lines at his first glance.

He touched each causal line and found that he could even feel their breaths.

Kris Chen was surprised about what he found since he had never felt them before.

“Yuan Kris, I can feel their breaths!”

Kris Chen was excited. And Yuan Kris, who was at the Cave World, was also surprised and went out of the Cave World.

Looking at the deep red causal lines, he reached out his hand to seriously feel them, “I can really feel their breaths, but it’s still not enough. Perhaps we can clearly feel them by turning the Causal Principle into the Taoist Principle.”

“That is to say, we shall put the promotion of small worlds on our agenda, right?”

“Yes, this is the best way since only when more persons become Saints, we can continuously listen to the principles!”

As there were nine Saints for one world and he had one hundred twenty nine thousand and six hundred worlds, there would be more than one million Saints and the principles provided to him would be definitely considerable.

Furthermore, once the small worlds were promoted, the number of Saints could definitely be increased by 10 times!

It would be a terrible number.

And the Saints in the middle worlds and the great worlds could also provide power for him, so he could even probably destroy a star field with a punch.

By that time, Kris Chen supposed he should have reached the Genesis Stage.

He thought he was too lonely and had always been fighting alone since he arrived at the Devil Land. He felt he was incompatible with the world and had not much connection with it.

Even though he had his friends, such as Xuefei Yuan, Buhui Chen, Kun Chen and Mosha, and Gengu No.1 Sect, he still felt lonely!

Although it had just been tens of years in the outside world, he had lived hundreds of thousands of years in the Cave World!

He didn’t know when he could find his way home, but he would never give up as long as there was any hope.

“It’s a long journey for me!”

Yuan Kris sighed, “I’m going back now!”

Saying it, Yuan Kris returned to the Cave World.

Kris Chen also stopped thinking more. He returned to Gengu No.1 Sect to take out all the star cores and patted them into the Cave World!

It should take tens of thousands of years or hundreds of thousands of years for a top cave promoted to a small world. To speed up this progress, time must be produced to give birth to the Taoist Principle of Space. When the time was sped up by 500 times, 1000 times and even more times, he could perhaps backtrack time and space!

It was what he had never dared to think before.

Since both of his flesh and sun soul had broken through the True God Stage, he had a life of over thirty million years!

It was enough time for him!

Then Kris Chen was practicing Taoist magic art alone in the following one hundred years, one thousand years, ten thousand years, one-hundred thousand years…

He watched the changes of the world as well as the birth, ups and downs and death of the lives like a passer-by.

Nuwa was the first to become a Saint. She and her brother Fuxi walked through the tribes of tens of thousands of races, and they finally decided to fashion human beings with clay based on the people’s looks of these races!

After ten thousand years of efforts, the first human beings of the human race were born. The Merit Energy fell down from the Heaven and made Nuwa directly a Saint.

After another fifty thousand years, the human race had been evolved from a small tribe to a super-large tribe and had stood out from tens of thousands of races. At the moment, this newly born tribe was becoming the leading role of the future!

Taishang stayed in the tribe of human race for thousands of years. Then he was touched by this experience and founded the Human Religion.

He had been eliminating Three Worms (three evil desires of a human) for tens of thousands of years, and his Taoist power also reached the Saint Stage. The Base of Becoming a Saint in his body was touched by his achievements and connected the Tao of Heaven. Then the golden light of Merit Energy came down from the Heaven and made him a Saint!

After another two thousand years, Primus and Tongtian founded the Chan Religion and Jie Religion respectively. Then the Merit Energy came down from the Heaven and also made them Saints after they eliminated Three Worms!

The three religions occupied the treasured East Land, which were doubtlessly three powerful forces!

Touched by it, Taichu founded the Heavenly Court, so as to govern the three worlds. At the same time, Taiin founded the Heavenly Queen Temple. Touched by their achievements, the Tao of Heaven threw down Merit Energy on both of them and made them Saints. In the same day of becoming Saints, they also got married and became the first pair of married Saints!

By now, there were only three seats of Saint left.

Fuxi, Red Cloud, Zhenyuan-tse, Jieyin and Cundhi were competing for these seats.

Since Jieyin and Cundhi were registered disciples, their Taoist power was not as strong as the other nine direct disciples. If they wanted to become Saints, they had to imitate Nuwa. However, it was useless for them to fashion human race, and it would also be unlikely to make them Saints by fashioning other races.

So what they could only do was to make grand aspirations and founded new religions, such as their untraditional religion!

“We, Jieyin and Cundhi, make grand aspirations and found the Buddhist religion. The first aspiration is, when we become Buddhas, there are no hell, hungry ghosts, livestock as well as flying or crawling insects in our Buddhist world.

The second aspiration is, when we become Buddhas, there are no women in our Buddhist world. All the people in our boundless Buddhist world…

The third aspiration…

We will not become Buddhas until all these aspirations are achieved.”

Jieyin and Cundhi had made forty-eight grand aspirations in total, each of which was recognized by the Tao of Heaven. They would never be promoted to the next Stage until all the aspirations were achieved!

They shaved their heads to be Buddhist practitioners.

Then the Tao of Heaven threw down Merit Energy on them and made them Saints!

Now there was only one seat of Saint left, while there were three competitors who were Fuxi, Red Cloud and Zhenyuan-tse.

Fuxi knew that he was unlikely to become a Saint since his younger sister Nuwa’s becoming a Saint had used up their Merit Energy. He had to wait for the second wave of chances of becoming a Saint.

At the same time in the Wuzhuang Temple, Red Cloud was persuading Zhenyuan-tse, “Zhenyuan-tse, since you are the first earth immortal who was born with the treasured Earth Book and such a spiritual root as ginseng fruit, you must become a Saint!”

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