The old man said so, and the young man immediately nodded respectfully, “Yes, how can Karen Lee let our secret family inform?”

The old man said indifferently, with a natural sense of superiority in his voice, “It’s good that you know. Although Karen Lee is good talent in recent decades but she is still far behind our three secret families. How can she let me personally send someone to notify her? Is she qualified?”

The young man nodded hurriedly. After all, he is a member of the hidden family, of course, he must be respectful.

He was shivering just now, afraid of saying the wrong thing.

“Then, how do you deal with this Logan?” The young man asked with his head down.

After all, Logan didn’t know about herself when she would wake up.

“Since she’s saved, she’s my traveller.” The old man saw Logan on the hospital bed.

“What do you mean?” The young man was astonished and unexpectedly looked at Logan who was unconscious.

“You have followed me since you were a child and it’s been almost 20 years. You don’t know what I think?” The old man turned his head to look at him, his eyes were condescending.

The voice undoubtedly seems to be a question and he also seems to be teaching.

The young man hurriedly lowered his head, “I’m dull, please make it clear.”

“My son has always been unwilling to take care of him, and he has been drenched in flowers and weeds everywhere. He said he didn’t find one he likes. I think Logan has good facial features. She can barely make a couple with my son…” the old man said lightly.

“What? You mean to let Logan marry the young master?” The youth was shocked.

“Yes, with this idea, this Logan looks more comfortable to look at. She can have a wife and husband relationship with my son. According to what you said, her personality should also be good. It’s hard to be my daughter-in-law. It should be good, otherwise, why am I doing to save her back?” The old man’s eyes calmed down.

Like an ice cube, there is no mood swing.

“But her status is low, this is a high level.” The young man said hurriedly.

Logan has a mere wealth, how can she fit into the secret family’s traveller?

This safety is to make Logan such a sparrow fly on a branch and become a phoenix!

“Although it’s a high climb, there is no other way. The girl from Hudson disagrees. The other daughters of Hudson are not good. Then it’s okay. It doesn’t matter. It depends on my son. If he doesn’t like it. Let this Logan give me a grandson, and then she would be just blasted away…” said the old man.

“Yes, if the young master has a young master, then he will definitely take care of it,” the young man nodded.

It seems that this matter is relatively simple.

With the character of the young master, this Logan would definitely be dumped.

But giving birth to a baby can be regarded as your Logan doing everything in return.

“So, need to discuss with the young master?” the young man asked.

“Discuss? Why do you want to discuss?” the old man said lightly.

“You…” The young man was astonished again.

“Don’t I know the character of my son? He can’t walk when he sees a woman. He must like this sign of Logan… Hey, she seems to wake up.” The old man suddenly saw Logan on the hospital bed moving.

The youth also saw it, “Master, shall we go in then??”

“Wait a minute, you said that Logan’s head hurts so much, does it really affect the memory?” the old man said.

“It should be.”

“Well, you can ask the young master to come over and take a look.” The old man ordered.

“Yes!” The youth retreated and left.

The old man looked at Logan inside and he pushed the door in.

Logan on the hospital bed felt very painful in her head. She had a long dream and dreamed of many people but she felt that some people were a little strange and she couldn’t remember the names of some people and wanted to talk to some people. Bit by bit, like a young man named Chuck Cannon in the dream…

“Me, where am I?” Logan opened her eyes and sat up with difficulty. She touched her head in pain.

She looked at the surrounding environment. So strange!!

“Are you awake?” The old man came in with a light smile.

Logan was surprised, “Well, I woke up, who are you?”

“My last name is Stewart?” the old man said.

“Stewart? I don’t know you, Have you saved me?” Logan touched her stinging head, feeling that she couldn’t remember something.

“Yes, don’t you remember that?” The old man cared over.

“I, I only remember, my name is Logan, and then I don’t remember many things, my head hurts.” Logan felt painful.

Why is this happening? Why don’t I remember? Is it because of my stinging head?

She has a bond in her heart, she, there seems to be a person in her heart, she especially wants to meet.

Who is this person?

She can’t remember what this person looks like, she can’t remember at all.

Logan shook her head. What did the person she really wanted to see look like?

“Don’t remember anything?” The old man’s eyes were clear.

“Well, I don’t remember. I only remember that there is a person in my heart. I like this person very much. I really like this person. But I don’t remember the name of this person or what this person looks like. My head hurts,” Logan said.

When she think about it, her head hurts terribly.

How can she forget the person she like?

Logan remembered desperately, she couldn’t remember the person she wanted to see.

“Oh, don’t you remember? So, you forgot Brayden?” The old man sighed suddenly.


“Brayden? Who is Brayden?” Logan was at a loss.

The name is too unfamiliar, she doesn’t remember it.

“Hey, Brayden is my son and the person you like. Have you forgotten all this?” The old man sighed.

“Do I like Brayden?!” Logan was even more confused.

Is it like this? Why don’t you remember anything?

“Yes, you are all getting married, you know? But at this point, you have forgotten him. If Brayden knew about this, how sad he would be?” The old man sighed, his face was sad.

Logan was in pain, get married? ?

Are you going to marry this Brayden?

She doesn’t have any memory of this!

“Wait, this Brayden, I don’t remember him, a very strange name, I think about it, the person I like in my heart seems to be called Chuck…” Logan thought painfully, with a splitting headache.

At this time, a gentle, worried voice came in, “Logan, are you awake??”

Logan was stunned. A handsome man walked in, with blue eyes, but with the face of a Chinese. This was a mixed race.

“You are?” Logan was blank, why is this person so strange? Have you seen it?

“Oh, I am Brayden, did you forget me?” Brayden Stewart sighed.

“You are Brayden?” Logan was incomparably at a loss. The old man said that the person she likes is Brayden, then this person?

But it doesn’t seem to be. What does the person she like seem to be called Chuck?

Can’t she remember?

“Yes, oh, I was wrong, I shouldn’t take you to play and let you fall off the mountain, Logan, forgive me?” Brayden Stewart walked over, with love in his eyes.

“You mean I fell from a mountain?” Logan touched her stinging head.

“Well, it’s too sudden. Even if I tried to catch you, I can’t catch it. I can only watch you fall. Sorry, forgive me.” Brayden Stewart reached out and grabbed Logan’s hand, it was very gentle.

Logan felt that the temperature at this moment was too unfamiliar, she struggled to pull it out hurriedly, “Don’t touch me.”

“Well, I’m sorry, I miss you so much,” Brayden Stewart said.

“It’s okay, it’s okay,” Logan shook her head. “My head hurts and I want to sleep, okay?”

“Of course, you should take a good rest.” Brayden Stewart breathed a sigh of relief and said lovingly.

Logan closed her eyes.

Brayden Stewart glanced at the old man, and the two came out.

“Dad…” Brayden Stewart smiled.

“Seeing how you look, you are quite satisfied?” The old man was calm.

“Of course, I have heard the name Logan, but she has always been in China, and I am too lazy to go there, otherwise I would have chased her a long time ago, Dad, what do you mean now, is to let me marry her?” Brayden Stewart was a little excited.

He was born in the U.S. He had never been to China, but he still knew Logan’s name.

Beautiful and intellectual!!

This is the woman he fell in love with. He didn’t expect that the young man went to him just now and said that it was Logan here, so he immediately became excited. When he saw it, it was Logan.

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