Chapter 617 – 618: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 617: Desperation

`As a saint spirit that had reached the innate-power stage, Zhenyuan-tse is no less powerful than the three saints of Taoism, he had also fulfilled the power of three evil desires of human. As for Red Cloud, he still needed more time to enhance his basic ability though he is the very first cloud created after the world came into existence.

“I’ll protect you once I attain the power of saints, and stay with you until the second Divine Century.” Said Zhenyuan-tse after a long conversation he had with Red Cloud.

“I’ll bear this in mind, finally I could use some help!” Laughed Red Cloud.

Three thousand years later, Zhenyuan-tse eventually came to the moment that he realized his own way of attaining the power of saint. He felt he could see further, listen clearer, the changes happening in the whole world can all be easily perceived.

“I’m Zhenyuan-tse, the eight apprentice of the Taoist master. Here and now I become a saint, here and now I establish the Earth Immortal.”

As Zhenyuan-tse became the ninth saint, Kris got what he had been looking for. Of all the one hundred and twenty thousand and nine thousand and six hundred worlds, most of them were not complete, but it was enough for Kris to generate Taoist Principles. The only thing left for Kris to do was to complete as many principles as he could since he had mastered more than a million Taoist Strength and hundreds of thousand rules.

The first one came into existence was the principle of death, than life, than karma, then the deduction…Though the world outside had only gone through four years, the Time Barrier in the cave world made it into four million years in the Cave World that had also extended to an unreasonable boundary.

Kris’s physical strength and the sun soul also reached only the later period of the True God stage. Since the Star Core powered the whole process, there wasn’t much for Demon Kris and the other people to do. But still it would take them around hundreds of million years to drain the world out since the supply of energy outweighed consumption in the process.

Though they had put hundreds of Star Cores in use, the power generated from them were less than one percent as much as it should’ve provided. Kris, Yuan Kris and Demon Kris had all attained the power of dominating the whole universe, but they didn’t plan so.

“How much resources have we got?” Asked Kris.

“We’ve done searching for around a hundred star realms, should suffice deducting all the worlds to the level of the great worlds.”

“That’s it,” Kris nodded,”Let’s begin.”

They had to resort to plan B, which was to apply deduction to the causation line since they couldn’t find Earth anywhere. They sat down together and initiated the Time Barrier, Kris felt himself dashing in the river of time. Eventually, he was stopped by some gray mist clouding his sight and the causation line.

“What is it?” Said Kris as he drew his consciousness out of there,”Chaos? Or a block? Wait…I wouldn’t have come to the Devil land if it’s a block. Let’s continue!”

Kris sent the clock in himself going backwards, one year, two years, three…fifteen, twenty. Eventually he saw the moment he fell from the sky the day Xuefei held the contest.

“This is it! Keep it going!”

Kris saw a crevice in the spot he fell from the sky, then he got into it. The clock kept going, Kris was confused since it shouldn’t have been hundreds of years since the day he came to the Devil Land. Eventually he came to the limit: a thousand years, but there seemed to be not an end in the void of time.

“This is impossible!” Shouted Kris, wondering whether the people he cared were still alive since it already took him that many years to reach a new level of power. It suddenly came to him that though he had only gone through decades, the creatures in the Cave World had gone through millions of years.

“I can’t be!”

Kris found nothing but desperation around him, he punched into nowhere and shattered billions of stars, leaving a giant black hole in the void swallowing countless materials.

Yuan Kris and Demon Kris both understood the sorrow. Kris tried to hard to bring his families immortality, but he failed.

Luckily, Yuan Kris remained calm though he was in despair as well:”Wait! The causation line is still there, so they must be still alive.Probably the speed of time is not of much differences between worlds. Now we can tell that Earth is not in this universe, it could be in others, and the speed of time in different universe is also different! They may still be alive in other universes! I can still feel the toughness of this line, which means they are still alive!”

“That makes sense!” Nodded Demon Kris, Kris himself had also calmed down. He waved his hand and restored everything he just destroyed:”Sorry, guys.”

“We’re technically the same person, man, don’t be.” Smiled Yuan Kris,”Now we can try to locate the seven Supreme Lords, maybe they can show us the way back. This is rather hard since the Lords that created the second and the third universe had hidden themselves in the void and were impossible to be found.”

“Never mind, let’s start with the Lord of Morality!”

The deduction began again. Once a practitioner reached higher power than the True God, he or she would be able to leave a trace their true spirits in the universe, so there must be a trace of the Lord of Morality to be found somewhere. But three months later, they found nothing, not even a clue.

Kris didn’t quit and kept going on, trying all the other methods he could think of: the Taoist principles and all his power, but still found nothing. Yuan Kris jumped to the conclusion that maybe the Supreme Lords had all leaped into another dimension. Yuan Kris and Demon Kris stopped Kris as he was about to go mad and dash into the void to find his families.

“There are other options!” Shouted Yuan Kris,”First, we can try to reach the power of the Genesis Realm and then we can breach through the mist. Second, we get the exact location of the mists and break it through, it will be dangerous since the void may have us caught in it for permanent. Third, we can head back to where we came in the first place, Wuwei City, and sent the clock going backwards there. This is also risky, the consequence is just like the second one.”

“We try all of them, then.” Said Kris,”Demon will help you with this deduction of the causation line, I’ll head to Wuwei City and try reach the power of Genesis Realm.”


Kris had no idea how long it would take him to reach the Genesis Realm, but it was probably his only hope. The Genesis Realm has the power to create a brand new universe and turn fantasy into reality. Kris had already got the power of creating life, such as turning a stone into a living creature. Once he reaches there, he’ll be granted with immorality.

Supreme Lords came to existence since the universe dies, too, all of them had breached the limitations of time and life, became immortal regardless of what would happen to the universe.

Kris look up to the sky and began wondering whether the world he was in is also created by someone else. And if it was, could it be somebody there watching him? The thought immediately sent shivers down his spine, he could be just jumping from a pond too a deeper pond. The more powerful Kris became, the more menial he found himself was. Kris couldn’t stop thinking about all this.

Meanwhile in the Devil Land, the spectrums of five elements had left there and never stopped absorbing that stars into them. They all sensed the beginning of the Five Element Universe since they all had a peak a infinity when they became one.

Chapter 618: Into The Black Holes

After all, the power of the Chaos Realm is capable of manipulating the river of time.

“My thanks, Peerless Supreme!” Said Kris as he took a bow.

“You’re welcome.” Smiled the Peerless Supreme,”It’s quite hard for people like me to meet any new friends after we reached this stage. We can only be alone together.”

Alone, that was what Peerless Supreme felt from Kris. Who knows how long had Kris gone through before he got here? Moreover, he had also spent countless years here. Kris just smiled and then made for the spot where there was a breach on the causation line. Soon Kris found the mist via his deduction, the mist dispersed and revealed a universe where there were countless black holes and a new causation line.

That’s his way back!

He got back to the Gengu No.1 Sect, his apprentices were all waiting for him there.

“You stay here, Demon, I’ll go with Yuan!” Said Kris.

Demon Kris just nodded, there were people he cared in the Gengu No.1 Sect. Once Kris himself reach the power of Genesis Realm, Demon and Yuan would soon follow up and reach there as well so it didn’t matter whether Kris would stay in the Sect. He spread his Divine Spiritual Power across the universe and sensed Buhui, Kun, Xuefei and Yujie. All the spectrums had also perceived the power of Kris, Kris also felt that he would soon reach the new level of power.

“I’ll be back with my families!”

Kris had been waiting for too long, though in reality it had only been a few hundred years, the time had traveled billions of years on him. After all the troubled he lived through, Kris snapped his finger and created a breach, then he dashed right into it.

Time started rolling again, he could feel the worlds inside him expanding rapidly. Fortunately the world inside Kris provided him some ways of killing the feeling of loneliness. The the Tao of heaven in the Ancestral World had evolved into the Great Tao, Kris’ Taoist Principle had also gathered up and formed complete the Great Tao. His power kept on growing, the Genesis Realm, then its middle period, then the later period…one Great Tao, two Great Tao, a hundred, a thousand…The size of the Ancestral World had got bigger then the Devil Land and became the biggest of all the small worlds.

Kris also brought worlds together, and soon war occurred. Watching from above, Kris felt nothing since he knew that peace would never last forever in any place, war is disaster, but it could also be opportunity. Then Kris began upgrading his body with the power of the Great Tao after he fulfilled his level eleven Iron Figure. It had never taken him that long to upgrade himself, after another tens of thousand years, he finally reached a place that looked like the fetal membrane of the universe.

“Out of my sight!”

Breaching it through, Kris found a new but desolate universe where there were also countless black holes and spiritual opportunities. Kris searched it through while collecting the cores of the stars that were about to perish, there were also lives on them, though most of them were of rather low forms. Kris never forgot to be always ready for danger though only the Supreme Lord would be of danger to him. His Divine Spiritual Power also perceived traces that were about to die.

“There were powerful creatures, or people here, I can still feel it!” Said Yuan Kris as he suddenly appeared next to Kris,”But I don’t know why does this place decay like this so fast, it won’t take long for it to eventually collapse.”

“Let’s head back first.” Said Kris as he nodded.

Later, Kris reached a star realm that looked extraordinarily teemed with life of various forms.

“This is it!” Shouted Kris as the burning sun and the beautiful blue planet brought his memory back to the old days and nearly drove his tears out,”I’m home, finally!”

He immediately drew his power back since he could easily tear this planet apart with nothing more than a breath. Then he dashed into the atmosphere and located his motherland, the place he had so longed to return.

Meanwhile in the Danzong School, Westriver City, Lin Li was cornered by the crowd.

“Aren’t you guys afraid that the Master may come back any minute?” Shouted Lin Li to the crowd from above.

“He had left us for good already!”

“It’s been five years, he would’ve come back already if he really meant it!”

“Just surrender, Sovereign Lord!”

Ever after Kris united all the factions of the Martial Circle, the variety of Martial Art practitioners and schools kept growing. Especially the Danzong School, which had boosted quite many people’s greed. There were over hundreds of practitioners that had reached the Heaven-human-oneness stage after around fifteen years.

Lin Wang was just a common believer of the Holy Dragon Cult, but he accidentally got the Heaven Ghost Shadow after he escaped from the sins he committed and got into the cave left by Tianmo School, back when Kris Chen just unified the factions of Martial Circle.

Within fifteen years, Lin Wang reached the Detatchment stage with the help of the Shadow, and he was only a few steps away from becoming as powerful as Kris. But unlike Kris, Lin Wang wanted to keep the power and dominate world instead of wasting his time searching for immortality like Kris.

Lin Li is the Sovereign Lord of the Danzong School, also the one that Lin Wang wanted to eliminate first. He would be in control of the Danzong school once he takes down Lin Li, that was why he dared fought his way to the Ice and Fire Island where there were quite many skilled practitioners.

“How dare you!”

Shouted Hu as he drew the sword out and launched a ray of Sword Energy toward Lin Wang. He had also reached the early stage of heaven-human-oneness stage, but stopped there since he wasn’t gifted enough.


Sneered Lin Wang as he fenced off the attack with a wave of his hand, for his physical strength had become so rigid that nearly no attack could leave even a scratch on him, not to mention the sturdy energy around him.

“It can’t be!”

Hu cotinued attacking, but he couldn’t even penetrate Lin Wang’s Sturdy Energy.

“It can, kiddo.”

Lin Wang kept on approaching while floating above the ground, and also kept on floating higher as if he was walking up a stair case. Of all the people around, there were two that had also reached the heaven-human-oneness stage, they could stay floating, but not like Lin Wang.

“Did he reach the Detachment Stage?”

“Could be, or how else would he be able to do this?”

“Even our master had to use a Nirvana Pill to do it, how did this bastard make it?”

Everyone thought that Lin Wang used a Nirvana Pill as well.

“You don’t need a pill once you’re gifted enough! And it just proved that I will make a better Master of the Martial Circle than Kris Chen!” Shouted Lin Wang, then he punched at Hu’s chest and knocked him away.

“Hu!” Exclaimed Lin Li as she leaped upward and caught Hu, who was barely breathing.

“Lin…” Uttered Hu,”He has bribed everyone in our sect, just…run!”

“No, I won’t leave you alone!” Said Lin Li as she took a healing pill out and put it in Hu’s mouth, they had spent more than fifty years being around each other. Then Lin Li turned around and said to Lin Wang:”Who do you think you are to be the Master! My husband can kill you like killing an ant!”

Kris’ achievements are extraordinary: uniting all the factions, establishing the Union of Martial Art Schools, in no way would Lin Wang ever be qualified to replace Kris.

“But where is him now? He may have died up there! You’d better just follow my lead from now on and be my girl, it doesn’t matter to me that you’re just a second-hand woman!”

His mocking sent the crowd laughing, but Lin Li just gathered up her strength and punched toward Lin Wang, who fenced if off just as easily as he fenced off Hu’s.

“Later period of heaven-human-oneness stage, impressive.” Laughed Lin Wang,”But you have no idea about the gap of power between us!”

Gathering up his strength, Lin reached out his palm and smiled: ”Tianmo’s Palm!”

All of a sudden, the Sturdy Energy of Lin and the sword given the the east sword king were both shattered into pieces, Lin herself was also knocked airborne and landed heavily all the ground, feeling that her organs were damaged severely as well.

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