“Yes, that person is rubbish!!”

Brayden Stewart said coldly, “Logan, you even remember rubbish, but you don’t remember me being so good to you? Why? Is it because I didn’t break your heart?”

“No, it’s just this kiss. I remember it too clearly…” Logan was at a loss.

It’s a lingering memory, but she just can’t remember what this person who asked for her first kiss looks like?

He seems, tall, pure, and cute?

It seems so.

Innocent and cute, how could it be garbage?

“Okay, hey, take your time to think about it, am I in your heart, since I met at that time, I have no position at all?” Brayden Stewart sighed.

“I don’t know, I only remember this kiss,” Logan shook her head blankly.

“Hey, Logan, forget it, forget it,” Brayden Stewart turned and went out.

If you were so “sad”, you would definitely stop me but Brayden Stewart walked to the door, Logan didn’t even call him.

Brayden Stewart is angry, is she!!

He came out and looked at Logan through the glass, only to see her looking out the window blankly.

Brayden Stewart sneered, “It’s interesting, my method of picking up girls is actually useless for you… You made my desire to conquer stronger, Logan, how about your guard? You are now in a blank period, just casually I can take advantage of it…”

Brayden Stewart sneered to the extreme. Tsk tsk, this woman is really the most beautiful woman Brayden Stewart has ever seen. This figure is really beautiful…

In the room, Logan was at a loss. She had a headache, “Who do I like? Who is this man who wanted me to kiss for the first time?”

Slowly, a scene appeared in her mind…

Chuck Cannon woke up from his drowsiness. He knew what his mother had said. Logan was still alive also she was rescued.

“Mom, who rescued her?” Chuck Cannon got up from the bed.

He had a dream just now, a dream that particularly scared him. Chuck Cannon dreamed that Logan squatted helplessly in the corner, lonely. Chuck Cannon asked her something. The helpless Logan just looked up, and her beautiful eyes were filled with pitiful helplessness. She was dazed…

That kind of look made Chuck Cannon feel distressed to death.

What happened to Logan?

“It’s still not clear. I have asked Betty Bernard to check it.” Karen Lee was relieved a bit, and Chuck Cannon woke up with a good expression.

“Mom, I had a dream just now and I dreamed that Aunt Logan was particularly helpless…” Chuck Cannon couldn’t help but say it. Logan in this dream was very pitiful, and Chuck Cannon really wanted to take care of her.

Karen Lee was surprised, “Why helpless?”

“I don’t know, she just squatted in a corner. When I asked her, she didn’t say anything.” Chuck Cannon was anxious.

“Relax, dreams are all reversed, Logan will be fine, you get a good rest, I will look for it now.” Karen Lee said.

“Mom, I’ll go with you.” Chuck Cannon put on his clothes. “I’m fine, so I can go with my mother”, He said.


Karen Lee can’t talk about Chuck Cannon. After all, Chuck Cannon is very worried. In this case, even if Chuck Cannon continues to rest, he can’t rest, right?

Karen Lee, Chuck Cannon came out, and Chuck Cannon was going to the scene again to find clues, but suddenly, Karen Lee’s cell phone rang.

She looked at it and was stunned.

“Chuck, let’s wait,” Karen Lee said hurriedly.

“Mom, I can’t wait,” Chuck Cannon didn’t want to wait for a minute.

“I know, but your father is here, won’t you see him?” Karen Lee saw this mobile number.

Chuck Cannon knows that always he, Joseph Cannon, did not appear, why did he appear at this time? Is it over?

“What?” Chuck Cannon was stunned, his father?

“Your father is back, are you missing him?” Karen Lee calmed down.

“Yes, of course,” Chuck Cannon said hurriedly, but he has never seen his father since he was a child.

Why did he come back suddenly at this time?

“Well, after seeing your father, we will go out to find Logan, is this all right?”

“Okay,” Chuck Cannon was helpless.

Karen Lee breathed a sigh of relief and took Chuck Cannon home. She went to the kitchen to cook, the family’s meal.

Chuck Cannon walked around in the kitchen door, his heart could not be quiet, Logan was helpless, he must find her immediately!!

Chuck Cannon didn’t want to waste time. If it was delayed, would he be able to find Logan again? If something happened then he would regret for the rest of his life, what should he do? ?

Chuck Cannon didn’t want to see that at this moment, his mind was full of helpless and lonely eyes from Logan…

“Mom, I…” Chuck Cannon hesitated and didn’t dare to say more.

Karen Lee, who was cooking, turned her head, she hesitated for three seconds, “Go, your father is back, it’s okay.”

“Will he be angry?”

“No,” Karen Lee sighed, why would he?

“Well, then I’m out.”

“Okay, go to the top of the building, there is a plane to take you to Betty, be careful on the road.” Karen Lee urged.

Chuck Cannon ran out a long time ago, and a good one came from a long distance.

Karen Lee sighed, the knife for cutting vegetables suddenly cut her finger, and the blood came out, she was astonished.

She handled it herself, still sighing.

Chuck Cannon was monitored twice before. Was this person instigated by Joseph Cannon?

In fact, Karen Lee deliberately asked Chuck Cannon to leave just now. She couldn’t let Chuck Cannon come into contact with him before this matter was clear.

She treated the wound and called Betty Bernard, “Betty Bernard, Chuck is looking for you, you let Black Rose pick him up…”

After hanging up the phone, she continued to cook. When she heard the sound of the door opening, she looked back and saw a man coming in. This man was clearly familiar, but how could she feel a little strange when he came back this time?

“Karen, I’m back, where’s Chuck?” This man is Chuck Cannon’s father, Joseph Cannon.

“He went out.”

“Out?” Joseph Cannon was shocked.

“Well, I… have something to ask you,” Karen Lee said.

“Okay, what do you want to ask?” Joseph Cannon smiled slightly…

Chuck Cannon was flying, but he saw a helicopter coming not far away, and then his cell phone rang.

“It’s me,” Yes, it was Black Rose.

Chuck Cannon felt relieved.

Black Rose protects Chuck Cannon to Betty Bernard’s side. Yvette Jordan has come here long ago. She has not had a good rest for a long time because of guilt.

After getting off the plane, Black Rose came over, and she looked at Chuck Cannon, “You just need to rest, let’s find it.”

“No,” Chuck Cannon already ran to Betty Bernard’s side.

Black Rose frowned, “Forget it, if you can’t rest, then you will be tired.”

She talked about it, but she still followed Chuck Cannon to protect Chuck Cannon, she would not say such things again.



Both Betty Bernard and Yvette Jordan came over, and Yvette Jordan was relieved after seeing Chuck Cannon who was sick.

Betty Bernard is the same, Chuck Cannon was healthy.

Chuck Cannon felt sorry for Yvette Jordan, she was very tired, “wife,”.

Yvette Jordan feels soft. With these two words, Yvette Jordan feels that no matter how hard it is, it is worth it.

“How is it?” Chuck Cannon has been concerned about this for several days, should there be a clue?

“Master, you come here,” Betty Bernard really found a clue.

When the travellers rescued Logan, it was countless, but there was a sparseness in the hundred secrets. Thirty kilometres away from Logan’s fall, what did Betty Bernard find?

Cigarette butts, saliva on them, she has already tested them, and she should be able to find out these people.

Betty Bernard said this to Chuck Cannon and he was so surprised that there was a clue!!

“Well, how long does it take?” Chuck Cannon asked.

“Two or three days, the result will come out. This is just one of the clues. We are still looking for others. Don’t worry, Master,” Betty Bernard said. There are thousands of people in this deep forest, constantly looking for clues.

Betty Bernard is confident that Logan can definitely be found.

Chuck Cannon was relieved. He saw many people nearby and he could definitely find clues.

At this time, Betty Bernard’s walkie-talkie rang, “There is a clue here in area 3. Please come over immediately.”

Betty Bernard was pleasantly surprised, “Master, that piece has a clue, let’s go over immediately!!”

“Good,” Chuck Cannon was equally surprised.

Betty Bernard ran ahead, Chuck Cannon, Yvette Jordan, and Black Rose followed. Chuck Cannon’s eyes flickered. Aunt Logan, wait, I will find you!

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