Chapter 619 – 620: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 619: Reaching the Stage of Creation Realm

“In the blink of an eye we are at the Fulfilled period of the True God. Time flies!” Kris exclaimed.

He once again went to the place where the causal line was broken. This time, the mist was much less than before.

“Maybe soon we will be able to see the realm of creation.”

“My Dao of Time has been completed. The Spatial Dao has also become a great success!” Yuan Kris said happily as soon as his cultivation was completed.

Kris was overjoyed. This way, maybe in the next decade, he could enter the stage of True God.

After spending two days digesting all the information, Demon Kris let out a bitter laugh, “The resources needed for the Creation Realm are too much, it’s good that we prepared in advance, otherwise we would have become poor.”

The further a practitioner goes in the cultivation process, the more resources a practitioner needs. The resource Kris needed for cultivation was thousands of times more than other practitioners.

When a year had passed in the outside world, 3,000 years had passed in the Light Sword realm and 9 million years had passed in the Cave World.

Kris decided to break through the Creation Realm and achieve his true self in the next decade and bring the living beings of 129,600 worlds together to complete the realm upgrade.

When he reached the Fulfilled period of the True God, his physical strength had almost reached the limit. The power of countless kinds of Principle constantly gave birth to the Dao, which in turn strengthened his physical body. So both his physical body and sun soul were cultivated to the extreme.

The physical body that had been refined by the Dao formally shifted to the body of the universe and had a tendency to merge with the main cosmic space. And this tendency would become more and more obvious as the Dao prompted。

He could feel the profundity of the main universe. Even if he had 129,600 worlds as his backing, Kris still felt inferior. Instead of being discouraged, Kris tried hard to make himself distinct from his surroundings.

Maybe one drop of water flowing into a river is nothing, but countless drops of water can stir up a shocking wave.

Soon ten years had passed. However, Kris was immersed in this mysterious world and could not extricate himself from it.

It was not until fifty years later that Kris opened his eyes again. He found that he had turned into a great rushing river. It was a river formed by countless rules, Principle, and Tao.

The original solid space was as fragile as paper in his eyes. When he poked it gently, it was able to be poked out a hole.

His Divine Spiritual Power roamed the universe, and countless star domain overlords woke up from their slumbering state. In that instant, they felt the will of the Peerless Supreme.

“Peerless Supreme is born.” Tens of thousands of star overlords exclaimed.

Peerless Supreme was the name they used for the lords in the realm of creation.

Kris stood up. Before he could observe the changes in his inner world, he saw that the moment he broke through the Creation Realm, the astral body trembled, which seemed to congratulate Kris for becoming the Peerless Supreme.

“Congratulations. From now on, there is another Peerless Supreme in Northern Star Realm.”

Kris looked up, broke through the layers of space, and saw another Peerless Supreme in the cosmic crevice. He was slim and wore a gray robe, as if he was an ordinary middle-aged practitioner, but the aura from him was not weaker than Kris at all, and even more powerful.

“Thanks!” Kris bowed. The disciples of Gengu No.1 Sect even knelt on the ground and worshiped.

Kris became the Peerless Supreme, so the Gengu No.1 Sect became the number one peerless sect in the Heavenly Sphere Divine Sect from then on.

Even the lord of Heavenly Sphere Divine Sect had to show respect to the Gengu No.1 Sect because the Heavenly Sphere Divine Sect had no Peerless Supreme, the True God in the Fulfilled period was nothing in front of Peerless Supreme.

Countless sect lords set out in that instant. They wanted to be the first to go to Gengu No.1 Sect to congratulate Kris.

However, Kris was not interested in such trivial matters. He originally planned to practice Taoist magic art alone for ten years, but soon fifty years had passed.

At this time, his acupuncture world reached the peak of small worlds. The sky was one billion feet high, the earth was 300 million feet thick, and the length and width was more than 500 billion feet. This size was already close to the Devil Land. Devil Land was a great world. And the small world in his body was about the same size as the great world.

Kris thought that at the current rate there would soon be a super power in the Heavenly Dao Realm.

Every saint has the opportunity to become a heavenly Dao and then open up microcosmos in the main world. In this way, the three thousand microcosmos will be nothing. There will be as many saints as there are microcosmos.

The microcosmos can also grow into middle world, which are also dependent on the main world and are of great benefit to Kris’s stage advancement.

After straightening his clothes, Kris came to the man who was cultivating in the middle of the universe.

“Hello.” Kris said.

“Hello, may I know your name?” The man also greeted him

“I am Ritian Zhao.” Kris said with a smile. He still didn’t say his real name. In fact, when he reached his Stage, the name was just a title. But he was still cautious. He didn’t know if the other party was an enemy or a friend.

“I am Gusu!” The man smiled, “Are you from the Northern Star Realm?”

Kris nodded

“I’m from another universe.” Gusu said.

Kris was slightly surprised. “You’re from the second universe? Or the third universe?”

“Neither!” Gusu shook his head, “I came from another main universe. That universe was wiped out, and I was lucky enough to escape here and almost got lost in the chaos.”

“Another main universe?” Kris was shocked, “Is there more than one main universe?”

“Of course!” Gusu said, “To be precise, I don’t know how many main universes there are. There are so many powerful beings in the river of time that you simply don’t know when they will open up a universe. These universes take root in the chaos, keep growing, and finally grow into the main universe.”

Kris was all dumbfounded. “Can you tell me if causality line can be cut off?”

“Maybe.” Gusu said, “You should be able to easily pinch off the causality line. If someone has a higher cultivation than you and a higher attainment in the Tao of Causation than you, it would be easy for him to connect to the causality line.”

His statement gave Kris a lot of insight, “So the causality line was cut by someone. If it were true, then what was the purpose of that person?” Kris thought.

“You have a point!” said Kris.

“One more question. May I ask if you know the whereabouts of the Supreme Lord?”

Gusu was also stunned. He didn’t expect Kris to ask this question. He thought for a moment, and then shook his head, “I don’t know about that. The Supreme Lord is an existence that transcends the past, present, and future, unless he wants to lets you see him, otherwise even if he is standing in front of you, you may not even be able to see him.”

“They can be in the present or in the future. They can be in any time and space if they want to be!” Gusu continued.

Kris was also a bit cautious when he met Gusu. But he didn’t expect Gusu to answer to his every question.

“Thank you.” Kris bowed.

“You’re welcome!” Gusu said, “I’m the only one that reaches the creation realms in tens of thousands of star fields around here. I’ve been here for three million eras, and I’ve only seen three people that reached the stage of Creation Realm so far.”

“So few?” Kris said.

“One thousand Pill formation produces a primal spirit, ten thousand primal spirits produce an accumulated spirit, one hundred thousand accumulated spirits produce an actualized spirit, a million actualized spirit creates a Holy Realm, ten million Holy Realm can make a True God, but a billion True Gods are also difficult to produce a Creation Realm.” Gusu sighed.

“Some True Gods can’t even raise one step until they die. Generally speaking a main universe will not have more than a hundred creation realms, but a main universe will inevitably produce a Supreme Lord!” Gusu continued. “And in this main universe, there are seven Supreme Lords in a row, which is too amazing. The growth potential of this main universe is too strong. It even has the hope to become the Supreme Main Universe, perhaps creating beyond the Supreme Lord.” said Gusu.

“Isn’t the Supreme Lord the strongest one?” Kris asked suspiciously.

“There is no end to the Dao. The creator of Chaos not only transcends the past, present, and future, even the river of time is just a plaything in his hands. There is no concept of time and space in Chaos, so their life is infinite. The birth and death of the universe and the Supreme Main Universe are at his whim.”

Kris was stunned. He had never realized that there was a Chaos Realm above the Supreme Lord. He had thought he was nearing the end of his cultivation, but the reality was that he was only halfway through his journey.

“If I cultivate to the Chaos Realm, can I easily find my way home? Even if millions of years have passed, can I still find them through the river of time?” asked Kris.

Gusu smiled and nodded.

Chapter 620: I’m Finally Back

“Many thanks for telling so much about the universe.” Kris bowed to him, expressing his gratitude.

Gusu smiled, “My pleasure.”

“In fact, after I reached this realm, I could hardly find friends anymore. As the saying goes, once one enters The Great Tao, and then ten thousand years have passed when he looks back.” said Gusu sadly.

Kris could feel his loneliness radiating from the inside out.

Kris smiled and said goodbye to him. Then he flew toward the place where the causal line broke. He gently held a causal line. Following it, Kris soon saw the mist.

When the mist began to disperse little by little, a desolate universe appeared in his eyes. It was filled with decaying aura. Countless black holes engulfed the star, and thick causal lines spread deeper into the universe.

“I find t he way back!” Kris shouted happily.

After returning to the Gengu No.1 Sect, he saw that his disciples were waiting for him there.

“Demon Kris, you continue to guard this place. Yuan Kris and I will come home first!” said Kris.

Demon Kris readily agreed. Although it was important to go home, there were still people here that he was attached to.

As soon as Kris broke through the Creation Realm, Demon Kris would also reach this realm soon, so he didn’t have to guard here.

His Divine Spiritual Power covered countless star fields. He saw Buhui Chen, he saw Kun Chen, Xuefei Yuan and Yujie.

“Please wait for me to come back. I will definitely bring my family back with me!” Kris said happily to Demon Kris.

Kris had waited too long for this moment. Although there was less than a hundred years of time that had passed on Earth, Kris had actually been waiting for billions of years in his time.

With a wave of his finger, a crack appeared in space instantly, and then Kris flew in.

Following the causal line Kris saw a colorful world. He could feel the passing of the world, one year, two years, three years …… three hundred years, five hundred years. And the world inside Kris’s body was expanding at a rapid pace.

He had been traveling through the time tunnel for thousands of years, and the endless loneliness could surely drive him crazy.

He had seen the saints become the True God. And his Tao was also being perfected, finally coalescing into the Great Tao.

His Stage improved by leaps and bounds. He quickly improved from the middle period of the Creation Realm to the late period of the Creation Realm.

At this time, the size of the main world had exceeded trillions of feet, completely surpassing the Devil Land and reaching the peak of small world.

Kris had also connected all the worlds together.

His Eleventh Golden Body Technique had also been completely completed. He began to train his body with the Great Tao.

Now each of his thoughts was comparable to the True God in the Fulfilled period, and the 480 million True Gods in the Fulfilled period together were no worse than Kris’s physical body.

He traveled through the time tunnel for another ten thousand years, and finally a light shone in.

Kris seemed to have broken into a place that resembled a cosmic fetal membrane. A crumbling universe appeared in Kris’s eyes. The black holes that can be seen everywhere can swallow everything. But this was nothing to Kris. Even if it was a black hole, he could destroy it with a wave of his hand.

Following the causal lines, Kris moved quickly, one star at a time. Although there was a lot of life in these stars, it was all relatively low-level life.

For those planets that were about to be destroyed, Kris took the energy core and put them into his cave world. This was also a matter of a thought for him. It also helped him to replenish his energy to prevent the dangers he might encounter. Although only the Supreme Lord could bring him danger, he was still very careful.

His Divine Spiritual Power swept across the sky, and he saw many marks that were about to die out, and the whole universe was lifeless.

“I can feel that there were once strong beings here, no worse than us.” Yuan Kris suddenly appeared beside Kris, and he said. “What has this universe gone through? Why is it decaying? At this rate, it will completely collapse and become a dead domain after a million epochs at most.”

Kris nodded, “Let’s go back to Earth first, then we can discuss it.”

He walked for a long time until a star appeared in his sight.

“This is it, this is it. I’m home.” Kris shouted excitedly. Looking at the sun that bloomed with infinite heat and the aquamarine planet, he actually had a feeling of wanting to shed tears.

“I’m finally home!” said he again.

He carefully controlled his power. The planet was too fragile, and even a hint of his breath would cause the planet to instantly crumble.

Then Kris flew into the atmosphere. His Divine Spiritual Power locked onto the homeland that he missed day and night.

“I’m back!” Kris shouted excitedly.


Meanwhile, in Westriver City, Danzong School was experiencing havoc.

Lin Li looked at the aggressive crowd below, “Aren’t you guys afraid that Kris will come back?”

“Ridiculous. We already knew that he went to the universe.”

“We had a ten-year appointment. But now fifteen years have passed and he hasn’t come back. If he could come back, he would have come back long ago.”

Since Kris unified the martial world, the whole martial world had returned to the prosperity of thousands of years ago.

In these fifteen years, there were more than hundreds of cultivators at the Heaven-human-oneness stage.

Lin Wang was an ordinary member of the Holy Dragon Cult in the old days. He was hunted down for violating the rules of the sect, and then he escaped into the grotto left by the Heavenly Devil Cult and obtained the Heaven Ghost Shadow.

At that time, Kris had just unified the martial world and the Holy Dragon Cult had not moved.

After obtaining the Heaven Ghost Shadow, Lin’s cultivation speed soared. It took him fifteen years to finally ascend to the Detachment Stage last month! If he was given more time, he would be able to reach Kris’ achievement.

But Lin Wang did not want to reach the Transcendence realm completely. It was so hard for him to get to where he was today. He couldn’t go to the universe without enjoying it all because of Transcendence realm. He thought it was good to stay on Earth as a free overlord.

“Kris abandoned power, money, and women in order to go after immortality. He is really stupid!” Lin Wang thought.

Now his chance had come. He was going to take over the martial arts society all. Those who obeyed him could live, and he would kill all those who went against him

Lin Li, as the Sovereign Lord of the Danzong School, was the first person Lin Wang wanted to subdue. As long as he subdued Lin Li, he would be able to get the support of Danzong School. In this way, he would have the confidence to attack Ice the Ice and Fire Island.

Hu Li slapped the table, drew his sword, and waved Sword Energy.

It took him fifteen years to cultivate from the Back-to-Self stage to the beginning of the Heaven-human-oneness stage.

At this time Lin squeezed his sword with his bare hands. At this point, his physical body had reached a stage where no sword or spear could hurt him. The Sturdy Energy around him was also incomparably solid.

“What, this can’t be!” Hu was shocked. He waved dozens of swords in a row yet he couldn’t even break Lin Wang’s Sturdy Energy.

“How is this possible?” he shouted.

Lin Wang took one step towards Hu. He actually rose up in the air, with his feet more than twenty centimeters away from the ground.

The crowd in the room was shocked. There were also two cultivators in the Heaven-human-oneness stage present. They could manage to stop in mid-air for a short time, but they simply could not walk so leisurely in the air as Lin Wang could.

“Only practitioners at the Detachment Stage are able to walk through the air. Did he break through to the Detachment Stage?”

“Kris had taken the Nirvana Pill to reach the Detachment Stage. How did he do that?”

The crowd was talking about this. They only thought that Lin Wang had also refined the Nirvana Pill.

Lin Wang laughed, “I am overly gifted. I would have been able to reach the Transcendence realm without the Nirvana Pill, which means that I am more suitable than Kris to be the Leader of the martial art society.”

With that, he waved his hand and Hu was hit hard and flew out, spitting out a mouthful of blood。

Lin Li’s eyes contained boundless anger.

“How dare you disable Hu.” she said to Lin Wang furiously.

“Run… They are colluding with your disciples. If you don’t escape, it will be too late!” Hu pulled Lin Li’s hand and said weakly.

“I can’t escape alone. With me here, no one can hurt you!” said Lin Li.

Lin Li took out a healing pill and put it into Hu’s mouth. Looking at Lin Wang who was standing in the void, she shouted, “If my husband is here, killing you is like killing an ant. You are nothing. You don’t deserve to be the leader of the martial arts society.”

Kris changed the landscape of the martial arts world, changing the perception of other righteous sects towards the evil sects and establishing the Union of Martial Arts Schools. He did a lot of things that were good for peace in the martial arts world.

Lin Wang’s face sank, “If Kris is there, I am indeed nothing, but he is not there. And he may have died in the universe. Even if he is even stronger, he is only dead.”

“If you serve me and help me become the leader of martial arts society, I will never mind that you were married. After all, I have some interests to fuck Kris’s woman.”

After he finished his words, the crowd laughed.

Lin Li did not say anything, secretly gathered power, and then fiercely slapped out a palm. However, this palm was easily dissolved by Lin Wang.

“You are in the late stage of Heaven-human-oneness stage. As the Sovereign Lord of the Danzong School, you are much stronger than your brother.” Lin Wang laughed, “It’s just a pity that you have no idea how big the gap between us is.”

He slapped his palm and waved a palm, directly breaking Lin Li’s Sturdy Energy, even the sword given to her by the East Sword King, West North and South Sword King was shattered. Lin Li felt that her internal organs had been greatly damaged.

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