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Chuck Cannon followed Betty Bernard and the others to this clue. They saw the so-called clues, which are traces, such as the footprints left by saving Logan, which is a clue!

Chuck Cannon was a little disappointed. This kind of clue should not help much to find Logan, but it is better than nothing.

Betty Bernard immediately collected clues, Chuck Cannon, Yvette, and Black Rose were all helping. This process lasted for half an hour, and then they began moving to the next place.

One day passed, two days passed, three days passed…

There were some clues, but the real clues to finding Logan is still very few. As for Betty Bernard, she said that she found a cigarette b**t for testing, but the person could not be found after testing.

This means that this person does not appear in public, so there is no comparison.

Chuck Cannon became even more anxious. As time went by, Chuck Cannon became as anxious as an ant on a hot pot, thinking more and more about dreaming, Logan squatting alone in the corner helpless.

Who saved Logan?

She seemed to have disappeared in the world, without any trace.

Chuck Cannon was decadent to despair, just like when Yvette was arrested at that time, Chuck Cannon was just as decadent as at that time.

Chuck Cannon felt that he could not save the helpless Logan, so he blamed himself very much. He hadn’t slept for a few days and was exhausted to the extreme. He dragged his tired body in the forest, looking for clues everywhere, hoping to find helpless Logan.

However, the more so, the clues seemed to be hidden deliberately, but they were not found, and the disappointment after each time made Chuck Cannon defeated. Thinking of Logan’s possible helpless situation, he was extremely sad.

Yvette felt sorry for Chuck Cannon, and she returned home with him, and Betty Bernard continued to search for clues.

In a few days, Chuck Cannon was tortured again. He became thin and tired. Yvette forced Chuck Cannon to rest. If this went on, Chuck Cannon will be exhausted again before Logan could be found by him.

Yvette came out only after seeing Chuck Cannon asleep, but when she came out she saw Karen Lee, Yvette immediately lowered her head.

“How is Chuck?” Karen Lee asked.

“He was so tired, he fell asleep,”

Karen Lee sighed, she was more entangled. She asked Joseph Cannon a few days ago, but she didn’t get an answer. Joseph Cannon’s answer had no flaws, it could even be said to be dripping.

Karen Lee once thought that she was wrong, but Karen Lee’s sixth sense told her that Joseph Cannon, who had been in bed with him for 20 years, was really very likely to have a problem.

Only, this problem has not yet been exposed.

This is what Karen Lee can think about.

“You also go to rest,” Karen Lee said.

“En, ah… Auntie, um, where did uncle go?” Yvette knew that Chuck Cannon’s father was back.

However, the delays over there these days caused Chuck Cannon to miss this opportunity to see his father.

“He is out of trouble,” Karen Lee sighed.

“Auntie, why are you sighing?” Yvette felt that there was something in Karen Lee’s heart.

How should she put it, although she wanted to kill Karen Lee, Karen Lee has been more abnormal than usual recently. She thinks Karen Lee has encountered something, and it must be related to Chuck Cannon.

“It’s okay, by the way, tomorrow you and Chuck will go to a place.” Karen Lee said.

The wound on Chuck Cannon’s head is completely cured, and one thing is needed, Chuck Cannon’s doctor has already researched it out. Decided to use Chinese medicine acupuncture and some Chinese medicine for treatment.

Of course, Karen Lee can’t wait, but the medicinal materials of this Chinese medicine are very rare, and it happened to be on the auction of a wealthy American. Therefore, Karen Lee wanted Chuck Cannon to take it.

Of course, the main thing is to let Chuck Cannon relax.

Otherwise, he will be so decadent, it will definitely not work. she has to go out for a walk else Karen Lee would have gone to shoot by herself.

Karen Lee said this, Yvette cared about Chuck Cannon, and of course, he immediately agreed, “Well, I will take him tomorrow.”

“This Chinese medicine is quite precious, no matter how much it costs, it has to be photographed. Chuck’s head is the most important.” Karen Lee didn’t want Chuck Cannon’s memory to have any problems.

“I see,”

“You go to sleep.”


Yvette returned to the room, Chuck Cannon was tired, she would definitely not sleep in the same room with Chuck Cannon, for fear of disturbing Chuck Cannon.

The next morning, Yvette went to get Chuck Cannon to get up.

Chuck Cannon actually woke up a long time ago. He dreamed of the helpless Logan again. Chuck Cannon was frightened, he awake. He didn’t sleep in the middle of the night.

“Husband, auntie asked us to go to a place today to take a picture of something,” Yvette said.


“Sister Bernard and the others are looking for it. It’s useless for us to go. Sister Bernard will tell us if she finds clues,” Yvette persuaded.

Chuck Cannon sighed, nodded and agreed, “Well,”

“My husband, you are so good, I’ll wait for you outside.” Yvette breathed a sigh of relief, gave Chuck Cannon a k**s, and went out.

Chuck Cannon sighed, Aunt Logan, where are you?

He changed his clothes decadently, Yvette drove Chuck Cannon with him, and Black Rose still followed from a distance to protect.

Karen Lee watched Chuck Cannon who was leaving. She was silent, but she also felt relieved. Logan is still alive and Chuck Cannon can’t be decadent!

One of the largest hotels in the United States. At this time, the luxury cars outside are full. There are also ten private jets in the airfield. This is a gathering of the rich and an auction for the rich.

Yvette drove in with Chuck Cannon. Karen Lee had arranged everything and had a private room.

After all, this Chinese medicine material must be photographed by Karen Lee!

“Husband, let’s go in.” Yvette and Chuck Cannon came out of the car. Chuck Cannon is depressed. Although Logan is still alive, how would he be able to see her?

Chuck Cannon sighed and went in.

Black Rose watched, and she followed in, when no one noticed, she entered Chuck Cannon’s private room.

A lot of rich people came to the scene, all for some interesting auction items, what the biggest diamond, what limited edition car, all of these.

There are even the relics of some celebrities.

Yvette was helpless when Chuck Cannon was sitting in the private room. She could only comfort Chuck Cannon. Black Rose didn’t say a word beside him, just watching the situation outside. She said that she hadn’t participated in this kind of auction for a long time.

Before, she participated in some arms auctions, auctioning some of the latest products. She is more interested in those. This kind of, she thinks it is not interesting.

If it weren’t for Chuck Cannon, she wouldn’t have come here.

What the decadent Chuck Cannon didn’t know was that outside this hotel, in the private passage, a luxury sports car was parked, and inside it was a man and a woman.

But there were four men standing beside the car, each with a grim expression.


The male and female in the sports car are Brayden Stewart and Logan.

At this auction, Brayden Stewart didn’t find it interesting, but he also wanted Logan to come out to relax and communicate his feelings.

Logan is not healed yet, she just wanted to come out and see the world, wanting her own memory to recover quickly.

“Logan, let’s go out, there is already the biggest private room waiting,” Brayden Stewart smiled slightly.

Stewart is one of the three hidden families. This kind of thing is not worth mentioning to him. Brayden Stewart can do it with just a look in his eyes.

“En,” Logan came out.

Brayden Stewart smiled and stretched out his hand to support her. Today, Logan was too beautiful. The light blue dress perfectly shows Logan’s figure, the ultimate beauty.

Even Brayden Stewart, who has seen countless beauties, feels amazing!!

“Don’t touch me?” Logan shook her head and refused.

She came out looking for memories.

The amusement rider stopped, “Okay, inside,”

Logan walked inside, Brayden Stewart frowned, until her expression became cold, and a man next to him cautiously commented, “Master, this kind of woman, I really don’t know what to do…”

“What do you know? Such a woman is already superb. The more she rejects me, the more I feel it,” Brayden Stewart sneered, Logan’s beauty, which has been haunting him in the past few days.

Sometimes he thought, give Logan something, and then get her, but then he thought, that’s meaningless, let her fall slowly, it will be a little more interesting!!

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